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The Consequences of Time-Travel by MovieMagic
Chapter 1 : The Future
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A/N: A time-travel fiction. Does Harry Potter belong to me? Lets see, I’m not a blonde or a female or a Billion Air who lives in Britain so no Harry Potter does NOT belong to me. 

Chapter 1: The Future 

A purple spell whirled past his head as he ran to the center of the battle field. Voldermort was fighting several French Aurors at once.

His wand was a constant blur as the Aurors fell one by one. He blasted what was left of the Aurors with a Reducto curse and turned towards Harry Potter. Harry Potter’s 23, he has an old sack in one hand and his wand tightly clutched in the other.

“Hey moldy what’s up?’’ Harry teased. The last time he had seen his mortal enemy was at the tragic Battle of Hogwarts were Fred and the Wealsey Parents died in battle. He also lost his Uncle by everything but blood, Remus Lupin and his wife Nyphandora.

“Why it’s Harry. The little escape artist” Voldermort was referring to Harry’s numerous close calls. The last one was in Malfoy Manor were Harry and Ron had been imprisoned, again.

“Dumbledore found your weakness Tom and he passed it onto me” Harry said as he pored the contents of the sack onto the forest floor. Inside was Hufflpufs Cup, Ravenclaws Crown, Slytherin’s Locket, Tom Riddle’s Diary, Tom’s Mother’s ring and Nagai the giant snake all destroyed.

Voldermort hissed dangerously.

“Oh, I must have hit a nerve” Harry said. Voldermort fired a Killing Curse straight at Harry. The curse missed him by centimeters but his wand was court in the blast and flung several feet were it was stepped on and snapped by many of the duelers still in battle. Harry watched as his delicate wand was trampled all over in sadness. He turned back to Riddle.

“Well, that was an interesting twist. Looks like you won” Harry said as he put his hands behind his back and got to his knees.

“Harry Potter surrendering? I never though I’d see the day” Voldermort said as he advanced on Harry.

“Surrender and you may live” Harry said in a confident voice.

“Who do you think you are to stop the Dark Lord?” Voldermort asked.

Harry pulled a metallic object from his back pocked and took careful aim at Toms chest. The bang that echoed around haltered all duels and everyone turned to see Harry standing over Voldermort who was on his knees with a huge red stain on the front of his robes. “Harry Potter” was Harry’s reply.

Lord Voldermort, the Dark Lord, You-Know-Who, Hater of Muggle’s, was killed with a gun. Harry then dropped to his knees, dropped the gun and closed his eye’s. He heard the familiar sound of apparition. The Death Eaters were fleeing after the death of their master.

Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at the concerned face of Draco Malfoy. “You alright?” Draco asked. Harry nodded.

“Where’s Ron?” Harry asked. Draco replied by pointing at a pile of body’s.

“No!” Harry said tears coming to his eye’s.

“I’m sorry Harry but look at it this way, its over” Draco said.

“You don’t understand Draco” Harry said tears poring down his face “You still have Astoria, Ginny’s… gone”.

He pulled Harry into a manly hug.

Pulling out of it with a small cough Draco said “come on, lets get some rooms in the Leaking Caldron” and with that Draco pulled Harry of the ground, grabbed his gun, and apparated away from the Forbidden Forest (the wards fell after the Battle of Hogwarts). They entered the empty pub and ordered a lot of Firewhiskey.

After 20 or so drinks Harry had made a decision. He was going to end his boring, screwed up life. He would see Ginny, the Weasley’s, Dumbledore, Sirius, his parents! With that thought in mind he grabbed his gun and made his way to his room.

He barley noticed that the room he was given was the same one that he had before his 3rd year.

He sat on the side of his bed. Memories flashing in his head.

Ginny being tortured in front of his eyes before she was driven to insanity. Her last words before losing her mind were ‘kill me’. Harry had gone on a rampage that night killing Peter Pettigrew, Bellatrix and Lucius Malfoy. He then was forced to kill his insane fiancé. That was just before Draco had joined their little group.

The memory was painful.

Harry was bound to a poll in the middle of the muggle street. Police had come and police had been killed. All of them were dead around their cars. But that wasn’t what Harry was looking at. In the middle of the road was Ginny, Lucius, Bella and Peter. Bella’s want was trained on Ginny and Ginny was withering in pain. She was screaming.

She had been under the curse for 10 minutes and Harry was forced to watch. She looked his way and mouthed the words ‘kill me’. She was subjected to the curse for a further 20 minutes and by the time it was over she was withered, twitching and clearly insane.

Harry felt the build up of magic inside of him. The street was blow apart and Harry freed. He dived for Police cars and grabbed one of the guns. He brought it around and fired. 6 times. Three of these times hit the other three did not.

The Death Eaters were dead. Harry grabbed his wand from Peters pocket and turned towards Ginny. With tears in his eye’s he cast the killing curse.

After the flashback Harry had tears in his eye’s. That was the first time he had used the killing curse and a gun. The pain was killing him. He grabbed the gun from the side table were he had put it when he had entered. Pointing it to his chest he fired. His body fell back onto the bed, blood poring out of a wound in his chest.

A/N: Depressing chapter huh? Two notes 1.Harry is NOT dead 2. You will see all your favorite Charectors dont worry. The next chapter will be up soon and don’t worry you’ll see more of the war in dreams and flashbacks.

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The Consequences of Time-Travel : The Future


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