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An; Thank you so much for the amazingly increasing amount of reviews. So here it is, the chapter many of you have been waiting for. It all belongs to JK Rowling.



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Charisma and Harry

Groaning, I squinted, opening my eyes in to slits the following morning. “I’m sorry.”


“Wolfy, it’s fine,” Scorpius tried to reassure. “Look, no blood this time.”


Ignoring him as he pushed his hands in to my face so I could so, I got up from the forest floor. When away from Hogwarts, where there is no Room of Requirement, I am left with a simple forest – the forest behind the Potters house always did a fitting job.


“But you got roped in to it, again,” I amended, taking a seat next to him and attempting to ignore the pounding headache that took over my mind. “I am so sorry for what ever you had to endure last night. I have no idea what I did but I’m sorry.”


He laughed, out of all reactions, laughing was not one that I was expecting. “Wolfy, seriously, I’m fine. You didn’t do anything too bad, but once again I fear for the life of Evie Lewis, maybe even more so this time.”


I placed my head in my hands and groaned. “Please don’t repeat anything that I might have said.” Knowing that something about James would have defiantly come out of my mouth, Scorp was just too polite to say anything or he didn’t want in to fear that I would eat him alive.


“I wont, I pinkie swear.”


We pinkie swore just in time to be joined by a boxer wearing Teddy. He trampled over a nice patch of flowers and tripped. He didn’t look good.


Teddy and I share the same wood on holidays when I return home. However Teddy is placed in to an equivalent of the schools Streaking Shack, the doors are controlled magically and open at exactly 4am in the morning, when the sun comes up.


“Top of the morning,” he greeted, stumbling around and looking horrible.


Rolling my eyes, I got up and help Teddy over to where we were sitting and dropped him in time for him to land on the floor. “You look lovely.”


“Not so bad yourself, love.”


Muttering, I embraced the pounding in my head. “We could be models.”


Teddy seemed to be suffering from the same pains as he reached for his head and took a moment to massage his temples. “Morning, Scorpius; how rude of Charisma not to introduce us.”


“Morning Ted,” he replied, knowing full well that I wasn’t in the mood to answer myself. Scorpius and Teddy were cousins, somehow related by the long twisted tree of the pureblood families – second cousins, or something along those lines. I am sure that Teddy used to babysit said cousin when he was younger for extra cash.


I thought that Scorpius was taking this incredibly well, on the account that it’s not every day that you see an injured man stumble around a private forest in his boxers at something like 6 in the morning after having spent the night with a clinically insane girl.


“How was the moon?” I asked him slowly.


“Hell.” He answered, still lying on the floor. “You?”


“Great, Scorp here did the honours on the account that James made an escape.”


“Nice.” Teddy said again, itching a cut he had on his lower back. “Does he bunk a lot lately?” Scorpius nodded. “I’m guessing it’s because of Satins daughter?”


“Ferula.” Scorpius whispered after a second or so, pointing his wand at his hand. A set of bandages appeared out of the end of his wand. I smiled a genuine smile, not something that I’ve done of late.


“Where did you learn how to do that?” I asked with curiosity.


“Malfoy?” he stated, pointing to himself. “My parents have books full of spells, rooms full of books full of spells; I thought that this one might come in handy one day.” He shrugged. I laughed as he wrapped them around Teddy’s middle.


“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you Ted?” He asked tensely.


Teddy nodded unsurely, but Scorpius only stopped for a second before he shrugged and carried on.


“You’re not running away screaming, why isn’t he running away screaming?” Teddy asked, his voice tired and slightly muffled due to him lying down face first on to the floor.


“Rose told me already, she warned me that she had a family of freaks and that I should watch out. I guess after spending time with Wolfy and Co for a while, things just aren’t that shocking anymore.” Scorp said sweetly. “Plus, I’m sure that my parents wouldn’t have let you near me as a kid if they didn’t trust you; I remember when you used to babysit me. You used to trick the house elves in to giving you more food than me.”


“I love you, Malfoy. But you were a horrid child.” Teddy stated. “Where the hell does Rosie find them?” he asked, shaking his head a little, too tired to move any more than that.


“I don’t know, but she picks the good ones.” I stated, being incredibly mushy and hugged Scorp by his side.


Scorpius stopped. “Hang on a moment.” He said. “Who is them, that Rosie seems to find?”


I shrugged. “Eh, you’re better than bloody Wood, or McLaggen, or-”


He took the left over bandages and wrapped them around my mouth so that I was unable to speak.


“Thank fuck.” He said, before wrapping the rest of them around my arms like a child. “You know, this is kinda fun.”


We stumbled in to the kitchen half an hour later, Scorpius and I helping Teddy and me with bandages still wrapped around my head. We placed him on the sofa, that James was supposed to be sleeping on, and left him there.


“Will he be ok?” Scorpius asked kindly.


I shrugged, unable to speak and knowing that Harry would be down soon and help Teddy in to the bathtub or something. However, I am not willing to go that far.


I hugged Scorp lightly before taking the bandages off of my head. He however had magically made them stay.


As Ginny came down the stairs, tripping over the bottoms of her pyjama bottoms she raced over to me. “Oh, dear, Charisma what’s happened?”


“I love the way you ignored your godchild,” Teddy groaned, speaking for the first time in a while. His exhaustion was always greater than mine. I pulled away from Ginny and tucked a pillow under Teddy’s head.


Scorpius placed a caring hand on to Ginny’s shoulder, one she seemed a little shocked at. “She’s fine; she just wouldn’t stop talking and at 6 in the morning, it’s very annoying.”


Ginny sighed and then laughed. “Bless, well it wouldn’t hurt if we left her like that for a bit longer.”


“I think that might be against child rights, Mum.” Albus announced, bounding down the stairs with a volume I would have loved to throttle him for. “I like the new look Wolfy, it’s very ‘eco-friendly-hipster’ type thing.”


Punching him in the arm I watched as he stumbled back, horror suddenly filled me as I realised just quite how hard I had hit him. “Sorry, Al – I’m so sorry; I forgot!”


I tried to pull away and rush over to Albus but Scorpius reached for the bandages on my head and took them off for me with the counteracting charm. I watched as Ginny moved her son so he could sit down and rub his arm with a sulky expression.


“You always conveniently forget you have big surges of strength at this time of the month,” he complained. “Oh, and by the way; Lewis is awake, you might want to die down the whole ‘flower-child’ thing before she sees you; I would hate to think the damage the two of you may cause to the furniture if she makes fun of you and you kill her.”


“Her blood might stain my carpet!” Ginny acknowledged worriedly.


Snorting I sat on the arm of the sofa, gently running my hands through Teddy’s hair, trying to undo the knots as he slept. He had simply closed his eyes and hadn’t opened them again.


“Where’s James?” I asked.


Ginny took Al’s place in the chair as he stood up and headed for the kitchen, muttering something about a cup of tea. “He’s in Lily’s room; after you left Lily went to stay at Hermione’s and so he took advantage of the empty space.”


Nodding in acknowledgement I stood up and walked over to the mirror, having caught my fingers in a knot in my hair. “Scorpius!” I cried in horror.


There was a daisy chain wrapped around my neck and another two of them woven through my hair. There were two leaves, obviously callously ripped from trees knotted in amongst my thick locks alongside dirt and balls of mud. The scratches on my face were something that I was used to, even the slight bruising on my chin, however the pretty patterns drawn in to the dried mud on my skin were new.


“You just lay down and went to sleep after a while, much quicker than the last time and I got bored. I couldn’t exactly sleep and leave you alone,” he told me. Despite the tone to his voice, as if this were an everyday occurrence, I heard the waver, but also the mischief.


I turned away from the mirror; partially out of disgust and also to look him in the eye. Wrapping my arms around him, I wasn’t fussed that he made no attempt to hug back. He hadn’t slept, and knowing him, he probably hadn’t switched off at all – he would have been alert all night.


Instead I narrowed my eyes and pushed him away. “You got bored? You got bored, so you decided to use me as a dolly?”


“In a nutshell, m’love.”


Without hesitation, I raced across the living room to catch him; the thought of murder had crossed my mind, but was quickly followed by adoration for the blonde.


He pulled his wand from his pocket and said, “Locomotor Mortis.”


My leg’s locked together as if they were attracted my magnets. I fell to the floor with a crash and dragged myself towards the cover of the sofa before reaching for my own wand. “Rictusempra!”


Scorpius wavered for a moment before collapsing to the floor and falling in to a state of uncontrollable laughter; the boy was very ticklish – especially by magic tickles. By the time that the laughter had attracted the people from upstairs, Albus had wandered back in to the living room with two mugs of tea, one for him and one for his Mum.


“Good morning, nutty family.” James groaned, stepping over Scorpius and making his way through to the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to us all, ignoring the cried of his girlfriend as Scorpius went to grab her legs like the little creep he his, and look at me. “Why is Charisma on the floor?”


Lily burst through the doorway and dropped her bag on the floor. “Why do you care? Oh, Chic; you look so pretty. Malfoy you should really think of taking up art for a career, Malfoy are you listening to m- oh.”


Scorpius rolled sideways, almost taking out the Christmas tree in the process. Ginny, slightly terrified that we would ruin her living room, took out her wand and muttered the counter spells for us both. I stretched out my legs and watched as Scorpius sat up straight.


“Charisma, you’re so mean.” He muttered, throwing a pillow at me, one that Teddy had knocked on to the floor.


“You two are so immature,” Lily muttered, stepping over us both and heading up towards her bedroom, her sleepover bag still in the doorway of her house.


As Harry passed his daughter on the staircase, she gave him a warm smile; she was a Daddy’s girl through and through. Harry carried the usual warm - and slightly damp towel - which he always used to clean up Teddy. Having been faced away from the stair case, Lewis had seemingly missed him on her trip to the kitchen.


I let out a quiet groan as Scorpius leapt forward and lay sideways over my stomach, pinning me to the floor, just out of the way of the settee. James’ glare toward the both of us didn’t go unnoticed by me.


“I’m not even going to ask,” Harry commented, moving past us both to attempt to his godson. Scorpius ahd used the element of surprise and taken to opportunity where my attention wasn’t focused on him, but on Harry and Teddy. “James, my son, grab Teddy’s other side will you, he’s so irresponsible, all this partying.”


It seemed that Evie wasn’t evening listening, too entranced by her cup of tea to take notice of Teddy; lying for her sake wasn’t needed. Together, the father and son hauled the tall boy up the stairs.


“Evie would you mind giving me some help in the kitchen?” Ginny asked politely, on the consideration that Lewis has not done anything since she arrived here, it would have been a nice gesture.


“I would Mrs Potter, but I’ve just done, and it would completely ruin the paint.” She said, admiring her non-painted nails. How bloody stupid can you get?


Harry rolled his eyes and left the room, leaving an annoyed Ginny to fend for herself, the usual. He knew that she could.


“It’s alright I’ll do it.” I said, attempting to stand up slowly, pushing off Scorp, trying to get my balance back - and failing.


“No, no. Chic it’s ok. I can do it.” That pretty much translated in to I was actually going to make up a job so that I could talk to Evie girl to girl. But it failed. 


Lily took that moment to call down the stairs, “Wolfy, were goin’ to Uncle George’s to knock out the boys at Quidditch, you coming?”


“Yes!” I squealed in happiness, Quidditch was exactly what I needed. I would take a quick hangover potion (which worked surprisingly well for my symptoms) and head over, possibly taking a nap at Freddy’s.


“Well come on, go get changed.” Albus called from upstairs. “We wanna go.”


“I’m going as quickly as I can. Thank Scorpius for my speed.” I cried grinning. I got halfway up the stairs and tripped. Being the good friends that I have, instead of helping they laughed.


“Well your not going to get very far by doing that now are you?” Scorp called from the sofa.


“Go home!” I retaliated, still lying down. I army crawled up the stairs and in to Lily’s room. “Lily, how much make-up did you buy at Hogsmeade?” I asked, getting up and picking up a bottle of foundation.


“It’s not mine. I only bought shoes.” She called from Albus’s room.


I heard a snotty groan come from the doorway of Lily’s room and my hand was smacked away from the make-up selection. “Don’t touch my stuff, it’s already contaminated just by being in this room, it doesn’t need your little finger marks all over it.”


“No one’s asking you to be here, Lewis the front door’s downstairs, go and do us all a favour and shut it behind you.” I said back at the end of my tether.


She let out a tiny squealing noise, as if she had been prodded with a hot poker, “Price you’re finally getting a backbone I see. Too bad it doesn’t affect me. James wants me here, so just deal with it.”


I watched with slight distain as she slapped the make-up on to her face with one-too-many layers, “Be careful, put much more of that on your cheeks and it will be a health hazard; you won’t be able to breathe.”


As I walked over to grab my clothes – still unpacked – from my trunk, I accidentally bumped in to her on my way out. I balled my jumper up in my arms and was halfway down the hallways when I heard her calling my name.


“Price, bloody stop – Price!” She took hold of the back of my ripped jacket but let go immediately, as if I had a disease. “You can just say that and walk away.”


“I just did, I don’t want an argument with you Lewis, I want to go and meet with my friends.”


“Yeah that’s it, once again back away from any potential argument and go and play with your little nerd herd. You’re nothing but a gigantic freak Price. You and that Lupin guy, I have no idea what his problem is.” She said in a classic bitch pose. Hand on hip, knee bent, one leg out. “You come in this morning looking you’ve spent the night rolling around in the mud; you look like a tamp.


“The first time that I saw you, I thought that you were ‘just a bit special’. I bet the only reason that the Potters are friends with you is because they feel sorry for you; everyone knows that they are big on charity cases.”


I was ready to hex her, scratch that; I was ready to kill her. I was inches away from the girl; all I needed to do was drop my clean clothes, reach out and I could murder her with my bare hands. But I wasn’t given time to.


Harry pushed open the bathroom door and set his sights on Evie, “Lewis, how dare you come in to my home and treat anyone with such distain. Get downstairs, now!”


She furrowed her brows, genuinely confused by what she had done wrong. “Excuse me?”


Teddy coughed from the bathroom, leaning around the door holding an ice-pack held to his cheek. “He’s kicking you out, bitch.”


“Teddy,” Harry warned, shutting the bathroom door to separate him off; his godson probably wouldn’t have the best level-headed opinion in this situation. “I’m not kicking you out, Evie; you can still say. You said it yourself; we’re big on charity cases. But here you me, you treat anyone in the same manner and you will never be welcome back, do you understand?”


Evie didn’t seem at all fazed that she was being told off by Harry Potter, the saviour of the Wizarding world and shook her head. “You didn’t hear the things that she said to m-“


“IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!”  Lily shouted, practically tripping over as she raced down the corridor in a tattered pair of jeans; she pulled her shirt over her head as she ran. “Can you think of someone that isn’t you for a millisecond of your life?”


“Go downstairs Lewis, I don’t want to see your face for the remainder of the holiday.” Harry said in the most parental like voice that I have ever heard.


Lily jumped for joy and shot insults at Lewis as she passed, heading towards the stair case. She turned to me, as if I was to join in, but I wasn’t focused on the situation; James had heard it all. I knew that he was watching; the bathroom door clicked shut and I knew that he had been the one to do it.


A hand attentively placed itself on to my shoulder. I turned and looked Harry in the eyes.


“Thank you.” I whispered. He nodded slowly and winked at me.


He turned towards the staircase and stopped at the top, laughing a little; as if on an inside joke. “Charisma, if anything like this ever happens again – hex her and I’ll deal with the consequences!”


Oh, look.” I said lamely at the sudden buzz. “Doorbell.”


Harry smiled and turned back to the stairs, but stopped half way down. Within seconds Albus was at my side, having shoved his father from the stairs and skipping the last few. He bashed his knee from slipping forward and appeared in front of my face.


“Charisma!” he said in a very solemn voice; imitating his fathers. “You need to get to the door, now!”


I followed him through his house, jumping over a chair in the living room. Albus walked straight. Ginny was standing in the door way, her expression filled with worry. Two Aurors stood at the door.


“What’s this about?” I asked, attempting to pick the last of the leaves from my hair; not particularly sure if I wanted to know the answer.


“Are you Charisma Bustle-Price?” The tallest Auror asked, looking as patronizing as ever. I nodded, shuddering at my mothers name that was forced on to the end of mine. “I think that you better sit down.”


They un-invitedly stepped in to the house, walking through to the living room. Harry appeared at the table. “Kingsley, Samuel. What can I do for you this dandy morning?” He greeted; a smile upon his tired face.


The one I assumed with Kingsley shook his head. “I’m afraid we’re here for Miss Price.”


Harry shook his head. “What have I told you about robbing those liquor stores Charisma, it doesn’t look good on ministry applications.”


“It’s not good Harry.” Ginny stammered, tears threatening to spill over as she pushed away her husband’s sudden burst of affection towards her.


He blinked. Samuel stepped forward and leant to make eye contact with me. “Miss Price. I’m afraid we have some bad news.” I nodded while he paused. “It’s your parents.”

Considering they haven’t spoken to me in four years and haven’t even made an attempt at contact, I didn’t see what the huge problem-ao was. I had recently expressed to James how I would have liked to spend Christmas with them, as a normal family. But I then expressed the reality of that happening.

I wondered briefly is they had managed to loose themselves in a mountain of paperwork at their offices. Maybe they were missing and were actually just lost under their desks, in that place where you put your feet, burning paper to stay alive.

“Miss Price-“


“Charisma, call me Charisma.”


He sighed. “Ok then, Charisma. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.” Ginny sobbed quietly in the corner, my heart exploded, not for me, but for her. “They’re dead – They were staying in a hostel down the street while visiting someone by the name of, James Potter, when they were killed … by a werewolf.”



An; This was such a difficult chapter to write, but not because of the deaths, or the pain of Teddy (although they were added difficulties) but because of the frame of mind that I was in while writing the previous chapter. I had to switch back to nice-nice Charisma after writing her in such a horrid way.

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