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                                                   Chapter nine: Madness 

I was left speechless; the soft echo of his hurrying footsteps faded away as I finally recovered my bearings. Of a million different ways my mind could have worked that particular situation that one was not one I had expected. 
He wanted to kiss me! 

I know he did I saw the way he was looking at me, desire reflected in his eyes I recognized it only because it was nothing short of what I felt myself. And-and he walks away, I’m standing here about to spontaneously combust and he walks away! 

That is a little bit more than cruel. 

I quickly pick up my bag and his abandoned essay exiting the now gloomy looking classroom and slamming the heavy door behind me. 

I hurry along the hallways ignoring everyone I pass, my mind swirling with uncompleted thoughts just words and phrases buzzing around like angry hornet, stinging my bruised ego. 

“Oi, Hermione I was wandering if you…” I twisted around at the sound of my name, to see Seamus Finnegan stop in front of me an annoying grin on his annoying face his words dying away as he caught the murderous look on my face. 

“You were wondering?” I asked my voice venomously sweet. 

I saw a frighten glimmer cross his eyes, the prey sensing an attack. 

“Yeah… do you…know the date for the next Hogsmeade trip?” Anger was bubbling on the surface of my self-control, while the hornets kept stinging brutally in my mind, his words only barely registering. 

“Yes, it’s set for the 17th, this month.” I answered through grinted teeth, nails digging into my palms and my voice sounding slightly shrill to my own ears. 

I was trying hard to think happy thoughts but the only thing I kept seeing was the edge of Draco’s robes flapping out of sight and the echo of his footstep sounding like hammer on anvil in my ears. 

“Ok…thanks” He answered hesitantly turning to walk away and I was sure, not aware of the train wreck he’d barely avoided. 

“Hey, are you ok? You seem a bit off.” 

Stupid, stupid, tactless men. 

“Me?” the shrillness of my voice now more than evident, “I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be? 

Why wouldn’t everything be just bloody perfect? I look a bit off! Well let me tell you Mr. I-don’t-ever-have-a-bad-day” I poked his chest with my finger making him take a frightened step back, “It’s perfectly normal to not be in the mood for your big happy Irish attitude, but what would you know you’re just like all the rest of them you don’t care about anything but yourself, you don’t really care if I’m a bit off or even why, do you care why huh? Do you?” I felt tears spring in my eyes but I ignored them. 

“Ummm…I –I…” he stuttered, the look off terror on his face might have made me laugh under different circumstances, but at the moment all I wanted was to rip his head off while imagining that it was topped with pale blond hair. 

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to find it funny, a giggle made me snap my head to the right finding two fourth year girls starring at us with knowing smirks on their faces. 

“Do you think this is funny? Do I amuse you in some way?” I demanded, their faces soon mirroring Seamus’, who took the opportunity of my sudden distraction to turn and run as far away from me as possible. 

“Twenty points from Ravenclaw” I snapped at the two girls before whirling around and stalking away towards the library. They at least had the sense to stay quiet no matter the unfairness of my punishment. 

“And twenty more from Gryffindor for being a git!” I yelled after Seamus’ retreating form.
I had finally done it; I had slipped off the edge of my sanity into this mess of muddled thoughts and incongruent emotions. How was it possible for him to have made such a mess of me in such a short time, I could feel tears sliding along my cheeks, I brush them off angrily. 

Stalking across the library until I reached an empty table on the very back away from nosey prying eyes, I slammed my bag onto the very old and very much graffitied table, pulling out one of the heavy books I carried inside. 

I held on desperately to my anger, I felt no desire to analyze the raging, non-furious emotions rolling in my mind. I would not accept that someone such as Draco Malfoy has completely up turned my emotional equilibrium. So he left, what do I care? It’s not like I was trying to be his friend or anything like that. 

Not his friend but what about something more?
No, no, not again.

I am not going to listen to you! I exclaimed in my mind to that annoying voice that had settled in the back of my mind for some time now. 

Hey! I say nothing but the truth; it’s not my fault that you’re too much of a coward to accept it. 

There is nothing to accept, there is absolutely no logic behind you obnoxious arguments so why don’t you just shut up and leave me alone! 

Who said anything about logic, you want Malfoy and you know it. 
Shut up, shut up, shut up. I chanted opening my book and trying to drown out the intolerable know it all voice in my head with the familiar words of the text. 

Dear Merlin even in my subconscious I seem to be a know-it-all. 

Reaching into my pocket for my wand to light the lamp on the table, the feel of parchment caught my attention. 

I pulled it out, wondering where I had gotten it. 

The unfamiliar writing on the half-filled parchment made me frown but as soon as the written words registered in my mind I recognized the essay for arithmancy that Draco had been writing. My eyes ran over the elegant script drinking every single detail in from the graceful curves of the M’s to the slightly lopsided E’s. 

I felt my anger subside as I contemplated the parchment, the sight of his name atop of the page bringing me a small sense of comfort, which I immediately stomped on. 

More for something to do to distract my unstable over-emotional mind than because I really wanted to, I started to work on the unfinished essay, one I had personally finished and turned in on time the day before. 

The sound of my quill scratching against the parchment, the sweet scent of the fresh ink rising and soothing away the anger and confusion in my mind, I allowed myself to become lost in the words spilling forth, the warm light emitting from the lamp casting everything else into shadows. 

The frigid wind blowing across the grounds, gliding over the smooth black waters of the lake pierced my thick cloak, the first icy kiss of winter chilling my skin. 


Nothing seemed to be able to cool the heat inside of me as memories rushed across my minds eyes, from that first kiss meant only to scare her, to annoy her, to make her as uncomfortable as I felt. I was trapped, maybe even before that as I remember waking up to her scent, the sweet scent of vanilla wrapping around my senses, even now the memory made my heart speed up its pace slightly. 

It wasn’t like she cared; it wasn’t like it mattered that I was going mad remembering the sweet taste of her lips, that it had taken every ounce of will power that I possessed to walk away from her when her dark eyes were so alluring, beckoning me to follow her to the end of the world. 

“Malfoy!” I turned around to find Ron Weasley standing behind me, his arms crossed at his chest, a murdering look in his eyes as he stared down at me the git was about a head taller than I was. 

I pulled myself to my fullest height, gritting my teeth; the sight of him making unwanted memories of her running after him wash over my mind. 

“What?” I snapped returning the murderous look with as much vehemence as he. 

“I’m going to make one thing clear to you, so listen carefully, I don’t know what has been going on with you and Hermione lately and I don’t believe that whole story about a faulty potion, but I don’t care. I want you to stay well away from her from now on if you don’t want me to smash you face to a pulp.” His tone was cutting and deadly furious but I couldn’t give a damn. 

No one told a Malfoy what he could and couldn’t do, especially not a Weasley. 

“Jealous, are we Weasley?” I taunted him even though I was raging inside. 

“In your dreams Malfoy, I’m simply protecting what belongs to me.”
I couldn’t help raising a skeptical eye brow at his statement. 

“Well aren’t you just the charmer, I’m sure Granger must love that.” Knowing Granger a comment like that one would make her hit the roof. 

“I didn’t come here to ask for your opinion; I’m just here to warn you because next time I see you near her not even Dumbledore himself will be able to stop me from breaking you face.” He growled taking a menacing step in my direction. 

“Don’t you dare threaten me Weasley; you think that just because you're saint Potter’s sidekick I’ll be scared of you? I don’t give damn about what you think is going on.” I scowled stepping towards him as well. “I’ll do what I want whenever I want so why don’t you go and mind your own business.” With that I sidestepped him before I lost the last remaining shreds of my patience. 

“Stay away from her.” he repeated as I walked away. 

A/N: By Merlin’s fuzzy pink socks I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! 72 Reviews so far and 8579 READS!!!!!!!! This probably sounds over used but I almost cried when I saw all of your new reviews a few happy tears definitely slipped out. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!
Ok now to business very short chapter and a filler but necessary , Please, please leave a review and tell me what you think about this so far, it might get a bit more drama then humor from here on out but I’ll do my best to please. Thank you so much to everyone who has review so far I’d like to give a huge Draco shaped cookie to Lyfindra for her support of my story (If you haven’t read The Covenant please do it’s fantastic!) as well as J O I Rowling for her incredibly funny reviews and for covering me in chocolate! for being evil lol. As Well as all of you other wonderful reviewers who never let me down I love you, I hope you guys will help disperse the huge writers block hanging over me at the moment with you wonderful reviews.
Ok, so enough with the boring commentaries,

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