Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. The rain gently taps against our bedroom window. My eyes flutter open as I slowly wake up taking in my surroundings piece by piece. I’m facing towards the window and I instantly remember where I am, laying down in our room that we both had furnished and decorated after we got married. I note the dark blue paint, the lacy curtains, the night stand next to me and the few clothing items thrown askew. I know this all to be so familiar, I know it better than the back of my hand, but yet something felt so wrong. I slowly turn around to find my bed not empty like how I expected it to be, why I expected that I can’t yet remember, but with him, Scorpius, by my side sleeping. A small smile forms on my lips and butterflies instantly form in my stomach, as they always did.

I stared at him sleeping soundlessly for a few moments just taking in all his features as so many happy memories flooded my mind. My favorite of them all, of course, was the day we had finally gotten married and I so happily became Mrs. Rose Malfoy. The love I felt for him that day poured out of my heart and soul opening up for the world and Scorpius to see how I truly felt. We had been through so much during our lives together that we thought it would never happen, there was just too much war going on and not enough time. Everyone we knew and loved were either fighting the war or helping aid the injured. But we some how managed to be wed on Nana Molly Weasley's yard in front of all our friends and family. It was a small wedding that was planned in less than a day but it was a dream come true. I would have never had, had it any other way.

Because of the memory I can't help but grin. I was in such a daze that I did not realize that Scorpius had woken up. He lay there facing me with that wicked smirk upon his face.

“What are you so happy about?” He whispers curiously to me as he moves a strand of my hair out of my eyes. I of course giggle.

“Just looking at you, taking you in. Thinking about how I am the luckiest witch alive.” I say as I then reach in and gently kiss his familiar warm lips. I feel his strong arms begin to wrap around my body and pull me in closer deepening the kiss. It was times like this that I felt whole, like our souls were one, making so many different feelings form inside me. Feelings that I had always had and only grew with each kiss we shared.

He releases from the kiss after what felt like a life time of endless bliss. We are both out of breath as we lay there, our faces now a few inches apart, staring into each others eyes. No words needed to be said to one another for we both felt the same.

“I love you Scorpius.” I whisper softly, he smiles.

“You know I love you too Rosie.” He replied kissing me softly on the forehead. After a few short moments he whispers, “But you have to move on. You have to live your life again.”

I look at him confused, I knew he had told me that before but I couldn't remember why. “What are you saying Scorp?” I ask, my voice trembling and fear and pain began to build rapidly at my core.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Went my alarm clock. It was then as I stared into his eyes I remembered everything and I subconsciously clung to him as I began to panic. I felt him pulling away but I kept holding on to him not wanting to ever let go. I knew once I did I wouldn’t get him back. That my world would end.

“Please don’t go!” I beg at tears start pouring out of my eyes. He says nothing but I could see the pain in his eyes. “I can’t do this anymore with out you Scorpius…” I choke out.

“You know I can’t stay Rose.” He says as he slips away from me and backs quickly away.

I lay there confused and hurt. With every inch he moved away from me a piece of me was ripping on the inside into shreds. The pain was already too unbearable to handle but yet it continued to get worse.

“Scorpius! Please!” I beg as I crawl across the bed trying to get to him but I felt as though something was holding me back not letting my get anywhere close to him. I begged and screamed, grabbing at everything just trying to get to him. I watched as he looked at me sadly as he began to disappear.

“I love you.” He lipped silently then he finally completely disappeared.

“No!” I scream one last time as the pain takes over me.


I wake up suddenly with my heart racing out of my chest. I look around to see that room again but this one was much messier looking, as though a tornado had come through it. I realize my face is wet from a mixture of sweat and tears. It was a dream. All a dream. I begin to sob as I always did.

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy died over a year ago and I had almost the same dream every night since then. He died to save our sons, Caelum, and my life and helped end the Second Great War of the Wizarding World. He was a hero.

Though he is gone I still feel the warmth of his hand in mine as I walk, his strong embrace when I’m sad and alone, and the tickle of his breath as though he was whispering in my ear. He’s not here but he still haunts me and it kills me.

It takes a minute to like someone, an hour to love them, but to forget that someone takes a lifetime.

This was part of the ending chapter of a story I wrote a year ago. I wanted post the complete story but thought this alone was enough to post. So please R/R and I shall love you forever!

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