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Tempest arrived back home at night. She knew everyone was sleep, and was hoping rather that one specific person was asleep and stayed that way.  She landed Aidan as quietly as possible and one she got off him, Tempest examined Aidan's tail thoroughly. It wasn't burned around the edges like her wounds were, her wounds that had yet to heal. She briefly touched her arm to examine her own injuries. The burns had healed somewhat but they were still bleeding. Her ears twitched when she heard someone walk around behind her.  Tempest sniffed the air to reassure herself. The smell brought a smile to her face.—"
"I've seen two paths, like always," she said attempting to reassure both him nad herself.  "Either he will kill Dumbledore or another. It would be best if the other did the grave deed."

"Do you know who the other is?" he asked staring down at her concerned.  Tempest wouldn't speak of it out loud.  Not everyone needed to know.

Tempest nodded. "I won't speak of who but this person . . is very dear to me. I'm sure he will have a reason though."

"You hope he does you mean."

"He's not a bad person, he's just . . I don't even know."


"Zephyr, what's wrong?"

"Uh, I don't know . . . it

—" Tempest jerked her head to the left. Someone just whispered her name.——"
"Oh Young Tempest, come out and play." The voice was in her head. Her eyes widened.

"Oh god no."

"What? What is it?"

"He's here." She growled and so did Aidan. "Nila, Void over here now." Quick as ever Nila and Void were at her sides.

"He's here isn't he," said Nila.

"Yes." She turned her attention back to Adrian. "Adrian if anyone asks, we are dealing with a problem." He nodded and they walked out, but not before someone grabbed Tempest arm.

"Not now Draco."


"Don't call me that!"  SHe sighed in frustration and counld barely contain her anger when she looked at him.  "Look I don't have time to deal with you, I have bigger, more important things to deal with." She knew it sounded harsh and rude, which was how she meant it to be but when she looked away, dismissing the hurt in his eyes, she felt awful because he did love her and she loved him too.

Tempest walked out to the front yard and looked at the tree with the orbs and asked Aidan if he had touched them. He hadn't . . . yet.


"You're mind is such a havoc filled place," a voice aloud. Tempest walked into the street and standing there, with his cursed sword and cursed glory, was Merwick.

"Zephyr, what does he mean by that?" asked Nila. Merwick cocked his head to one side and Tempest growled.

"You haven't told them? No, of course not, why would you tell them about our little bond."  Merwick smiled and his gold eyes twinkled with enjoyment.

"I call it an invasion of privacy."

"Of course you would." He pulled out his sword and stroked it's tip against the cobblestone street. She pulled out hers as well and looked at Merwick, no smile painted her beautiful face that growled in the moonlight.

"Zephyr---" warned Void

—"He was in her head again. With that drop if blood he had of her's he could do a great deal. Tempest thought that she could do the same, but why waste a drop of blood on such a trifle task..
"Come and play . . . Young Tempest." He didn't give her a choice. Merwick ran at her and she barely had the chance to block him. The burning smell returned again. She fought him off but not before an inch of her hair. If they kept this up she would end up being bald, which was not something she was looking forward to.

"I'm sick of you Merwick, why can't you just drop dead."

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

"I'll get that chance again, you can bet on it."

"Hmm, the question is, will you take it?" He vanished leaving Tempest alone. Thank god, she thought but she knew it wasn't over. She looked at Nila and Void who were glaring at her.

"Stop staring, you know I hate it," she said sheathing Excaliber. 

"Why didn't you tell us," exclaimed Nila as they made their way back to the wedding.

"I wasn't aware of it until last year, and he hasn't gotten into my mind in a while, until today."

"Can you keep him out?"

"She can use Oclumency, doesn't Snape know how to do that?" asked Void.

"Yes, I'll be spending a lot of time there this year. Draco says he can figure out

"Aw, you called him Draco again," cooed Nila.

"Shut up." She walked back into the wedding ceremony and surprised her cousin with a dance. He smiled at her and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Maddox," she said sleepily.

"Yeah Temp?"

"You're the best."

She felt him smiled and hug her tighter. "I know." Tempest eyes became heavy and as she and Maddox danced she saw Draco watching her intently.

——" She stopped herself and rolled her eyes.

"So how long have I been gone Maddox?" she said turning her torso around hoping her long black hair would cover her wounds.  She greeting him with a charming smile that would bring anyone to their knees.

"Almost a week. Selene's going to kill you. The––" She waved her hand before him to stop his talking.

"I know, I know, the wedding is tomorrow. I should start setting things up. If I do that maybe she won't be so mean to me." She smiled hopefully at him he raised his eye brows in shock.

"Yeah, you keep thinking that. Come on Aidan, lets move you over so that she can set things up." Tempest smiled and looked around, carefully moving around him.  She didn't want any questions asked, not today.
Tempest was lucky that the Ministry really didn't monitor her use of magic outside of school. That was mainly due to the fact that they believed that Merwick was a danger, and towards the other fact that without her wand, her magic was untraceable. That made her one of the few exceptions to students who could use magic under the age of seventeen.

In no time Tempest set up the backyard for the ceremony. With Maddox's help they set up the rows and took the moment to relax beneath the lightening sky, until the fatal moment her sister came down to see her.  Tempest looked around and watched as the flowers all around began to bloom. She knew Nila was near.

"Thank you Nila," she said not even bothing to move.  Tempest continued to stare up at the heavens and the fading stars.

"Well it's about bloody time you came back."

Tempest tilted her head towards Nila and gave her an exhausted smile.  "Nice to see you too." Nila stalked over to her and crossed her arms as she stared down at her sadly.

"Selene wants to kill you."

Tempest and Maddox snorted rudely.  "Like that's a bloody surprise." Nila glared at her, brieftly looking at Maddox.  Tempest oculd read that message in her eyes scolding him for encouraging her behaviour. "I'm here now aren't I. I set everything up."  Her nose twitched unconsciously as she waved her arms around her to show her work.  Tempest calmed herself and flexed her fist.

"So, since when does Blade care," said a voice. Tempest ignored it. She had smelt him a mile away. She felt Maddox stiffen besides her and felt his fist clench just as hers unclenched. He was just a angry as she was which shouldn't have shocked her but did.  Draco had done something unforgivable and had caused her great pain.  No one was ever going to let him live this down, especially her cousin.

"Draco," hissed Nila. "Go away, can't you see she's still angry."

"It's been a . . . Tempest what the bloody hell happened to your arm, you're bleeding." Tempest heard people wake up.  Why did Draco always have to be so loud, she asked herself.

"Malfoy, don't you know how to mind your own business," stated Maddox angrily standing up.

"Didn't you even notice!" said Draco even louder.  Tempest rubbed her forehead annoyed, why did everyone always have to be so loud?

"Of course I noticed! I'm her cousin, I'm the one person she can trust and I respect her privacy! If she doesn't want to tell me what happened to her she doesn't have to!"

"Enough!" yelled a voice that made Tempest blood run cold. The sound of the voice cut through the air silencing everyone.  She felt like she was a child again, getting bullied by her older always angry sister. Ever so slowly, Tempest stood up, not scared like she once was but wary. It was her wedding day.

"Hello Blade."

Her sisters eyes widened. "You!" Selene marched up to her and slapped her sister square across the face. Tempest yelped in pain as her sisters nails cut deep into her still burnt flesh.  The wounds re-opened and blood dripped down her neck.

"My god Zephyr," began Nila, "what happened to you?"

"Nothing," growled Tempest as she clutched her face.  The pain shot through her body and she stared at her sister who took one step back from her as though seeing her for the first time.  Her clothes were torn, and all over she was bleeding, with wounds that were burned along the edges.

"Sit," ordered Selene. Tempest obeyed without question and looked towards the ground.  She kept her hand on her face until Selene yanked it away and stared at the woudn on her arm.  Tempest winced as she flet that would re-open. Selene ordered Maddox to get a wet cloth while Selene further examined her wounds.

Temepst stared at her sisters long silver nails as they held precariously over the wound on her arm.  Temepst didn't want questions to be asked.  "Selene can't . . Ow watch it!"

"Oh shut it. Now what happened the bloody hell happened to you?"

"I fought an Ice King and got burned, it's all very simple." Selene dug her nails into Tempest arm wound.

"Tell me what happened Zephyr."

"Merwick!" yelled Tempest in anguish. "He fashioned himself a sword from the same metal as Excaliber but he added holy metal and water to it! He can burn me! Let go, please just let me go!"  Tears fell down her cheeks as the blood ran down her arm.

"Fine." Selene pulled out her wad and healed her little sisters before giving her a hug. "Don't you ever run away like that again Temp, all right," she whispered so low only she could hear. Tempest just nodded and hugged her sister back.  Maddox returned and wiped at the blood taking a seat next to her, placing a comforting arm around her.

"Okay enough you two," said a voice. Tempest jumped up. It was her soon to be brother in law.

"Oliver!" She ran and gave him a hug.

"Hey there future sis, how are you?"

"All right considering everything else." She smiled and walked back to her seat next to Maddox who was still glaring at Draco who returned his gaze intently.


Tempest drank her vial down as she sat in her room with the rest of the bridesmaids bouncing a very hyper Silvia on her lap.  Nila took a picture and was happy and gave her a child like smile. She was enjoying being the photographer far too much. Someone knocked on the door and caught Tempest attention.

"Hey we need the bridesmaids now," said Void peeking in. Tempest waved him in and he came in followed by Maddox, Jason, Draco and Adrian. He smiled at her and she gave him a hug. He was walking down the aisle with Edana who had put up such a fit about not being a bridesmaid so he volunteered, to Void great disapproval.

"Well go on you guys," said Selene putting on her earring.

Tempest looked at Draco. "I'm not walking down the aisle with him."

Selene glared at her. "You are not going to ruin this day for me Zephyr!"

"Hey breath you two, she'll walk down the aisle with me and he can walk down the aisle with Nila." said Void. "Is she doesn't mind."

Nila shook her head and grabbed Draco's arm.  "I don't. Come on Draco, lets get you out of here before the blood bath starts shall we." Nila ushered him out of the room and Tempest set Silvia down and walked with Void followed by Isolde and Jason, Edana and Adrian and Silvia and Maddox.

"You've got to get over this Zeph," whispered Void.

"Shut up," she whispered back offering a graceful smile.

"Look, he loves you, he's sorry."

"He agreed to kill his headmaster. What the hell am I suppose to say to that?"  Tempest held her smile in place which was beginning to make her face hurt.

"Just relax, I know it's horrid what he's agreed to do but what was he suppose to say, no, you know what would have happened."

"I know but still. Why did he have to become a Death eater? He promised me he wouldn't, and if he had kept his promise we woudln't be in this stipud predicament."

"Yeah I know. Everyone yelled at him. Nila, Edana, Maddox, and even Adrian. Well Maddox and I hit him, you missed one a hell of a fight."  He laughed and so did she.  Real smiles didn't make her face hurt.

"Well thats nice."

"Yeah; hey what did Voldemort pull you aside for that night?"

She gave up on the smile.  "He wants Severus and I to keep an eye on him."

"Are you?"

"You know I am. Hopefully Severus has talked to Dumbledore."

"You're not riding the train with us are you?"

Temepst shook her head.  "No."

"Thought as much. I'll grab your schedule. Hey can you promise me something?"

"Sure what?"

"Take care of yourself okay. I don't like Merwicks new sword. You need to battle that."

"You already have a plan for that don't you."

"Poison. Coat Excaliber in it. Hey remember last year when Abigail cut Merwick, coat your nail in poison too, god knows just how many fist fights you're goign to get in with him."

"You sure that's safe?"

"There is such a thing called an antidote." He smiled and Tempest kissed him.

"You're the greatest you know that."

Void smiled charmingly at her. "Yeah I know." He kissed her back and they walked out into the ceremony. Tempest waved at Divina and Chad. They smiled back at her.

Tempest stood to the side and smiled at Oliver who looked rather nervous. He smiled back and then the music started. Out walked Selene. Tempest marvelled at her sisters beauty. She looked very happy and all of a sudden all of Olivers nervousness washed away. Tempest looked at Vivaldi. A tear fell down her cheek and Tempest felt one come up to here eyes. She pushed it away and listened to the ceremony.


Chad gave her a great big hug and pet the cat on his shoulder. Zoltron hissed playfully and jumped onto Hydra's shoulder. He was in his ninth moon cycle and it had only been seven days since. Music began and someone whistled Tempest away and for a brief moment Tempest thought it was Draco but it wasn't his scent. She looked at Adrian and smiled away as she danced.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Yes . . . finally. You know just now when you pulled me away I thought you were Malfoy."

"I don't think you've called him that."

"Oh I have, but only when I'm livid with him."

"Yeah, I can't believe he would something like that and Master Dumbledore . . I just hope

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