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Phoenix Meet- Riz Burby

“It’s here!” Tilly screamed as she flung open the door. Well, someone’s excited.

“I can’t believe it came to the Common Room,” Lily was mumbling to herself. “I hope no one noticed it…”

“Bah, you worry too much,” I grinned and looked at the coral envelope thrown on the bed. I saw Tilly move out of the corner of my eye, and lunged for it.

“Back away!”

“I want to read it!”

“Stop!” Lily said with so much conviction, I stopped and stared.

The three of us slowly looked down to the crunched up letter in my hand; it survived. I sighed and carefully opened the envelope. As I revealed the letter, I bit my lip and looked up.

“This is it, the future of the DD for us,” I whispered and took a breath.

I pulled out the letter and handed it to Lily. “Go ahead; you’re the one whose name was called.”

“That’s only because we first used my name,” Lily grinned, “Remember, you didn’t want your name in some scam—”

She looked to Tilly.

“—and you were in the hospital wing.”

Tilly smirked, “Ah, yes, her first trip of many caused by her amazing abilities.”

I rolled my eyes and flashed back to the times I didn’t really know the two.


“’Night,” A second year Lily whispered.

The other girl was already snoring.

As I lay there thinking to myself, I wondered what these girls thought of Hogwarts, a Muggleborn and a half-blood who hadn’t known about this world. They must be amazed.

What about me? A girl with a wonderful and kind mother, who just happens to have insane Death Eater family members and a half-blood father whose parents died in a plane crash (some Muggle thing). Not to mention a baby brother on the way that will have to deal with all this as well? I will protect him; he will not have to go into hiding for the rest of his life.

As I fell asleep, I couldn’t help but wonder what I really thought of Hogwarts from my past life. One word came to mind.



And then, the letter came, the letter proclaiming my fathers death at the hands of my mother’s father. I had heard he was working on something in the Department of Mysteries when it happened. There’s a chance he was murdered because he didn’t give up information to the Death Eaters, though it doesn’t say that in the papers.

My mother’s father was caught and sentenced to Azkaban. My mother cried and spent her days in her room. Well, that’s all I can assume from her few letters.


I still remember the night of November 9; I was studying History of Magic in my corner, not even being seen. I letter had come for me, but I hadn’t opened it. I told myself I wouldn’t read what my mother wrote until my work was done. That helped me get through it quickly.

If only I knew it was going to be her last letter, maybe I would have read it and reread it more. Maybe I would have been able to tell Dumbledore she was going to commit suicide. Maybe I could have stopped her. Maybe I could have had a brother.


That was a good year and a bad year for me. I got to know Lily and Tilly, and we became gradual friends. That was a definite upside. We did everything together, I finally felt like I belonged with people.

A lot of good happened that year, I had my first snowball fight since my dad was alive, I faced one of my fears, and now I only have one to tackle. My father had always told me I should only fear ‘fear itself’, and I wish I could, but I will forever be afraid of wide, open spaces. You never know who or what could be hiding. Hiding in plain sight.

Of course, that was the year I tried to dye my hair, with Lily’s help, of course. Instead of adding Rigute leaves, Lily didn’t want me to steal from Slughorn, so we used different ones. Ones she said should work the same. They didn’t, instead of black streaks to make a pledge for my parents and brother, I got strips that would change color with my mood. Of course, that year they were often black. Yet again, they were also yellow and orange quite a bit.


I watched as Lily’s eyes widened and tears appeared. She looked up and silently handed Tilly the letter. I was last.


“Are you guys ready for this?” 15 year old Tilly breathed in a breath of excitement as we walking through the large, hidden building.

I smirked at her, “I was born ready.”

We walked in the direction we were told and stopped in front of the army green door. I looked to my friends and sighed. Then I picked up the simple black door knocker and let go.


“How about the ‘Hot Hippogriffs’?” I asked aloud and laughed.

“Already used,” Lily sighed and flipped through the book.

I sat up straighter, “Bloody hell, I was only joking…”

Tilly laughed, “Riz, what’s your favorite mythical animal?”

“What’s yours?” I countered.


Lily gasped, “They’re gorgeous!”

I bit my lip, “Mates, a thought just hit me…”


“LILY! Behind you!” I cast a hex at the girl in the pink mask and watched as Lily went down.

This is it, Riz, your first one on one duel; Tilly’s out, and now so is Lily, if you beat this girl, you win your group a spot on the chart for level one.

“Expelliarmus!” I yelled at her and pointed my wand. She was too slow in her shield and my disarming spell knocked her off balance. I ran up to her as she was weak.



“Alright girls, we’ve earned this,” Lily grinned and produced her key for our very own private room. We just won the Spring Championship for the first year and we are practically undefeated.

She pushed open the door, we all grinned.


 To the members of the Phantom Phoenixes-

When all your members reach the age of eighteen you must stop your dueling within the Dueler Dungeon. As you are finishing your sixth year of schooling, this means when you finish school, you are finished with participating in the Dueler Dungeon. As you have beaten many scores and teams, you (The Phantom Phoenixes) will be honored with a place in the Silver Hall. This honor is only offered to certain people and groups, therefore in your last year, you must retain your perfect scoring.

As a reminder, the Spring Championship is approaching quickly; we have provided a parchment where you can fill out the necessary information. Updated rule, see below.

Thank you.

Samuel A. Burns

                                                                                    Samuel A. Burns, Owner of the D.D.

Once stunned, unable to move, or incarcerated, the dueler cannot move from the arena and must stay stunned, incarcerated, or unable to move until all teammates get out, or the duel is over. Allowed to duel the Muggle way and the Magical way to enhance the fight. No armor can be worn or a face protection (except for mask). No protective shields to be worn, allowed to cast a shield spell, though. Must wear mask and cover face to keep the identity secret, for privacy purposes. Allowed to harm opponents to near death (actually killing would be counted as murder and is punishable by Ministry Law). In the Championship, teams will duel all at once and the last person standing has won the Championship for their team. If more than one member of the same team is standing at the end, it is not necessary for them to continue the duel.

“For the love of Godric Gryffindor,” I breathed. “A little more than a year left! I don’t effing believe this…”

Tilly let out a wail. Lily tried to shush her, but tears rolled down her cheeks as well.

And me, well, I just sat there, trying to remember the last time I cried from pure sadness.


Some days after, I sat down next to Remus in Potions. Again, he looked at me oddly; he’s been doing that lot lately. Luckily this time he didn’t start throwing out questions. That was getting awkward.

I stared on as Slughorn began to talk. I should have slept more last night, ruddy Flitwick and his ruddy essays. I yawned and got a glare from Lily. I shrugged and raised an eyebrow. I stretched out my arms and knocked my wand off the table. Why didn’t I have it in my pocket?


I reached down to pick it up and let a hiss shoot out of my clenched teeth as my side started to hurt. Lily keeps telling me to go to Pomfrey, but honestly, what will she think? Oh what do I care…?

Slughorn told us what to do and everyone started working at once. Remus stood and told me he was going to the supply closet. I watched the class move around and thanked Merlin I got a Gryffindor partner.

Sighing as Remus came back, I stood from my stool and started setting up. “Sorry, a bit out of it today.”

He jerked his head up to me, suspicious, “Why—oh, yes, um, that assignment from Flitwick was long last night.”

I stifled a snort and poured the acidic liquid into the cauldron. I glanced over the list and the items he got.

“Oh, I think you forgot the goat milk,” I turned, “I’ll get it.”

“Hey, Moony, can you tell—”

“Ah!” I started to fall and would’ve hit the floor if, I looked up, Black hadn’t caught me.

“Ugh,” I winced as his arm brushed my left side, “Thanks, ouch.”

“Ruddy hell—Professor! Burby’s hurt!” Black shouted to Slughorn. I looked down at my side, and felt something seeping through the cloth. “She’s bleeding, Professor!”

Just as I felt myself going unconscious from the pain, I looked up at Black and wondered what in the seven fiery pits of hell I did to deserve this.

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