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Revelations by byebye
Chapter 17 : Actions and Motives
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            He was standing there, hand poised to knock, as the door suddenly opened. 

            “Oh, hello Granger.”

            “Hello Malfoy. Good timing?” she asked as he finally brought his hand back to his side. Good timing if it had been ten minutes ago. He’d been practically frozen in the position. Not that he would tell her that, especially since he didn’t really know why. Or atleast, he was pretending he didn’t. 

            “Perfect,” he answered, letting his charming smirk light up his face.

            “So what exactly do you want to do today?” she asked, falling into step beside him as they left their rooms together. 

            “Oh I don’t know, there was never really anything I had to do in Hogmeade. I usually just wandered around. What do you do?”

            “Oh I usually just make sure I have parchment and ink and quills. We always went to Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks. Sometimes I managed to get some time to go to the book store.”

            “The bookstore? When do you have time to read? Between all the researching and keeping Potter and Weasly in line, doing homework, and figuring out new spells just to show off in class, you couldn’t possibly have time,” he said as a smile graced his features. She couldn’t help but laugh, attracting many more odd looks that neither had noticed as they made their way to the carriages.

            “I enjoy reading, and all that other stuff, well it isn’t all that much work. And I only get farther ahead in class when I haven’t any new books to read.”

            “Well then, the bookstore, Honeydukes, the Three Broomsticks, and the supply shop. Sounds like a packed day to me. ” She gently shoved him, causing the both of them to laugh as they made their way into a carriage. Everyone looked around, sharing glances with their friends, wondering what sort of universe they had dropped into where the Gryffindor Princess and the Slytherin Prince were friends, laughing and joking.

            Not that they would ever ask the two out right, but many rumors would be going around.

            “Drakie?” an obnoxious voice asked from behind their table.

            “Pansy?” he responded incredulously. She didn’t seem to notice Hermione who was trying not to laugh. Not that she succeeded, having to press her hands against her mouth to muffle the sounds.

            “How are you? I haven’t seen you much at all since you aren’t in the dorms, being the Head Boy and all.” Her hands were running down his chest, her head in the crook of his neck as she purred her words at him, “And you aren’t in any of my classes. What is a girl supposed to do?”

            He was squirming as her hands traveled further and further down his front. Hermione nearly had to leave, watching had become so funny to her she could barely contain it. Pansy ‘Pug-faced’ Parkinson was trying to… in a bookstore! She had never found anything funnier in her life. Which in all honesty, wasn’t too difficult to beat. 

            “Well, you could find someone else to try and feel up. I figured you have done that by now, atleast.”

            “But Drakie, that would just take all the fun out of it. I like doing this to you, I like the way it makes me feel.” 

            “Great, yeah can you just, just stop, please?”

            “Please?” she said snapping back, as if she were offended, “When the bloody hell did you start saying 'please'?”

            “Um, since Granger has spent too much time around me, doing Head stuff. Yeah anyways, nice seeing you again. Bye.”

            She just stood there, staring at his form as he hurriedly left the store, Hermione nearly falling over her feet in front of him. His hands were on her hips, guiding her to the front, when they had been in the back, and she suddenly stopped.

            “Drakie,” she giggled, laying one hand on his chest, “I have to purchase these books before we can leave, but I’ll be back, I promise.” She fluttered her eyes at him, a gentle smirk on her features before she swayed off to the counter. He watched every movement of her hips as he ran his hands through his hair. 

            When she finally met him outside of the shop, she burst into laughter, nearly collapsing. He pulled her to him, so that she didn’t fall over and drew her into a secluded alley. 

            “'Drakie', oh Merlin that’s great. I can't believe she didn’t even notice I was there.” Her words just caused him to glare at her.

            “It might have been funny to you but let me tell you, I’d be the happiest man if she never came within a thousand feet of me again.” He shivered in disgust as they sat on the ground, leaning against a building.

            “A thousand feet? That’s quite a distance for a restraining order. Besides, I thought she was great in bed?” she said as she finally calmed herself to just smiling at him.

            “A restraining order? Probably one of those Muggle things. And honestly I wouldn’t know. She’s never seen more of me than in my swim trunks. Father had a party one summer and most of us kids spent most of it at the lake. She doesn’t even have all that great of a body. Anything a guy might see from the robes is all the robes.”

            “Oh, well that’s much more information than I wanted.” He simply shrugged and stood, offering her his hand. She grasped it as she pushed herself to her feet. 

            “The Three Broomsticks now m’lady?” he asked, putting on a false accent, offering her his arm. She slipped her arm through his laughing before she replied in a fake accent, “Why thank you good sir. That sounds lovely.”

            They found at the Three Broomsticks Harry, Ron, and Ginny, as well as her parents. She immediately looked around to see Bryan only to fall back in disappointment.

            She slipped her hand into Malfoy’s and he squeezed it gently. They moved towards the group, still holding hands, as she trailed behind him. When they got to the table, Hermione felt Draco squeeze her hand once more before she pulled it from his grasp. 

            “Hello Mum,” she said, almost formally, nodding to everyone else. 
           “Hi sweetie, Bryan wanted to come and say hi but he was asked to do something for McGonagall. Anyways, there were a few things I wanted to talk to you about the… jarheads?”

            “Jareds, we’re calling them Jareds,” Brett said with a smile on his face as he draped his arm across her shoulders. She leaned into him slightly as she continued, “Yes, the Jareds. I think that I might have found something. In a couple of the books, but I'm not sure what it means honestly. Is there someplace we can all talk, and actually hear each other?”
        Draco nodded and signaled to Madame Rosmerta.
           “Hello Mr. Malfoy. What can I do for you today?”

            “Um, can we get two more butterbeers, and also is there an open room, we’d like to all go somewhere private?” he asked as he slipped her a few gold coins. He was leaning close so that he could tell her in her ear, seeing as the place was so packed hardly anyone could hear anything. No one would notice, except Hermione, but she would wait to question him later.

            Madame Rosmerta nodded as her hand dropped the coins into her front pocket, motioning with the other hand for the group to follow her. She led them behind the bar and through a door which opened into hallway of other doors.
           “Any one you would like Mr. Malfoy. You can leave the back way. Let me know if you need anything else. Ta’.” And then she whisked around, back out to her other customers.
           “I didn’t know Rosemerta had rooms,” Brett said as they followed Draco into one.
         “Yeah, not many people do. She really doesn’t tell anyone because, well, they're for her very important customers. Like when the minister or any higher ups come, some of the high-esteemed people like my father used to be, and probably Dumbledore and all her good friends.”
         “Oh, well, that’s nice to know. What did she mean the back way Draco?” Josi asked.
      “In every room, there’s another exit. It leads straight to the street, as if you're going out the front door, but in all actuality you can have it bring you into the alley if you really would prefer that. Father does, he seems to hate being seen here.” With a shrug of his shoulders, as they were all seated, he said, “So spill.”
           “Well, we still have to find the cup and another thing of either Gryffindor’s or Slytherin’s. We know one is in Africa and the other is in Australia .”

            “Why are you telling us what we already know Mrs. Granger?”

            “Josi, if you don’t mind Ginny. And that way everyone knows where we’re at. Ok, so everything has been at the place he found it or an important place to him. So what I think is that if it is a Slytherin object, it’ll be where someplace that is important to him. If it’s Gryffindor, then it'll be where he found it.”

            “Ok, but how does that help us? I mean, Mrs. Granger, er sorry, Josi, we don’t know which it is, nor anyplace that is important to him, so therein, we’re back to square one right?”

            “Wrong Harry. I was going through Brett’s books at the house and I know that it can't be anything else of Slytherin’s.”

            “How in the world could you possibly know that? And what house?” Draco asked a little angrily. 

            “The one his parents left him in America ,” she said motioning to Brett who wasn’t really paying attention as he stared off into the distance with a hard look on his face.
           “And I know that simply because everything that belonged to Salazar Slytherin, beside the locket, was destroyed in the house fire that killed him. He had given the locket to his eldest daughter as a gift when she moved in with her husband. So that means-”

            “No Josi,” Brett said as he blinked a few times, turning his head back to her.

            “No what Brett? That all made a good lot of sense to me,” Ron said.

            “No, it’s something of Slytherin’s. It has to be.”

            “Why do you say that?” Ginny asked.

            “I get visions of sorts. Kind of like prophecies only what I see I remember and it can change.”

            “Still? But I thought that…”

            “And we also thought that I would never get them again after the first battle. I’ve gotten plenty over the years Josi, I guess it just doesn’t want to go and leave me the hell alone. But I saw a cane of sorts. It had Slytherin’s symbol on it,” he dragged out the last few words as it he was just realizing something. He sat straight up in his seat, stiff with concentration.

            “Wait a minute, wait a minute. Didn’t the founders all have something for the school for their houses? And then they made something together with each of their symbols on it?” he asked Hermione. 

            “I, uh, well its only legendary. They don’t even know what any of the five objects are. In Hogwarts, A History, it says that it was a story that some people believe but has never been proven true, no matter the hundreds who have tried. No Brett, I don’t think that it’s true.”

            “And a lot of Muggles don’t believe magic is true. They think it’s just fantasy.” He raised an eyebrow at her.

            “But this is a legend, not a fantasy. They are two completely different things.”

            “Hermione, nearly every legend has a truth behind it, just like every good lie is based upon the truth.”

            “Just because a lot of them might, doesn’t mean that this one is,” she mumbled sitting back in her seat, arms crossed over her chest. 

            “Well, then why don’t we go back and ask them?” Brett suggested as he too leaned back in his chair.

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Revelations: Actions and Motives


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