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Having Mother and Father over is more than what I had indeed expected. The past days have been a blur with Hermione's pregnancy and Mother's non stop barking about the unborn child. We have yet to get married and Mother is a horrible wedding planner. Honestly, aren't mothers supposed to shrivel up and just give blessings? Please agree with me. I absolutely NEED someone who agrees with me right now. Why? Oh ho ho! You'll see.

It is Saturday morning. Ooooh Saturday! Waking up on a Saturday morning is like waking up to a new life. You don't think about what you did the past week and you just focus on what something new you could do today. Unfortunately, life detests me right now. And wishes me to carry the burden of The Wedding Dress.

Ah yes, The Wedding Dress. Mother is out of town with Father for some Ministry business, and poor poor me is stuck with this vixen- I mean, Hermione. (You see, I just can not help my inner thoughts and feelings about this pregnant Herms at the moment. She is not at all... appealing. At all.) Now let me rather explain to you what it means to carry the burden of The Wedding Dress. It means I must go with Hermione to every possible shop displayed in Witch Weekly's Blushing Bride Edition and merely assist and help pick out a wedding dress. Oh, I mean THE wedding dress. Apparently every woman has the sixth sense of knowing what dress will be perfect for The Day and also having the sacred knowledge of how long it will be till that very wedding dress is found.

My dear Hermione already is at the fireplace. Her hair combed backed into a high pony with a couple strands hanging around her face. She is wearing a short sleeved flannel shirt which frames her watermelon shaped belly. Looking back up her face holds the perfect smile. Her face is slightly tilted and she laughs. Wait. Why does she laugh? And only then I notice that I am only in my boxers and dear Wizzie ( the new house else Mother brought) is shaking, her eyes wide.

"Draco! Go wear something before you give Wizzie a heart attack!" she chuckles. "Hurry up! We need to get going!" Highly embarrassed by the situation I humble back into my room and change.


So we head towards our first shop. Brides and Blooms. I am already shuddering by the time we enter it. Shudder. Shudder. Shudder.

Suddenly a blonde girl comes straight to my face. And grins. This place is giving me the creeps, now I really want to just go curl in the corner and pretend not to exist.

"Helloooo Monsieur Malfoy! Welcome to Brides and Bloooooms! I am Jennette Belguard! How may I help you toooday?" Ah, the French accent.

Hm. Interesting question. Maybe you could just shut up and let us get on with our feeble lives. *cry*

I grin. "My pregnant fiance," I point. "needs a wedding dress." She doesn't even glance at Hermione.

"Oooooohhhh! Monsier Malfoy! You're here for a wedding dress! Hehe!"

No fudge, really? I didn't even know that.

"Come right this way Monsieur Malfoy! Let's go!"

She leads us right to the dresses. And she picks out a skimpy short, white dress with a million bows on it.

"How about this one Monsieur Malfoy? This is one of the best we have! Just came in yesterday! It's almost priceless!" She winks, as she takes out another skimpy dress. Honestly! Is she blind? My fiance here is VERY large. "And this one!" She takes out a very long dress that will probably only fit a skeleton. Now, I am pissed. "Is beautiful! This dress-"

"Listen! Miss. Belguard, I do believe that the wedding dress is NOT for me but for my fiance right here next to me. So I'd rather prefer if you'd show her. Second, I do recall mentioning that she is pregnant, and if you'd bring those pair of eyes you've got their to atleast look at her, you'd indeed notice she wont fit in those hideous short and small dresses. Now either you show us some dresses that would fit her, or we're out of here." The last part came in a deadly whisper, that made not only the blonde but Hermione go wide eyed.

[Insert a moment of awkward silence here]

"Y-y-yesss Monsieur Malfoy. Absolutely! My apologies!" The girl is stuttering now. Ha. Ha.

She turns to Hermione. "Come right this way, Ms.......?"

"Granger." squeaks Hermione, obviously distraught by what just happened. But hey, that girl was getting on my very sensitive nerves. And it's only our first shop and I am very exhausted.


"Draco, honey? How is this one?"

It's been two depressing hours, with about 30 depressing dresses. Or was it 40? Bah, I lost count after the 20th anyway. And so far I've probably seen enough white for a life time. That, I am sure of.

I get up from my lying position. ( I was indeed lying down trying to sleep.) And blink and open my eyes real wide. I can't even focus on the dress in front of me.

"Draco how is it? You're just staring at me here! Does it make me look fat? Tell me the truth." What? How can she possibly ask me that question?

"Baby, you are fat. No matter what you wear, you're gonna look fat. Okay, your pregnant. Get used to it for another 4 months or so." I reply yawning. What time is it? Maybe seven now.....



"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DRACO!" All I merely said was the pure truth! She asked for it!

I am way to tired to deal with her right now. I look over at what used to be a stock of dresses and notice there is only one left. I point to it.

"Try that. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in that one. Like the blushing bride you are." I manage a feeble 'up' of the lips.

She yanks at that and stomps into the changing room. Crazy, that one.

After a three yawns later, she comes out. But in a fannel shirt and pants.

"Honey, I don't think that will be good for the wedding, I understand that you might be wanting to save money, but really-"

"Draco! Get your damn head straight! The one I just wore was bloody worse than anything in my life. It obviously isn't the one. I am tired. Let's go home."

All I registered in my head was "Let's go home."
That was all the convincing I needed.


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