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Edana was jumping on her bed to wake her up. She was too much like a child in the morning and Tempest was slightly annoyed. She pulled the pillow over her head and turned over. Edana continued to jump on her head, undeterred by the pillow.

"Zephyr get up."

"Go away Vayne, I had an exhausting night."

"Oh come on you're a Slimythings Prefect, you have to set good example."

"Define good."

Edana stopped jumping and sat down. Good was not a word that was used in the Nightmare Academy vocabulary.

"Okay, you've got point."

"Exactly, now go away."

"No, I'll get Void and Nila and Divina. I know they will drag you out of bed."

Tempest groaned. She knew Edana was right. Tempest got up and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed her vials and drank one after another. They seemed to revitalize her as she stretched. Tempet grabbed grabbed a corset and long black shorts and her high top sneakers.

Tempest snatched on her cloak and grabbed her wand before her sword. It still mesmerized her. The crystal glass dagger was no longer clear but a deep burgundy. She loved it. She put in her wrist band before clasping it on.

Tempest sat on class yawning, she was far too tired to do anything. She played with her sword in it's little dagger form and traced it against the black wooded desk. Ash was left behind from her tracing. She touched the faint traces of ash and smelled the poison. It left a flowery sweet scent behind.

Class finally ended to Temepst great delight and she hung off Divina and Nila.

"You look too tired," commented Divina, her sea blue hair cascading behind her.

"I know, I don't know why, I actually got enough sleep last night. No dreams, no visions."

"Really," remarked Nila.

Tempest nodded. "A great relief really but I don't particularly like it. Even considering the trace of my blood he has."

"Do you think he's up to something." Tempest looked at Divina a bemused expression on her face and would have said something had Nila not spoke up before her.

"He's an old fart, of course he's up to something, the question is what."

"Took the words write out of my mouth, only I don't say old fart," said Tempest. Someone laughed behind them and they turned around. It was Void who along with his laugh, smiled his charming smile.

"You know," he began placing his elbow on Nila's shoulder, "that still doesn't get old." Nila rolled her eyes and slid from under him causing him to stumble.

"I'm glad I amuse you."

His grin widened. "Yeah well as am I. Now Zeph, hop on my back, you look way to tired to walk.

"I am." He bent down and Tempest jumped on his back. "Can we go eat?"

"Thank god you said that, I'm starving."

"You're always starving," remarked Nila turn in her ring over and over on her finger. During the summer she had been able to hear Cecile. Tempest wondered if she still could.

"Can you hear her?" asked Tempest.

"Sometimes. It's faint sometimes, like a whisper, and then other times it's as clear as though she's right here next to me.  It's not pleasant when she gets angry though, she gives me migranes."  Nila suddenly winced yet was able to form a smile.  "Like now."

"At least she's alive."

"Yes at least she is. I talk to her often, even in my dreams." Nila smiled.

Tempest rejoiced. "You're bonding with her."

"Yes I am."

"Well then that's good. That meant that Demenshia can hear her mother, Exodus can hear Abigail and that Serena can hear Veronica," said Void.

Tempest squirmed at the sound of her name. The thought of Gorx came back.  Gorx. He would have been twenty this year and working at the Ministry of Magic. The thought of Gorx made her heart ache. She had loved him even thought she wasn't in love with him but rather Draco. She always paid a visit to his grave, remembering his autumn eyes and piquant smile. She missed Gorx. Then there was Serena, who had been in love with Gorx, who had taken advantage of a weak moment. She resented her, and having to hear it from Merwick had been revolting.

"Zephyr, are you okay," asked Void.

"I'll be fine."

They entered the great hall. It was a beautiful mockery of Hogwarts, a beautiful cloudy day with no sun in the sky. Something she loved. Being vampiric had it's joys. She was stronger, faster and could almost anything she wanted. She was almost invincible, which meant that so was Merwick.

Void set her down and Tempest looked around. She saw some sandwiches and apples and water and rum cakes. She picked up a rum cake and sat down. She smelled the blood before she saw it. Master Vlad stood before her with a Goblet of pure human blood.

"I won't drink it."

"You know how you get Zephyr, you faint, grow weak."

"That's why I have my blood pops." She smiled and took a bite out of her rum cake.

"Drink it Zephyr."

Tempest swallowed and regrettably put down her rum cake. "I don't have a choice do I?"

"No." Tempest took the goblet and drank it down. The blood was salty and sweet and she savoured it. It ran down her throat softer and ticker than water. Languidly it flowed both bitter and sweet. She could her body strengthen, grow awake. It was her lack of blood that had made her tired.

Her senses were heightened, objects were clearer, brighter. She finished the pint withing seconds. She licked her lips tastefully as she put down the goblet. She hated the fact that she loved blood.

"Fell better Young Tempest?"

She nodded. "Much better in fact."

"Good, I thought so. Have a nice day Young Tempest." He vanished out of the Great Hall and Tempest looked at her Goblet, she wanted more blood.

"Zephyr?" asked Void.

"I have to go hunting."

"Not now Zeph, we have classes," said Nila.

"Since when do you care?" snarled Tempest. She was hungry.

"I don't, but come on, not this early, please." She ruffled through her pockets and pulled out a Blood Pop. "Have a Blood Pop Zephyr."

Tempest could see the concern in her fuchsia eyes and she took the Blood Pop. "Yes, okay." Tempest took it and saw the relief come over both her eyes and Voids. An arm suddenly drape over her.

"Hello Zoltron."

"Hey there cousin. How are you?"

"Fine. How are you?" She looked at him. "Why do you look so happy?"

"No reason." His grin widened.

"Well stop it, you're frightening me." He hugged her spun her around. Tempest slowly took steps away from him and stared at him genuinely frightened. "Zoltron, seriously, stop it, you're freaking the bloody shit out to me."

"I'm sorry Temp, but I'm just so happy."

"Okay why?"

"No reason in particular."

"Okay . . . so stop bloody smiling!" He didn't but no longer did he carry a frightful abnormal stupid grin on his face. Void and Nila laughed.

"Calm down Zeph," said Chad from behind her. "He's just so happy because Hydra agreed to live with him, or rather with you guys."

Tempest looked back at Zoltron rather annoyed, though she couldn't suppress her her smile.

"So that's why you had that stupid grin on your face?"

He nodded. "I asked her this summer and she freaked out on me. I almost thought I lost her but today, she kissed me and agreed. I was so relieved."

"Hmph, well good luck with Mistress Scrub," said Void.

"I don't think I have to worry about her."

"Oh really." Tempest tried to contain her smiled. Mistress Scrub had been behind Zoltron, her arms crossed in a frightful stance. Zoltron turned and froze. Like the werewolf she was she grabbed his ear before he could. Her iron grip made his struggle feeble.

"Come Zoltron, we have a lot to talk about." She dragged him away and Zoltron shot Tempest a pleading look. Tempest laughed and shrugged. Poor Zoltron, she thought.


The day had pretty much come and gone. Tempest checked the owlry for any sigh of Draco's owl. Nothing. No letter, no note, nothing. She wanted to see him again, to hear from him.

Tempest say between Void and Nila across from Chad, Divina and Edana picking at her food. Nila hugged her.

"Eat something."

"Not so hungry."

"Eat Zeph," ordered Void wh, as usual, was stuffing her face. His look of unyielding hunger caused her to roll her eyes. His turquoise eyes rolled back at her playfully. He had his dads eyes, his dad who gave up his life for his wife and son.

"Stop thinking about him," said Chad a bit flustered. She looked at him, avoiding Divina's glance. They both knew that Chad still very much cared for her. He had been in love with her and those feeling didn't just vanish and go away, she knew from experience.

"I can't Chad, anymore than you can whenever you and Divina get into an argument."

"That's different."

"No it's not," uttered Edana. She winked at her older sister. Tempest smiled and looked back at Chad who opened his mouth to say something but was stopped short.

"Attention," called Headmistress Majika, waking Tempest from her sadness. The Great Hall fell silent and stared at her as she rose from her seat. "Everyone who is a fifth year and above is to stay here. Head Boy and Head Girl will escort their house to their dormitory then return back here promptly." She clapped her hand and the food vanished. "You're dismissed." Her blood red hair fell over her shoulders as she took her seat. It was graceful, and her beauty was vampiric.

Tempest and Void looked at each other uncertain bit got up nonetheless and lead everyone who was not a fifth year back to the dormitory. Upon their return, Tempest noted that the tables were gone.

"Look up," said a distance voice that Tempest recognized as Hydra. Tempest found Hydra at the edge of the crowd, her finger pointed up and finally Tempest did. All the tables were floating up above their heads. Void and Tempest joined their group of friends.

"Has Majika said anything," asked Void.

"Nothing, she's waiting for everyone," said Zoltron draping his arm over Hydra.

"This worries me,"said Tempest crossed her arms.

"Cecile finds this annoying," said Nila picking at her nails. Tempest looed at her relieved. Cecile was talking to Nila when at first Cecile had challenged Nila's right to control the power of the ring.

"I share her annoyance," said Divina. "I want to go to bed."

Chad draped his arm around her waist and kissed her neck. "Can I join you?"

"Oh please, don't make us gag," said Nila indicating herself and Cecile.

"I'll join that," said Void and Tempest in unison, completely serious. The room was silent again. Headmistress Majika walked to the centre of the room and looked around. Her cold friendly eyes settled on Tempest whose skin began to crawl. She pointed at her and called her forward and walked back to her chair on the higher platform. Tempest sighed and reluctant followed. People began to stare, annoying her once again. She hated the stares.

On the platform Tempest stood behind to the right of Headmistress Majika and next to Master Vlad whose eyes sparkled.

"Well students, it is a pleasure to see you again, but there ss a reason as to why I called you and it is not a pleasant one.

"Two years ago we lost a student, and we would have lost three more had Young Tempest not gone up to try to save them all. But as we should all know, even something's are cast in stone.

"Last year Merwick began a merciless hunt for the four mystics that governed, govern magic and made him self a new body. Although even a body that appears real can be just a shell." She looked at Tempest. She looked away. Majika continued. "Now he is a vampire with a sword that is equal to Excaliber which Young Tempest here wields.

"So this year we are beginning a new practice, for Merwicks hatred for our kind runs thick in his blood. This year, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will train you in swordsmanship. So," she said smiling, "welcome to your new class taught especially by me. Welcome to Sword Class."

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