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Chapter 5:

This cannot be happening!

Later that night at Draco’s flat.

Draco looked in the mirror and inspected his reflection. Tonight, he was meeting Blaise in Aubergine, one of their favorite muggle restaurants. They decided to meet there, because Blaise's wife was a muggle and she had no idea that they’re wizards. Draco made a reservation at 8 pm, and it was already 7:30 pm.

'I’m going to be late if I don't leave now.' he thought.

He grabbed his robes and on his way to his car, when he saw Mrs. McDonald, his house keeper.

“Good evening Claire.”

“Good evening sir.”

Claire McDonald was a 56 years old widow with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She had been Draco’s housekeeper for more than a year.

“Um, are you going home today?” he asked.

“Yes sir, have you forgotten? It’s my grand daughter’s birthday tomorrow; you're invited if you like to come.” the old lady smiled.

“Thanks, I’ll try to come.” Draco answered with a smile, “But before you go, I was hoping that you could fix the guest room? I’ll be having some company to stay over here, and they might use it, so if you don't mind?”

“Yes sir, I’ll fix it after I’m done cleaning the kitchen.”

“Oh yeah, can you please stock the refrigerator too? I’ll let you stay home for the weekends if you do.” he grinned.

“You don't have to do that sir; I’ll do it and I’ll be back the following day. I’m sure that you'll need help if you have some company saying here.” the old lady smiled.

“Thanks Claire, you’re the best! Oh I better go now, or I’ll be late. I’ll be asking Sebastian to drop you off home when I come back. Would you wait for me?”

“Alright sir, I will, take care!” the old lady waved goodbye.

“Will do, bye!” Draco went out of his flat and went inside his car, where his driver Sebastian was waiting.

“Good evening sir, where are we heading to?”

“Aubergine, 11 Park Walk, Chelsea.”

“Alright sir.” and they were off to Aubergine

Theodore Nott

Theodore was eating dinner at his flat when he received a call.

“Nott, speaking…yeah, I’m his lawyer…uhuh…” Theo’s change of Facial expression from boredom to shock was clear in his face.

WHAT?!? Alright I’m on my way!” he grabbed his robes and left immediately.



Draco got inside the restaurant and was welcomed by the receptionist.

“Good evening sir.”

“I have a reservation for three under Malfoy.”

“Yes Mr. Malfoy, the VIP room.” The receptionist smiled.

Draco nods his head. Then a waiter went to him and guides him to the room. When they were there, the waiter handed him the menu asked him if he would like to order.

“For appetizers I would like to have Aubergine Ravioli with Tomato Sugo. For the main course Terrine of braised Venison enhanced by fennel & pickled mushroom vinaigrette, and Lasagne of Organic Vegetables served with a Greek salad skewer. And for desserts, Duo of ‘Aubergine’ Crème Brûlée. Also a bottle of Cordoba Crescendo red wine.”

“Alright sir, your order will be ready in 30 minutes. I’ll be bringing in the wine.” The waiter left.

Draco stayed relaxed in his seat and was observing the restaurant. About 5 minutes later, the waiter returned and served him the wine.

“Would you like anything else, sir?”

“Nothing, you may leave.”

The waiter left, and Draco taste the wine.

‘Just the right taste’ he thought.

He picked up his phone to call Blaise, when he saw that it’s low on battery.

‘Damn, contraption.’ He then dropped his phone in the half full wine glass.

‘I’ll just buy another tomorrow.’

Draco then stared in the chandelier on the ceiling while waiting for his friend Blaise.

At Hermione Granger’s flat

Hermione was watching a chick flick on her TV while eating ice cream when she received a call on her mobile.

“Hello. Hey Uncle! How are you? … yeah, I’m good, … aww, not that again, … yeah, you’ve told me that a hundred times, that I need to improve on my love life or else Aphrodite will be giving me a solid ‘F’, …” she sighed. “Alright, alright, I yield, I’ll be going on this blind date you set me up” Hermione ate another bite of ice cream,  “… WHAT?! The day after tomorrow?! Are you kidding!?! …But uncle. I’m not ready! I mean, I don’t have a dress, and- … oh, of course, I already have a dress, you got me one. … I don’t have any other choice don’t I? … Aww, okay I’ll be waiting for Dorina, she’ll be the one to fix me, and do everything, blah, blah, blah…”she giggled. “Alright, I’ll wait for the ‘faithful’ day then… bye uncle, love you!” Hermione hanged up on her uncle even before he said goodbye.

‘He want me to find someone, but until now he’s still single!’ she took a deep breath and took another spoonful of her ice cream. She continued to watch the film when Crookshanks jumped on the remote and the channel was changed.

“AHHH!!! Crookshanks!!! Bad cat! That’s the best part!” Hermione got the remote, and was supposed to turn back the channel, when she saw a plane that crashed in an abandoned land near Waltham Forest, where in all passengers where suspected to have died. After that news, she turned the channel back to watch the film again.


“Mr. Malfoy, would you like us to heat the food?”

Draco just nodded his head, he need to keep his temper in check. He feels that if he opens his mouth he’ll just shout at the waiter. It’s been an hour since their foods had arrived and still Blaise or even his wife is no where to be found! It’s very obvious that he’s getting close to his boiling point. Suddenly his phone rang, he performed a quick cleaning and drying spell on it expecting that it was Blaise but was disappointed when he saw that it was Theo calling him.

“What?!” Draco said obviously annoyed.

“Where are you? I need to see you now!” Theo’s voice was urgent.

“What now? You just saw me awhile ago, can’t resist my charm eh?”

“Gross, Malfoy! Just tell me!”

“I’m here in Aubergine. What’s wrong? Why do you need to see me?”

“I’ll tell you later, or rather you’ll see.” Theo hanged up on him.

‘What now?’ he thought. Then five minutes later the waiter arrived saying that a man was looking for him.

“Who is it?”

“The man said that he’s your attorney sir.”

“Let him in.” Draco said, “Oh and I’ll just pay for the food, I don’t think my guests are going to arrive any time soon...”

Theo came inside the room panting and carrying a bundle.

“What the-?” Draco said when he saw Theo.

Theo sat in the chair and Draco looked inside the bundle he’s carrying. He saw a beautiful baby girl and was in awe when he saw the baby opened her eyes. She has beautiful blue eyes and striking black hair.

“Man, you know the golden rule! Always bring condoms with you or a handy contraceptive spell. It’s easy, really.” Draco joked.

“Malfoy this is no time for jokes! Can you please carry her for a while?” Without waiting for his answer, Theo handed the baby to him. The baby was looking at him with her curious blue eyes, and then she cooed and smiled at him. Draco touched her cheeks with his index finger and was smiling back too.

“Draco, I have to tell you something.” Theo said.

“What?” Draco said, not taking his eyes of the sweet angel in his arms.

“Her name is Nicole Sabrina Zabini, and she’s under your care now.” Theo looked at Draco seriously.

“What? How? Zabini? Whose baby is this?” Draco looked at Theo then at the baby.

“She’s Blaise daughter. Mate, Blaise and his wife had an accident, their plane crashed, and the only survivor was the baby. I was thinking that Blaise put a spell on her or a charm that’s why she survived without any scratch or bruise. I’m sorry, but Blaise is dead.”

“No…that can’t be! You’re lying, Nott! Don’t lie to me!!!” Draco didn’t notice the tears in his eyes. The baby in his arms started to cry because of the sudden raise of voice from Draco.

“Hush, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout, sssshh…” He rocked the baby until she stopped crying.

“According to Blaise’s attorney, he doesn’t trust anyone but you, Draco, and if anything happens to them, he knows you’ll take good care of her. He has left you custody of his child. Also, according to him, his wife doesn’t have any relatives left. So it’s you that’s left in the category.” Theo explained.

“What am I going to do? I don’t know anything about babies! Where is his body? I want to give them a proper burial.” Draco said sadly.

“It’s being cremated mate, along with his wife’s. Their bodies are badly burnt, and they are unrecognizable.”

“Arrange everything Theo, I trust you with this one.”

“Alright, here’s Blaise’s last will and testament. Might as well read that, everything’s left to his daughter now, and you are in charge of it until she’s of legal age.” Theo handed him an envelope and stood up to leave. Draco stood up too and left the payment for the food on the table.

“Oh, Theo, can you please do me a favor?” Draco said softly because of the sleeping baby in his arms.

“What mate?”

“Buy me essential baby needs, bottles, milk, nappies and stuff also a carrier.”

“Now?! It’s in the middle of the night!” Theo replied.

“Oh, just do it! Bring it to my flat pronto!”

Draco left the restaurant with the baby in his arms. He got inside the car and his driver was shocked to see him with a baby.

“Let’s go home Sebastian.”

“Yes sir.” Sebastian then drives them home.

‘I’ll take care of you baby Nicole. I won’t let any harm come your way.’ He kissed her forehead and made a promise to the sleeping baby in his arms.

Author's Notes: i'm sorry it took this long! it was rejected due to the spacing, so i'm sorry! hope you enjoyed reading! please leave a review!! :) (Places, brands are not mine!)

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