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    James appeared in the kitchen, freezing as he saw me at their table drinking orange juice. I blushed furiously, and so did he; he was wearing only pajama pants. Sirius came running behind him, grinning at me and not looking remotely embarrassed, even though he was only wearing boxers. “Evans! What you doing around here?” Sirius asked good-naturedly. I want to die. “Wait, is Gaby with you?” I shook my head, having trouble breathing. I coughed and drank some more orange juice. Sirius raised an eyebrow at me. “James! Didn’t I tell you two to get ready?” Mrs. Potter snapped. “Do you know what time it is?” James blushed and muttered, “Mum -” Even in the embarrassment that I was going through I couldn’t help but laugh. James was uncomfortable. “Go upstairs. This is no way to show up in front of a lady.” Mrs. Potter said sternly. Sirius grinned again and saluted her. “Right on it Miss.” he said, nudging James. “You heard her Prongs, this is no way to show up in front of a lady.” He winked at me, and I chuckled. James glanced at me and followed Sirius out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Mrs. Potter shook her head in disapproval and smiled at me. “You know, your mother and I always talked about how we’d like to see you and James married someday.” she said kindly. This made me cough some more. She didn’t seem to notice that this was an awkward subject for me. She laughed slightly. “Imagine that.” I nodded and drained the last bit of my juice. “Thanks.” I said, putting the cup in the sink. Mrs. Potter didn’t hear me, she was using her wand to make some more eggs and ham. Everything was going by in a rush. The Potters and Sirius were all late, eating breakfast and getting ready. James and Sirius were now clothed, Sirius didn’t seem to think that there was a point if Gaby wasn’t around. Everybody would be apparating, but turns out that neither Sirius nor James had passed the test, and I was still sixteen. Once we were all seated in the car, James was seated on the other far end. Sirius was in between us. I thought it was unusual, but glad that I didn’t have to be tormented by him the whole ride. Instead, it was Sirius. He’d keep on winking at me just to make James mad and say stupid pick up lines like: ‘Someone call the police, ‘cause this women just stole my heart’, and ‘Did it hurt falling from the sky my angel?’. Well I thought it was funny, even though James was fuming and Gaby wouldn’t be too pleased. “We’re here!” Mrs. Potter piped from the passenger’s seat; Mr. Henry Potter was driving us. Mr. Potter had chestnut brown hair, and hazel eyes. He was tall, and was just starting to bald. Even though it wasn’t very noticeable at his age, his hair stuck slightly upwards in the back, like his son’s. Mr. Potter came out of the car, shouted for the boys to go get their trunks, and helped me heave mine towards the station and into a cart. James and Sirius grunted and exchanged looks. Mr. Potter ignored them even though Sirius insisted that he had broken a nail. “Well have fun you three.” Mrs. Potter said fondly, kissing James on the head before he could escape. James squirmed out of her reach, blushing madly. Sirius smirked. “Can I have a kiss Mrs. Potter?” Sirius asked, trying to pull off an innocent smile and voice. Mrs. Potter kissed him on the head too, embracing him. “Owl us if you need anything, dear.” she said in a low voice, I don’t think she noticed that I was right behind them. She caught my eye and gave me a kiss too, hugging me. “The same goes for you.” I smiled uncomfortably and thanked them for the ride. Soon they were in their car and driving away into the distance. “I reckon that your mom’s the only person who’s kissed her for a while.” Black said in an audible whisper to Potter. I scowled at him. “Hope that’s not a bad omen.” “Shut it you two.” I snarled as they started to howl with laughter. I rolled my eyes and walked into the barrier between platforms nine and ten, reaching the other magical side where the Hogwarts Express was, on Platform Nine ¾. I smiled and looked around, but saw no one of my interest. I passed by a few Slytherins, who smirked and called out to me, “Mudblood!” I tired my best to ignore them. I found an empty compartment and put my trunk on the top part. I left my jacket there to show that anyone that the compartment was occupied and walked around, looking for someone familiar. I spotted Grace, under Remus’s arm and talking excitedly to him. I hesitated, not sure if I should intrude. Grace glanced at my way and grinned, waving me over. Well I guess that was decided. “How are ya Lils?” she said, giving me a one arm hug. “Long time no see.” “I say.” I said, laughing slightly. “Hey Remus.” Remus and I had always been kind of awkward, after the second year incident that we were a so called ‘couple’. He had called the whole thing off after a week, because James was feeling ‘depressed’. In fact, James Potter is probably the reason all the boys don’t ask me out. Still, Remus and I always compliment each other and don’t scrunch up our noses every time we’re in sight. “Hey Lily.” he smiled. Remus Lupin was definitely a quiet boy. He wasn’t like his friends, Potter and Black, dating every single girl within sight. Nope, Remus was definitely the guy who liked to read in the corner of the common room. Most girls liked to call him ‘mysterious’, but I just would call it keeping to yourself. I suppose it was because of his light brown hair that fell into his dark ocean blue eyes, that looked like waves that made many girls fall for him. Grace liked him because he was kind and sweet though, which was true. If I had to call one of the marauders a ‘friend’, it would definitely be Remus. “Congrats on making Head Girl.” I smiled and looked at him curiously. He laughed. “Grace told me.” he said, pointing to Grace, who grinned. “We’re both made prefects this year, see.” “Cool.” I said, nodding my head. “Have you guys seen anyone yet?” “Nope.” Grace said, shaking her head. “Did you find a compartment?” “Yeah.” I said, pointing to the one I had picked out earlier. “Hurry and go put your stuff there.” Grace nodded, and Remus heaved her trunk over his shoulder, dragging his own worn out suitcase. I sighed and wandered around until I heard the train’s whistle. I climbed into the nearest entrance with a bunch of other rushing students. I grinned at the tiny first years. I asked everyone politely to move out of the way so I could get to my compartment, and only shoved when I knew it was a Slytherin that I despised. I kept passing compartments, until someone that I spotted made me stop. Hmpf. Potter. James was in the middle of the compartment, laughing heartily on the floor and glancing occasionally at the girls’ legs that were surrounding him. Most of them were leggy blondes, but all of them were from Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw was considered the ‘hottie’s house’, as the boys liked to call it. James was looking extremely pleased, which made me scrunch my nose up in disgust. Oh yeah I could just tell by looking at his smug face with all those girls...but who can blame him? He's got the money, he's got the family, he's got the popularity, and no one stands in his way. That’s how it’s been my entire life that I’ve known him. I guess that’s why I’ve hated him for such a long time. I’ve always had the lousy life, where there were so many problems at home, and then there was Potter, swimming in money and having a perfect family. He even had the good grades, was liked by everyone, and was the most popular boy in the school. He’s such a jerk too, and no one goes up to him and says ‘hey cut it out’ because they’re too scared. I think I’m the only person in Hogwarts who doesn’t stand for it. I rolled my eyes and kept on walking, running into Sirius, who was holding a butterbeer. “Evans, what are you doing here?” he asked, for the first time I saw him look nervously to the sides. “Looking for my compartment.” I said honestly. I raised an eyebrow at him. “Aren’t you supposed to be with Gaby?” I saw him glance at the compartment where I had just seen James and the Ravenclaw girls. He nodded. “Yeah, I was looking for her as a matter of fact. Have you seen her?” “Nope.” I said, shrugging. “She’ll show up.” “Yeah, I’ll just, go look this way then.” he said, pointing over to where I had just gone. “I checked.” I said immediately. “Not there.” “Oh. Right.” he said distractedly, glancing at the compartment again. I looked at him suspiciously. All of a sudden he grinned and waved at someone behind me. I turned around and saw Gaby, dragging her trunk and looking for a compartment. She spotted us and waved back. “Hey.” she said, hugging me and kissing Sirius. Sirius put an arm around her. “Sirius, can you take my trunk?” “Sure.” he said, giving her a ‘Sirius’ grin. He picked it up and marched wobbly towards the compartment that I showed them. Remus and Grace were already inside, talking with Henn who had obviously arrived. “Looks like everyone’s here.” I said, announcing my presence. Everyone looked at me and Henn jumped from her seat, embracing me. Sirius slid Gaby’s trunk on the top rack next to my trunk and sat down by Henn, Gaby following. I sat on the other side by Grace and Remus. Henn and me exchanged looks, we were the only people who didn’t have boyfriends with us. She chuckled and looked out the window, which was starting to blur because the train just started. “Anyway,” I said, standing up. “I need to go the prefects’ compartment, Henn can you get me some pastries?” She nodded and looked desperately at Gaby and Sirius, not wanting to sit with them for about two more hours alone. I started towards the door and glanced at Grace and Remus, who weren’t moving. “We’ll meet you there.” Grace said, smiling at me. I forced a smile back and closed the door behind me, walking to the front of the train where the compartment was. Again, I passed James’s compartment full of girls and frowned. I tried to ignore him and turned into the front compartment, where there was chattering and the door was open. As I walked in, everyone immediately fell silent. There were eight fifth year prefects, eight sixth year prefects, and eight seventh year prefects. All of them either exchanged looks or looked at me with loathing, the Slytherins did that of course. “Are you Head Girl?” said a fifth year girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes which were outlined by golden glasses. From across the room, Bellatrix Black snickered and exchanged looks with Lucius Malfoy, the other seventh year Slytherin prefect. I glared at them and Bellatrix glared back, I decided to ignore her. “Yeah.” I said, smiling at the girl. “What’s your name?” “Lydia Wood.” she said, beaming at me. “I’m one of the Ravenclaw prefects.” “Oh okay. Well I’ll be starting the meeting once our Head Bo-” I began, but the compartment door opening interrupted me. Potter came inside, grinning and winking at a few girls. I rolled my eyes. “Right.” I said, looking at him disgustedly. “For those of you who don’t know this is James Potter.” “Who doesn’t?” said a girl beside Lydia, who was a Hufflepuff sixth year. “Hey Clara.” he said, grinning at the Hufflepuff. “And for those who don’t know, this is the beautiful and sexy Lily Evans.” he said, putting his arm around me. Some girls tried to force a smile, but only managed a grimace, others looked like they were close to tears, but most just glared at me. “Don’t waste my time Potter.” I snapped, slapping his arm away. He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. “Anyway,” I continued, pretending that Potter wasn’t there. “prefects are to patrol the hallways every now and then. Fifth years patrol on Mondays and Wednesdays, Sixth years patrol on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Seventh years on Fridays and Saturdays. No one patrols on Sundays. For those of you who don’t know, first, second, and third years have to be in their common rooms by eight o clock. Fourth years and Fifth years are to be out of the hallways by nine o clock, and the sixth and seventh years can stay out of their common rooms until ten.” “Unless there’s a party, then there’s no curfew.” Potter said, followed by some girlish giggles and a few hearty laughs. The Slytherins rolled their eyes. I glared at James. “Do you mind?” I hissed. The compartment fell silent, waiting for what James would say. “Not at all my beauty.” he said, putting his arm around me. I shoved it away again and looked at the prefects, feeling annoyed. “There will be prefect meetings every Saturday in the Great Hall after dinner. Any questions?” I asked, looking around. The only person who had their hand up was Bellatrix. Narcissa Black, Bellatrix’s younger sister, snickered. “What?” I asked in a voice of determined calm. “Shouldn’t a mudblood learn to have some patience if she’s Head Girl?” Bellatrix asked smoothly, her dark eyes staring at me. My face flushed a little, but only a little. “Well you should learn to respect other people.” I said, frowning at her. “Unless you want a detention.” The Black sisters glared at me, and Malfoy sniggered. “Any other questions?” I asked, looking anywhere except for the Slytherin corner. “Alright, everyone but James can go.” Everyone filed out, only a couple of boys and Lydia said goodbye to me. All the girls seemed to hate my guts and the Slytherins, well I was already used to them. “Knew you couldn’t resist me Evans,” Potter said, jumping onto the comfy bench and laying on it, raising his figure with his elbow. “Give it a rest Potter.” I said, sitting on the other side, wanting distance. “Just tell me that you won’t do that again.” Potter raised an eyebrow. “Do what again?” “‘My beauty’? The whole curfew thing?” I said exasperatedly. “If you stop it then all the girls will have a chance with you again and the prefects will actually respect me.” “None of the girls have a chance with me.” he said, sitting and grinning at me. “Except you of course.” “Honestly Potter.” I said, looking out the window. “Do you seriously think it’s funny to keep on insisting? Well it’s not.” From the corner of my eye I saw him walk over to where I was sitting and seat himself beside me. I shifted uncomfortably, he was staring at me. “I don’t do it to be funny.” he said seriously. “Yes you do.” I said, frowning and looking at him. He was close, way too close. “You never did this with any of the other girls. Admit it Potter, I’m just some joke for all you friends. That’s all you do, make me look like an idiot and make all the girls hate me.” I stopped and waited for him to say something, but he just stared at me. I rolled my eyes at him. “Why do you do this?” I asked, trying to break the silence. “‘Cause I like you Lily.” he said finally. “A lot.” For some reason I suddenly felt nervous, and wanted to run out of the compartment. But why? Maybe it was because he was close…yeah he was way too close. I should just shove him or something… “Can’t you just give me a chance? Just one? I mean, I can’t be really that bad.” he said, looking at me in the eyes sincerely. He leaned in some more, and for some reason I didn’t move. What was happening to me? “James, I simply don’t get you.” I said, trying as hard as I could to keep my voice steady. “I can work with that.” he said in a low voice. He was leaning in some more, and as my eyes started to close I jerked out of my trance and finally backed away. “No James, I’m sorry.” I said firmly, regaining my reassurance. His eyes opened and he looked at the ground. I gulped, feeling for some reason horribly guilty and walked to the door, sliding it open and walking into the hall. I shook my head and started to stride quickly, very freaked out of what just happened. I spent the rest of the time in our compartment, eating the pumpkin pastries that Henn had gotten for me. I mostly just listened to everyone talking, since I was lost in my thoughts. The only time I spoke was when I explained what happened in the prefects meeting, since Remus and Grace had forgotton to go. They must have been busy doing something I really don’t want know. When it was dark already and we were pretty close to Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus had to get out of the compartment so we could change into her robes. “Is something wrong?” Henn asked as she tied her dark hair up in a ponytail. I pulled my robe on and shook my head. Henn furrowed her eyebrows and put her hands on her hips, looking demanding. “Nothing’s wrong.” I said firmly. Gaby exchanged looks with Grace. “Spill.”Gaby said, joining in. Grace looked expectantly at me. “It’s that…” I said, trying to think of an excuse. “it’s really bugging me that everyone is calling me a mudblood.” Henn gave me a pitiful look and sat by me. “It’s not everyone, it’s only the losers in Slytherin.” Henn said reassuringly. “And you shouldn’t listen to them anyway.” Grace said. Gaby nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with being muggleborn.” Gaby said. “The Slytherins don’t know what they’re talking about.” I smiled, even though that wasn’t what was bugging me. It made me happy that my friends cared for me. “Thanks.” I said truthfully. “No problem.” Henn said, grinning at me. After we waited out in the hallway, waiting for the boys to change for a considerably shorter time, (even though Sirius insisted that Gaby should come with him) we all waited in our compartment, waiting for the train to come to a complete stop. We left, knowing that the house elves that worked for Hogwarts would get our trunks and walked out onto the platform. It was raining lightly. I felt my stomach sink as I remembered that I was dancing in the rain and humiliating my family only yesterday. Grace, Remus, and I had to help the first years and show them where to go, so we went one way, while Henn, Gaby, and Sirius all went the other way to say hi to Hagrid, a huge man that was the groundskeeper of Hogwarts. I weaved my way through students, looking around to see if anyone was in need of help. I passed Bellatrix and her gang, and we both glared at each other. I must have been concentrating too hard in despising Black, because I bumped into someone. I looked up at the tall figure. Well of course. Potter. I looked around to see if Grace or Remus would come in my time of need. But they were split up in seprate directions, motioning first years of where to go. “Sorry Evans.” he said, grinning at me. No way, that guy still had the courage of talking to me? I flushed slightly. “Just help the first years Potter.” I said, turning in the other direction and giving a second year directions on how to leave the station. The rain started to thicken and I scrambled under a tree, looking out for anybody who was left on the platform. I saw Potter, Remus, and Grace start to run out into the station, it was raining a lot now. I lowered my eyes for a moment, looking at my shoelaces, and bending down to tie them. I stood up straight as I heard splashes not too far away. My eyes flickered to a girl with dark brown hair, damp on her pale face. She was running, and didn’t look like she was any older than a second year. She slumped down on the station floor and buried her face in her hands. I started towards the little girl, and lightning flashed. I grimaced and ran over to her quickly. “Hello?” I said, bending over and putting my hand on her shoulder. Her head went up and her bloodshot hazel eyes shone brightly, reflecting the lightning. The girl’s face was red from crying so much, and she looked thoroughly miserable. “Are you alright honey?” She shook her head, her messy pigtails going from side to side. I awkwardly put my arm around her shoulder . “What’s your name?” “L-Lynn.” she stuttered, her tiny body shaking. “A-Are you Head G-Girl?” “Yes.” I said kindly. “My name’s Lily.” Lynn nodded her head in reply, and thunder erupted again. “Listen,” I said, looking nervously at the sky. “we really should get you to a carriage before they take off without us.” “But I don’t w-want to!” she wailed, starting to cry again. “The k-kids don’t l-like me, I know it!” “I’m sure they do,” I said consolingly. “and if you don’t like the kids, then you can always sit with me.” Lynn’s big eyes looked at me, her lip quivering. “W-will your friends make fun of me?” I shook my head. “I have nice friends, don’t you worry.” She gave me a weak smile and wiped her sleeve on her eyes. “Okay.” she said softly. I smiled and helped her up, walking out of the station with her and looking for a carriage. I started to approach one when the Lynn suddenly stopped. I looked over at where she was staring and saw nothing. “Ready to go?” I asked. She looked up at me and nodded. I took her hand and ran from carriage to carriage, trying to look for Henn. I found her in one of the first carriages and hopped in. My eyes flickered to Henn, then to the person sitting across from her. “What are you doing here?” I asked Potter as nicely as I could. But only because Lynn was there. “Waiting for you.” he said, patting the area next to him. I scowled and once I saw there was no where else to go, I scooted away as possible from him. I saw him glance at my shirt, that was sticking to me because of the rain. Unfortunately, our uniform shirts are white. “Stop it.” I snapped. Potter chuckled and put his arm around me. I scowled and pushed him away. “I mean it. Lynn, you coming?” I called out, she hadn’t come inside yet. Lynn crawled timidly inside, sitting next to me and looking at the ground. “Just looking at the horses.” she said quietly. “Oh.” I said suddenly. “This is my friend Lynn, guys.” Henn smiled. “Hey, my name’s Henn.” Grace waved happily and introduced herself too. “I’m Grace.” “Gaby.” Gaby said, grinning. “I’m Remus.” Remus said, smiling kindly at her. Lynn smiled slightly. “She’s so cute.” Henn squealed. Lynn blushed and Lily laughed. “What year are you in honey?” “Second.” she said squeakily. “I’m in Ravenclaw.” “That’s good.” James said, chuckling. “All the Ravenclaw girls turn out to be hot.” “James!” I said shrilly. Lynn flushed but grinned just the same. “She’s twelve!” “Polluting the minds of young ones Prongs,” Sirius said, clucking his tongue disapprovingly. “that’s not right.” They both laughed as Lily rolled her eyes at them. The carriage stopped abruptly and Henn opened the door, hopping outside and groaning. It was raining still. James followed her out, extending his hand to help me out. I ignored him and jumped off by myself, Lynn close behind. Again, Lynn stopped in front of the carriage, and I doubled back, looking at where her eyes were fixed. “What?” I asked, seeing nothing. “These horses are weird.” Lynn said, chuckling and taking my hand. She led me up the steps as I looked curiously at the carriages. What? “What horses?” I asked, stopping her. “Those pulling the carriages, silly.” “Nothing’s pulling the carriages Lynn.” I said, looking at her worriedly. Was Lynn seeing things? Lynn looked nervously at the ground, shaking her head and leading me inside. We found as seat next to Henn and sat down. I scrunched my nose up disgustedly as I saw Sirius and Gaby kissing across from us. “How do they do it?” Henn asked, raising an eyebrow. “Do what?” Grace asked curiously, already under Remus’s arm again. “Kiss like that and not rip their tongues out…” Remus chuckled and kissed Grace lightly, making her giggle. I rolled my eyes at them and looked at Pettigrew. Peter Pettigrew was the least amusing person of the Marauders group. For one thing, Sirius and Potter were rather muscular, and all of them were tall, except for Pettigrew. Sirius and Remus were very handsome, and I guess Potter is too. While that, Peter was a plump, rather chubby boy with blondish brown hair splattered on his head. He follows Potter around, it’s actually rather funny. And he’ll die for James’s approval, the kid looks up to him for some reason. He was quiet and shy, and no one seemed to know he exists. No one seems to understand why Peter is a Marauder. His watery blue eyes darted around the table, anxious for food to appear. I rolled my eyes at him and looked at the staff table. Professor Dumbledore was the headmaster of Hogwarts. He was known for his long white beard, that was almost at his waistband now. Dumbledore was always smiling and kind, and no one dared to speak against him. Tonight he was wearing his purple robe which was embroidered with silver stars, and a matching hat. For a second his light blue eyes flickered to me, and he smiled gently. I blushed and smiled weakly back. The Great Hall’s doors opened and a line of small and fragile looking first years filed into the room, following a stern looking witch with a tight black bun on the back of her head. Professor Mcgongall was the head of our House and the Transfiguration teacher. In my opinion, she was the most strict teacher of Hogwarts. She was wearing forest green robes for the feast, and was holding a scroll. In front of the staff table was a stool with an old and battered hat, and the first years looked curiously at it. I listened intently for the Sorting Hat song that was new every year, but someone tapped me on the back, making me spin around. It was Potter.

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