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Suddenly a door opened behind me. I turned around so quickly I could feel my neck protesting wildly. I rubbed it with one hand as I watched a hundred house elves – all dressed in light blue togas probably made of towels, and all with a huge plate of some sort of food carried over their head – come swarming into the hall. They served the food quickly, with small bows if anyone looked at them or smiled at them. A tiny house elf placed a plate on the table in front of me, and I smiled to him (or her, but it looked like a male to me). His eyes widened till they looked like soccer balls, and then he smiled shyly and bowed deeply to me.


Michelle grinned and started taking the food onto her plate. I did the same, and we ate chatting about whatever we could come up with. The food was delicious, but I realized I would go down several pounds with this kind of food instead of the Hogwarts food. I didn’t mind.


The desserts were served exactly like the dinner, and all the plates were collected by the house elves when we had finished. The same house elf came to me again all the times they were around, and I wondered if he did so on purpose or if they had their own parts of the table to serve. When everything was eaten and we all sat tired, almost in silence, Madam LeChat rouse from her chair and clapped her hands twice, just like the first time. She wished us good night, and we shuffled happily out of the hall.



“…this door is for the potions classroom, this door is for the transfiguration, and here we are,” Michelle finished after telling me about everything we passed on our way to the common room. She put her hand on the huge, thick, wooden door, as if she wanted to push it away, but it disappeared under her fingers. With a grin, she entered the room, and we followed.


The common room was as big as the dining hall, filled with soft-looking armchairs, homework-tables, couches by the fireplaces and lots of students. The colour blue was everywhere, but it was a warm kind of blue that made me rather comfortable. There were probably seventy-eighty doors, all, I assumed, leading out to tiny halls with more doors leading to the dorms. And I was right.


Michelle and the others greeted some friends, chatted with a couple of people on their way and flirted innocently with some of the seventh year boys, but finally Satine opened a door and we came out in a short, but dark corridor. It was a little colder out there than in the common room, but not uncomfortable. Satine walked over to the third door to the left, opened it and sighed with happiness.


“Finalement, à la maison!” she shouted, and the two others cheered with her, trying to walk and laugh at the same time. I smiled. Finally home. Yeah, she could say that. I was not home, which would be at Hogwarts, but I still thought I would love Beauxbatons.


The three girls threw themselves on three of the beds, and a fourth stood left for me. The one between Satine and Michelle. I went over to it and found my trunk at the end of it. We didn’t bother to unpack anything but our pyjamases, and jumped straight into bed. Even with the annoying voice in my head going on about see, it isn’t so bad at Beauxbatons! You’ll like it here, I fell asleep at once.



The first week went by in a blur of trying to remember where the classrooms were, trying to catch up with something they had done without me before, learning to know the others in my class, and most of all: starting on again with the oh-you’re-a-Potter-you’re-so-famous-crap. After seven years at Hogwarts, people had stopped treating me different from anybody else, but here it was like first year over again. The only people who did not glare at me because of my last name, was my three, now very good friends.


“Oh, I wish they would just stop glaring!” I groaned over my breakfast the second day. Michelle laughed.


“Yes, well they will get tired of it. Or you will stop noticing. Of course you are famous! What are you again?”


“The great-great-grand-daughter of Harry Potter,” I grumbled.


“Right. You have a funny name, by the way,” she said, smiling teasingly. I stuck my tongue out at her.


“Yeah like it helps me! Harriet – after Harry – Ginevra – after Ginny – Potter! Harriet Ginevra Potter. What idiot gave my parents the legality to name their children?”


“It isn’t that bad,” Satine smiled. “I like it!”


“Yeah, well Satine you like most things! Tell me one thing you don’t like!”


She thought for a while, and then cocked her head aside. “Vegetables,” she said, and we all covered our mouths with our hands to silence the laughter. True enough, she ate less vegetables than anybody I knew, and still she looked like she ate nothing but it!



When the Friday came, the people in my class was used to me and didn’t glare so much anymore. The teachers all started to get to know me, and I found the French-speaking easier than I thought. But Michelle, Satine and Cecilie were kind enough to speak English to me when I didn’t seem to understand.


Cecilie had turned out to be just as weird as she seemed on the outside, with her crazy hair and funny smile; all I needed to do was get to know her. She always had a joke on her mind in case of awkward silences, and could say and do the stupidest and funniest things! After a week, I couldn’t understand that I had thought she was shy!


She was the one to bring up the theme “Friday night”.


“Hey girls, can’t we go to Le Village this evening? ‘Arrie has to see it!”


We all agreed. I was more than happy to go with them to the magical town nearby. I knew it had a name I should’ve remembered though I didn’t, but all the students, and even the teachers, simply called it Le Village, “the town”.


So at six o’ clock, after dinner and packing our money and necessary effects in our pockets, we went down in the entrance hall. We obviously weren’t alone about the thought of going out, because there were loads of other students there, all seventh years. The seventh years were allowed to go the Le Village, but the younger students had to stay at school. I found this a little unfair, as the Hogwarts students could visit Hogsmade already during their third year, but I didn’t mention it.


 It wasn’t far away, and we walked together out of the school grounds and headed towards Le Village.

So, we're getting started! The next chapter is one of my favourites, where we meet my favourite person =D
Hehe. Hope you like this story! I'd love to hear what you think about it!


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