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Hello people, i had promised angst and we have it i think, i promise MUCH more is to come along with a lot of hhr so be patient please, thanks :)


The Third Order of the Phoenix


'Time to split up the dream team, I think,' Snape sneered. 'Weasley, you can partner Finnigan. Potter -'

Harry moved automatically toward Hermione.

'I don't think so,' said Snape, smiling coldly.

Hermione jumped and clutched Harry's arm.

'It's okay,' said Harry reassuringly, and he led the way into the sitting room.

Harry glanced back at Hermione with a reassuring smile, but he was not sure she had seen it; she stood hugging herself in the midst of the candlelit squalor, looking toward the bookcase.

'I'm not going anywhere!' said Harry fiercely. 'One of my best friends is Muggle-born; she'll be first in line if the Chamber really has been opened -'

'Bye, Harry!' said Hermione, and she did something she had never done before, and kissed him on the cheek.


Harry opened his eyes with a small smile on his lips and stretched his arm towards Hermione’s side of the bed. When he felt only the slightly warm sheet, he opened his eyes and looked around him, the smile widen when he laid his eyes on his wife’s bare back. Hermione was in front of the opened wardrobe of their bedroom and was ready to put her bra on; she was already dressed from the waist and downward. Harry stood silent and enjoyed the view of his wife getting dressed, he couldn’t see her face but he could notice the way her body moved, a little tensed with her movements unusually fast for a Saturday morning.

She eased the bra on her body and then picked up a blouse Luna had given her on her birthday. Harry sighed at the memory of Hermione’s birthday, everything was so calm back then, they had broke the contraceptive charm, they thought everything would be fine, they were wrong, the previous night they restored the charm, they had let their dreams aside once again in their lives. Hermione probably read all those thoughts of her husband and abandoned the task of finding shoes as she turned around and looked at him. Harry smiled at her as he used to do every day for the last decade. They had been friends for so long, how long was it? Eighteen years? Maybe more, maybe less, they knew each other as none else, they were one, not only because of their unique Bond but because they had been together for a long time.

Hermione moved closer to their master bed and sat close to her husband; she leaned and kissed his lips lovingly. Harry responded and hugged her tightly, a hard day was ahead of them but they were both ready to get through it.

‘Good morning, love,’ Hermione said softly and Harry smiled and nuzzled his nose on her neck, inhaling her familiar sense of roses and honey.

‘Good morning, ‘Mione.’ Harry said and Hermione smiled and kissed his cheek as she turned her head slightly.

‘We have to talk to everyone, I was thinking of calling people from Hogwarts too, Neville, Hannah, they lost so many things from the two previous Wars, I’m sure they’ll wand to help.’ Hermione said and Harry nodded as he sent his agreement through their bond. He wished they could just lay in bed and have time for each other, as they used to do before this new bane fall above them, he wished they could just talk about what Lilly wants to wear in Halloween which was approaching and then have breakfast with their children, but no, they had to talk to their friends and family about the Order, they needed to unite with everyone, both Harry and Hermione knew how it is to be separated and weak, they needed to unite with the rest if they wanted to survive and find Draco before it’s too late.

‘We’ll call Neville, Hannah, Parvati Patil and Dennis Creeve,’ Harry said softly and Hermione nodded. ‘Should we call Lavender Brown and Cho Chang?’ Harry asked and Hermione looked at him seriously and spoke.

‘I don’t know if Lavender and Ron will be easy around each other, especially now with Luna in this fragile state after the loss of the baby, but they’re adults and we need as many people as possible to help us. The best is to ask Ron first. If we don’t call Lavender we can’t call Parvati either, they’re friends for so many years.’ Hermione said and Harry nodded. ‘As for Cho,’ Hermione started with a smirk on her face, ‘She was jealous of me, never the opposite,’ Hermione said and now it was Harry’s turn to smirk. ‘OK, maybe a bit, for those short weeks of your “relationship” but no more, I was actually the one who tried to help you to go along with her, if I remember correctly.’ Hermione said and the couple chuckled, all those memories seemed so distant after thirteen years with so many changes and decisions made from everyone. Cho had married a friend she met when she had traveled to Salem for holidays after the war and had even invited Harry and Hermione to her wedding, the couple had been there when Hermione was pregnant with Lilly and the couple was more than happy to see the Ravenclaw settling down with someone who was actually a good match for her.

‘You helped because you were and remain the most noble and caring person I know,’ Harry said and hugged his wife closer to him. Hermione smiled and snuggled in his arms.

‘I’m happy you believe that, but just for the record, I’m not gonna do that again, because now, Mr. Potter, you’re my husband and I do not share you with anyone, am I understood?’ Hermione said in the tone she usually uses to make sure their children won’t repeat some mischief. The couple chuckled and then laughed; it was nice to be able to laugh over fallen teen crushes and the struggles of then in the difficult time they were in.

‘Absolutely, Mrs. Potter,’ Harry said and Hermione nodded her head and stood up. Harry got the hint and as Hermione started to wear her shoes and put some light make-up on for the day, he took a quick shower and got dressed as well. When they were ready to join the rest for breakfast they headed for the door of their bedroom but before Hermione could open it, Harry stopped and trapped her between his body and the closest wall. Hermione gasped but relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck as he hugged her by the waist. For a moment, Harry felt a decade younger, he remembered the days they were the Head ones in Hogwarts and he was trapping Hermione against walls during their night patrols, for a few moments, he felt carefree and relaxed but the worry over the leadership of the Order and the protection of his family made his heart ache. Hermione and the children were the most important people in his life and he knew he just wouldn’t be able to go on without them. Hermione waited for him to speak and get out what was troubling him. Harry looked in her eyes and took a deep breath as he spoke.

‘If everyone accepts to be in the Order and we reunite, the enemy…’ Harry started and took another breath, ‘She probably already knows that we have gotten married and have children, you and the children are probably target number one, Hermione,’ Harry said and Hermione just nodded her head. He didn’t need to lecture her to try to be careful or even to attempt to convince her to stay back, she didn’t do such thing when she was just a teenager and she certainly wouldn’t do it now as one of the best trained Aurors of the United Kingdom. She had suffered a lot because of Bellatrix Lestrange in the past and because of her, Hermione’s parents were homeless and attacked, Harry knew even the mention of her backing from the line of fire would cause fights between them, he had stopped trying to convince her to stay back a long time ago. ‘I just want you to be careful.’ Harry finally said and Hermione smiled and kissed his lips slowly.

‘I promise you, I will,’ Hermione said and smiled at him a reassuring smile. ‘I have already thought of the two of us and the children as her biggest goal and I already know that she’ll try to beat me or harm the children to get to you.’ Hermione said and Harry could feel both their hearts aching at the boldness and honesty of her words. ‘But, we’re not only the weakness of each other, love, we’re also the greatest strength we have to hold on to, if she even try to touch a hair from our children I know we’ll both rip her apart or at least dying trying to do so, don’t worry, you’re here for me as I am here for you.’ Hermione said and Harry nodded with a genuine smile and gave her a kiss. The couple stood like that; against the wall for awhile and then finally stopped kissing and caressing each other, now it was time for Harry to reach for the doorknob and Hermione to stop him and speak.

‘Harry, every hero has a choice, to face the darkness... or be consumed by it, we decided to face it a long time ago, we’re not gonna fail now.’ Hermione said and Harry smiled truly at his wife and nodded in total agreement.

The couple moved down the stairs and found everyone in the kitchen along with their children and grandchildren, Lilly, James and Jane were taken care of Hermione’s parents who were sat close to the head of the table, opposite Ron, Luna their children and Molly and Arthur. Harry and Hermione took their seats at the head of table as Molly and Fleur were standing up to bring more bread, butter and milk to the table. Narcissa and Andromeda were sat at the far end of the table with Andromeda trying to feed the always hyper Teddy and Narcissa just watching the little boy, her eyes red and tired. Most of the people didn’t know what was going on and breaking the news along with the proposal of the reunion of the Order made Harry’s stomach ache even more. Ginny was watching her daughters eat and with Bill’s help and pressure she had a couple of bites herself. Harry didn’t even want to think her reaction to the news of her close murderer back in the final battle is the one who had kidnapped her husband.

Harry and Hermione ate in silence with Lilly and James in their hugs already fed by their grandparents, little Jane was sleeping in her grandmother’s arms so the Potters had the chance to eat peacefully. When everyone was done and the dishes had started flying to sink and magically cleaned, Harry asked everyone’s attention and he stood up, setting James on his seat. Everyone looked at Harry and he could see the curious gazes of his family, many of those family members must had seen Narcissa crying her heart out the last night and now it was time for them to learn what was going on.

‘We all know that something really important is going on right under our noses and we have to stop the crisis.’ Harry started and everyone nodded in agreement. ‘We know who attacked and abducted Draco,’ Harry went on and everyone started whispering and murmuring, Ginny shot up in an instant and looked at Harry and Hermione, waiting for Harry to speak. ‘Bellatrix Lestrange is the one who abducted Draco,’ Harry said as easily as possible, Ginny stood frozen for a few moments and then placed her hand slowly above her lips, everyone around the table had fallen silent, before someone could speak or ask, Narcissa stood up and looked at everyone who just looked at her still in shock.

‘The note sent along Draco’s finger confirmed the fact, both I and Andromeda recognized her unique handwriting.’ Narcissa said as calm as possible and everyone’s murmurs turned into cries of disbelief and worry, none could cope with something that big, they were right, it wasn’t easy. The children seeing the adults’ conversation changing dramatically got worried as well and started whining and whimpering. Harry stood silent for a few moments, waiting for everyone to suppress the first feelings of shock and worry, it’d be useless to try and stop them immediately. After a few minutes, most of the people in the kitchen quieted down and looked at Harry who was still waiting for them.

‘I know that the threat is… well huge and dangerous but we have a way, the only way actually to stop her and find Draco before it’s too late.’ Harry said with honesty his experience in the war and his Auror training gave him. Everyone looked at him with interest if their eyes were still full of worry and confusion.

‘We’re listening, mate.’ Ron said and Harry nodded, knowing his closest male friend would support him.

‘Hermione and I thought of… reuniting the Order of the Phoenix, with all of us and even more people this time, people who took part in the war, people who have motives to fight against Bellatrix.’ Harry said and the reaction this time was different, everyone was murmuring but their murmurs were confident with whispers of agreement, Ginny was silent, clutching her youngest daughter in her hug possibly still in shock but the rest of the people were talking with each other about Harry’s proposal.

‘We’re with you, Harry and Hermione, but how things will be organized?’ Ron asked and everyone stopped talking and looked at Harry who was smiling confidently, he glanced at Hermione and then turned and looked at the rest.

‘Like before, Grimmauld will be the Headquarters of the Order, Hermione will be the keeper as she’s magically strong enough and trained not to talk about evidence even under spells and potions. If you want me, I’ll be the head of the organization this time; we can always put the leadership up to voting.’ Harry said and everyone started talking at the same time, other agreeing with Harry about the whole plant, others just agreeing on his proposal and the eldest in the room praising Harry for his modesty to put the leadership up on voting.

‘Of course you’ll be the leader, Harry, you have faced evil as none of us in here –or anywhere else for that matter- has faced and we don’t want someone else to take over. You and Hermione are perfect for the leading roles of the Order.’ Arthur Weasley said and everyone nodded and smiled at the couple.

‘Thank you very much for your trust,’ Harry said with a relieved smile on his lips.

‘But the last time, there was a ritual that we followed, vows we took and spells we cast, all those things were known by Dumbledore and only.’ Molly said and people like Bill, Fleur, Arthur and Andromeda who were members of the Order the last time nodded in agreement. Harry nodded his head as well and spoke.

‘Hermione and I will head to Hogwarts tomorrow so we can talk to Neville, Minerva, Hagrid and people that could help by joining us. We’ll talk to Dumbledore through the portrait and when he’ll learn about Lestrange, I’m sure he’ll help us. As far as I know, we can’t have the ritual till the next full moon so we have to wait for four days, in the meantime, the ones who are going out of this house, try, carefully to recruit more people till the full moon, it’d be good to have as more people as possible. We need secrecy, trust and luck to make it through with the ministry against us and the department of mysteries in the problem as well. Hermione and I believe that the department of mysteries is involved in the problem and we won’t stop till we’re sure what’s going on with it. We need people in the ministry, in the Prophet, in the hospital, everyone, as more people in different places as possible.’ Harry said and everyone nodded in agreement, Harry could feel Hermione’s admiration for him through their bond and he smiled at her.

Everyone nodded and none asked some question, most of the people in that kitchen knew everything about the Order of the Phoenix, they knew were to search to recruit people, they knew how to get close to them what to say to convince them, they knew how to do the job and that gave them confidence. Harry sat back on his chair after taking Jamie in his hug and smiled at Hermione who leaned close and kissed his lips once.

It wasn’t that bad, was it? Hermione said through the bond and Harry smiled wider and kissed her back.

No it was OK, I’m happy people trust me.

Of course we do, if they didn’t, we’d be both dead and Voldemort would be in power… Hermione send through the bond and Harry nodded his head seriously. So now, we have to talk to Dumbledore’s portrait for information, we should also ask him if he knows how Bellatrix is able to survive something like that, how she’d learn about the Horcruxes, she could have used some for herself. Hermione send and Harry nodded again.

‘We have to be really careful, these are dangerous times.’ Harry murmured lightly and Hermione nodded this time in agreement.


 Harry and Hermione entered the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, in a hurry. They moved fast up the stairs, still remembering every corner of the building. It was their first public appearance after their dismissal from the Ministry and now they had to be fast. McGonagall was already waiting for them after an owl was sent to her by the Potters so the older witch was waiting in front of the statue, sealing the entrance to the Headmistress’ office.

‘Good morning, Harry, Hermione,’ Minerva McGonagall said as she shook the couple’s hands, calling them with their first names as they did with her after having her as Godmother of Jane.

‘Good morning Minerva,’ Harry said and Hermione echoed her husband’s words. The three people moved up the stairs and entered the office. Harry and Hermione had already informed the witch about their intension to reunite the Order and she had promised to recruit even more people from inside Hogwarts. The couple sat in front of the desk of the school’s headmistress and the old headmasters opened their eyes in their portraits. Dumbledore’s hazel, piercing eyes looked at the couple and the two Potters smiled at him brightly. Snape was also looking at the couple with interest.

‘My dear children,’ Dumbledore said and smiled at the couple. ‘I know you came here to talk to me, I’m listening.’ The ex-headmaster said and the couple nodded again, Harry spoke first.

‘Yes, professor, we need your help.’ Harry started. ‘Bellatrix Lestrange is back… in power, Narcissa and Andromeda Black recognized her handwriting on a note sent with Draco Malfoy’s finger. We believe we’re before a new… war and we need to stand united again.’ Harry said and looked at Dumbledore for his reaction at his words. The older man had frown his face but stood silent and waited for Harry to keep up with what he wanted to say.

‘We need you to tell us what are the spells and ritual to seal the Order of the Phoenix. You were the leader of it in the times the Order was rebelling and we need to know those facts to make the Order again.’ Harry said finally and Dumbledore kept frowning as he spoke.

‘I won’t tell you that the leader and the secret-keeper of the Order have to be powerful as both of you are and you know it.’ Dumbledore started as he guessed that Hermione would be the keeper of the organization. ‘But I have to inform you that being the leader of a Wizarding organization is an exhausting progress, you’ll be magically bounded with your organization’s members’ actions, successes and failures and you have to be ready to deal with all of those emotions and changes in your temperance.’ Dumbledore said and Harry nodded at his old headmaster’s words, he knew being the leader of the Order wouldn’t be an easy thing to do.

‘As you both know, there is a library here in this office, with ads from almost all the headmasters who have passed from here. I had made some ads as the books of Horcruxes,’ in that, Hermione blushed slightly as those books were the ones she had stolen with the Accio charm years back. ‘Another book I have made for this library is a book about the Order of the Phoenix with all the spells the leader and the keeper have to cast; the ritual is also described in my little notebook.’ Dumbledore said and the couple smiled. ‘As you already know, every ritual being involved with either black or white magic must be done during the full moon so you have little time to learn the spells and the steps of the ritual.’ Dumbledore said and nodded to McGonagall who stood up and went in the back of the room, close to a huge shelf full of books. ‘Something vital in the formation of the order of the Phoenix is… well the presence of the Phoenix all the members side their selves with. Fawkes was mine so he was free to leave the moment I died but you, Harry, thankfully still have your wand with Fawkes’ feather inside.’ Dumbledore said and for the first time, he seemed sad at the mention of the ancient bird. ‘Sometimes, obligation turns us back to the ones we belong to…’ Dumbledore added with a smile and then waited for Minerva to bring the book as the witch did indeed. The couple hadn’t more time so they took the book and thanked both Minerva and Dumbledore’s portrait, before they could leave, Dumbledore called for them and the coupled turned and looked at the portrait.

‘Be careful, my dear children, things will get darker than you think.’ Dumbledore said and Harry and Hermione looked at each other with concern but nodded and left the school that saved them from evil for a long time.

By the full moon, everyone was ready, many people outside Grimmauld Place returned the call and were ready to become or be again members to the Order under Harry’s commands. Grimmauld was full of people talking, waiting for the children to be ready for bed so the ritual could start with no interruptions. People like Xenophilious Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Cho Chang, Hagrid, Parvati and Patma Patil with Lavender Brown who had been called after Ron’s reassurance that everything was alright, Denis Creve who gladly accepted to be a member of the Order after his brother’s death in the war and so many more people were waiting along with the people who lived in Grimmauld by now for the ritual to start. In the living room, the place with the larger windows in the house letting the moonlight slip through them, everything was ready, the furniture was temporally vanished by magic and many candles were lighting the place.   Leader’s wand with the Phoenix feather was in the centre of a cycle from the morning, replacing the actual Phoenix which should be standing there, fetching power by the state of the moon.

When everyone was ready and children safely asleep upstairs all the soon-to-be-members stood in a circle and the Harry as the Leader and Hermione as the Secret Keeper stood in the middle, as Dumbledore’s book described. Both Harry and Hermione had learned the entire book by heart so they could lead the ritual and deal with the magic involved in it. Harry started the ancient bounding spell, talking loudly and clearly the Latin words of the spell as he held his wand in the air. Hermione started the spell she had to cast to keep the secret of the organization with her own wand in her hand as well in the air. From the tips of the wands a bright golden started and united with all the members’ wands’ tips as one by one held his wand by his heart.

Soon the room was illuminated by the bright beam of light connecting everyone in the circle with the couple in the middle of it. Harry and Hermione went on with their respective spells, they both could feel the enormous waves of magical power washing through their bodies and they could feel each other getting tired by the second as the spells went on and the beam got brighter and brighter, they could feel their wands trebling in their hands but they held them tightly. As the book described, that was the test everyone, including the Leader and the Keeper had to get through to prove to magic itself they deserved to use it for the Order, that was the task to prove –once again- that they’d use this power of magic for good.

Even if they felt tired, they kept on, apart of tired they were also feeling happiness and strength as the waves of white magic washed thought them and transferred to the rest of the members. The moment the couple finished at the same time their spells the beam started fainting and fainting until it moved thought all the members’ hearts and then distinguished, leaving everyone shaken but smiling warmly as that meant that the spells had been cast correctly and the Order was finally formed. There was a positive silence in the room, everyone looking at each other and at the couple in the middle who was almost gasping for breath after their task. First Harry and then everyone stood frozen in disbelief when they heard a very familiar and soothing song that hadn’t been heard in more than a decade. Everyone’s heads turned toward the middle window of the room where a bright light was approaching from the horizon up in the sky. The light moved closer and closer till a dark shadow could be noticed through the light, a shadow in the shape of a large, proud bird was in the middle of a light’s torrent.

The song grew louder inside the room and after a few heartbeats a bright Phoenix was slipping through the window without crushing it. Harry felt his heart full of happiness and warmth as he saw the Order’s symbol back alive to its right destination, close to the Order’s people. The large, proud bird let our a cry and the song of the phoenix went on as Fawkes moved close to Harry and stood on his shoulder, leaning its head down and between Harry and Hermione, looking at both of them with the same piercing eyes its formal master had.

Sometimes, obligation turns us back to the ones we belong to…

Fawkes. Both Harry and Hermione thought at the same time and the phoenix brushed its beautiful head against theirs as if it indeed had heard its name by them. Harry smiled as the song faded the same song he had heard when his wand was connected with Voldemort’s back in the graveyard, so many years ago.

Then he was just a boy who was struggling to survive on his own. Now he was a grown man with a family and friends, a wife who adored him and people who were ready, once again, to fall into battle for him just like he was for them. Now he was the Leader of the Order of the Phoenix and he was ready to beat Voldemort’s most loyal servant, Bellatrix Lestrange.


yeahhh the goods strike back, what u think of the order? what about the Phoenix being back :) please review and tell me :)


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