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Chapter 7- My heart belonged to you *Lily's POV* “That’s… that’s…” I stuttered “That’s… my ring.” “I know, and it’s been on this chain and around my neck since the day you threw it at me.” “But why?” I sat down “You told me you made a mistake! You told me you didn’t love me! You told me that you lied… You dumped me like every other…” “I lied.” If it was possible for my mouth to drop any lower it did. What did he mean he lied? Why the hell would he lie about something like that? To torment me? To make me go crazy? To make me miserable? “Lily I love you, I’ve always loved you, and I always will.” “But you said…” I was starting to cry “Everything that came out of my mouth that day was a lie.” “Then why…” “Because I had to, it was for your own good.” “My… own… good? Hoooow could that… pooossibly been for… my own gooooddd?” “There’s something you don’t know.” I looked up at him “Here, dry your eyes.” He handed me a hanky and then he began to tell me the whole story. How Dumbledore had called James into his office. How James became the youngest of the first members of the order. I knew he wanted to fight against Voldemort, I’ve always known it so this part didn’t surprise me, but what he said next did. “…and Lily I didn’t want anything to happen to you. I mean after we were married…” he blushed “…I could have gotten you pregnant. Then had I died you’d have been left alone to raise our little tyke all by yourself. Or what if something happened to you because of my job, I could have never lived with myself. I was only trying to protect you… you were all I had on my mind. I broke it off for your own good.” Then he was done, and we both sat in silence. My tears had been dried, the full story had come out and I was more confused than I’d ever been before. Then he unclasped the chain and pulled the ring off of it. “Lily, I want you to have this. Now that we’re both in the Order we can try it again.” This was the moment I’d been waiting for, for three years. Three years of misery, three years as a counter girl and three years of heart ache. This is what it’s all led up to. Here he was. Here was the ring and now it was my turn to talk. He asked a question, he deserved an answer and he was waiting. IT was my turn. “James Potter you are the most thick headed person in this universe…” I had rage boiling inside of me “I loved you. I would have given the world for you. Do you honestly think that I’ve been happy these past 3 years? I’ve spent 3 years as a counter girl and it’s all your fault! You told me you loved me, then you told me you lied… and now your telling me that was a lie? How do I know you’re not lieing now?...” “But Lils…” “Don’t but Lils me! These past 3 years have been completely wasted because you didn’t want anything to happen to me. Well Potter you got your wish. Nothing, absolutely nothing has happened to me. I’ve gotten enough sympathetic looks to last me a life time. My life was a vacuum. Everyday just the same as the one before. Over and over again…” “You know that’s…” “Save it Potter. I’ve gone 3 years without any word from you whatsoever. Then you come waltzing back in to my life, like some knight in shining armor and save me from a crowd of death eaters. Then you disappear without a trace again. Do you think you can keep doing this to me? Worst of all you think this whole thing is just peachy, and that we can pick up right from where we left off?” “Can’t we…” “No! Absolutely not! Potter you don’t seem to get it. What you did to me was 1000 times worse than if something had happened to me. Had you left me with a baby? I would have been glad for the time we had together, but you just broke it off. With no explanation what so ever. Did you ever think of how that made me feel? I loved you James Potter, I loved you with all my heart.” “Well we can just start…” I stood up. “No we can’t.” I told him “Why not?” “James, I loved you once. I trusted you with important thing in the world, my heart.” “But you still…” I had my hand on the door knob and was just getting ready to leave him sitting there. But I turned to him a final time “James, My heart belonged to you. You had it and then you shattered it into a million pieces. I loved you once, but I can never forgive you for what you did.” He sat there stunned and I opened the door and went back inside. Then with a loud BANG the door slammed behind me. *~~END OF CHAPTER SEVEN~~** AUTHORS NOTE!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I LUVVVVVV YOU ALL! TWENTY REVIEWS FOR THE LAST CHAPTERS!!!20!!!!!!!!!! ok OMG and 12 of them came within the first 24 hours!! OMG OMG OMG!! I luv you all!!! I luv you!! I'm sorry this chapter was SOOO SHORT! but I had exams... sorry! sorry! sorry! I will TRY and make chapters longer! anywho... HAPPY SUMMER TO JEANNIE!! Time to hit the pool! Next chapter will bd up next weekend!! Oh yes, and if any of you haven't been to you REALLY NEED TO GO!! it's supposidly actually run by her!! she responds to rumors she's heard about what's going to happen in her books in the future!! my favortie was RUMOR:Lily is really evil JK's Response: HOW DARE YOU! lol isn't that great? ^Jeannie PLEASE KEEP REVIEWING!!!

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