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Tempest lay in bed, tossing and turning. Merwick was playing with her. She was back in the castle in the sky, running through his sick maze. She wanted to stand and fight him, but her legs kept pushing farther, faster.

"Oh Young Tempest, do stop running," he chimed. Tempest didn't look back but kept running. She soon found herself in the circle in the centre of the maze. There lay Gorx, dead and cold. Tears welled up inside her as she ran to his fallen body.

"Oh Gorx," she said stroking his hair. "I'm sorry I failed you." She kissed him lightly and his eyes fluttered open. Tempest stumbled back.


Gorx sat up and Tempest felt herself hit the wall. "You failed me." He stood up his autumn eyes glistening like his sisters. He grabbed a nearby sword that had never been there before. He lunged at her and Tempest unleashed Excaliber power and quickly and protected herself. What the hell, she thought. She could imagine Entia coming after er, trying to kill her, in fact she had had those dreams of such actions.

"Gorx kept pounding his sword against hers, She knew that she could easily defeat him, kill him, but looking at him made her want to cry. Merwick laughed. This wasn't Gorx she reminded her self, this was just another on of Merwicks sick jokes. Tempest unleashed her strength and swiped Gorx sword out of his group before thrusting her sword through him. Gorx slid off the blade and fell to the ground. Tempest felt her knees collapse.

"Oh Young Tempest that was amusing." Tempest stared up at him her fangs barred at him in pure hatred as he stood smuggle against the wall his gold eyes wide in joy.

"You sick bastard." She stood up and clenched her fist, blood seeped from where her nails dug into her skin. "Did you enjoy that!? Did you enjoy watching me kill him?!"

He stared at her confused and shocked. "Why, of course I did, didn't you?"

"You're a sick old man!"

His smile broadened. "I'm not old anymore."

"Inside you are. Inside you're a feeble weak old man." He came at her and she let him. She let him grab her throat and lift her up into the air. Tempest began to laugh.

"You little brat."

"Oh what's wrong Merwick, have I gotten a rise out of you?" He tightened his grip and her laughter rang all though the maze. He dropped her ans she leaned against the wall. He walked up to her and pressed his body against hers. She hid her disgust behind her smile.

"And what if you did get a rise out of me Zephyr? What would that accomplish?"

"Nothing, but it would make me happy if I did. Did I?"

He gripped her neck and sniffed her hair. "Remember when I bit you?" Tempest stiffened. "You're neck was so soft, you tasted to sweet, like a flower. Oh how I would like to taste you again. How did I taste?"

"Vile, nothing like a flower." She felt his lips brush against the scars he left her two years ago. Enough was enough. Tempest punched him in the gut making him stumble. She took that opportunity to kick him across the face, knocking him back.

"Aidan!" Her voice rang through the maze.
"Zephyr wake up!"
Tempest jolted her eyes up. Everyone was over her. She looked at Void and Nila who were practically on top of her. They looked frightened like something had happened. She sat up and wiped the cold sweat that had built up on her brow. What was going on?

"What is going on?"

"Well you were laughing hysterically for one and ten you started kicking alla round. Nearly broke Voids jaw," said Nila rubbing her shoulder

"Nearly, but didn't . Although you did hit Nila pretty good," said Void.

"Oh Nila, I'm sorry."

"Yes, I know you are." She smiled serenely. "What happened?"

"Merwick decided to pay a visit to me, in y dreams. At least I didn't have any visions this time." She smiled and sat up fully. She touched her neck where he bit her. She had bit him in the same place. Like a flower he had said. Why a flower?"

"Zephyr, what's wrong?" asked Void.

Tempest could feel the magic from her necklace. "He said I tasted like a flower."

"So," said Edana yawning.

"A flower pf all things why a flower?"

"Void I'm lost," said Nila crossing her arms.

"Flowers don't have a taste sensory depiction only a scented one. He's up to something."

"Isn't he always," said Divina braiding her hair. Tempest shared a suspicious look with Void and Nila. This was the most frightful aspect of Merwicks intrusion. He never said anything lightly.


"You have to talk to Severus," said Nila as they walked form the Great Hall to Defence Against the Good Arts.

"I will."

"By which of course means later rather than sooner," commented Void as he ate his sandwich. Tempest rolled her eyes despite the fact that he was right. She would get to it eventually.

"Well I think you should do it now rather than later. I mean for heavens sake Zephyr, the bloody bastard is screwing around with your mind!"

"I'll get around to it Nila, I promise I will."

They walked into class and Mistress Jacquilina sat on her desk waiting for everyone to be seated. Her eyes passed over her class, briefly stopping on Tempest.

"Hello class, I hop you did last weeks homework, I would hate to deduct points already seeing as how we are barely a month into the school year." She smiled. "Well what are you all waiting for, pass it in." Eveyo0ne hurriedly turned it in and Mistress Jacquilina smiled.

"Good. Now today lets learn to battle the Protection Charm Protego shall we. Who can tell me what that it is . . . someone besides Void Young Tempest and Astrea." Nila rose her hand. Void and Tempest exchanged a worried glance, Mistress Jacquilina's eyes widened.

"Miss Cerdwin pleas enlighten us."

"Protege is s shield charm. It temporarily puts up a shield to protect from out dark magic not to mention the fact that it bounces back out spell which isn't good if we want to use one of the Forbidden Curses."

"Very good Miss Cerdwin, fifteen points to SLimythings." Nila smiled ger arrogant pure blood smile.

"Now we already know one way to block this please someone, a vampire perhaps." Her eyes settle on Tempest. She rose her hand. "Ah, Miss Nyx, please."

"One could use Orbis."

"Good, five points to Slimythings. Now only a vampire can do this. You see using that spell with just a want and mortal strength is draining and sometime fatal. Only a vampire can do what they want let me demonstrate." She pointed her wand at Tempest. "Avada Kadavra!"

"Orbis!" The spell required the most perfect timing. The evil green light swarmed to her hand forming a perfect ball of magic. Tempest slammed it into her desk, blackening the wood.

"You see class, only a vampire can do such things. Now everyone, vampire included, get your wands out. Today you are going to learn the spell Endefferous. It works like Orbis but taking the form of shield and sends the spell towards the ground. Now everyone get into pairs."

"Work with Astrea Young Tempest," said a familiar voice in her head. Merwick she swore. "It's not nice to swear Young Tempest."
"You bastard."

"Lets work with Astrea, lets see if I should even bother possessing her."
Tempest knew that he was close, someone in the school. "Very perceptive of you. Come and get me for I spy with my little eye three delicious three years."
Tempest bolted from the room, leaving the shouts of everyone behind. She took off her cloak leaving it behind in her wake, she couldn't fight with it on. That bastard she thought. She stopped at the stairs, the school was the too big, she needed help.

"Zephyr?" Tempest turned around, before her stood Alex, Christopher, Selene and Stella.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Merwick was hunting is this summer, or rather we were hunting each other," said Stella.

"Majika called us in to help with the sword fighting, she knew about our summer. What's going on?" asked Alex.

"Merwick, he's somewhere, he's' stalking three third years." She gave them a hard look. She knew that they wanted revenge for Gorx, she knew they knew he would be here's and she that Majika had called them in for help, extra security.

"He's what," exclaimed Serena. Tempest hated the sight of her.

"Can you please just help me."

"Of course," said Christopher. Tempest that for the first time they all wore swords.

"You encountered Aurora I see."

"It burns out skin," said Stella.

"He nearly chopped off our heads," said Serena. They heard a scream. Merwick, she thought. Tempest raced down the stairs. No one was on the third floor, but there were people on the second floor. There stood Merwick with his fangs placed precariously on a young girls neck. Tempest gripped her wand and sword.

"Ah, young Tempest, how fare thee?"

"Let the girl go."

"No, I don't think so."

"Let her go!" screamed Serena. Fire filled the are surrounding him. Fire was an pleasant thing to Vampires. Only she and Merwick were immune to it's harsh burning and that was only due to her potions.

"Serena that won't hurt him," said Tempest calmly.

"How can you be so calm! He killed Gorx!"

Tempest hated how she said that. "I know that! I was there! I held his dying body! I feel more than you ever will so don't you dare chastise me on my behaviour you slut!" She regained her composure. "That fat is that fire will harm that innocent girl, now cease your fire. Veronica stop it!" The ruby stone glowed and the fire vanished.

Tempest took a step towards Merwick whose are only tightened around the girl, she whimpered. He held out Aurora, it hummed.

"You know Young Tempest, you're sp very beautiful, just like this girl here. You're so soft, like a petal. Flowers, flowers everywhere I can see into your mind to bad you can't see mine."

"Let her go Merwick, please."


"Don't worry, I'll save you."  The girl gave her a look of understanding and nodded.  Temepst ripped open her wrist and placed it at the girls throat.  The girl was at first reluctant but then the hunger began to take, the turning began.  The girl frank hungrily and Tempest could feel hersekf becoming weaker and weaker.  Back to the infirmary she thought.
"You know Young Tempest," said a voice in her head, "you are very fun play with."
"I hate you."

"Good, where would the fun be if you loved me."

"Tempest!" The voice shook Tempest awake. She looked up and saw Maddox. She smiled faintly, growing weaker and weaker."Hello cousin, nice to see you." Then everything went black and now she was stuck playing games with Merwick."You love you cousin don't you?" His voice echoed off the black walls that surrounded her. She unleashed her sword."Leave him alone."

"I find it so tender. Is it because when looks like your father."

"Shut up."

"You're father wouldn't have died had your mother not killed herself. She damned you both."

"I said shut up."

"You're cousin looks presentable. I ca tell he cares for you immensely. It's like he loves you."

Tempest closed her eyes and smiled annoyed. "Don't you ever shut up."

"I wonder how he feels about Draco. I can tell he hates him, but he knows you love him."

"Merwick dammit shut up."

"I can't blame him, you are beautiful. You could win all means hearts if you tried."

"What do you want from me Merwick."

"If you join me and help me destroy your kind I would be content."

She put her swore down and sneered. "And what do you mean by 'my kind'?"

"Dark witches and wizard."

She laughed. "I would rather die before I partner with you."

"As you wish." He swung his sword.

Tempest jerked awake. It was night and she was one again in the Infirmary. She looked around, almost everyone was there. Nila was, with a cut on her delicate chin. Void was there with a busted lip. Chad had his arm in a sling, Zoltron was curled up at her feet with a gash on his little par and close at her side were Maddox and Draco, sleeping soundly, both equally beat up. They got into another fight of course and of course everyone got involved.

Zoltron lifted his head and walked up to her face. She pet him softly.

"Maddox and Draco got into another fight huh."

He nodded. Tempest heard footsteps and looked up. Divina walked into the room.

"Maddox loves you Zephyr."

"I know."

"No you don't." Her eyes were cold. "He loves you, like Draco loves you. He loves you and he knows you can't be because of your relations, but he can't deny how he feels. He loves you."

"So Merwick has told me."

"Zephyr, when you are better, rejuvenated, you are going to Hogwarts and you are talking to Snape, even if I have to force you." She walked out of the room and Hydra, who had been hiding at the door followed, shutting the door once more. Tempest knew that were guarding her, protecting her. She looked across the room at the girl she had saved, at a terrible price.  Damn you Merwick.

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