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Tempest opened her eyes. He had been here once again. She picked the covers off her bed. He got under the covers. Rose petals were everywhere. Tempest jumped out of bed, disgusted. He got in again. Because he couldn't sneak into her mind anymore her snuck into her room. Tempest wanted to take a scolding shower, to sanitize any place he many have touched.
"He got in again?" asked Nila popping up at her side.


"How does he keep getting in," she began. "You don't hear him, I don't hear him, Aidan doesn't see him, Cecile doesn't sense him. How the hell does he keep getting in?"

"I don't know." Tempest grabbed Excaliber and headed for the door. I'll be taking a scolding shower."

"Zephyr, you can't go alone, what if he--"

"Fine, I'll grab Stella nad Serene, they can keep me safe if he gets past my charms and jinxs.  Clean up my bed Nila please . . . I can't take looking at those damn petals anymore."

Nila nodded and began cleaning up. Divina followed suit giving Tempest an apologetic look. Edana though followed her sister.
"Go back to bed Vayne."
"What's going on Zephyr? First it was dreams, comparing you to flowers and now it's petals in your bed. Zephyr I'm scared."
Tempest looked at her little sister. She reminded her of Selene when she was thirteen. The same chestnut hair, the same purple eyes. Tempest sighed and placed her hands on her sisters shoulders.
"Vayne . . . I'm scared too. I don't know what he wants but he wants something, he always wants something. I'll figure out what okay, just go back to bed Vayne."
She didn't budge. "Tempest . . . Zephyr, please be careful."
Tempest gave her sister her trademark arrogant don't worry smile. "Don't worry Vayne, I'll be fine." She waved goodbye to her sister and walked out the dormitory. Stella and Serena had been waiting for her. The twin sisters, only nineteen, children by vampire standards, had declared themselves as her bodyguards. Although she liked both, she hated the company of the one, the one whose eyes filled with love with just he thought of Gorx. It annoyed Tempest, angered her.
"So he got in again?" asked Stella.
Tempest nodded. "Yes, rose petals again. Blood red this time."
"I wonder what he's up to," remarked Serena hatefully. Tempest clenched her fist and kept her eyes cast down. They arrived at the shower room. They took post outside the door and Tempest stripped off her clothes, turned on the water with a wave of her hand. She set it ablaze. Fire couldn't hurt her, not while she took her vials, her antidote to life.
Tempest sunk deep into the water, immersing herself in it. It was hot, scolding, she could not fathom as to what Merwick was trying to get at. He was being his usual bastard self. He turned a girl, and he had helped to save her life. She wondered what would happen to the girl, what she would do. She wondered who the girl would live. Would she still hang out with her current friends who would age where she did not? She wondered if the girl would come to her for the potions, she wondered if she would take part with new vampires. She wondered if she would be able to continue going to school. Most vampires who did, came from packs with their own friends and stopped ageing at a time between sixteen and eighteen. An age old ritual. She wondered what would happen, she wondered how things would change. Someone screamed and Tempest opened her eyes. Petals floated in the pool of water she was bathing in. Tempest jerked up, disgusted. Her long black hair floated over her shoulders and over her breast. He was at the window hanging upside down like a bat. She clenched her fist. How dare he . . . 
"How beautiful you are, almost like a flower." He beamed at her and let himself fall into the water. Selene and Stella were at her sides in seconds, protecting her, both swords brandished.
"Merwick you sick bastard." She was naked before him. He invaded her privacy. She wanted to kill him, slash his throat and let him slowly deteriorate them chop off his head . . . again and again and again.
He waved his hand in dismissal. "Like I haven't seen you bathe before." He leered at her. Tempest hugged herself, disgusted, violated. She couldn't hide anything with her auros studies, she wasn't that practised yet.
"Oh what's wrong Young Tempest? Scared?"
Tempest eyes flared open, she summoned Excaliber to her hands and lunged. Fire erupted to separate her from Merwick. She growled and looked back at Stella and Serena.
"Come Zephyr." It was Serena. Tempest shot her a hateful glance. Who was she to tell her what to do?
"Zephyr quickly." Stella wrapped a towel over Tempest who began to run for the door. She had to get out. She knew Merwick would walk through the fire just like her, but she had to get out.
Outside the door Tempest noticed that petals clung to her towel, clung to her legs and arms and hair. She wiped them off viciously, making herself bleed in some part. She wanted to shed her skin, she had to get away, even if only for a day. She ran.
Tempest grabbed a few shirts, a few clothes. She knew where she could hide, a place known only to a group. She could hide there with another. Two places she could hide, just two places she thought as she watched Edana kick her feet back and forth as she sat on the edge of her bed.
"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked again.
"Yeah, don't worry about me."
"Where are you going?"
"It's best if you don't know Vayne."
"How long will you be gone?"
"A few days, a week maybe, no longer."
"You promise?"
"Of course." She zipped up her back pack and slung it over her shoulder. She pulled out her wand. "I'll come back Vayne." She hugged her little sister and looked and Nila and Void. "Keep an eye on her okay." They nodded and Tempest cast her Apparatus Charm and smiled her trademark smile before vanishing.
It was her mothers room. Pictures laced the walls. Her mother and all her friends. Her mother and Narcissa, Bellatrix, Lucius, Vivaldi, Michael, Casca, Severus, Remus, Regulus ad her father. They were all there, and her mother and never looked happier. She dumped her bag on the bed. She was alone, so very alone.
She walked around the dusty abandoned house, the house where her mother grew up.
Pictures of her mother with family. Tempest lay on the sofa and stared at the black wood table. She could see something scratched under the table. Tempest flipped it over and saw a carving.

I love you Morganna. ~Aidan Nyx 23/7/1990
Tempest examined the day. That was her mothers eighteenth birthday. A rose was also etched there and sighed: Vivaldi, and dated the next day. She had seen and still . . . 
"I hoped you would come here." Tempest looked up slowly. He winked at her. "You forgot your Oclumency lessons. Tut, tut, tut, shame on you, Severus would be highly disappointed in his young prodigy."
Tempest slowly stood up, her hands on both of her weapons. He smiled down at her, wore pants and only pants, no shoes, no shirt. He looked like a hunter, ready for anything. He walked gracefully toward her, golden eyes glistening with malice, anger and lust.

"What do you know of flowers?"She slanted her eyes. "I know very little. Vivaldi on the other hand---"
"Ah yes, your 'mother'."
Tempest clenched her fist. "Do not call her my mother."
He sneered at her. "All right then, Vivaldi,. I watch her a lot, she knows much about flowers. She uses them, a certain seed, to make that delicious sun repellent potion. Correction, our sun repellent potion."
"You're a bastard."
"I could have turned her, made you watch her wrestle in pain, but I was on a mission and your precious Nila's damned Sevratis nearly paralysed me, so I had to run and then I saw you. Walking all alone, so sad. How is Draco? Whenever I see him he seems torn with himself.
Tempest caught her breath. Draco, he was trying to fight the impending darkness within himself. The darkness that threatened to take his soul, threatened to turn him against her, into something horrible. She wouldn't kill him, she would rather run down the golden corridor, let Astrea stab him and hope to save him.
"So pick a path Zephyr. Kill him yourself or let him die. Which do you choose?"
Tempest looked him dead in the eye. "I will save him."
"Astrea has a beautiful body but a mind I'm not so sure. I need a drop of her blood to see into it. Maybe later." Tempest snatched his neck with lightning speed and he placed his blade on her hip. Tempest winced but she would suffer through it, she had to.
"What do you know of pretty little flower?"
"I know nothing."
"Of flowers past and present? What a pity." He put him blade into her. "You should learn something, flowers have such——" He was interrupted by a crash. He pulled away without regard to her sharp nails in his neck that pulled away skin and blood. Tempest fell to the ground but someone was quick enough to catch her.
"Hello Void."
"Zephyr dammit, we came as fast as possible. Are you okay?"
She shook her head. "Look at my hip." Nila bent down and lifted the shirt, she was burnt and bleeding.
"Dammit." Void pulled out his wand. "This is the only bad side of your vials. You don't heal as fast as you should." He cast a healing spell and Nila thrust a blood pop into her mouth. Tempest sucked on it like she was a baby.
"You forgot your Oclumency Lesson," remarked Nila looking at the coffee table. "You father and Vivaldi were here. Vivaldi knew, how strange."
"Isn't it." Tempest sat up and stared at the engraved rose. "Did you notice that alla round the house, black roses grow, like on the graves."
Void nodded and helped her stand. "Yeah."
"Well my . . . Vivaldi, she knows a lot about flowers and right before Merwick fled he said something about flowers past and present."
"He's toying with you."
"He wants something, and you're the key," said Nila. "Whatever it is, he can't find it, but he won't tell you. He's toying with you."
Tempest headed to the door. "Come on, we have to go home."
"Why," asked Nila.
"I need to have a look at my mothers memories. But first——" Tempest stood between the dark black roses and her mothers house and shut her eyes. Time to make Severus proud. Her lessons flooded back, his face flooded back, then she pushed and he was out . . . for now. She opened her eyes, she would make Severus proud.
They walked down the street. Vivaldi didn't live too far, Probably and half a days walk, but it was a beautiful cloudy day, perfectly gloomy. It was this very street she realized that her mother had run down after killing Zoltron's family. It was down the street Tempest herself ran crying in her vision. This street haunted her dreams.
It was late at night when they arrived at Tempest home. The door was locked, and Tempest didn't have her key. They placed her hand on the door and cast a silencing spell over the door and Ahlohamora on the lock itself.
Up the stairs they walked. Tempest cast silencing spell on all the steps, on the hallway floor on the door and steps to the attic.
Only Void had been here, to discover his own family secrets. Nila took one hand and Void took the other. Tempest took a deep breath.
"Pretty little flowers," was all she said before sticking her head in. They fell down together, landing on their feet gracefully. They were in her mothers living room. Her mother was there on the sofa, leaning on a guy known to her as Remus Lupin.
"Thanks for spending my birthday with me Remus."
Remus hugged her and kissed her head. "What are best friends for."
"Hmm yeah." She took a swing of something. "I'm a horrible best friends. Aidan and Vivaldi, what things I'm going to have to do, all the innocent people I'm going to have to kill."
Remus laughed. "What are you talking about Morganna."
"I can see the future. Please promise you'll stop trusting Pettigrew." She grabbed the collar of his shirt and sat on his lap. "Promise me, please."
He placed his hands on her bare shoulders. "Morganna, calm down. Of course I promise you." Morganna fell down on him crying. "Shh, don't cry."

"You don't understand. To see the future, to see it all. All the horrible things I have to do, the people I'm going to kill."

Tempest watched her mother pull something out of her bra. "Here, fore you. Promise me you'll look at it."
Remus cupped her face. "I promise, I also promise you that I will never hate you." Morganna hugged him. "What the hell have you seen Morganna?" A faint smile crept on her tear streaked face.
"I'm going to have a daughter, the fairest of them all. She's going to be the daughter of me and Aidan. She's going to be a dark witch with such a pure heart. She's going to destroy the Merlin Crusaders and suffer so much."
Remus smiled. "You and Aidan, you two belong to each other. You two are meant to be."
"Yeah." The door bell rang and they looked up shocked. "Who the bloody hell---"
The door swung open and people starting storming in. She saw her father take in the sight of her mother on Remus, half naked. Bellatrix stepped forward taking in the sight and smiled, winking at Morgana.
"So this is why you wanted to be alone on your birthday. I don't say I approve but at this point who cares it's your birthday." She looked at Remus and sneered at him. "Hello Remus."
He shot her a look of disgust. "I'll leave now."
"No, don't," said Aidan. He had pulled away from Vivaldi and was leaning against the wall, staring at Morganna. "It's her birthday, we all love her here, we can tolerate each to her just for one night."
"Hmm I guess." He gave Morganna an unsure look and she smiled slightly before standing up. Vivaldi came over and gave Morganna a warm hug.
"Happy eighteenth birthday. Here, something I invented just for you."
Morganna took the wrapped narrow present. Inside lay a black rose, perfectly real.
"Viva how?"
"I did some research on something called Morgans Flower. I made this with so many potions. Happy birthday." Morganna gave her a warm hug.
"Great," said Lucius, his arm draped over Narcissa. "Now lets have a party. Michael, Remus, help me in the kitchen."
Everything suddenly became murky and cloudy. "Zephyr," began Nila, "is that what you needed to hear, that flower?"
"So why aren't we leaving?" asked Void.
"You saw the coffee table, I need to see something. I need to see my parents, them together, alive. I need too."
The scene formed from a grey cloudy mist. Morganna was in her back garden. She was standing there alone, cold but with a pristine happy expression on her face. Her eyes were wide in joy, her smile perfectly placed.
"Hey Morganna." She looked at her father, they both did.
"Aidan—" She looked at him confused yet happy and Tempest saw her look out of the corner of her eye as though she saw Tempest. Maybe she did, maybe all she saw was knowledge of what would happen.
"So what, are you and Remus and item? Have to say I'm not surprised." He looked upset, but put up a calm front.
Morganna laughed. "How could you think that? He's my best friends. I don't love him. I don't move on as fast as you."
His eyes widened in anger and his fist clenched in his blue sweater jacket. "You think I moved on?!"
"We could have stayed together! You chose to end it, you choose to and then you chose to date Vivaldi, my best friend. You broke my heart Aidan, I could never move in. I love you Aidan. I always will." She turned away from him but he spun her around and held her.
"Morganna, you were leaving, I was angry, I though . . . I was stupid."
"Aidan——" He kissed her, embraced her tightly. Tempest smiled. Morgans blood and Merlins blood had fallen in love. He pulled away briefly and stared down at her, stroking her face.
"I'll always love you, just look under your coffee table. I wrote that I do, just for you, that way, no matter what, you know that you will always have my heart. Tempest watched her mother stare at him in awe and lean into him. Everything was blurry, meshed together once again and it took Tempest a minute to realize that she was back in her attic.
"Zephyr," said Nila. "Are you all right?"
She nodded. "More than all right Nila." She clenched her fist, but now she knew what he wanted. "He want what people call Morgans flower, and I bet he wants me to find it for him."
"Plan?" said Void, leaning against a beam.
She smiled, a glint of fire in her grey-blue eyes. "I'll find whatever it is, but I will not let him have it."

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