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”…which is why, Harriet dear, you will be attending to Beauxbatons Academy this year,” he said. I glared at him.


“Beauxbatons? Are you crazy, this was going to be my best year! My last year! How can you accept that job now?!” I yelled at him, feeling a little satisfied as his eyes darkened sadly, but only a little. I was furious, surprised that there didn’t come steam out from under my red hair.


Mum laid her hand on my shoulder, but I shook it off. Dad seemed a little unsure of what to say, but he opened his mouth.


“I have no choice but to take the job if I want to keep working for Gringott’s at all! Your mother and I discussed it, and now we wanted to discuss it with you before I accepted.”


“Fine! You’re not doing it, end of discussion! Simple as that!” I yelled, still on top of my lounges. He sighed.


“So what do you suggest I do? Quit my job, settle down and pretend I’ll be able to give you everything you need without the income of money? Harriet this is important!”

“Yeah, more important than my life at school. My seventh year, daddy! Hey, wait, why do I have to come with you? Why can’t I just keep going to Hogwarts while you are in France? I mean, I don’t hear a word about Brian having to come with us!”


“Your brother is twenty years old,” mum shouted over the sound of my yelling. “He lives on his own, fully able to take care of himself all the time!”


“So am I! I’m seventeen, living at school most of my time anyway!”


“Enough.” Even without raising his voice, dad stopped both of us. Mum had opened her mouth to answer, but fell silent. “Harriet, listen to me. We want you closer to us. And we cannot come to England at any time. This will be like living France for a while, and that means you would automatically attend to Beauxbatons. If you are completely against the idea, then we’ll have to figure out something else, but I don’t like it. Neither does your mother. And as for Brian, he is going to come visit us, but he can live on his own.”


I swallowed. This year was going to be so great, I thought. This year was going to be the year when Leah, Lexi, Tara and I should be the rulers of the school. This year was going to be the year Leah and Jacob finally had got together, and we would bother them every time they as much as looked at each other! I had no idea this year instead was going to be just crap.


Yes, answered a reasonable voice in my head. But maybe France isn’t crap. Maybe Beauxbatons has some nice people too.


Shut up.


My dad interrupted my thoughts. “Harriet, you can think about it, alright? We’ll discuss it tomorrow.”


I nodded and went out of the living room, heading up the stairs. I overlooked the sign on my door saying “you’ve got nothing to do in here, so just turn around” – which my friends made much fun of, never wanting to come in before I begged them – and threw myself on my bed after slamming the door shut behind me with a bang. Not a very loud bang. Loud enough for me to hear, but probably not loud enough for my parents to hear. But it made me feel better.


I took some parchment and a quill from my table and started writing three identical letters – one to Leah, one to Lexi and one to Tara – telling them that I wouldn’t return to Hogwarts this year. I knew it was going to be that way. It was nothing to discuss. Secretly, I started wondering how it would be in France. I started wondering how people were and if I would manage with the little French I knew. My very eccentric aunt Alissa had taught me French from before I learned my own language, but I still wasn’t sure if I could manage.


The morning after, I admitted to my parents that I had resigned and was willing to go to Beauxbatons. They seemed very relieved to hear that I had stopped yelling, but it didn’t exactly brighten my day. Especially not after I was told we would be moving within two weeks, and that I could just as well start the packing already. We should travel by portkey, but dad should apparate with all our things the day before that. So I was told to pack one huge trunk with everything I would need for school and the holidays at our new house, and one tiny backpack with the stuff I would need the last night in my own house. Which would be spent on the floor.



The first week of August, dad made us a portkey and we took an old boot to somewhere outside Marseilles. We landed outside a tiny, white-painted house with a few dry cactuses in the garden and empty windows. I went up the path that lead from the road to the door, and jumped backwards with a yelp as a stone fell from the roof, nearly hitting me in the head. Dad smiled sheepishly and told me he’d get it fixed soon.


Well, the way it seems, it might be better at Beauxbatons than this, a voice said, and I shook my head to get it away. Mum sent me a weird glance, but I ignored it.


Inside, it was not at all like the shabby outside. It was worse. Much worse. I went from room to room, getting more and more depressed, finally picking a room of my own. I placed my backpack on the floor and looked around.


Well, suppose I can’t complain, I told myself. It could be a lot worse.


True, answered the voice and I banged my head in the wall.


Shut it! Ah, lovely silence. For a second.




Will you shut up?!


New story!!! I've been writing on it for ages, but I decided to wait until I'd put out the rest of the others. But here it is! I hope you liked the first chapter, and I hope you'll enjoy the story! I surely enjoy writing it =P :)

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