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The Consequences of Time-Travel by MovieMagic
Chapter 3 : The Boggart
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Chapter 3: The Bogart

Harry woke up bathed in sweat. He had just had a nightmare about the death of Sirius. He was determined to stop all of it.

He crept out of the hospital wing and down towards the kitchens. Harry was surprised when Dobby wasn’t one of the elf’s that rushed to serve him but then he remembered that Dobby was away a year before he came to Hogwarts.

“How may we help you?” the what appeared to be head elf asked.

“I’ve been feed only Hospital food for the past day” Harry replied with a grim look on his face.

All the house elf’s shuddered.

“Take a seat we will get you something” the elf said pointing to a small table in the corner. It was elf size but that didn’t matter to Harry. After waiting for a couple of minutes a miniature feast was spread out in front of him.

He dived in and before he new it he was finished. Stuffing his pockets with cakes and chocolates offered by the elf’s Harry made his way out of the kitchens. He didn’t really want to return to the stuffy Hospital Wing yet. So he turned in the opposite direction and headed out into the grounds.

It was refreshing to have to cool morning breeze on his face. It was just before dawn and the grounds looked peaceful and still.

As he neared the lake he saw a small figure with red hair down by the waters edge. So either it was Ron (Harry laughed at his own joke) or Ginny.

As Harry neared he realized that it was Ginny. She was curled up in a ball and gently rocking backwards and forwards.

“Is this seat taken?” Harry asked as he came to a stop next to her.

She jumped slightly when he had spoken and when she realized who it was she blushed and put her head back down onto her chest still in a ball. She shook her head.

Harry sat down beside her and looked out at the lake. The giants squid was fooling around with what looked like a stolen school bag. Who ever it belonged to wasn’t getting it back any time soon.

“Did you mean it?” asked a soft voice from beside him.

Harry turned to look at Ginny but found her head was still buried in her chest.

“Yes” Harry replied.

She pulled in a raggedy breath not unlike the time when he first announced his feelings for her.

“Now, I don’t expect us to like get together or anything but I’d really like to get to know you” Harry said “So, allow me to introduce myself I’m Harry Potter” he said while holding out a hand.

Ginny gave a small chuckle and finally pulled her head out of its hiding place. She was still blushing largely but it was a start.

“Ginny Weasley” she said in a quite voice shaking his hand.


They had been talking for hours, well when Harry said ‘they talked’ he meant he talked and Ginny listened. Soon though Ginny’s Weasley hunger had kicked in causing her to blush. They walked back to the great hall in silence. When they arrived they found that the students were arriving from the Hogwarts express.

Colin Creevey came running forwards.

“Ginny! I didn’t see you on the train” he said panting with his hands on his knees.

“Harry fainted so we brought him to the Hospital Wing” Ginny replied her face still scarlet.

The rest of the evening had past the same as last time. The sorting Hat sung its song, Dumbledore had told them of the Dementors, Ron and Hermione fought about Scabbers and Crookshanks. Harry managed to convince Ginny to sit with them this time. She didn’t eat at first she just started at her plate. But the Weasley hunger soon took over and she had devoured nearly as much as Ron.

Harry after his really large meal at breakfast wasn’t all that hungry so instead he thought about what his being here meant. Then it dawned on him. He could save everyone. If he destroyed all the Horcruxes he could stop Voldermort by his 4th Year. But no he couldn’t, he would have to wait until the battle of the Department of Mystery’s. There was no way he could destroy the Horcruxes in one year. He would have to wait until Sirius was free.

“Harry are you still with us?” Hermione asked waving her hand in front of her face.

“What? Yeah of course!” he hastily replied and went back to his chips.

He would let everything play out like last time and then when the time comes capture Peter Pettigrew. He would take Ginny to the Yule Ball and not have the pressure of being a champion on him.

“He guys I’m going to go to bed, I’m not that Hungry” Harry said getting up from the table.

Ron was staring at Harry with wide eyes. Clearly he didn’t understand why Harry would want to miss the opening feast.

Harry walked up to the Fat lady already knowing the password. Harry had the first peaceful sleep he had had in 7 years.

He had been so focused on the bigger picture that he had completely forgotten about what happened on his first day of classes.


Harry went down to breakfast with a spring in his step. Little did he know by the end of the day his spring would turn into a slouch.

He sat down next to Ginny at the Gryffindor table making her blush.

“Hey, Gin” he said.

When she flashed him a red questioning look he mentally kicked himself for using the nickname he gave her while dating.

He was saved however by Hermione and Ron sitting opposite them.

McGonagall gave out the time tables and Hermione instantly started reading it.

“That’s quite a full time table Hermione” Ron said.

“What have we got first?” Harry asked because he had put his straight in his bag.

“Care for Magic Creatures” Ron replied.

“Lets get going!” Harry said with enthusiasm “see ya Ginny!”

She shyly shook her hand blushing.

They made their way down towards Hagrids hut for Care for Magic Creatures.
Upon arrival Harry remembered the incident with Malfoy which made their class boring. Harry watched Draco his whole lesson but he never made a move to go at Buckbeak. But he never did. He even paid the creatures respect. Harry didn’t have time to ponder this however because they had to make their way to the greenhouse for their next lesson.

Herbology went the same as last time. It was really quite boring.

Harry was in deep thought as he walked threw the castle to there next class. He didn’t even know what they had. He was just thinking about why Draco was acting so strange.

He didn’t even notice when they walked into the DADA class room. He did notice a shaking closet. Then his first DADA class came back to him in one big flash.

“I’m Professor Lupin and today we will be learning about boggarts” The professor said “can anyone tell me what a boggart is?”

Hermione’s hand shot into the air.

“Yes Miss…?” Lupin asked

“Granger sir, a boggart is a creature that likes to hide in shadows. It takes on whatever the person fears the most” Hermione said “that’s what make them-”

“so terrifying yes” the professor finished.

“The incarnation for it is Ridiculous” the professor said “Mr. Longbottom please come forward.”

Neville complied shaking.

“Now Neville, I want you to picture your worst fear but with something amusing about it. Then say the incarnation, because what really kills a boggart is laughter” the professor said.

He pointed his wand at the closet door and flicked it. The door slowly drifted open to revile Professor Snape. He slowly advanced on Neville. Neville pointed his want at the Boggart Snape and shouted
Ridiculous. The Snape boggart suddenly had a large eagle hat and red pierce.

“Great Neville great” the professor said as everyone burst out laughing “everyone form a line behind Neville”

Everyone complied eager to get their shot at the boggart.

They went threw the line one by one. There was a mummified zombie, A hand that walked by it’s self, a giant spider, a giant snake and a walking skeleton.

Then it was Harry’s turn. The boggart took longer than normal to change into something. In the end it turned into a Dementor. The professor jumped in front of Harry and the boggart turned into a full moon. The professor shouted
Ridiculous and excused the class.

Harry was horrified. He knew that the boggart wasn’t going to turn into a Dementor this time and he didn’t want to find out what his Boggart was. He saw the same fears, the same funny things even Neville was still the first to tackle the boggart.

Then it was Harry’s turn. There was no escape and he new that people were now likely to know his secret.

He watched as the boggart transformed in front of his eye’s. It turned into Ginny. The young Ginny, the one who was in Charms class.

She was crying. There were blood and cuts all over her. She looked like she had been attacked by a vicious pack of lions. She was screaming and crying but then she spoke. “Harry, kill me”. The whole room was stone still. “Please Harry stop the pain, help me! Just kill me!” she screamed. “No, Ginny I wont lose you again!” Harry yelled back at her. But then there was a high pitch voice which shouted the killing cures. And the Bogart Ginny fell to the floor. She then transformed into Lord Voldermort. At the sight of the dark lord the class gave a small gasp.

It spoke with a terrifying voice. “you have lost again Harry Potter, I have killed the love of your life for a second time and there is nothing you can do about it” a high pitched laugh followed. Harry was rutted to the floor and apparently so was Lupin because unlike last time he hadn’t interfered.

Hermione had decided to take action and hoped in front of Harry. Voldermort turned into Professor McGonagall telling her she had failed everything. Hermione after seeing Harry’s worst fear banished it easily.

Harry turned around to see everyone starting at him. With that he turned around and ran out of the room. He knew it was just a boggart but he had to make sure. He couldn’t lose her again.

He found the charms class room and ran inside. Spotting Ginny at the front with a friend he lunged at her and pulled her into the biggest hug he had ever given.

A/N: I know that this is a little depressing but in the next couple of chapters it begins to lighten up. I know that in the Books Harry didn’t fight the boggart it class I had to do what they did in the film for it to fit my story. There might be a slight delay in the next chapter but don't worry it will be up in a couple of weeks. Please Rate and Review.

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The Consequences of Time-Travel : The Boggart


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