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    HI, I still have only one review for my entire five chapters, but yet I have a lot of people reading my series. Honestly you guys, could you type in a little review  for once in a while?I spend a lot of time and effort on these chapters and sacrifice my GPA to do so. D:

    "You really had to do this to her this time, didn't you Fred?" Wave hissed with her hands clenching the skin on her hips.

    "Do what?" I asked her while trying to tie a cherry stem around my tongue.

    She grimaced at my tongue sticking out with the cherry stem soaking up in my saliva on the ledge of my curled taste palate. Wave grumbled in disgust,” You know what!"

    I looked at her cluelessly,"What? Honest to Merlin, Wave...is this some sort of Pakistani custom to perplex blokes like me?"

    Wave slouched closer to me, “You convinced me to push Heather to work things out with Harrison. You know that's going beyond her will."

    I looked perplexed with the angst drag-queen loving girl (yes Wave is absolutely smitten with men who look very feminine). Her eyebrow had knotted into a sharp 45 degree angle and her breath became very huffy. I honestly still didn't know what the heck she was gabbing about.

    Suddenly it clicked into the key hole of my mind and the door to this mystery was comprehended,"Oh, you mean with Harrison and Heather arguing? Nahhh, it'll be over in matter of minutes. There might be a few scratched here and there, but no dead people."

    She moaned, "No, you don't even remember do you...”

    Wave snatched my hand and wrenched me off to the abandoned broom closet that we'd constructed into a makeshift gossip corner, which not a soul knew about in Hoggy-warts. She pushed me into the closet and locked the door.

    I mumbled,"Lumos."

    Wave snatched my wand and mumbled,"nox.'

    I frowned in the darkness (Wave thankfully couldn't see that) and noticed her striking a candle. Oh that's why.

    She sat down in the flickering light on an antiquated wooden crate shoved up against the wall. In the mean time, I performed a few silence and lock spells on the closet so no one could hear us.

    As I sat down, Wave began to become impatient. I plopped myself down on a wooden crate opposite of her wall, “Okay, okay. I'm ready to gossip.'

    "We aren't chatting this time around. This is serious," She corrected me and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Honest, I never quite understood why she did that. There was nothing interesting to look up at over there.



    This was going to be the most difficult secret to squeeze out of my throat to Fred. I'd kept this bottled up and didn't want to reveal something that a friend wouldn't ever want to leak out.

    "Remember back when Harrison got all Midol on us last March and went all emo?”

    Fred squinted his eyes at me with an inquisitive interest. Wow, finally he was going to listen to what I actually had to say. This wasn't like the time he forgot that it was my birthday and I had to remind him. We won't be getting into that disaster though sadly enough (not!)


    "Well, that was around the time when Heather and Chris began to date."

    "I can remember that, and how pissed off Harrison was. I felt bad for the kid to be frank. Heather stole his mate's heart."

    "Errrm.....there's a side to the story, Fred. That's why we're here, so the rumors don't spread about it, okay?"

    "I get it, now go on. I want to know!"

    "Harrison wasn't mad at Heather when she and Chris were dating, he was devastated. He was in love with her."

    "Bloody murder, you've got to be kidding me right? Every single time I sit at the table in the Dining Hall with him, Harrison makes a face when Heather sits next to me and complains constantly about her when she's not around."

    I shook my head, “Harrison complains about Heather because that's his way of talking about Heather and a method to retrieve details of her day's progress. The disgusted face is really just a cover-up for a smile. Harrison's gone psycho on whether or not his best mate could findout just by the way he acts around Heather. He doesn't want her to know that he likes her."

    He slapped his forehead in realization, "That explains the reason why I sometimes will run into the Head Boy dormitory and find him grimacing at a photo of Heather. He's trying to prevent himself from smiling at her like what you would do if you were near someone you were going crazy for."

    "Yep," was all I could remark on the epiphany that Fred had. I wasn't in the mood to say much else; I had known about the dilemma even before Harrison confessed to me about his crush. It just clicked in my mind somehow/

    I strummed my hands nervously through the splintery wood, oh boy, I don't even know how I'd even tell this one, “Harrison always told me that it was when she came back in her sixth year. She'd apparently grown up in his sense. Grown up? For Heather, I know right? But I just don't think that was the time he fell for her. I think he's been lying."

    Fred rested his feet on my crate, causing it to push right into the wall, “That explains it!"

    "Ouch, what explains what?"

    "Sorry Wave, the reason why Harrison was asking what Heather's favorite stone was. He was going to get an article of jewelry for her of some sort. He claimed it was for secret Santa and he was reluctant to do so."

    My stomach turned wayside at the remark, "Oh my Lord, we have to prevent this from happening.


    In the bit of flickering light from that bloody candle that Wave lit, I could see that her cheeks were about to turn to the color of Honey duke’s Cookies and Crème with the atomic bomb I planted on her. Was this too much for her?

    Nahh, not for Wave.

    She was speechless and her mouth tightly shut to indicate that she wasn't up for talking a whole bunch.

    She managed to open her mouth again, "And I hate to tell you this, but he's been hiding the secret since the day he met her. Third year of Hogwarts, remember? He used to taunt heather to get her attention and she'd end up running to her chamber bawling her eyes out. Those tricks weren't to torture her. They were to catch her attention. He, of course, eventually stopped and ignored her because McGonagall told him to. When he found out in sixth year about it, again, Harrison almost died from shock. I've been comforting him and pretty much using the broom closet as a temporary shrink office."

    I jolted in surprise,” You’ve revealed the secret club house? What's wrong with you?"

    Waverly grinned, "Everything."

    "He's going so crazy, that he's becoming impatient with her long-lasting relationship with Chris. He claimed he's just going to tell her one of these days."

    Wave approached the door and summoned me out of the staircase. I cringed in the burning light that I'd taken a break from for the past ten minutes. Just as Wave seemed to suffer from the same effects I had, those stupid fourth years began to giggle and point at my pants. I shot a dirty-death glare at them and the troupe of pre-pubescent nimrods ran off to the common room. Idiots.

    "Fred, you might want to zip up those jeans."

    Oh darn.


    His lips sweetly embraced my own and kissed me like the moment in the library. Live memories cam vividly back into the depths of my mind of the towering shelves of texts and the swan-feather smooth lips that were painted on to Harrison's face. Now was the time to relive it all.

    I slid my hand yet again into his curly locks and enjoyed the silky springs of black hair like I'd done in the library after our hands trembled on the preface of the muggle novel, "The Scarlet Pimpernel". Just as I began to travel through his head, Harrison grabbed my hand gently away from his head.

    Was I doing something wrong?

    He interlaced each of my wimpy hands into the strong firm weave of his own. How cute! I hadn't commited an act that caused him to feel uncomfortable. His kiss demanded much more than I was used to. He'd intensify the kiss with more passion and play than Chris had ever tried. With the relationship I was in, I hated to admit that our love was a friendship with a hug and a few stolen times for holding hands, nothing much else.

    I was undeniably surrendering to his kiss; I felt so weak on that four-poster bed in his apartment. For the minutes to come, I absorbed myself into the passion and it became more intense by the second.

    I found myself unzipping his jeans and Harrison fiddling with the button of my own denims.

    "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    And I answered, "Yes."

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