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My Lips Are Sealed

“I’m an idiot.” It was James, head in his hands as he sat in the Common Room amongst his friends. Dismay was written in his posture and his expression as he cursed himself for acting as he had.

“No you’re not,” Peter objected, but Remus shook his head.

“No, he is.” Sirius snorted at Remus' reply before he put in his own opinions.

“Why does it even matter? It’s not like if you win and you two go on a date, she’ll miraculously change her mind. She’s as stubborn as you,” Sirius said, leaning back in his chair and propping his feet up on the small table in front of them.

“She might!” James exclaimed, looking rather horrified at such a thought. “Sirius the pessimist,” he mumbled under his breath, to which he received a glare from his best friend.

“Not if you keep making her angry,” Remus pointed out, to which Peter nodded adamantly.

“Okay, okay,” James conceded, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “So what I do to fix this one?” he asked, looking solely at Remus with the same dejected look upon his face.

“Talk to her and give up the bet and forget about her. Problem solved,” Sirius said simply. “See how helpful pessimistic Sirius is?” He grinned before letting out a long and loud yawn.

“I don’t think I was talking to you, mate,” James said coolly, not taking his eyes off of Remus.

“Why don’t you just apologize? I’m sure she’ll appreciate it…Somewhat,” Remus responded somewhat doubtfully.

“But I can’t talk to her!”

“Right… Well, why don’t you catch one of her friends and tell them what you want to tell her. I’m sure they’ll help out.”

“Perfect! Who has a piece of parchment?” James demanded, looking around at the four of them quickly. While Sirius and Remus didn’t budge, Peter rushed for his bookbag and dug out a small piece of parchment, a quill, and ink.
“That’ll do,” James said as he began to wildly scribble on the scrap of parchment.

“Are you honestly writing down what you want to say?” Sirius asked incredulously, leaning over slightly to observe better.

“Yes, yes I am.” James did not look away from the parchment once until he had finished. He handed it to Remus who looked it over and corrected a few phrases before handing it back to him. At that moment, as fate would have it, Madeleine and Evelyn made their way through the portrait, heading up to the Girls’ dorm.

“Oy!” James yelled, springing up from his position and all but running over to the two of them. They looked startled for a moment, but he chose to ignore that. “Could you do me a favor?”

“Depends,” Madeleine said, raising an eyebrow in question. “Heard you were a bit of a jerk yesterday, so I’m not sure how much I want to help you.” She crossed her arms, giving him a rather pointed look.

“I know, I know…But I wanted to apologize and I can’t talk to Lily so I was wondering if you could pass on the apology to her.” He smiled sweetly, giving them the most angelic expression he could manage.

Madeleine was about to object when Evelyn smiled and nodded. “Sure thing.” It was then when she saw James take out a small piece of parchment. “Oh…You wrote something down?” She looked a bit surprised, but James only smiled wider in pride.

“Yeah, is that alright?” Evelyn nodded and he cleared his throat, reading from the parchment carefully and slowly. “I am sorry about how I acted at the meeting yesterday. I was being immature and now realize that I should have allowed you to voice your opinions. I hope you will forgive me.” Each word was deliberate and precise—he clearly did not want to mess things up any more than he already had. “Could you tell her that for me?” he asked hopefully, handing over the parchment to Evelyn.

“Sure thing,” she told him with a nod before the two girls headed up to their dorm.

When they finally reached the dorm and had closed the door behind them, Madeleine called out to her friend. “Lily, dearest! We have a message for you!” Her sing song voice rang through the room and she ignored the odd looks she got from her other dorm mates.

Lily, who was sitting on her bed reading, looked up with a rather surprised look on her face. “Yes?” she asked.

Evelyn cleared her throat and affected James’ voice as best as she could as she read the note. As she finished she couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, Lily, it’s just adorable. It’s written so carefully and there are little scratch out marks where he changed his mind. You have to forgive him!”

“He was being mean, though!” Lily objected, looking quite cross as she did so.

“You were sort of antagonizing him, though…Taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t speak,” Madeleine pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, that’s not the point!” Lily stubbornly crossed her arms and gave her friends a look.

“And he apologized. C’mon, he’s never done that before! Never this genuinely at least!” Evelyn countered. “You have to admit that it was very considerate.”

Lily narrowed her eyes before letting out a low sigh. “Fine… It doesn’t mean I like him or anything…” she muttered under her breath.

“Perfect!” Madeleine declared, moving over to Lily and grabbing her arm. “Now you’re going to go accept his beautiful apology.”

As Lily was being pulled out of her bed she let out a shriek. “Hey, hey! Earlier today you were on my side!” she exclaimed as she was being pushed towards the door.

“That was before James turned sweet. Now go tell him you accept his apology.”

Evelyn and Madeleine followed Lily down the staircase, nearly knocking her over several times. Finally, Lily stumbled over the threshold of the Common Room, receiving several stares as she balanced herself and quickly stood back up straight. She saw the four Marauders sitting there on the couches and chairs and she looked back at her friends desperately.

“But they’re all there!” Lily protested quietly, but Evelyn merely gave her another gentle nudge.

With another stumble forward, Lily finally walked meekly up to the four boys, smoothing out her skirt as she did so. “Hey, James?” she said as casually as she could manage.

James merely looked up at her with a bright smile.

“He can’t talk,” Peter said quickly to which Lily rolled her eyes.

“Thanks for pointing that out to me,” she snapped before turning back to James, trying to ignore the other sets of eyes that were boring into her. “I just wanted to say… That I accept your apology… And appreciate the consideration…” His smile only grew more and his eyes brightened with mirth. “Not that you should let that get to your head or anything…” He shook his head fervently. “Because I still think you’re annoying…” He nodded quickly, though the smile hadn’t faded a bit. “But… Thanks…” She turned to go back to her friends, but Madeleine gave her a look and she turned back around. “And I’m sorry for taking advantage of the fact that you couldn’t speak…” she mumbled.

Sirius leaned forward and put a hand to his ear. “Sorry, couldn’t hear that one,” he told her with a grin.

“I’m sorry for taking advantage of the fact that you couldn’t speak!” she nearly yelled at breakneck speed. She blushed deeply and gulped. When James gave her a thumbs up sign, she turned around swiftly and hurried back up to her dorm, Evelyn and Madeleine following and suppressing grins.

Lunchtime came, and Sirius insisted that the four of them sit at the opposite side of the Gryffindor table from Lily. James complained at first, but Sirius pointed out that he was doing his friend a favor by helping him win, as he put it, “this stupid bet.” James conceded and sat down as far away from Lily as he could. As James poked sadly at his food, Remus looked at him oddly.

“Are you really that depressed about this?” he asked slowly.

“It’s just that she’s so far away!” he exclaimed, motioning down the table to her in dejection.

“Merlin, she’s all you think about these days!” Sirius ridiculed, rolling his eyes as he tore into a piece of bread.

“I can’t have any more Quidditch parties so this is all I’ve got!” James snapped before returning to his potatoes, prodding them with his fork sadly.

“Excuse me?” Sirius asked with raised eyebrows, leaning towards James. “Don’t tell me this is Evans’ doing.”

“Then I won’t,” James said sharply, glaring at his friend.

Halfway through lunch, he couldn’t take it anymore. He began glancing subtly at his fellow Gryffindor, barely keeping a smile off of his face. Before long, James found himself staring across the long table at the redhead, unable to keep the goofy smile off of his face. When she finally caught his glance momentarily and gave him an odd look, he immediately looked to his neighbor.

“Hey, would you mind passing down a message to Lily for me?” he asked the third year girl quickly. His friends glanced at him wearily but made no objections.

“Yeah, sure,” was her simple reply and she looked at James expectantly.

“Could you tell her that I didn’t mean to stare but that she just looked so pretty today?” He looked at Remus for approval, who nodded reluctantly. As he turned to look back at her eagerly, the girl shrugged and passed it on to her neighbor. He watched with anticipation as it went down the line of students until he finally saw Lily’s reaction. She looked rather horrified and snapped at the person next to her rather sharply. As her message came back, his demeanor had changed visibly and he suddenly looked rather nervous.

“She says that you saying her hair looks like a cooked kitty is not the way to win her over,” the student said matter-of-factly before going back to her food rather nonchalantly. James, on the other hand, looked utterly appalled.

“No! No, I said I didn’t mean to stareLooked…Pretty… Tell her… that she’s the apple of my eye!” he said rather desperately, tripping over his words in franticness.

The message was passed down once more and Lily shot him an angry glare as she received the message and sent back her own reply in a huff. His neighbor received the message and she snorted with laughter.

“What? What!?” James exclaimed, nearly ready to grab the girl and shake her in anxiety.

The girl cleared her throat and spoke with as much calmness as she could. “She says that you shouldn’t be looking at her apples or her thighs.”

“I said apple of my eye!” he yelled across the table, surprised when he heard his voice echo back to him. The entire Great Hall grew quiet as everyone turned to James in a mix of confusion and amusement. He coughed as he looked around uncomfortably. “If anyone was wondering…” he amended, clearing his throat. “As you all were!” Slowly, conversation started back up and he turned to the girl next to him.

“Alright… Tell her that I have a great deal of respect for her and would never say something like that,” he told her quietly, looking over at Remus who was carrying on a conversation with Peter and paying little attention to James. Still, he decided to continue on despite Remus’ lack of approval.

When Lily received the next message, she choked on her water and burst out in laughter. She leaned over to Evelyn and Madeleine who also began snickering rather loudly. She looked at James with a shake of her head and sent back her message before returning amusedly to her food.

“Lily says that she doesn’t care what part of you is erect and would rather not have you display it. Or was it what part of you is infected… I don’t remember,” the girl said, unfazed.

“I said respect!” James exclaimed in shock, looking over at Lily desperately. “Could you just ask how it is possible that all of my messages get messed up but hers seem to stay intact?” he demanded and the girl reluctantly leaned over to her neighbor.

One by one it was sent down the line one final time. Lily let out a chuckle as she received the message and sent off her message back to him. James’ neighbor smiled as she received the message. “She says, ‘Just lucky I guess’.”

James narrowed his eyes and turned back to his food in disappointment. “Of course…That one gets through,” he muttered to himself with frustration before jabbing his disfigured potatoes.

After dinner, Lily found herself up in her Dorm once again, finishing up some reading for her classes. She hadn’t been there long when Madeleine and Evelyn came up once more, bearing a small piece of parchment and looking rather eager.

“Why do I suspect I know who that came from,” Lily asked with pursed lips, setting down her book. “Alright, let’s hear it.”

Evelyn cleared her throat and deepened her voice. “I wanted to ensure that you knew that I respect you, that you are the apple of my eye, and that you looked very pretty today. As you do every day. And I apologize for the lack of hearing of our fellow Gryffindors. And/or for my terrible enunciation.” Madeleine grinned and glanced over at Lily before letting out a gasp of surprise.

“Ms. Evans, are you smiling right now?” she demanded, bringing a hand to her chest in shock. “Evelyn, I believe she’s not griping at us! This is momentous!”

Lily immediately affected a frown and shook her head adamantly. “I certainly am not… I think he’s absolutely dreadful.”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure… That’s probably why you were glowing just now,” Evelyn ventured, walking over to hand her the parchment. “And why you kept that last piece of parchment in your bookbag,” she teased with twinkling eyes.

“I just thought it was nice,” Lily protested, looking at her friends with discontent. “Last year when he was mean or annoying or rude he would just let it be and never acknowledge his folly. I just found his notes of apology… Refreshing,” she said carefully, nodding to her friends satisfactorily. “That’s all.”

“Right. Refreshing,” Madeleine said laughingly. She moved over to her friend and sat on the edge of her bed. “Or you actually see that he’s trying and you think you could like him and you’re afraid to admit that he’s not that bad.” She looked at Evelyn slyly.

“Unquestioningly, no,” Lily said with a firm shake of her head. “That’s ridiculous.”

Evelyn let out a sigh of dismay. “You’re so stubborn,” she groaned, sitting down on her own bed.

“No, I’m just right,” Lily contested, picking up her book once more to finish her reading.

“We’ll see,” Madeleine said deviously, standing up to move to her own bed as well.

“We’ll see?” Lily asked quickly, shooting a look to her friend over the top of her book. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” Madeleine said quickly , turning to hide the grin on her face as best as she could. “Nothing at all.”

Yay for a second chapter! I’m having loads of fun writing this so I hope you’re all enjoying it! Drop me a review to let me know what you think.

Until next time,


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