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    La fille aux yeux saphir by ClearCutDiamonds


        The handsome boy — or rather, the handsome young man lay on his large bed, which was covered by an emerald and silver bedcover. His dark hair fell in a casual elegance about his perfect face and he carelessly ran a hand through it, pushing it aside so that he could focus on what he was writing in an emerald green, leather-bound book. A quill was poised in his hand, he dipped it into a pot of black ink and paused a moment as if to gather his thoughts and began writing. The young man had strong cheekbones, a straight nose, clear porcelain skin, full crimson-colored lips and fathomless gray eyes framed by thick lashes — perfect, aristocratic features.

        Above him, a painstakingly painted crest covered the entire left wall, underneath it, the words Toujours Pur were carved and painted over in silver. Always Pure.

        The young man continued writing, his features were creased in confusion, his eyes focused on the relatively empty page before him. He frowned and crossed out what he had written with a clean stroke of his quill and started again.

        A knock sounded at the door and the boy, startled, dropped his quill and pushed his notebook aside.

        ‘Regulus,’ called the female voice from behind the door, ‘may I come in?’

        The young man, Regulus, stood up and adjusted his clothing. ‘Yes, mother,’ he replied, turning his back to the door and focusing on organizing his desk which was scattered with newspaper clippings, old quills, ink pots and sheets of parchment.

        The knob turned and the door opened to reveal a tall woman — Walburga Black. Her straight hair fell well past her shoulders in a dark sheet, her mouth was pursed, further pronouncing her high cheekbones and her blue eyes were hard. She did not move past the threshold and Regulus turned around.

        ‘Regulus,’ she said, ‘we’ll be leaving shortly, are you ready yet?’

        ‘Nearly,’ replied Regulus absentmindedly.

        Walburga crossed the threshold and reached his wardrobe in a few long strides. She pulled out a pair of Regulus’ dress robes and a silvery-gray shirt, turning back around, she handed them to him and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

        Regulus sighed and removed his clothing and began to dress with the clothes his mother had chosen for him, he'd realized long ago that it was better to just obey than to anger his mother. Fastening the buttons on his silk shirt, he pulled on his robes and made his way towards his door. He glanced fleetingly at his reflection in the mirror, he knew all too well the face that would be staring back at him. Regulus opened his door and made his way towards the staircase.

        His gaze stopped on the room across from his, the door still had the old nameplate on it, the nameplate that read Sirius. Regulus knew why it was still there. Sirius wasn’t mentioned in their house anymore. But, Regulus knew his mother still visited the vacated room in the late hours of the night, when she thought no one was watching. Despite her shame and anger, Sirius would always be the person she loved most. Regulus knew how much it killed her to burn off her first born from the Black family tree.

        Regulus always wondered what the price to pay for glory was. And the answer never came. Everyone kept secrets, and everything was best left unsaid in the Black house. Regulus pushed all thoughts of his brother to the back of his mind and hurried down the staircase.

        Walburga was waiting at the bottom of the staircase, dressed immaculately in an emerald gown with her long hair fastened into a tight bun.

        ‘Regulus,’ said Walburga, coming forward, ‘your tie isn’t straight, let me fix it.’ Before Regulus could protest, his mother was tightening his tie and handing him his travelling cloak.

        Regulus put his travelling cloak on hastily and secured the clasp. His father walked into the room and both Regulus and his mother turned around. Orion Black was dressed in robes of all black, his hair was combed like Regulus’ mother insisted it should always be, which only made the creases in his face which could be blamed on old age, more prominent. His large gray eyes — eyes that mirrored Regulus’ and Sirius’ stood out from his face.

        ‘Are we leaving yet?’ asked Orion in his deep voice.

        ‘Yes,’ answered Walburga quickly, gathering her cloak and clutch.

        ‘Where are we going?’ asked Regulus, his voice even.

        His mother turned around, meticulously buttoning her cloak, ‘To the Tallis’ home for dinner.’

        ‘Who are they?’ asked Regulus, if he was slightly bothered about not knowing where he was going or the people in which his family was visiting, he was careful not to show it.

        ‘Mister Tallis is the former French Minister of Magic,’ his mother answered, ‘he is English but, his wife, Gabrielle is French, they have just moved back to England, they’re part of our… our circle of friends.’

        Regulus frowned but said nothing.

        His mother was now assessing herself in the hall mirror, she smoothed down her cloak and turned around. ‘Can you apparate yourself, Regulus?’

        ‘Yes, mother,’ he answered.

        ‘Very well, we’ll meet you there,’ she said and his father stood.

        Regulus nodded.

        ‘Oh, and Regulus?’ asked his mother, turning around.

        ‘Yes?’ he asked.

        ‘Don’t…’ she trailed off, not bothering to finish her sentence. Regulus already knew what she was about to say, the same thing she always told Sirius before parties: Not to misbehave, or else. But, there was no need, Regulus had never been like Sirius. His mother was still adjusting and nervous about her social standing amongst purebloods, who still gossiped about the black sheep that was burned off the Black family tapestry. His mother bit her lip. ‘Never mind. The Manor is across from the Rosier Manor.’

        Regulus simply nodded, turned around and apparated, closing his eyes tightly, bracing himself for the familiar, uncomfortable sensation. It passed and he found himself standing in front of a grand dark wood door. He waited a moment and another pop sounded, his parents. He turned quickly to see his mother walking up the garden path, his father trailing behind.

        His mother approached and reached out a slender hand, her fingers encircling the knocker and knocked once. Not a moment later, a tall, slender woman, appeared in the doorway. Her bright blue eyes wandered from Walburga to Orion and finally to Regulus. A false smile was set on her face. Her long, pale hair fell in loose curls and her patrician features only increased her beauty. With a motion of her arm, she ushered the three Blacks inside and closed the door. Even though she was old enough to be his mother, Regulus was taken aback by her beauty.

        ‘You must be Walburga and Orion and Regulus,’ she said, her thick French accent was noticeable.

        ‘Yes,’ my mother answered, smilingly lightly.

        ‘It is so wonderful to meet you all,’ she said brightly, ‘I think Charles is just…’ she trailed off, waving over a tall man, his brown hair flecked with white, his wrinkles appearing as he smiled.

        ‘Charles, this is Walburga and Orion Black, and their son, Regulus,’ said Gabrielle to her husband.

        ‘Thankyou all for coming,’ said Mister Tallis, extending his hand towards Orion’s.

        The adults continued their light conversation and smiled falsely at each other. Regulus shoved his hands in the pockets of his robes, desperately wanting to be anywhere but where he was now. Another party filled with the same narrow people and the same mindless chatter. Regulus’ eyes travelled the room, he recognized several of his Slytherin House members: Evan Rosier, Lucius Malfoy, the Lestrange brothers, Rodolphus and Rabastan, Avery, Wilkes and his cousins Narcissa and Bellatrix and their parents scattered about, no doubt discussing the Dark Lord’s latest endeavors.

        Regulus turned back towards his parents, who were still in conversation with the Tallis’.

        ‘Oh, and my daughters,’ said Ms Tallis, gesturing behind her to two teenage girls who were approaching. Both girls were dressed in light pink dresses and had tall, lithe figures, long blonde hair that fell like silk down their backs, blue eyes that mirrored their mothers’, high cheekbones and pale skin, like porcelain. The two girls were obviously twins but, if you looked closely enough, their features were slightly different. But, perfect nevertheless. ‘This is Aurelie and Adeline… but, where is Rosalie?’ She directed the last part of her question to her daughters who shook their heads.

        Regulus, his hands still in his pockets, looked up through his thick dark lashes. Both girls were eyeing him appreciatively. True, Regulus was incredibly good-looking. In another circumstance, Regulus would have perhaps had his way with them, considering the looks they were giving him. But, in this case he was too preoccupied to consider it.

        ‘Aurelie and Adeline will be entering their sixth year at Hogwarts, they were previously at Beauxbatons. And my youngest daughter, Rosalie will be entering her fifth… I don’t know where she is at the moment, but I’m sure she will turn up…’ continued Ms Tallis.

        Aurelie and Adeline smirked at each other, but Ms Tallis didn’t notice, or just chose to ignore them.

        Regulus excused himself and wandered towards the drinks table and grabbed a glass of Firewhiskey, he enjoyed the warm burn in his chest as the amber-colored liquid went down. He pushed a persistent curl aside and turned around, his eyes wandering the crowds of people again. He spotted the group of Slytherins and made his way towards them.

        Bellatrix saw him first. ‘Well, well, well. Nice of you to show up, little cousin,’ she said, coming forward, Rodolphus at her side.

        Regulus nodded towards her, but said nothing. Lucius and Narcissa were talking quietly, their heads bowed. Evan, Rabastan, Avery and Wilkes came forward, all joining the new circle.

        Bellatrix pursued her lips, her heavily-lidded eyes trailing over the crowd. ‘Have you met the new members of our little assembly?’ she asked Regulus, who made an effort not to roll his eyes. The Slytherin elite's incredible exclusiveness and Bella's constant talk of superiority annoyed Regulus to no end.

        Regulus nodded absentmindedly, ‘Annabel and Anne, was it?’

        Bellatrix smirked, ‘Adeline and Aurelie,’ she corrected him.

        ‘Charming,’ Regulus replied, uninterested.

        ‘That’s so typical you, Regulus. Can’t even remember a girl’s name,’ said Bellatrix.

        ‘Ah, but I was close,’ he said, the trace of a smirk on his lips.

        His cousin rolled her heavily-lidded brown eyes.

        The topic of conversation changed and Regulus tuned out. His eyes travelled the immense room and his gaze locked with one of the twins. She touched her neck and flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Regulus turned away, unfazed.

        ‘—rumored to be part Veela,’ said Evan, his eyes gleaming.

        ‘Who is?’ asked Regulus, faintly interested.

        ‘Ms Tallis and her daughters,’ piped up Rabastan, an evil glint in his eye. ‘What I would give to—’

        ‘Be quiet, Rabastan,’ chided Bellatrix.

        ‘Oh, Bella,’ said Rabastan, ‘don’t be jealous, Rodolphus is too whipped to cheat on you, anyway.’

        ‘Shut up,’ hissed Bella through clenched teeth.

        Rabastan held up both hands and smiled innocently. Bella glared back at him.

        ‘Come on,’ said Evan, ‘let’s walk around a little. You coming, Reg?’

        ‘No, I think I’ll stay here for now,’ said Regulus.

        Evan shrugged and him, Rabastan, Avery and Wilkes went off.

        ‘Wankers,’ hissed Bella under her breath.

        Regulus smiled, faintly amused.

        Bella and Rodolphus began arguing and Regulus took his cue and subtlely left the couple and went through the crowds towards the back doors that led to the garden, which looked deserted considering it was the end of August and the autumn chill was not welcoming. Regulus, however, liked the cold.

        He opened the door and stepped outside, shutting it behind him.

        The cold chill was refreshing, it bit at his exposed skin and soothed him. He let out a sigh of relief. He was finally alone, with no one to bother him.

        He stepped down the porch steps and onto the garden path. The garden was framed by flowers of all colors and thick trees. Regulus walked through the expanse of foliage and sat down behind a tree, where no one would be able to see him. He pulled up his sleeve and caressed the area around his inner arm, where the Dark Mark was branded. It throbbed a little, sending pain pulsing through him. His cool fingers massaged the area around it, he was careful not to touch it. He pinched the bridge of his nose as an effort to numb his headache. He leaned against the trunk of the tree and was about to close his eyes when he saw a flash of white. He got to his feet quickly and walked towards the white.

        When he came closer, he could see it was a girl. She was standing on a rock, her back to him. She was very small, probably not even past five feet. Regulus noted her curves and realized that she was probably not a young girl. Her white heels lay discarded at her feet. She was trying in vain to grab onto the vines that hung to the stone walls that surrounded the garden. Regulus watched her try to grab the vines and pull herself up. She had no luck and kept on ripping the vines. Regulus was amused by her incessant attempts to get over the stone wall.

        ‘You know… I highly doubt you’ll be able to get over that,’ Regulus called out to the girl.

        The girl jumped, startled. She turned around and slipped off the rock and into the flowerbed. Regulus bit back his smirk and came forward to help her. She lay sprawled across the flower bed, he could see her white silk dress had grass stains all over the front. As he came closer, he saw that the girl had long, light brown hair that fell in waves well past her shoulders. It was messy and had leaves in it, some of it plastered to her face. Her childlike face was round, she had slightly golden skin, with a splash of freckles across the bridge of her small nose. She was biting her full bottom lip apprehensively and her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. It was only when he locked eyes with her that he felt he couldn’t look away. Her wide eyes were a rare blue — like sapphires. She pushed herself up on her elbows, breathless, which only drew attention to her ample chest, Regulus looked away quickly and grabbed her small waist, pulling her up and out of the flower bed.

        She brushed herself off, looking at anything but him. Regulus continued to stare at her. Everything about her was small. She had a tiny, shapely figure. Her face was small, her hands were small, everything except her eyes. Her kaleidoscopic eyes. She continued to bite her lip apprehensively and Regulus could tell she was insecure. She wasn’t a classic beauty. She was a simple, subtle beauty. She was different than the girls Regulus normally liked and watched.

        ‘What were you trying to do?’ asked Regulus, breaking the silence and looking down at her.

        She looked up and fathomless icy gray met warm kaleidoscopic blue.

        ‘Nothing,’ she answered quietly.

        Regulus frowned at her and she looked away again and bent down to pick up her discarded shoes.

        She backed up a little, leaving more space between them. Neither of them said anything. Regulus was still frowning at her and she averted her eyes and played with the hem of her long dress.

        ‘Rosalie!’ a voice called out from the house, ‘Rosalie!’

        ‘Oh, no,’ she whispered, she stood up quickly, trying in vain to look presentable.

        ‘Rosalie!’ the voice of Ms. Tallis called out again.

        She lifted the hem of her dress and grabbed her heels by their straps and looked over her shoulder at Regulus. She bit her lip, her eyes searching his face, but said nothing. Their eyes locked again and Regulus couldn’t look away.


        She glanced at the house and then at Regulus desperately. She turned around and ran up the stone walkway and Regulus watched after her until her couldn’t see her anymore.

        Regulus followed soon after, walking leisurely through the garden, his footsteps could be heard at the end of the stone walkway. At the doors, Ms Tallis, her previous smile and kind face gone, was reprimanding Rosalie in a strict voice. Regulus was too far to hear what she was saying but he could see Rosalie’s big blue eyes brimming with tears. Ms Tallis’ cold glare and low hissing reminded Regulus of his mother when she used to reprimand Sirius. No matter how nice people looked on the outside, it was only to keep up appearances. But, behind closed doors was where the truth lay.

        Regulus’ footsteps approached and Ms Tallis turned, startled and Rosalie’s eyes widen. Ms Tallis eyed Regulus’ suave appearance and Rosalie’s stained dress and messy hair.

        ‘What were you two doing?’ asked Ms Tallis suspiciously, her gaze hardening on Regulus.

        ‘Nothing,’ replied Rosalie quickly, averting her mother’s piercing eyes and Regulus’ stare.

        Ms Tallis raised an eyebrow. ‘Very well. Rosalie, go upstairs and change into something else. We’ll talk after…’ she trailed off. Her gaze travelling from Rosalie, who picked up her skirts and disappeared inside, to Regulus, who had shoved his hands in his robe pockets.

        ‘White,’ Ms Tallis mused aloud, ‘do you know what white symbolizes, Mister Black?’

        Regulus had a faint idea as to what Ms Tallis was hinting at but feigned ignorance, ‘No, Ms Tallis.’

        ‘Purity,’ she said, turning her piercing eyes to Regulus, ‘White symbolizes virginity.’

        Regulus was silent, but stared back defiantly at Ms Tallis.

        Ms Tallis turned on her heel and walked back towards the doors that led back into the house. She disappeared behind them leaving Regulus alone.

        Regulus ran a hand through his dark curls and sighed. Above Regulus a room was illuminated and Regulus looked up to see Rosalie staring at him through her window. But when he looked back she was gone, and the light in her room was put out.

        Regulus looked up to see that the brightest burning star in the dark violet night sky was the Dog Star, the Sirius star. Regulus closed his eyes firmly and breathed in the cold night air.


    Author's Note
    I know I shouldn't be starting another story, but, I like writing this. I think Regulus is such an interesting character and I think he's really misunderstood. The title, La fille aux yeux saphir means "The girl with sapphire eyes." So... Comments? Thoughts? Corrections? Anything, I'd love to hear everyone's input. Thankyous all for taking the time to read!


    gorgeous chapter image by Sundrops @ TDAs

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