I awoke the next morning with an itchy chin. Hermione had her head resting on my chest and her hair was gently tickling my chin. I tried to move it as softly and quietly as I could, but of course I was unsuccessful.

"Hey." Hermione said groggily, wiping some sleep out of her eye, but not moving her head.

"Morning sweetheart." I smiled, watching as she smiled, eyes closed.

"I like that, sweetheart." she said, leaning up to look at me.

"I’ll remember that." I said, smiling wider, staring into those brown orbs. "Look, Hermione. I wanted to say I’m sorry, about last night, I should have remembered.."

"Don’t be sorry Draco. It’s not your fault. You forgot, that’s all. I wish I could forget as easy as you." she said, brown eyes wide.

"It’s only since we’ve been together that I’ve started to forget." I said, the words just spilling out of my mouth. "That’s why I drowned myself in women, to try to forget, but since we’ve been together, everything else just takes a back seat." It was just so easy to be myself around Hermione.

"I’m glad I’m being useful for you." she said, trying to lighten the sombre mood. "Let’s go downstairs?"

"Yes, I’m starving." I said, already starting to forget about our conversation as my stomach growled.

She giggled, patted my stomach and then hopped out of bed. I stood as well, and we headed as one downstairs to the kitchen.

"Pancakes?" she asked, heading to the fridge.

"Sure." I said, wondering how she knew my favorite breakfast. "What do you want me to do sweetheart?"

Hermione giggled at her nickname, and said "Heat the stove and get the mixing bowl, please." she said, grabbing stuff out of the fridge, then heading to the cupboards.

I flicked my wand and the stove glowed red. I was thankful for magic because the knobs and buttons on the stove looked menacing. Then I began opening up cupboards at random, looking for a mixing bowl.

"It’s up here." smiled Hermione, standing on tip toe, trying to reach a bowl in the top cupboard. I stood behind her, reached up and grabbed the bowl, hardly even stretching. Hermione turned around and bumped her forehead into my chest. She looked at my chest, then up to my eyes. "I forgot you weren’t wearing a shirt." She giggled again.

"Is it too distracting?" I smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"I’ve dealt with distractions before." she said, sliding her hand from my face and then resting a hand on my abdomen. "Now, go sit down and I’ll make breakfast."

"Fine. But when you come over to my place, I get to cook." I pouted, striding over to the kitchen table. I raised my left arm to look at my watch. 10:04. That left plenty of time until I had to go to the Manor.

Five minutes later, Hermione walked over, graefully levitating a stack of pancakes on a plate. I got up, waved my wand, and utensils, plates, glasses, orange juice and maple syrup came flying to the table.

"Thanks." she said, halting at the table and levitating the pancakes down.

"My pleasure." I said. Quickly I filled Hermione’s plate and glass, then mine. We sat down at the table and ate our breakfast silently. None of us had anything to say, so why ruin the peaceful silence with unimportant chatter?

When I had finished my fourth pancake and Hermione her second, we both stood and cleared away. I glanced at my watch again, 10:37.

"I’ve got to get going Hermione." I said regretfully. "Mother won’t be too pleased if I’m late."

"Okay." she sighed, stepping towards me. "Come over when your finished?"

"Of course." I smiled brightly, wrapping my arms around her waist, hugging her tightly. We held each other quietly, my silent anxieties and worries drifting away as all I could think about at that moment was Hermione.

"Alright," she said finally, disentangling herself from me, "Get going mama’s boy. Oh, your clothes!"

"I’ll get them tonight, I'm just going straight to my house from here." I smiled, kissing the top of her head. She watched me walk to her door, open it then pause on her door step. I disapparated from her house, right there on her door step. Just to piss her off.



"Hello Snooky." I smiled pleasantly down at my mother’s house elf.

She looked startled by my good mood, but quickly recovered. "Good afternoon Master Malfoy. Your mother is waiting out back, on the porch. Snooky will take you there."

"That’s alright, Snooky. I know the way." I said, stepping over the threshold and patting the elf on the head.

"O-okay Master Malfoy. Snooky will get the food ready." stammered Snooky as she darted off towards the kitchen, obviously not used to me being in a good mood, while I made my way to the back of the house.

I slid open the French door and stepped onto the white wooden patio. Mother was seated on a white wooden chair at a small round table, with a new book in hand.

"Hello Mother." I greeted, sitting down in the chair opposite her.

I waited a second while she dog eared her page, then she set the book down and smiled. "Hello dear."

"Good book?" I asked, as Snooky came out, carrying an antique tea tray. She set down the steaming cups, sugar and milk, bowed then left again.

She stirred her sugar and milk slowly into her tea then looked up. "Oh yes. Sort of a modern day Romeo and Juliette kind of thing, dreadfully sad." she sighed.

William Shakespear was one of my mother’s guilty pleasures, she truly believed him to be a Wizard.

"Lovely." I said, just realizing that mine and Hermione’s relationship was like what my mother was reading.

"You just don’t appreciate good literature." smirked my mother. Her smirk was different then mine, her’s was more, teasing. Where as mine was menacing.

"I just don’t consider sappy romance novels good literature." I smirked right back. "But anyway, how have you been lately?"

"Good, good. I actually got a new broom the other day." she smiled wide as my eyes popped.

"You finally ditched your Nimbus 1500?" I asked, astounded. She loved that broom almost as much as Shakespear.

"Yes, I’m getting old now, and I thought some extra speed would do me good." she smiled again, thanking Snooky for bringing out a tray of sandwiches.

"What model is it?" I asked, curious.

"A Comet 360, you can take it out after lunch if you like?"

"Of cour- oh. No I can’t mother I have to see... someone." I said, faltering slightly.

"Someone?" she asked, tilting her head, trying to hide her smirk.

"Yes, I- I’ve met someone mother." I said, looking down slightly, not sure if I was ready to do this.

"Do I know her?" she asked, sipping her tea absentmindedly, trying to fathom who it was.

"Yes." I said slowly, still not looking her in the eyes, suddenly feeling very nervous.

"Well, spit it out then." she said, beginning to get impatient with my lack of enthusiasm in sharing this with her.

"You have to promise you won’t over react when I tell you." I said quickly, crossing my fingers.

"What-?" she began, with a look about her eyes.

"Promise." I cut her off, looking up for the first time since this conversation began.

"I promise." she said, huffing.

"I’ve been seeing Hermione Granger." I said proudly, not taking my eyes off my mothers.

She gaped for a second, her mouth slightly ajar. Her mouth opened and shut several times before she managed a sentence. "The mud- muggleborn?" she asked.

"The muggleborn yes." I said stiffly, fixing her with a cold steely grey stare.

"When- where- how?" she sputtered, trying to keep her promise.

"I met her last Saturday, at St. Mungo’s-"

"Why were you at St. Mungo’s?" asked my mother, concern clouding her disbelief of my relationship with Hermione.

"Just a bit of spell damage." I said, waving her off, "But anyway, the Healer I was appointed to was Hermione."

"And I can see from your intensity that she is not just another fling." said my mother seriously, seemingly somewhat disappointed.

"No mother, she’s not." I said, still more seriously. "She means a lot to me. And I didn’t come here seeking your permission. I’m seeing her wether you like it or not."

My mother was quiet again. She was deeply thinking. Her eyes were unfocused as she turned a new idea over in her head.

"I’d like to see her." she said, finally coming to a conclusion.

I fought back a smile. "You would?"

"Yes." she said, taking a sip of tea. "I don’t know her personally and will have to deem her fit enough to be with my only son."

""I already told you-"

"I know, Draco. But I still would like to think that your mother’s opinion would mean something to you." she said curtly, staring right through me.

"Of course." I said, a tinge of blush colouring my pale skin.

"Next week then." she said promptly, "She can come by with you for lunch here."

"I’ll ask her, but I can’t guarantee her presence. She’s not really... ready to come here yet." I said slowly, trying to get my mother to understand Hermione’s unwillingness to come, hoping I would not have to bring that up.

She paused for a second, contemplating what I had just said. "Ah. Of course, we’ll go out then?" she said, not letting Hermione slip away.

"Sure, where?" I asked.

"Bristol Bistro, we used to take you there when you were young." she said, smiling slightly, thinking of days before that happened.

"Alright, noon then?" I said, very glad that the Hermione issue had gone relatively well.

"Yes." she said, snapping her fingers, then Snooky appeared. "Snooky, please run and fetch my broom."

Snooky left with a bow as I looked at my mother.

"I can’t stay long." I said, though I was itching to be up in the air again.

"I know, just a few minutes, you can’t deny your mother that? After what I just agreed to." she said, pushing her chair back and taking the broom from Snooky with a thank you.

"She’s wonderful mother." I said sternly, "she actually reminds me of you."

"Me?" she asked, handing me her new, sleek broom.

"Yes. Your both beautiful, elegant, pushy, intelligent, worrisome and confident." I said, taking the broom from my mother.

"I’m not pushy." she said, glaring at me.

I didn’t answer, just hopped on the broom. I heard my mother grumble behind me as I took to the air. The air whipped past my face as I pushed the broom faster. This new Comet was really something. She turned to my slightest touch and seemed to catch air currents, giving it extra speed. I pushed it faster, and faster. Higher and higher. Until I could barely see the white marble of the Manor.


"I don’t know about this Draco." sighed Hermione, running her hand through her beautiful curls.

We were seated at her dining table, just after supper, discussing my visit with my mother.

"Hermione, we won’t be at the Manor and you won’t be alone. I’ll be there with you." I said, for about the hundredth time, as I put my hand over hers.

"I know you’ll be there but, don’t you think it’s a bit soon for me to be seeing your parents?" she asked, curling her hair around her finger nervously.

"Parent." I stated firmly. "You’re not getting anywhere near my father."

"Parent then." she said, still pressing the matter.

"I’d meet your parents right now." I said truthfully, thinking about meeting her father.

"That’s not the point." she seethed.

"Then what is it Hermione." I said softly, pushing back my chair and going to sit on the table in front of Hermione. "My mother wants to meet you. Do you know how hard it is to even get that far? Tiffany didn’t see my mother until four months into our relationship."

"I know, I know." she sighed again and looked down.

"Then what is it?" I asked, pushing her hair back from her face, tilting it up to look at me.

"I’m just... I’m scared she won’t like me." she whispered, head up but eyes fixed on a point above my head.

"Hermione, look at me." I said, watching as her eyes found mine. "My mother will love you, it will just take time. Your not pure-blood. Your not rich. In normal circumstances you would have to work three times as hard to even get my mother to consider you. But your not a normal circumstance Mione. You had me captured right away, which is no easy task. And even if she turns out to be a total bitch and refuses to see how amazing you are, then we’ll say to hell with her! She’ll no longer be my mother if she doesn’t accept you."

Hermione smiled up at me through watery eyes. I jumped from the table and knelt down at her feet, taking her hands, I kissed her tears away.

"Don’t waste your tears on my silly speech Hermione." I smiled. She laughed, then swiped at her eyes.

"It wasn’t silly, Draco. It was amazing." she smiled again, "But you don’t have to give up your mother just because she might not like me."

"I’d give up anything for you Hermione." I said, seriously. I love you. I couldn’t say it. Not now, not only after a week. But I did. God Draco, your such a coward. I thought, as I closed up the silence with a kiss.

My lips moved with hers in a way that could not be described. It was so muh more then a kiss. I leaned up farther as she opened her mouth for entry. I caressed the inside of her mouth while she moved her hands up to my head, losing them in my hair. I bit down softly on her lip, drawing a moan. Really, there was no where else I would rather be.


[Hey readers, another chapter! Shout out to my new beta, Alanna! Wonderful you is. Anyways, how was the chapter? Narciassa? Hermione and Draco at the end? I know Draco and Narcissa didn’t talk much about Lucius, but that’s only cause they were too busy on the subject of Hermione. Ill put Lucius in soon enough. Oh, and for all you ron lovers, he’ll make another appearance next chapter promise!]

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