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Something to cut Merwick and make him bleed. She needed something that would make her bleed but what made vampires bleed, besides their swords. Tempest bit down on her lip and sucked her blood. She was so confused, felt so lost, once again. She bit down on her lip even harder, blood dripped down her chin and she licked her lips.——" He stopped and Tempest stared at him hopefully. He looked torn, sad, ragged. She loved him but she knew he wouldn't say it. She sighed and stood up and walked over to him.——"
"Zephyr, please, I can't do this alone." He looked so lost, so unlike the arrogant ass he knew he was.

"Draco even if I wanted to help you Lord Voldemort has instructed me not to help in any way, he wants you to prove yourself. Not please go back to school."

"At least try."

Tempest sighed and cupped his face, she knew exactly how he had to get in his good graces.

"You have to find a way to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts." She stepped forward close to his face. She couldn't restrain herself. "Try the Room of Requirement." She kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, tightly. They were alone. Suddenly Tempests' arm began to throb and she pulled away. Draco stared at her concerned. She clutched it.

"Tempy are you all right."

"He's summoning me, I must go." She kissed and once more. "Go back to school Draco." And with that she vanished.

She arrived bowing before the Dark Lord. Her head was bowed and her hands were folded across on another.

"Yes my lord." Hot pain from her cheek raced over her face as he backhanded her. She stumbled back a few paced and held her cheek. There was no injury, but her cheek was tender icy and hot. How dare this half breed slap her, she thought.

"I forbade you to help him in any way."

"I am sorry my Lord Voldemort. He was desperate, lost. I simply pushed him into the right direction. I am sorry forgive my disobedience." She hated grovelling to such a worthless twisted person.

"Forgive the precious gem my lory, she meant no harm." Tempest looked at Bellatrix, her mothers childhood friend, until she had become so demented.

Lord Voldemort looked at her then back at Tempest. Tempest kept her gaze centred on the floor pattern before her. The sickly green and black meshed together from diamonds.

"I will forgive you, but never again, daughter of Morganna, will you disobey me, understood?"

Tempest nodded. "Yes, my lord." She waited until her gave her permission to dismiss her.

"You may go now Tempest."

"Of course my lord." Tempest once again was home. She sat on her bed and laid down. Edana jumped in and curled next to her older sister.

"Hey there Vayne."

"I saw Draco. Is something wrong?"

"He just needed some help."

"Hmm. Have you found that flower yet?"

Tempest laughed. "No, and Merwick hasn't found it yet, he can wait a while longer or find it himself."

"But what if he does find it?"

"I'll find it quicker. In the mean time I have to find something deadly for a vampire."

"Oh, hmm okay, well anyway are you all right, Draco looked

"We didn't fight . . . not today anyway."

Edana sat up and looked down at her sister. "I'm glad. You two shouldn't fight, it's not healthy for you."

"Yes, yes, I know."

She looked away. "Did Void ever tell either you or Nila why I broke up with him?"

Tempest raised herself on her elbows and stared at her little sister curiously. "No, why?"

"Because of the way he looks at Nila. He looks at her lovingly, tenderly, like Draco looks at you, and I noticed, but he's oblivious to his own feelings since he's always fighting with her. You should have a talk with him, he'll listen to you."

"Yeah, okay." Edana stood up and walked from the room almost bumping into an eating nila and a trailing Divina. Nila looked at her confused.

"I thought you were in the library?"

Tempest waved her left hand up. "I was pulled away."

"He's a bastard," said Divina. "Just like Erasmus."

"Is he still putting up a fit that you're dating Chad," said Tempest propelling herself up.

She nodded. "Yeah he is, such a baby. He only wants the throne my mother sits on. But I don't care, my mother approves of Chad." She smiled.

"Hmm, well I guess this is a good time as any to say that I have a date tonight." Tempest stared at Nila shocked.

"With who?"

"Davyn from Crowingraves."

"Oh him," began Divina. "Yeah I know him, I've also heard bit of nasty things about him." She winked at Nila and laughed. Tempest couldn't suppress a snicker.

"Yes, yes, we've all heard things, but people change. Oh and uh please don't say a word to Void, after the whole Adrian thing he's more than over protective."

Tempest and Divina said nothing but looked at each other than=en at Void at the doorway. He looked angry.

"Nila——" began Divina.

"No, look I haven't been a relationship for three years. Void is just going to have to deal with the fact that I'm a big girl."

Tempest smiled and shook her head. "You need to start using your batty hearing more often mean for heavens sake shut up already."

Nila's eyes widened and she grimaced. "He's right behind me isn't he."

"Yeah I am." Nila turned around and smiled sweetly. "You have a date with Davyn. Of all people, Davyn!"

"Oh leave it alone. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself Void." He opened his mouth to speak but Tempest quickly cut him enough before her two best friends started another feud.

"Okay enough Void come with me, we have to find someone." She got up and made her way to him.


"No buts, come on." She dragged him out and once out of the dormitory Tempest laughed. Void stared at her dumbfounded and angry.

"What the bloody hell is so funny?"

"You. My god, Nila may be oblivious to her self but come on you aren't. I would expect more from you."

"What are you talking about."

She gave him a look, her delicate eyebrows arched up in disbelief. "Edana told me why she really broke up with you."

His face tensed. "Oh."

Tempest suppressed another bit of laughter. "Yes, oh, and I believe her. I see you Void, I know who you look at her. You know its your own fault she's dating. Maybe if you just came to terms with your feelings instead of pushing her away and acting like her brother, everything would be all right." She smacked his head. "You're an idiot."

He ignored her slap and stared at her unwaveringly and simply said, "I don't like Nila like that."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Oh right, yeah sure, and I'm the bloody Queen of Magic. Bloody hell you're a moron."

"Whatever, what do you want?"

She headed for the door, ignoring his bitter stare. "We need to find Astrea."


"Because I'm pretty sure Merwick has his eyes set on her He's been in my head, he's seen my vision."

"So he thinks

—" he stuttered. Tempest gripped his arm tightly and began to drag him along.——"
"We have to warn her. She needs some sort of protection."

He finally caught up to her side, the bitterness gone. "So that why you've been looking for something that can harm vampires."

"Precisely smart one." She gave him a playful smile and he fought hard to suppress it. In the end she won and they ran off looking for Astrea. They spent the entire day looking for that blasted girl and came up with nothing. Tempest thought that she was probably in her dormitory doing her nails. Astrea did however have reason to fear Merwick. He kidnapped her, toyed with her and almost would have killed her. Then with the attack on the third years, Astrea only left the dormitory for classes, and even that was becoming rare. So after searching the entire school for her, she formed a new plan. She found Zoltron.

"Hey there cousin. I need a favour."

"Yeah," he said with his mouth full. At least she hoped it was a yeah, he had so much food stuffed in his mouth she couldn't tell. But she worked with whatever went in her favour.

She pulled a note from her pocket. "I end to attach this to your collar and I end you to go into the Dufflebaggies common room."

Zoltron almost chocked on his food as it came coughing out. She was suddenly afraid that she would need to take him to the Infirmary. When he finally regained himself he looked at her like she had lost her mind.

"Hey, look Temp, I would do anything for you but Dufflebaggies. Slimythings people don't mind me because I'm your cousin, Crowingraves people don't mind me because I'm dating Hydra. Dufflebaggies students hate everyone and I don't know anyone."

"Except Astrea. I need you to get this to her then escort her to Master Vlads' room. Me and Void will meet you there."

He sighed and took the note. "Mistress Starlet will have your head not to mention mine as well."

Tempest smiled serenely. "Doesn't she always." She kissed him on the cheek and ran off with Void.


Void and Tempest made their way to Master Vlads office. If he knew where the Black Fire was he obviously knew more than he was letting on. He looked up at her visit as one of no surprise.

"Young Tempest how are you? How can I assist you today?"

"What harms vampires. I need to know what harms vampires besides holy water and sun and fire."

He stared at her frightened and sighed. "Zephyr, I know you hate being a vampire but kill

Tempest was taken back. "Master Vlad! Merwick! I need something against Merwick! Not for me but for Astrea I might mention. She needs protection.

"Yeah, being toyed with isn't something I would enjoy twice." Tempest and Void turned around. Zoltron stood against the door frame and Astrea stood before him, her arms crossed.

"You should thank me I might add. They all wanted to skin him alive for intruding in Dufflebaggies. But even I know that's cruel."


She walked up to her and pointed at Void, her face contorted with various emotions. "I get why he would take him, but why me? What doe she spy on me like he does you? Does he?! Is there someone in particular he likes about me?! What the bloody hell does he want?!!"

"Astrea calm down, I'm trying you find something to protect to protect you with."

"There may be something," said Master Vlad at last. They both looked at him. "In the Maze of Darkness, the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. That was but a piece of it. In the real maze, you must go together, face the darkness, many have died doing. There lies the Thorn Whip."

"What's the Thorn Whip?" asked Astrea.

"A silver whip, with blood red thorns. A wizard of light died making it for protection against everything and anything."

"So we have to go there?" asked Tempest.

Master Vlad nodded. "Both of you, no on else." He looked at Void and Zoltron. "Miss Sanguina I assume you have your wand." She nodded. "Good." He waved his hand and a portal opened up. "Step through please."

Tempest and Astrea looked at each other uncertainly and stepped through. This was it.


Tempest landed on her feet and caught Astrea. They were right there, in the maze. She put Astrea down and pulled out her sword and wand. The wind bristled around, blowing their hair all around.

"Is he here?"

"No, he's somewhere back at school." She took a deep breath. "Come on."

They walked through the maze cautiously and carefully as they could so as not to disturb the maze. To late they already had. Tempest heard then before she saw them. The earth trembled beneath her feet. Vines attacked from each direction. Tempest and Astrea fought off some but they were too fast, too vicious. Astrea screamed and Tempest turned to see her being dragged away. Her red nails were digging into the ground, filling with dirt, shipping and breaking. Tempest ran through her attacked and dove to catch her hand.

"Astrea!" Tempest was sure her grip wouldn't slip, she wouldn't let go. Unfortunately since snatched her up and began pulling her into the ground. They were being pulled apart.


"Sparks! Astrea send out sparks so I can find you!" Then there was nothing but dirt in her mouth.

Tempest woke in darkness. She saw up slowly and looked around. She couldn't tell where she was. She scrambled around on her hands and knees. He hands settled on both her weapons. She stood up ad looked around, gripping her necklace tightly. Her necklace helped her get through, but soon she was becoming wary, she was becoming hungry. Suddenly everything started moving and she ran. The maze began collapsing all around her as she ran, she barely made it out of the pathway. She turned and caught herself, barely avoiding the blast. Astrea was staring at her maleficently.

"Hello Tempest."

"Astrea this has gotten into you! Snap out of it!" Astrea kept her wand pointing at her as she took slow steps toward her. Her face was cut, her body bruised, her nails chips, but none of this bothered her as she stared at Tempest calmly. A twisted smile grew on her face.

"Avada Kadavra!" The spell struck Tempest square in the chest. She stood stunned. She should be dead, the killing curse should have killed her. She smiled wickedly and licked her lips. I guess vampire can't die by ordinary ways, she thought before she charged.

Astrea was for her life. Tempest may be weak but that wasn't something a little bloody couldn't fix. She ran and caught hold of Astrea's arm, but she slipped away. Everything was chaotic again os they ran. Tempest pulled her food along, trying to escape the maze. They tripped and stumbled and Tempest could smell the blood slip form Astreas wounds. Anticipation boiled in her blood. She ran faster, dragging her food along.

They were out, the pathway collapsing behind them. She let Astrea catch her breath. And licked her lips and she stared at her delicious neck, her viens pulsing.

"Zephyr thank you. I don't know what got into me. I woke up and then I just had this need to survive, to kill

"Oh shut up already. You, little darling, took away some of my strength, and I'm hungry so Merwick may not have killed you but I will."

Astrea stared at her eyes wide open in fright and she attempted to crawl and stumble away. Tempest sneered at her and snatched up her arm. Astrea tried to escape from her iron grip but could not. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Zephyr, please, nap out of it! Please come out of it."

Tempest sneered at her and gripped her harder, digging her nails into her pale ivory skin. Astrea cried out in pain. Suddenly something flashed in front of her eyes. Astrea was a vampire. Tempest dropped her and stumbled back.

"My god, I'm so sorry Astrea."

Astrea wiped her tears away and sat down whilst pulling her knees up to her chin.

"I know you are. It's this damn maze. Master Vlad warned us about this." She wiped her face again n, cleaning the dirty scraped face with her tears. "We have to leave, screw the damn whip."

"No, we need the whip, you need the whip. I can't be there all the time to protect you." She could still sniff the blood. "I have to heal you."

"Astrea looked at her. "Ou really are weak aren't you?"

Tempest nodded and walked over to her , wand in hand. "We're heading in the right direction." She cast the healing spell on Astrea nd all her wounds healed. She held out her hands. "Come on, we're close, lets just walk calmly." She nodded and gripped her hand tightly. They walked the rest of the way like that.


It took a while, but they finally reached it. Vines moved across it, trapping it, encasing it and Tempest sighed.

"What is it?"

"It's a trap. Any movement we make and the whole maze will encase us."

"So what's new."

"I'll cast the Apparatus charm." She unleashed Excaliber. "Here take it, strike it and snatch."

"I can't. I'm not fast enough."

"You are, you have to be, you need to be the one to touch it."

"Why me."

"Because you're in Dufflebaggies and he turned to light. On the count of three strike it and grab. I'll snatch you before anything happens, I promise."

She took a deep frazzled breath and nodded. "Okay."

"One . . . two . . . three!" Astrea sliced down and as everything began caving in she snatched it up but Tempest kept her promise and snatched her away took them both back to the Nightmare Academy. They landed in the Dufflebaggies common room.

"Astrea!" cried two female voice. Heather and Cassandra almost trampled Tempest who was helped up by Louis, one of the few guy who only looked at her with admiration.

"Thank you."

Tempest was breathing heavily as eh wiped the dirt off her face. "Yeah, don't mention it." Tempest walked out of the common room with hateful stared and only two thankful looks.

——" Tempest backhanded her, knocking her down.

"You shouldn't do that," came a voice. She didn't react to Draco being there, but she was very annoyed with it.

"Go away Malfoy, go back to you girlfriend, so back to your damned task."

"I am with my girlfriend and I don't have to do my task now, I don't' want

"I'm not your girlfriend, Pansy is, I'm just the girl you say you love, who you cheat on your girlfriend with." She walked past him and her pulled her back and faced her.

"Zephyr, please listen to me, yes I am with Pansy, she adores me and yes I guess you could call her my girlfriend, but I don't love her, I love you."

"Draco, go back to school."

"I can't. I came here to talk to you about my task.

Tempest eyes flared and she pulled her arm away from him repulsed. "I want nothing to do you your task! How dare

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