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Tempest, Serena and Stella were carrying the pounds of metal, light in their arms. They took more than needed as a safety precaution. Verdina was nervous about meeting her grandmother, Exodus was calm, having met her centuries ago. Demenshia was different than her cousin. She was more soft faces, ore relaxed and cheerful, as well as a bit insane, but growing up in a swamp could do that to someone. Verdina was hard faced, stiff and serious, unlike her mother. Tempest watched as Mistress Starlet strolled behind them. Master Vlad had dragged her like a child, the Lady of the Lade had requested her and Vlad to be here as they were the closest thing they had to their children. Everyone walked into her throne room, their swords needed to be made.

"Hello, it is a pleasure to see you all again." Her eyes passed over the remnants of her daughters then settled on Tempest. "Young Tempest, I have news as to how he found out the secret to my forging. It was my beloved sister. She is bitter that you did not set her free. As always she regrets nothing."

"No, she does not. Here is the metal."

"Good, follow me."

She led Tempest and the others to a forging room. A fire was already burning brightly. Tempest put the metal down and tied back her hair, everyone took off layers of the clothing, sweating bristly.

"Here is were I forged Excaliber, where I poured my magic into it. Here is where I'll make it's brethren." She looked around. "He broke your swords I see. Only Young Tempest and Void stood a chance. I take it you don't want a sword Void."

He smiled ad bowed. "Thank you but no, this is quite enough."

"I'm pleases to hear. Step forth the family of Nyx." Selene, Jason, Edana and Zoltron stepped forth. The Lady of the Lake winked at Tempest. "That is not all of you." Isolde and Oliver looked at each other and stepped forward. "I thought so. Merwick is sure to come after you as you are her family, and a wound struck in family, never heals; therefore you will get shield swords. Zoltron though, since you are nimble as Tempest, have Louis make a poison for you, be warned that is be different though, he may notice something from bot." He nodded in understanding, his blue-grey eyes beaming in joy. "Let us begin then."

The Lady of the Lake took a sheet of metal and began her work. Tempest couldn't believe that such a fair and beautiful women was doing such tedious work.

The Lady of the Lake pounded on the metal, making and magical, pouring white magic into it. She folded layers with layers, pouring in more good magic as she did so. With each blade, she marked the sharp edge with a sleek black tint made from onyx and unicorn horn. With each blade, she formed the hilt from the same onyx and the same unicorn horn. The hilt shimmered, the sharp edge shimmered. Tempest heard the hum of magic from each, a beautiful song, far different from that Aurora. Each blade was handed out.

"The magic will help how you handle it. Lets see how Zephyr will use her sword." She paused a moment in thought then snapped her fingers. "Vayne, please demonstrate."

Edana smiled and looked at her older sister. She stepped forth and pulled out her wand and sighed.

"Well Voldy Baldy does want me to practice." Tempest held Excaliber at her side, her left hand on her wait as she waited expectantly with a smile. Voldy Baldy, she thought, Nila was rubbing off on her. "Avada Kadavra!" Magic flowed from her want and flew to Tempest. Being a vampire had it's uses, a spell hardly ever touched her. She swung Excaliber. She knew she must have looked like a blur to all her friends but it was worth it. She broker the spell, slicing it in half.

"Yong Tempest here can do that. The rest of you however cannot. The enchantment I cast on the blade will work as a shield. No spell will be able to touch you just so long as you are holding the hilt of the sword. Young Tempest please demonstrate.

Tempest pulled out her wand. "Brace yourselves." They all pulled out their swords. "Avada Kadavra!" The spell spun out and hit their swords vanishing. Tempest placed her wand back in her belt buckle.

"Brilliant," she said.

The Lady of the Lake smiled at her and turned back. "Will the carried of my daughters step forward." Nila, Demenshia, Exodus and Serena stepped forward. "Each of you will receive a sword that will also be imbued with magic, like that of your items, they will contain the same magic. I need the items please." Nila took off her ring, Demenshia unclipped her choker, Exodus took off his wrist band and Serena unclasped her ruby garter. The Lady of the Lake took each and smiled and momentarily smiled as each glowed. She put all of them down except for Cecile.

The blade was fashioned like the other, her magic of light pouring into each fold. At the edge, she laced the blade with emerald stone and eye of newt, making the green look poisonous yet strangely innocent, much like Nila herself. She fashioned the hilt from emerald stone but then, clasping Cecile in one hand and the sword in the other, she whispered an incantation and both the ring and the sword glowed green. She opened her eyes and handed it to Nila.

"You have the same abilities as before, Cecile will be able to channel the power of earth that I put into the blade as will you." Nila bowed and took the blade and ring. Tempest noticed the ring line she had from never taking it off and Nila smiled at her and looked at Tempest. Tempest smiled at her and noticed how the edge of the blade seemed to move like vines across the blade, alive.

The Lady of the Lake moved onto Veronica next. She looked at Serena who forever looked seventeen. She forged them like the others and Tempest heard a new different unique hum and she almost laughed. Every blade had it's own unique song. The Lady of the Lake grabbed some ruby and crushed fire seeds. With her magic she laced the edge of the blade. Flames danced on the blade, the deadly edge shimmered. She said the same incantation, smiling as she did so, her daughter singing in her ear. It glowed and she handed the sword and garter back with out explanation. Serena bowed and thanks.

Exodus gave the mother if his love and apologetic look and Tempest saw the warmth return to her eyes. She forged the sword and took some sapphire and monkshood and forged the edge. It looked as though an ocean had ripped a whole onto the sword. It looked like waves and raindrops danced onto the blade, like dew in the spring morning, shining and shimmering. After the incantation Exodus took the blade and wrist band and kissed her hand as he bowed. The Lady of the Lake looked as though she would cry. Someone came and held Tempest hand. She looked at Zoltron. He looked down at her and then they both returned their eyes forward.

Demenshia held a smile on her hardly ever sombre face. Her eyes were so lively, so childish even though she was centuries older than the rest of them. She looked so much like her mother, and she was the one, besides Verdina, who The Lady of the Lake cherished above all others. She used diamond and peals to form the edge and wisps of air danced along the edge. She hilt was remarkable, looking like wind. The Lady of the Lake handed back the sword and Demenshia took her grandmother in a hug surprising her before winking at Tempest.

"Everyone grab onto something," warned Tempest bracing herself against Zoltron. Demenshia swung the sword and a strong wind blew everything around, then quickly stopped.

"I love you mother," was all she said and hands crossed over, regal.

The Lady of the lake looked at her sadly then looked at the rest of the people who had gathered, regaining herself.

"Now for the rest of you." The Lady of the Lake stood and pondered. Her long white hair glistened like the stones and jewels around her. She picked up some amber and looked at her reflection and smiled. "That's it now, reflection." She counted the remaining people and grabbed some metal, as she did, she coated each blade with liquid amber, melting it in, making the sharp edge glisten all over the blade. She made the hilt from pure amber and muttered another spell, before handing each out.

"These will work much the same way as Young Tempest family. You have to be holding at least the hilt for it to work. The spell I placed will reflect the spell back at them, back at him." She looked them over and glanced at Tempest. "Quite a magnificent army you've got here Young Tempest."

Tempest bowed. "I pride myself in perfection." Nila and Void both laughed behind her.


Back at school Tempest yawned. It was time for sword class. Zoltron's blade had been coated with a special poison, a blue one and he tapped his against Excaliber. His locket was closed, only opened for special moments. He named his sword Selvina, after the woman who had raised him on the streets.

Nila and the others named their blades after the mystics. Everyone had named their swords as was customary, for a name gave power. Aurora would fight either Selvina or Excaliber, he would face them, he would be poisoned. She stared up at the illusion of the night sky. In the end, he would face Excaliber, in the end he would die by her blade. She would defeat him, she had no choice, she had to, to save everyone she cared about.

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