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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Fast Forward To The Next Morning

Lily sat eating her breakfast when Rose and Autumn had come to join her

‘What happened last night, you came in really late,’ Rose said

‘Well,’ Lily said putting down her cup of tea and launching into the story, she was near the end when loud boys laughter entered the hall along with the boys that were supplying the noise, Lily found herself sitting up straighter

‘Anyway,’ Rose said loudly

‘Yes, anyway he came back scooped her up and carried her to the hospital wing,’ Lily finished

‘Lily I think,’ Autumn began tentatively as both Rose and Lily turned to look at her

‘I think,’ she tried again

‘Well spit it out,’ Rose urged her

‘I think you’re becoming a James Potter fan,’

Lily’s face turned white

Oh for the love of Salem!

Rose on the other hand scoffed

‘ Course she isn’t,’ she said simply

‘I can’t Sirius, I’m telling you,’ James laughed

After hearing his voice and what Autumn had just accused her of Lily’s body felt funny

‘Fine I’ll ask her,’ Sirius said standing and walking over to Lily, Rose and Autumn

‘Morning girls,’ He greeted and Lily saw that James heaved a sigh and got up and made his way over to retrieve his friend

‘Lily,’ he began after the girls made no reply

‘Padfoot, I can’t ignore my duties, I’m head boy,’ James said coming to a stop behind Lily

‘Exactly, head boy you pompous prat, you’re not King,’ Sirius replied

‘What do you want?’ Autumn said loudly, Sirius annoyed her beyond measure

‘James was wondering if he could change Friday with one of the prefects,’ Sirius asked Lily though he was giving Autumn a dirty look

All eyes were suddenly on Lily, why were they on her? Why?

‘Uh,’ Lily began and she noticed that Autumn seemed to be watching her the hardest

‘You’ll have to find the replacement,’ Lily said

‘Great thanks,’ Sirius said smiling broadly grabbing James’ upper arm and dragging him away, Lily watched for a moment and saw that he looked back at her as though disappointed that she had agreed.


After that Lily found that she was trying to avoid James, but she saw him the next night at the head’s meeting with Dumbledore…

Lily found herself thoroughly distracted in the meeting. She spent most of the time trying to ignore James and the other precious little time thinking of all the things she was starting to like about him.

For example, she used to hate the way he messed his hair but now she found she liked the way he ran his fingers through his hair.

Or the way he rubbed his jaw, and the sound it made.


‘Miss Evans?’ Dumbledore said calling her back to attention ‘You wouldn’t mind doing that would you?’ he asked

‘No Sir,’ Lily replied immediately

Oh no, what had she just agreed to? For all she knew she had just promised away her first born.

James seemed to notice she hadn’t been paying attention

‘Well it’s not like I can scout out the girls bathroom because I distinctly remember last time I did that I was put in detention,’ He supplied for her the vital information she had missed.

Dumbledore bowed his head and allowed a little chuckle to escape him, Lily took this moment to mouth a ‘Thank you’ to James to which James responded with a wink

‘Now after tomorrow’s patrolling I was hoping you two could hold a meeting with the other prefects to figure out a schedule for patrolling, I can hardly expect you two to keep doing it,’ Dumbledore continued

James and Lily nodded

‘Excellent, now off to bed you go,’ Dumbledore finished with a smile

‘It’s 6:30 sir,’ James said

‘Oh well onward with homework I presume,’ Dumbledore continued to smile with the all to familiar twinkle in his eye

Lily and James smiled back, James stood first and assisted a Lily in pulling out her chair.

‘After you,’ he said letting her walk in front and then held the door open for her

‘Uh, thanks,’ Lily said with an unsure smile on her face.

'Have you found a replacement for tomorrow yet?' Lily asked as they walked together down a deserted hallway and she noticed that her tone was harder than she intended it to be
James gave her an amused smile

‘I knew you weren’t happy about that,’ James said

‘Oh no I didn’t mean…’ Lily began

‘It’s okay, I’d be annoyed if you skived head girl duties to go on a double date,’ James said

‘A double date?’ Lily questioned

That's what he was going to do? Well if she had of known that she would have never of agreed to it

‘Yes but it turns out I couldn’t get anyone else to fill in,’ James said putting his hands behind his back

‘Oh well, I mean if you really want to go I could… I dunno do it myself or … take Rose and Autumn with me,’ Lily offered though she didn’t really know why because she didn’t really want him to go

‘No that’s okay, thank you anyway, but just between me and you I didn’t actually look for anyone,’ James said with an innocent shrug

Lily nodded, why was she relieved?

‘Who were you going to double with?’ Lily inquired ingenuously

‘Sirius,’ James replied

‘I know that,’ Lily laughed ‘who were the girls?’

‘Autumn and Rose,’ James said

‘What!’ Lily blurted out looking at him incredulously

‘Just joking,’ James said with a charming cheeky smile ‘The Fulsome twins in Ravenclaw,’ He finished

‘Really? they don’t seem your type,’ Lily said as the relief washed over her

‘Why? because they’re not you,’ James laughed

Lily's face grew hot, why was she blushing? she hardly ever blushed before 

‘No,’ Lily said composing herself ‘What makes me your type anyway?’ Lily questioned innocently

James looked at her and cocked an eyebrow

‘What makes the Fulsome twins not my type?’ he countered

Lily smirked, she’d been got

‘I just meant that you seem very opposite, they’re very shy and somewhat reserved and you and Sirius… aren’t,’ she finished carefully

‘Well your type obviously wasn’t working for me so I thought I’d see what was at the other end of the spectrum,’ James explained

‘Lilac wine,’ Lily said as they had approached the fat lady, she found that she was inwardly annoyed at not having gotten a straight answer from James.

James placed a hand on her lower back and guided her forward to show her she should enter first, Lily felt a small smile grace her face before she made it through to the other side and was swarmed upon by Sirius

‘Where’s James,’ He asked rather urgently

He had evidently been waiting for them Lily concluded by the way he jumped on their arrival so quickly

‘Uh,’ was all Lily had managed to get out before James appeared filling the vacant spot behind her

‘Did you find someone?’ he demanded instantly

James looked bombarded

‘Well I wouldn’t say she was lost,’ James stammered making odd indications to Lily

‘To cover, did you find someone to cover?’ Sirius said impatiently

‘No mate, I told you I couldn’t’ James said

‘What!’ Sirius exclaimed ‘but she’ll think you’re not interested,’ he said throwing his hands in the air

‘I’m not,’ James laughed

‘Either is she,’ Sirius replied angrily pointing at Lily

Lily’s core body temperature rose, heating her from the inside out

‘You have to give her up as a bad job, she has no interest in you,’ Sirius said hurriedly

‘‘She’s’ standing right here,’ Lily said

‘Look Evans,’ Sirius began putting his hands on his hips ‘ don’t get me wrong you’re a swell chick, and yeah James is right, you are cute when you’re angry (James clapped a hand over his eyes and let it drag down to come to a stop over his mouth) but you’re not interested in him are you?’ Sirius asked

Lily opened her mouth, she had no idea what she was going to say but there is was in all its gaping glory

‘Being an arse as usual are you?’ came Autumn’s voice from behind Sirius

She gave an intrusive smirk, grabbed Lily’s wrist and dragged her away

Fast Forward To The End Of The Night

Lily sat in front of the dying fire putting the finishing touches on her assignment, she was ready to give it up for the night and she put her quill down when the portrait opened and in walked James Potter

‘Hello there,’ he said making his way over to her

‘Hi,’ Lily said as he plonked himself down next to her

‘What are you doing up so late?’ James asked pulling out his wand and directing it at the dying fire

‘Homework,’ Lily said throwing her parchment and quill on to the table

‘Ah,’ James said knowingly

‘What are you doing up so late?’ Lily asked

‘I had to go break the news to Erica,’ James supplied

‘Who’s Erica?’ Lily asked

‘Wow for a smart girl you ain’t…’James began

‘Watch it,’ Lily warned with a smile

‘Erica Fulsome,’ James said with a slight laugh

‘Oh and?’ Lily asked tucking her feet under her and turning to him thoroughly interested

‘She blamed you,’ James said with a laugh

‘Me, what did I do?’ Lily asked putting a hand on her chest

‘Nothing, but everyone does seem to be blaming you for this, don’t they,’ James said loosening his tie in the most handsome way

Lily let her hand fall to her lap and sighed

‘They all seem to think I’m still pining after you,’ he said casually

Lily cleared her throat lightly and tucked some hair behind her ear, she didn’t exactly know how to go about it, but she wanted to know more.

‘Well I suppose it all just leads back to my unanswered question doesn’t it?’ Lily asked softly

‘Oh it does, does it?’ James asked kicking off his shoes and putting his feet up on the table, Lily nodded

‘And which question is that?’ James asked further loosening his tie and taking it off completely

‘What makes me your type anyway?’ Lily asked

James bit the inside of his cheek and undid the first two buttons of his shirt as he contemplated her question

‘My dad once told me,’ James began

Lily tucked her legs in tighter and rested her elbow on the back of the couch as she held her head in her hand, she really liked his stories, so she made herself more comfortable

‘That he’d meet my mother at a ball when he was about thirteen, fourteen and the moment he saw her he knew that was the girl he wanted to share his broomstick with,’ he said in all seriousness

Lily let out a throaty laugh and James looked at her

‘Not that broomstick Missy,’ James grabbing the cushion between them and throwing it at her

‘Anyway,’ James pushed on ‘I asked him how he knew that mum was the girl for him and he said when she walked in, the air tingled and he was sold, he was hers from then on,’ James smiled into the fire

‘Mum on the other hand, had no interest in dad for the first four years after they’d met, sound familiar,’ James laughed with a friendly wink

Lily smiled warmly

‘That has to be one of my favourite stories,’ James said more to himself than to her

‘That is a nice story,’ Lily agreed watching him as he stared into the fire

‘Evidently he did share that broomstick with her because here I am,’ James laughed

Lily let a little giggle escape her before she next spoke

‘That didn’t that answer my question,’ she said

‘I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that,’ James said rubbing his face and letting his head fall to rest on the back of the couch as he looked up at the ceiling

‘The first time I took full notice of you, because I had a crush on you from day one, but the first time I took full notice of you was in our third year and you were standing outside charms holding your books to your chest and you were laughing with Autumn and Rose and the air around you seemed to shimmer gold and you were just glowing. After that day I knew I wanted to be the one to make you glow like that,’ he said still looking at the ceiling

Lily didn’t know what to say. She felt funny like she was happy and sad at the same time; it was an odd sensation, like one of those feeling you don’t really know if you like or not, though she suspected she didn’t

‘It’s not about types Lil, because I didn’t actually know what you were like, nor did my father with my mother, it’s just… something else, something you know from in your guts,’ he said putting a hand to his stomach and clenching at the fabric, finally looking at her

Lily tried to swallow the mysterious lump in her throat

‘Okay, I’m off to bed,’ James said collecting his discarded clothes

Lily thought she saw a shadow of a blush in his cheeks as he walked past her to get to his staircase he stopped at the first step however

‘I guess I just wanted to share my broomstick and make you glow,’ he said with a cheeky grin and a wink before he turned and continued up the stairs

James slept like a log that night, for he had gotten everything off his chest.

Lily on the other hand slept horribly, she tossed and turned all night, her head was full and heavy with thoughts of James Potter and she didn’t know if she liked it.

Sorry guys I don't know why it's all so spced apart, it wont let me put it any closer together but anyway please feel free to leave a review and thank you for reading xo

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