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“Dad, I don’t see why we have to stay in New York with you when we could be in Italy with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Rhea,” Al complained.

“They’re vacationing with their baby girl,” Harry said. “I’m sure they don’t want their loud annoying nephews and niece following them.”

James and Al both huffed.

“I like that we came to New York,” Lily said.

James snorted. “Please. The only reason you came was because Cedric Skye is Dad’s intern.”

Lily glared at her brother and said, “Shut up.”

The entire Potter family, Ron and Hermione’s family, Percy and Audrey as well as their girls, Molly and Lucy, Victorie Weasley and Teddy Lupin as well as Cedric Skye, Harry's young intern, were all in this official trip to New York City.

“Oh the wonders,” Victorie said in French. “Imagine all we could do.”

Teddy agreed. “I know. Too bad we’ll be working most of the time."

“What will you all be doing?” Ron asked.

Rose answered. “Well, I’ll be hitting the library, James will be following Teddy around, Victorie will be shopping dragging Teddy everywhere, Lily will be following and pining over Cedric from a distance, Molly and Lucy will be practical joking every poor fella that passes by and Al… I’m not sure what Al will be doing for the next two weeks.”

“A job,” Ginny answered. “He’s been complaining about not going to that archeologist thing in Italy that Charlie is going to so I got him a job.”

“At one of one of the stupid Olivander’s wand store,” Al added, grumbling. “I can’t believe I have to work for two whole weeks while everybody gets to have fun.”

“Hey. You wanted something to do this summer, so you might as well enjoy it. Besides, I don’t think that a stuffy meeting is exactly fun,” Ginny said.

Harry chuckled. This was going to be a long two weeks.

And he had no idea how right he was.


It was a Wednesday and Iris was working at Olivander’s. Mr. Scotts had showed her everything, like she was his little apprentice. She had made three perfect wands after a few lessons instructed by Mr. Scotts... after making thirty-two wands capable of atomic destruction... of a wand shop of course.

She was in a trivial conversation with Mr. Scotts.

“So, I completely loved this jean vest I just threw together with a pair of Leila’s old jeans. Imagine if someone took the time to look at my sister's and my designs to put on one of their magazines!”

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Mr. Scotts said.

“You’re not liking this conversation, are you?” Iris asked, laughing.

“Well, you can say I am not a particular fan of fashion,” Mr. Scotts said.

Iris pointed her finger up humorously saying, “Ah, that’s where the great philosopher is wrong. You see moi believes that everybody loves fashion, because everybody has a sense of fashion. You like brown cotton vests with billowy shirts or old business suits from the 1950’s because that’s your sense of fashion. But that’s my opinion. Of course, I can’t force that on you.”

“Well excuse me for not agreeing with your cashmere sweater which probably costs two month paycheck for you,” Mr. Scotts said. Mr. Scotts looked at his watch and said, “Ah. Looks like it’s my lunch break. A new employee is arriving around this time. Show him the ropes, like how everything is laid out, and so on.”

“Alright,” Iris said.


Al entered the shop. It was neat, tidy, cozy, but a little eerie. “Hello?” Al called out, hoping nobody would answer so he could go back to the hotel.

Al heard the rustling of boxes in the back of the store. Jumping over the counter, Al walked behind a shelf to find a pretty girl working behind it. Al just looked at her for a moment. Something waved through him, an affection that he could not identify. She was in a worn out stylish jean vest and simple red tank top as well as shorts and simple sneakers. Her dark hair was let down, like a curtain hiding her pretty face.

“Uh… hi,” Al breathed out.

The girl looked at him. “Hi.” She said, “You must be the new employee here, right?”

“Uh… yeah. For two weeks,” Al said.

“Oh. Okay. Well I’m Iris. You?”

“Al… yeah. Al,” Al replied. He stuck out his hand. Iris smiled and shook it.

“Nice to meet you Al. I was told to show you the ropes around here so… yeah,” Iris said. “It’s not much but welcome to Olivander’s.”

Iris walked past him, signaling him to follow.

Al smiled. Maybe this would be a good two weeks after all.


Harry walked through the Ministry’s base with Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Percy.

“This is an important meeting. International policy has to change if we’re going to catch all these dark wizards running amok,” Percy said.

“These Americans are so rude... and I never thought I would have the right to say that to anybody,” Ginny muttered. “They don’t even tell us who we’re meeting with.”

“It was scheduled last minute,” Hermione said. “You can hardly blame them.”

As they reached the meeting’s location, they bumped into two people they were surprised to bump into. Cho Chang and Dean Thomas.

“Oh… Cho!” Harry said. “Dean! Wow. I’ve heard about both of your successes.  It’s great to hear from old classmates.”

“Harry. It’s good to see you again. As with the rest of you,” Cho said.

She still was as beautiful as ever. But he squeezed Ginny’s hand to make sure she didn’t feel threatened.

“Well, the meeting is about to start,” Cho said.

She looked so different. She wasn’t fragile, and had strong aura surrounding her, very much unlike when she was a teenager. The same woman he was once with, but it was a much different time at both of their lives. When he was an auror trainee not sure where his life was heading and she was an auror and healer trainee while studying at Oxford, modeling, and playing pro Qudditch all at the same time... they didn't have time for each other. And at the time, she was the still the same Cho as she was during his fourth year. He recalled the last time he saw her:

“Hey Harry. So I was wondering, would you like a summer wedding? Maybe we could have a wedding in Japan? England’s fine too though, it is beautiful and—”

“Cho… I have something to tell you,” Harry said. “Ginny and I were… we were together one night. Just one night, but… she was became pregnant and I love you both but—”

Cho got up. “You don’t need to say anything else.” With that, she got up and ran out, but not before Harry saw the tears in her eyes.

He finished his sentence, in barely a whisper. “I'm so sorry Cho."

Harry brushed his thoughts away. He had a good life now. The past was the past, and he needed to leave it there. He was very much in love with Ginny, and that was never going to change.


Iris was at a muggle café drinking over bubble tea and a salad as she took her lunch break. She saw a shadow loom over as she drew her designs.

“Al,” Iris said. “Nice to see you.”

“Mind if I join you?” Al asked, a little shakily.

“Sure,” Iris said.

He looked at her notebook. “Nice.”

“Thanks. I’m hoping to intern one day at a fashion company, much to my mother’s dismay.”

“Is she the uptight kind?” Al asked.

“No, she just wanted me to intern at the Ministry again. I like politics, but I like fashion too, so I decided to try my hand at something else.”

“Oh,” Al said.

“Why are you here?” Iris asked.

“My family has some business to do here,” Al replied.

“Oh,” Iris said. Iris looked at her watch and said, “Oh crap. I’ve got to get back or Mom is gonna freak. See you Al.”

“See you… Iris,” Al said. He then said louder, “Maybe we can hang out longer sometime.”

“Yeah. That would be great,” Iris shouted back.


Everybody frowned at seeing Al the first at the breakfast table, nearly finished with his breakfast.

Ginny raised her eyebrows as she commented, “If you eat any faster you’ll choke.”

“I don’t want to be late for work,” Al said.

“So who is she?” Victorie asked as she sat next to her cousin.

“Huh?” Al asked.

Lily sat on the opposite side of Al. “Yeah. Who is she?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Al said, as he placed his breakfast bowl in the sink.

“Please. There’s a girl. Now tell me, what’s her name?” Victorie asked.

“There’s no girl,” Al hissed. “Now I got to get to work.”

“There’s a girl,” Victorie and Lily said simultaneously, as Al walked out the door.

“Leave your brother alone,” Ginny said. “If there is, that’s his personal business… for now.”


Iris and Al laughed at a joke Iris cracked when the door opened and Iris’ mother, Cho walked in along with Leila.

“Hi Mom,” Iris said. “This Al, my only co-worker.”

“Hi Al. I’m Cho Chang. This is Iris’ little sister Leila.”

“Uh… I already know your names,” Al said.

Cho smiled. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Al.”

Then, the door opened again and Al’s father, Harry Potter walked in.


Harry saw two girls and Cho Chang next to his son Al.

“Cho! Hi! Do you know my son?” Harry asked.

“Harry! Al is your son? Oh! I just met him actually.” Cho seemed to step in front of the older girl next to Al, as if to protect her.

“Um… mom?” the girl said, stepping next to her mother.

“I didn’t know you were a mother,” Harry said.

“Yup. I’m mother of four. This is Iris and my adopted daughter, Leila. And my other two, Violet and Jasmine are at camp.” Leila wasn’t paying attention as she looked around the store.

“Ah.” Harry laid eyes on Iris and was stunned. Something about her unnerved him. Perhaps it was her eyes, which looked so much like his…

No, it couldn’t be. The girl was around Al’s age and Harry hadn’t seen Cho since James has been conceived. No, it was impossible.

“Well, we got to go,” Cho said. “Bye Al. Bye Harry. Leila put those wands down please.”

But was it really impossible?


Harry sat on the balcony of their New York apartment with a butterbeer in his hand. Iris couldn’t possibly be his daughter. It was just near impossible. It was impossible. She couldn’t be his daughter.

She has your eyes.

The timing isn’t right.

Ever heard of a thing called magic?

How the hell can you halt a pregnancy for a couple of years?

Cho’s smart. She’s also licensed as a medic. Who knows what potions she got her hands on.

I have a family!

You could have another daughter.

No… it’s impossible. It’s impossible.

She’s yours.

Iris’ eyes flashed again in Harry’s mind and he couldn’t ignore it.

Iris was his daughter, or fate was playing a cruel trick on him.

Hehe... poor Harry!!! Just wait until he finds out about Jasmine and Violet too!!!!!!!!!!!

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