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Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name

But what's confusing you

Is the nature of my game
Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

“Miss Lovegood please tell me all that you can remember.” Dumbledore peered over the top of his half-moon spectacles at the tiny girl sitting quivering before him. Rayne’s tiny hands were clutched by her older brother and guardian Xenophilius and Marlene, Lily and I stood behind her. 


As soon as Rayne had calmed down enough to stand we had rushed her to the headmaster who had brought Xeno straight to school, for emotional support. However, I had the feeling Rayne would have preferred Dumbledore to leave Xeno at home.


Rayne gulped and raised her head; she looked Dumbledore straight in the eye and spoke in her clear little voice.


“I can’t remember much but I remember a feeling of terror and darkness, an evil rising. I was alone in a dark field, not a real field of course.”


“Of course.” agreed Dumbledore.


 “Then there was the stench of death and a dreadful pain right here,” she motioned to the middle of her chest, “my heart broke, but it wasn’t my heart. It was someone who is a part of my heart and theirs broke. Oh I’m not making any sense.” Rayne let her head fall into her hands in defeat.


“No my child you are making perfect sense continue.” I thought Dumbledore was being very kind. I couldn’t make head nor tail of Rayne’s garbled explanation.


“Then I knew, I just knew that bad things had happened. Or that they were going to happen, you know in the future, the current future, which was actually the past then. And it would affect everybody... most dreadfully. People I knew, or know, I don’t know, they were dead. Others betrayed us and that among other dreadful horrific but faceless things was why my heart, her heart, broke.”


“Whose heart?” pressed Dumbledore urgently.


Rayne shook her head sadly, “I don’t know.”


“Very well, Xenophilius please take your sister to the hospital wing she needs a good potion for the shock and maybe a draught of dreamless sleep.”


Xeno guided his tiny sister out of the room.


“I trust that you three will protect your friend from the rest of the schools population, who though I am sure would never want it, could cause further stress to Miss Lovegood.”


“Yes sir.” We chorused and left his office. We walked arms around each other all the way to the common room and unsteadily climbed through the portrait hole. We were met on the other side by a storm of questions and curious stares. No thought ran through my head and I am sure that all the students saw from us were vacant stares.

“Right leave them alone, now!” shouted a voice, Sirius appeared at my side.


“You OK?” he whispered to me. I could hear Lily at my side sobbing quietly. Marlene was walking vaguely through the room paying no heed to the students attempting to obstruct her.


“No.” I whispered and allowed him to wrap his arms tightly around me. I cried into his chest. I don’t know why I allowed it but a poisonous mixture of immense shock, stress and downright terror brought forth a flood of tears.


Rayne did not leave the Hospital Wing for a week and in that time I was forced to deflect hundreds of questions about Rayne’s vision. I was helped by Sirius and Josh who sat at my sides through all meals. They both attempted to brush off any gossipers as quick as possible. Probably so I wouldn’t even notice they had arrived.


The Monday after Rayne had been admitted she was released from the Hospital wing. Marlene, Lily and I formed a protective cordon around her to deflect the renewed speculations. She was a shade thinner than her usual self and there was a ghost in her sparkling eyes but more or less we had our Rayne back and we could move on.


That night we told the boys what had happened for the first time. It was well past midnight and everyone had gone to bed, save the 8 of us. Rayne sat curled up on Pete’s lap and allowed our explanation to wash over her. With each sentence Pete’s arms tightened further around her.


“It’ll be fine, nothing’s going to happen to you, I won’t let it.” Peter gazed down at Rayne as he said it and I was struck for the first time by the thought that Peter may be just as formidable as the rest of the boys so obviously were. As he gazed at his girlfriend with such protective care in his small eyes I knew I would not want to threaten her.


“I can take care of myself you great softy.” Rayne laughed and patted his cheek. The tension broke and we talked of lighter topics but I could see a certain look in the eyes of both Peter and James still as they watched their loves. I breathed deeply and relaxed against Sirius as we shared Gerald, a temporary truce called.


“Now Kitty, have you got everything?”


I glared at Lily as she patronised me.


“Yes Mum.” I replied sullenly. She had never let me forget the time I had left all my left shoes at school. I had to hop everywhere. It was quite fun really, I painted myself green, I was a frog. Duh!


“C’mon then.” And she dragged me along behind her as we ran towards the waiting carriages.


“Shift.” I demanded of James as I climbed into the carriage he was sharing with the rest of our friends. He squidged over a tiny bit, but not enough so I pushed him out of the other side of the carriage. He spent the rest of the carriage ride grumbling about me bringing back horrific memories. But I wasn’t listening. I was going home today, well I was going to a house, and it wasn’t really my home so... I was going house today. In this house lived my crazy mother and my equally insane half-brother Damien. With my luck they’d probably decided to meet me at the station. The boys did not understand what had put me in such a mood and I was receiving many pitying looks from my girlfriends and lots of anxious glances at the new dull blue streak adorning my hair.


They had all met my mother and seemed to understand why I had gone all doom and gloom. Really at the moment someone could have passed me a brimful glass of water and I would have proclaimed it half-empty.


The train ride back took about 3 minutes as far as I could tell and then we were stood on the platform saying our goodbyes. I received several big hugs from the girls who all threw me sympathetic glances.


“You’re coming to our Christmas party aren’t you?” asked Sirius. I nodded weakly trying to not notice the eyes boring holes in the back of my head.


“And you boys are coming to Kitty’s party at my house aren’t you?” asked Marlene. The boys nodded but looked confused.


“If it’s Kitty’s party why is it at your house?” asked James, tactful as ever.


“You’ve met my mum before James, work it out.” I whispered. James winced remembering I’m sure the time my mum had whacked him round the head with her umbrella when he walked too close to me. He shot a sympathetic glance and I knew he was now remembering the time my mum had yelled at me in the middle of the platform when she had caught me giving Lily a hug. His retaliation to my mum’s use of the word ‘mudblood’ in relation to Lily had earned him a second whack around the head.


“Katrina.” Said a voice behind me. I very nearly growled.


“I’m coming.” I replied without turning around.


“Now!” He hissed, “Mother will not wait for you any longer.” I turned to face Damien and scowled. My brother Damien Black, my half-brother and five-years my senior; Satan’s sprog. He was also, in the eyes of the entirety my mother’s family, five times my better. He was a typical Baines although he shared a surname with Sirius rather than myself. He’s a distant relation of Sirius’ and his dad is even more of a prick than he is, he’s my mother’s on-again off-again boyfriend. The one she cheated on with my dad. He didn’t re-act well when he found out.


“Fine, I’m coming now, It’s not like 30 more seconds would kill her, but oh no it would waste some of her precious time, the-” I was cut off as Damien grabbed my arm and yanked me away from my friends. Although Damien hated me immensely (and the feeling was by most definitely mutual) he hated my friends more and was immensely protective of me around them.


“Bye guys, see you later.” I called miserably waving my wand so that my trunk would follow me. They stared after me; Sirius with his mouth hanging open dumbly.


“Get off me Demon.” I whispered and yanked myself free with difficulty (yes I may be freakishly strong but Damien, or Demon as I know him, is even more freakishly strong). I looked up from where I had been inspecting the toes of my stiletto boots off of the 60’s. We were stood in front of mega bitc- I mean, my darling mother. She glared down at me like I had grievously insulted her.


“Katrina, darling,” she drawled, “my love you should be nicer to your brother. Who were those...” she surveyed my friends magisterially and coughed slightly as her eyes flitted over Lily, “... people, you were talking to?” She smiled down at me with, what an outsider might misinterpret as, a mothering smile.

“Mother you know them. You’ve met Marlene, Rayne and Lily and I’m sure you’ll know James and Sirius. Also you’ll have seen Remus and Peter here before.” I answered as politely as I could possibly manage.


“Oh yes,” replied my mother in a carrying voice, “I’d forgotten my daughter consorted with Bloodtraitors, Mudbloods and Half-breeds.” She sneered down at me her pale lineless face crinkling in disgust.


Damien grabbed my arms before I could run at my dearest mother and from scuffling sounds from behind me someone was also being forcibly restrained from throttling my ignorant mother.


“You OK Kitty?” asked James from behind me. Crap! I so did not want him and the other marauders to meet my brother and mother.

“Kitty?!” Demon laughed.

“So you’re a cat now are you Katrina?” he laughed again and it took all my restraint not to hit him across the head with something heavy, for example a trunk.

“Shut up, Demon.” I muttered and turned to James giving, what I hoped was a convincing smile.

“Katrina.” I gave a noticeable wince at the sound of both my full name and my mother’s shrill voice.

“Katrina what have I told about conversing with filth. Have you not already brought enough shame to the family already-” She would have continued I know she would have had James not interrupted.

“Hey who are you calling filth!” James drew himself up to his full height and glared at my mother.

“Are you not the Potter boy?” She asked.

James Potter.” He replied defiantly. I had to commend his courage. My mother can be bloody terrifying if she wants. But he was not backing down.

“Well then you are a filthy blood traitor and have no place talking to my daughter. Come Katrina.” My mother barked leaving James looking outraged. I threw him a deeply apologetic look. He shot me one back and I understood his meaning.


“Let’s just go shall we.” Growled Damien.


Spinning on my heel I threw one last wave at my friends and then vanished into a crushing blackness with my brother’s hand on my arm.


I immediately disengaged myself from Demons grip on my arm and dragged my trunk upstairs to my room. My room was the one room in the house that I came close to liking. I could see that my mother had attempted to tear down my décor. She of course did not approve of Gryffindor Banners, hand drawn pictures, photos of the girls and posters of Muggle Guys mostly without their tops. I laughed as I noticed how she had attempted to burn them off but I had cast my charms too well. None of the emerald green wall could be seen beneath my covering, just the way I had intended. I threw open my trunk and took as long as possible to unpack my trunk.

“Miss Katrina?” Dolly the house elf appeared with a crack behind me and I screamed and threw my arm full of clothes behind me. The tiny elf caught them swiftly and continued to speak whilst carrying them to the drawer.

“Miss Katrina, the Mistress requests your presence at the dinner table. Dolly is to finish your unpacking.” I sighed heavily and stomped down the stairs.

“Katrina.” My mother acknowledged my presence with a nod.


“Katrina” Demon mimicked my mother’s actions, as bloody always.




Oh great! He was here. Apparently they were on-again. Arcturus Black glared at me from across the table.


“Evening all.” I nodded my head three times and sat cross legged on my chair.


“Sit properly Katrina!” Barked Mother.


Oh boy this would be a long week!


A/N: Hey peoples, sorry for the criminally long wait. I’m evil but I was off school for a week and I didn’t have any homework to ignore in order for me to feel like writing. I went to school today and voila! Finished chapter! The second half has no editing, mainly because I’m lazy but also because I wanted to get this to you as quick as possible! So please review! Big thanks to totally mary first off for reviewing all my chapters real quick and also for looking over the first part of this chappie. Love you Maz Shaz. Big hugs and ponies to everyone who has reviewed thus far. Please please please visit my MTA. It looks all barren and empty. Also check out the chapter images for the first three chapters if you haven’t seen them yet. One is Kitty, one is James and the next is Sirius. Just to give you a visual. Loveage Sparkle x

A/N2: Credit for the title goes to Sars. and chapter image is Kitty's mother and brother Damien

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