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It took Tempest a few days to get better but then again, she hadn't wanted to, having Draco there was pleasant considering she missed having him around. There was something thought that she had to see for herself.——" She didn't know what to say, couldn't thing of anything to say. He took a step back and ruffled his hair frustrated.——"
"But you live him."

"Yeah." Tempest looked up at the sky. "It's going to rain, we better get going."

His face lit up. "Lady of the Lake?"

She smiled and winked at him. "Yup."


Nila, Void and Divina, and all of them were upset. Zoltron would get another Excaliber and Louis was coming with them. The Lady of the Lake had come to Tempest once again, while she was in the Infirmary. She liked Excaliber and gracefully told them to come, apparently there was much to talk about.

"Why does he get a sword," said Nila.

"Because Merwick is and old ass," said Tempest. Suddenly Nila jumped on her and latched onto her leg. "Nila get off me!"


"I will pry you off."

"Go ahead, you know I'm scared of you." She looked at Void who was laughing hysterically.

"Void get her off me."

"No. We need swords just like you and frankly he'll come after us like he did them," he said indicating at Serena and the others.

"He's right," said the ever so out spoken Serena. "Our swords practically broke when we fought."

"He was toying with us," said Christopher. "He could have broken the swords but he didn't."

Tempest slumped over defeated. "Fine, Zoltron go get Demenshia, she's going to need a sword too."

"Why her," said Hydra hotly.

"Because She's Laila's daughter and will need a sword as well."

"I'll go get her, meet us at the Lake." He ran off and Tempest noticed that Nila was still on her leg.

"Uh, Nila, I actually gave up fro once, you can let go."

"Oh right sorry." She stood up and Louis snickered as he followed Tempest out to the school grounds.

"If only you were in Dufflebaggies."

She looked at him and thought back to the mirror. "Yeah, if only."


The journey had been long as always. They were all soaking drenched. Tempest had given some potions to Stella and Serena just in case they saw the sun. They stood at the edge of the lake. Tempest looked at Divina.

"Divina are you sure you want to come down? It makes you suck."

She smiled weakly. ""I'll manage."

"Take my hand," said Demenshia. "My birthright should protect you." She offered her hand and Divina took it.

"Thank you."

Demenshia smiled innocently at her. "Don't mention it." She dragged Divina along. "Time to dive in."

Everyone laughed and dived in after them. They swam down to the bottom of the unnaturally deep lake. Soon enough they saw the Crystal dome like palace.

Tempest let the way with Void and Nila at her sides. They lead the way to the throne room that looked just like her sisters, only naught.

"Hello Young Tempest, Void, Nila. I see you brought friends and

"Hello grandmother."

"Hello Demenshia. I take it you are going to need a sword for you as well?"

She nodded. "I will."

"It is as though war comes to quickly." She sighed. "Young Tempest let me see your sword." Tempest took it out and unleashed it's power. The Lady of the Lake took the sword.

"And the poison, it's creator?"

Louis stepped forward and bowed. "That would be me."

"Very good work you did. If you want something from my treasury you may take one thing."

He smiled. "Thank you but being here, in your presence is more than enough." Tempest stared ta Louis. This was not the Louis from school that hung from Astrea kike a fly on the wall. This Louis was far more humble.

"I take it the rest of you need swords." They all nodded. "Hmm, normal swords made form the same metal would be formidable but as he did not play fair neither than we." She gave Tempest her sword back and returned to her throne. "The metal lies to the north, where you fought him the first time this year. He'll be guarding it."

Tempest, Void and Nila all exchanged confused glances. "Can't you show us?" asked Tempest.

The Lady of the Lake shook her head sadly. "As she is bound, so am I. A penance for my betrayal, for locking up my sister."

"I understand. We will find the metal and bring it back."

"And I will forge it, like I did Excaliber. I must say to displeases me that he discovered the magic to this particular forging, I find it most unnerving."

"It is. We will be back Queen of Light Magic." Tempest bowed and walked to of the room. The Veriserite came and led them to the exit. The Queen of Light had a snake and the Guess on Dark had a panther.


Back at school Tempest lay on the ceiling and yawned. No way were they going to the Ice Lands this early, they needed time ti prepare, for the cold ad for him.

"I say we leave next weekend," said Serena.

"We're not," said Tempest.

"AND WHY THE HELL NOT?! He killed Gorx!"

Tempest eyes flared and she heard Stella sigh. "I know he killed Gorx, stop acting like I don't. I was there, I had to see it. So get off your bloody soapbox and sit down. Because my patience with you beginning to run thin Serena. How about we say this, maybe his will get you to shut up. He didn't love he loved me, and he didn't want to be like either of us. Now again sit down and shut up." Serena sat down and looked at her sister who blatantly ignored her. "Now look, we don't know where the metal is, nor do we know how long we're going to be searching nor do we know how much we need." She looked at Demenshia. "Demenshia, you need to find Exodus and Verdina, inform them of everything." She headed for the stairs. "We're leaving on Winter Break, understood? Good!" She turned and went to her dormitory and no one followed. She could hear Stella begin to scold her sister through the closed door.


"I'm fine Aidan it's just Serena. All that love for Gorx, all that revenge she wants for him makes me feel

"I know

"I know


"Young Tempest how fare thee?"

"Well I would fare far better if you would die." She smiled bitterly at him.

"I won't let you find the metal."

"You wish."


Months past and soon it was Christmas ti me, but there was no room for joy. Tempest, Serena, Stella and Master Vlad awaited the others in Drip Drop, the vampire bar. She was awaiting Aidans roar, everyone had to fly there, and if they flew nonstop it would take a week to get where they needed to be. Aidan roared. Tempest exchanged looked with the others and went out side. A pack at each of their sides.

"Are you ready," she asked as she climbed aboard Aidan. "I've got room for you, climb up," he said indicating Nila and Void. Void climbed up followed by Nila. Aidan was larger than he had been before.

"Well what are you guys waiting for," said Tempest annoyed, they needed that metal not. Aidan laughed in her head and they rose into the air, quickly followed by everyone else.

Night came and went, no one talked and kept silent. Crossing over water made her sick, a small minor vampire side effect. Void hugged her tighter she wanted to juts reach his domain already, fought him once again and win this time.

They few nonstop, and as fast as they could with spells to help.

"Mistress, in the distance, look."

"Void, we'll be there by nightfall."

"Good, I'm tired." He yawned, his hot breath on the nape of her neck.

"As am I," said Nila.

Tempest dismounted Aidan. She wore only boots for the snow, a pair of purple jeans and a black fishnet blouse with just her bra. She couldn't freeze, she wasn't cold. Besides her and her fellow vampires everyone was buddled warmly.

"Now what?" asked Divina.

Tempest looked at her. "Now we search. Veronica could you please light the place on fire." The place lit up, melting the surrounding area.

Serena walked towards her. "You could have just asked me."

Tempest gave her a cold stare. "I know. Exodus, could you ask Abigail is she senses anything, the same goes for you Nila." They nodded. Demenshia and Verdina stood together apart from the other. Demenshia nodded her over, a worried expression over her usually placid and playful face.

"Aidan go on ahead, search on your own but stay close."

He bowed and nudged her face making her smile, a ruthless dragon to others, but kind to her. "Of course."
He flew off and she went over to Demenshia. "What is it?"

"He's on his way," said Demenshia.

"I figured." She summoned her sword to her hand and kept her wand in the other. Sword class was perfecting her one handed use of swordsmanship. Void summoned two dagger and she could hear them sizzle in the air. Demenshia's necklace glowed and so did the others. They knew he was here, their murdered.

Tempest saw him walk through the fire. His smug arrogant look on his docile face. His white hair and gold eyes shimmering.



"I need you to stick by my side okay. I think I know where the metal is, or rather I have a general idea. Go get Nila." He ran off and Tempest clutched her necklace, hopeful.

Nila arrived at her side and everyone had their wands ready. They needed to be the distraction.

"You two go on ahead, I'll catch up."

"Nila?" question Void.

"Don't worry about it." She smiled. "Besides reinforcements are coming via Majika. I can handle him okay." She took off Cecile. "Here, Cecile will help you find the metal." Sparks sprouted forth. "Go! Now!" Tempest and Void ran.

"Hello again Young Tempest."

Tempest smiled at the sound of her voice. "Hello Cecile. Direct please."They had run some distance away from Merwick and everyone when Cecile screamed for them to stop. Tempest was taken back, her head rang.

"Straight, just keep going straight, I'll tell you when to stop."

"You need to dig. I brought up the metal as high as I could but the ice is to thick, you need to dig!"

Tempest got on her knees and began to dig. Void stood over her protecting her, two daggers in hand. She heard him running.

"Void look out!" He did. Merwick caught Merwicks sword between his daggers and kicked. She saw smoke from the sword. Merwick was knocked back.

"And you want a sword?" she asked incredulously. He smiled his winsome smile down at her.

"I never said I wanted one." Merwick came back with a vengeance, pounding back, not letting the power of the daggers strike him twice. He managed to get a few cuts in, but Void felt no pain.

She heard Nila sliding down. Void got out of her away and Nila tripped Merwick. She slid up and kicked him square across the jaw. Tempest tossed her back Cecile. Nila caught it and kicked Merwick again as she evaded a swipe from his blade. He wiped his face.

"You're going to regret that."

"I hardly think so, you see I'm pretty much fearless." She gave him her best smug smile. Tempest smiled as she melted the ice around her with her wand and sword. Hopefully it would fall from under him. She looked at Nila who handled herself with ease. She didn't even need a sword, her body was a weapon in that of itself.

Suddenly light erupted all around them, momentarily blinding Tempest.

"And here's the calvary," said Nila. Tempest took the opportunity to punch dep into the ice. She reached the metal. Pounds of it lay there.

"Zephyr!" screamed Void and Nila. Tempest turned her head and blocked Merwick rolling over and knocking him back. They stood on their hells, cat like across from each other.

"You're out numbered Merwick."

"So I've noticed." He stood up. "Tis isn't over."

"I hope not." He vanished and Tempest stood up and looked at the calvary. "Hello Blade, hello Thorn, Oliver, Isolde. And hello Adrian." She looked at Nila. "Impressive calvary."

"I thought so."

Everyone ran to Tempest. Void went over to Nila's side. Everyone was laughing, they had won this time.

Tempest lifted her head. Her enhanced eyesight better than that of any vampire, enhanced by Aidan. Void and Nila also possessed their abilities, but even they didn't compare to her.
Mistress." He growled. "He's here." I smelt him." She walked into the girls dormitory. There he was on her window sill.——" Her eyes settle on Demenshia.——"

Tempest walked up to the Astronomy tower hoping he would be there. Low and behold there he was.

Maddox stood with his back to her, out of his Hogwarts uniform wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. She could tell he was lost in thought.

"Penny for you're thought Maddox,." She couldn't remember the last time she called him by his name, she usually just called him cousin. He turned and looked at her and took his hands out of his pockets.

"Are you sure you are fit to be walking around?"

She looked at him amused. "I'm a vamper remember, I heal fast, besides I went hunting last night with Master Vlad and Lucia."


"The girl . . . the girl I turned." Tempest looked off into the distance, that concept bothered her. He came over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Are you okay?"

She shook her head. "I took away that girls mortality."

He pulled away like she had slapped him and stared at her angrily. He looked like her father all that love and anger in his purple eyes.

"Don't you ever say that Tempest. You didn't take away anything, Merwick did this. You saved that girl."


"I think you should be in bed."

"You should be in school."

He smiled. "I can afford to miss school, I'm a genius."

Tempest smiled back. "Just like the rets of our family."

He looked down at her and stared at her, his smile faltering. "Yes, just like our family." He turned away from her. "I'm glad your school Is doing something, like sword class, very ingenious."

"Yes we are. The Ministry can't do much but allow me and my friends to use magic outside school. Something they finally saw was fit."

"That's good."

"Yeah." He looked back down at her, lovingly, and she wished he would stop. She heard someone coming, she smelt him and turned around Draco walked towards her, escorted by Zoltron she never knew how much he and Maddox looked strangely alike. Suddenly she remembered last year, when she had almost killed Merwick. Only three voices had been able to reach her: Draco's, Zoltron's and Maddox's.

"Hello Zoltron. Malfoy." He looked at her sadly.

"Are you sure you're better," asked Draco.

"She's find," said Maddox walking up front. Zoltron sighed.

"Come off it already, the both of you. Mistress Majika is waiting for you guys to leave whish at this point would be ideal . . . for everyone." He looked at Tempest. "Don't kill each other on your way out."

Draco and Maddox left, glaring at each other and giving her loving looks as they walked away. Tempest sat on the edge of precipice and looked at Zoltron.

"I hope they don't kill each other."

Zoltron shrugged. "At this point, who cares. They're both a pair of bloody idiots. One can never happen and the other, well Draco is just a bloody moron."

Tempest smiled. "Yes he is but

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