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Tempest woke on the back of Aidan. She had no idea how long they had been flying but she could tell that they were far north. She looked at the glaciers and polar bears and yawned. She was still angry, still furious. 

Aidan landed on a glacier and they walked side by side. She felt the cold, but it didn't bother her she herself was cold to the touch. Her shoes sunk deep into the ground and she walked along the ice ground. Aidan started to growl. 

“Such a long way from home Tempest. To what to I owe the pleasure.” 

Tempest stopped short, raising her eyes from the ground. Ahead at her at a great distance was a young man with snowy white hair and brilliant gold eyes. 

“Merwick,” she hissed. He was at her side in seconds, but all she did was stare at him, his vampiric speed did not impress her. 

“Yes, of course, it's me. How fare thee? See back in my day, that was how we would great fair women such as thee.” 

Tempest raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. “You do know I hate you right?” 

He smiled at her. “Why of course, but in anger there is always room for lust.” 

“In your dreams old man.” 

“Why thank you, but you must have a feeling other than anger, after all you could have killed me those few months back, yet you did not, why is that?” 

“I was trying to be merciful.” 

“If you're dragon hadn't interfered you would have sucked me dry.” 

“And I would have destroyed myself in the process. Thank you but no thanks, I preferred to remain mentally human.” 

“You are weak.” 

“No you are, I'm just merciful.” 

“I consider that a weakness.” 

“Then you're weaker than I thought.”   Merwick drew out a long sword and placed it near her neck. 

“Oh now that's not playing fair Merwick. A long sword against Excaliber. You know you could knock it out of my hand easily.” 

“Who said Excaliber had but one form? As it can turn into a very elegant sword from a crystal dagger, it can turn into a long sword. So elegant and light, easier to handle. Just focus your thought Young Tempest.” 

“Why are you telling me thing?” 

“What use is it winning a fight against you if it isn't won fairly. No joy in it you see.” 

“Of course.” She summoned Excaliber and surprisingly enough followed his advice. Excaliber erupted in it's new form, a brilliant smooth long sword with a blade the same as merwick. 

“See, I told you, you could trust me.” 

She looked at him in mockery. “Hmm, I still don't.” She examined her sword from tip to hilt. “What's your swords name 'old man'.” She smiled serenely and held her sword down by her side as she placed her other hand on Aidan to calm him. 

He smiled back and lifted his work of art. “I call her Aurora. She's fashioned after the same metal as Excaliber of you didn't already know. You can almost hear them humming together in anticipation.” 

He was right, Tempest could hear them humming to each other. “I suspected as much.” He was behind her in seconds but she was ready for him. She blocked his attack easily and sent Aidan far into the distance. 

“Mistress, be careful. There is something that I do not like about that sword. I don not like the smell of it. Is is not entirely like that of Excaliber. Be wary.” 

“I will, don't worry.”
She allowed him to strike near her face so she could smell the metal for herself. Aidan was right, it was different, sort of burning and humming a hunt for something. 

“What have you don't to that blade Merwick,” she said swiping it away from herself with ease. 

“Why would you even suggest such a thing,” he smiled and his white hair fell into his golden eyes. His sneer revealed his vampire teeth. 

“I don't trust you. You've cast some sort of magic on it haven't you? I know you have.” 

“Then this wouldn't be a fair fight now would it.” 

She slanted her eyes. “You don't fight fairly.” 

“Oh don't be so mean to me,” he said mockingly. 

“Stop trying to kill me and I'll consider it.” 

He lunged at her, but she dodged him easily. While she was down, preparing to rise, he struck ay her head but she blocked him easily. The burning scent was there again. Whenever it hit Excaliber. What did he do to it, she asked herself. 

They fought and fought till Tempest struck flesh. It was a temporary gash on his leg that healed almost instantly. 

Tempest took that quick moment to examine her sword. Wherever his sword struck there was a scorch mark, everywhere else, the blade was undisturbed.  Suddenly Tempest was clutching her arm. It was burning. She turned around and looked at Merwick who was sneering at her. She examined her wound. The cut was not healing, it was bleeding and was burned on either side of the open flesh wound. 

“That is no ordinary blade. What have you done?” 

“What would make you think I did anything,” he said jeeringly hurt. “And I thought you trusted me.” 

“I would never trust you.” 

“Never say never Young Tempest.” He lunged at her and no longer was she just playing, she was now frightened fo her life. 

Her purple strand of hair that was braided was cut off an inch as she spun away to avoid his blade. She paused to look at it. It was burnt off and seared. She growled at him in her vampiric What and his fangs showed as she smiled. 

Again he lunged at her and she blocked him off. He was stronger because he was male but she was more agile, more dexterous. His face was close to hers as the cross point of the blades were nearing her neck. She smelt the burning of the swords, could hear the humming from Aurora. 

Tempest quickly ducked quickly before the swords would give in and her neck was chopped off. Too slowly thought was she as her sword was flung away as she jumped aside. Merwicks sword was touching the bottom of her chin. She tried to crawl away but he held her, pulled her to his chest and continued to let his sword burn her. 

“How do you feel?” he whispered into her ear. 

“Let go of me!” Tempest couldn't struggle for any movement could possible kill her. Although the pain itself was unbearable. 

“Oh come, I do enjoy when you writhe in pain.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks down to her chin. She wanted to pass out from the pain. 

“Please let go of me.” 

“Never,” he hissed hatefully in her ear. 

“You never fight fair and you never will. This is . . . this is no normal blade.” 

“Fine you caught me. True the metal is the same as Excaliber, but alas I knew that with a normal blade we would be equal. Well look around you, hidden in these glaciers are the purest metals known, and if you forge a sword in holy water, no vampire can stand a chance. Mainly you.” He pressed the blade closer to her neck, Tempest and Aidan screamed in pain, 

It started to rain and she felt his lips pass over the scar where he tried to suck her blood, where he had in hopes of killing her. 


“Shh Zephyr. Now, do you want me to kill you quickly or slowly. I'll give you a few minutes.” He pressed the blade deep into her chin. She closed her eyes and thanked god that it was raining, Tempest didn't want to give him the satisfaction of letting him see her cry. 


“Aidan . . . break the ice, burn it. Break his balance. I can take of myself, just knock him down!” 

“Of course.” 

“On my mark.”

“Times up Young Tempest, what do you choose.” 

“I choose . . . neither.” She elbowed him in the gut and rolled away grabbed Excaliber in her wake. He regained himself and struck down at her. Tempest barely made cover as she pushed his sword closer and closer to her. 

Merwick was flung aside and Tempest grabbed onto Aidan as he flew by. Aidan growled and Tempest yelped in pain as something hit her tail bone. She looked down at Aidan's tail. It was bleeding. 

“Oh Aidan,” she said aloud. 

“Do not worry about me, lets get you home.” 

“Yeah home.”
Tempest eye widened as a realization dawned upon her. “Oh my god.” 

“Selene's wedding?” 

Tempest covered her face. “I should have let Merwick finish me.”  Aidan laughed and she couldn't help but smile then she remembered who she was waling down the aisle with. Draco Malfoy.

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