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((Chapter 7. Wow, this feels like its going soooo fast. Anyway, everything I write is inspired by one of my favorite songs. This story was inspired by Darling by Eyes Set to Kill. If you listen to it, you’ll get an idea of my mindset. Enjoy!))

Chapter::  7
Sweet and Slow

Getting along with the Slytherins was a lot easier then Hermione thought it would be. All of the preparing she did for this night kicked in and it worked perfectly. There were some points where Hermione was almost convinced herself that she was Onyx Raven. Something she promised herself and Dumbledore wouldn’t happen. So, with that in mind, she let her planning work its magic. It wasn’t like it really took much hard work. They were almost overly ecstatic to have her around. By the time they reached their common room after the Great Hall was dismissed, almost every person in Slytherin had introduced themselves to her. Something that never happened in Gryffindor.

Blaise was the easiest to befriend. He was practically glued to her side the moment she sat down next to Pansy. Pansy also became interested in having a potential kinship with Onyx Raven. Apparently, she was feared by most and this gave Pansy an edge. Hermione tried to not dwell on that part. She wouldn’t get physical unless absolutely necessary. The real problem that was arising was coming from Draco Malfoy. He hasn’t spoken to her much from the get-go and only responded when asked a direct question. Hermione was a little troubled with this, but did not let that go to her head. She suspected he would be this way. Just, she didn’t expect for him to be so silent and mysterious. He was normally a boaster.

Once the Slytherins showed Onyx to the common room in the dungeons, most of them retreated to bed for some rest before the first day of classes. The only people left in the common room was herself, Draco, and Blaise. Perhaps her mission would be more simple then she thought. Blaise was a little too excited to find she they were nearly alone in the room.

“So, Onyx. How do you like Hogwarts so far?” He was no shy about checking out her arse every time she would stand up.

She smirked, “I go by Raven. Onyx was the name my mother gave me. I don’t like to be reminded of her often.”

Draco chose now to speak, “Why is that?”

Apparently, she had spiked his interest. “She had me when she was a teenager. Around 15 I believe. Named me after the name her friends called her at the bar she worked at. I don’t remember her much, she dropped me off at an orphanage before my fourth birthday. According to Dumbledore, she was a witch that used her powers for bad. Scoring drugs, breaking and entering, evading arrest. The list goes on and on.”

Draco’s eyebrows nit in thought. “What about your father?”

Hermione shrugged. “Don’t know much about him. Dumbledore told me some stuff. That he was a married man that saw my mother dancing at the bar and took her out for drinks. Apparently he worked at the Ministry of Magic here. Don’t know and don’t care.”

Blaise sat down next to her on the couch. A little too close in her opinion. “That would make you a pureblood, right?”

Wrinkling her nose, Hermione attempted to look perplexed. “According to Dumbledore, yes. Even though that doesn’t matter to me. I grew up on the streets. Nothing else matters.”

Blaise nodded his head. Apparently, he had nothing to say to that. Why would he anyway. Street kids like Onyx Raven were very rare in Europe; almost nonexistent. But, there were a few that Dumbledore charmed to ‘remember’ her. Not many people heard about them, especially not some stuck up rich kids.

Draco broke into the conversation once again, “What about the name Raven? Where did that come from?”

“Not really sure. I think I just kind of picked it up one day. It’s been so long I really don’t remember.” It’s mostly the truth. She couldn’t remember the story attached with that name so she came up with it out of thin air.

“Huh. Interesting. What about money? How are you managing to come to this school anyway?” Draco would think about money as one of the first things.

A laugh escaped her lips before she even noticed it was coming. Something about his question humored her. “When Dumbledore told me who I was, he mentioned that my biological father died in some sort of attack, leaving no children and a hefty fortune. Since I’m his daughter, I got it all. Personally, I didn’t want to come here. I rather wish I could have bought my own flat and a car. But, Dumbledore convinced me to at least come for my last year.”

“So, you didn’t know you were a witch?”

Hermione nodded her head, “Oh, I knew I had powers. I didn’t know I was a witch. I just assumed I was special. I learned to control it and make it grow. I didn’t even need a wand, but the headmaster said it was a pre-requisite.”

The boys both looked impressed at her reflection. Something she was proud of. However, she was getting annoyed with their questions and stood up to leave. They both jumped up as she made her way to the portrait.

“Where you going?” They asked in unison.

With a sexy smile, Hermione turned around, peeling off her cloak as she did so and removing her tie. “I’m going to wander the halls. I need some air. This place feels dingy.”

Blaise’s eyes looked her up and down. Her short skirt and tight white shirt leaving a lot to be desired. Draco, funnily enough, just smirked and said, “Stay away from the Gryffindor common room. Those mudblood lovers and blood traitors can smell a Slytherin. They may try to hassle you.”

Now Hermione had to laugh. Onyx Raven is impossible to hassle. “Well, you won’t have to worry about that. I’ve been pushed away and hassled all my life. Six foster homes and street life does that to you. No worries.”

One smile and hair flip later, she was out the whole and shaking. Her smile faltered and her pace increased. Today was getting difficult. All of the questions were getting to her and she already hated who she was. Even to her own ears an Slytherin standards she sounded like a no good druggie child that no one wanted. Why Dumbledore came up with this story was beyond her.

“Miss Granger, we must make it seem like you had a hard childhood, much like Tom Riddle. That way if you are to become a Death Eater he may let you a little closer to him then the others. And quite possibly make young Mister Malfoy and Zambini feel they can trust you.” Dumbledore looked certain and happy with this back story.

Hermione was not so convinced, “What if they think I’m just a punk kid? Merlin, I sound like a drug addict for bloody sake.”

Dumbledore frowned, “Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me, Miss Granger?”

“Well… no.” He really hasn’t.

He smiled, “Then trust me. This will work. I just know it will. Just don’t start getting intimate with those boys. That’s dangerous territory.”

Dangerous territory? Yeah, right. That was more like suicide. She had no intention of getting any more intimate then a few kisses and groping here and there. Even that sounded too far for her. It’s not as if she has had much experience with anything else. Besides, she felt slimy just pretending as it was. None of this was really her. It was someone she had to be without a choice. Even if she wanted to go back to her real life, now would not work. She had to help as much as she can. Perhaps from now on she can play the silent, mysterious type. Well, when she wasn’t playing the boys.

Before she knew it, Hermione was near the Gryffindor Tower. She almost moaned at the sight of the staircases in front of her. She was so used to coming this way from the Great Hall that her thoughts must have led her here. With a sigh, she made to turn around. As she did so, her body collided with someone else’s, causing her to land on her bum with a loud thud. The person she knocked into didn’t fall, but stumbled back a bit.

Hermione looked up, but couldn’t see past her long hair. Maybe getting a hair extending potion wasn’t a good idea. After all, what good would hip length hair do? Blowing her hair from her face, Hermione nearly screamed in surprise at who was standing over her. She wasn’t sure why. She was near the Gryffindor Tower any way.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t see you turn around. Let me help you up.”

After a seconds hesitation, Hermione figured it wouldn’t hurt to let him help her up. “Thanks.”

He looked at her surprised. “Strange. Most Slytherins don’t say thanks.”

She snarled despite herself. “I normally don’t, but Dumbledore gave me a pep talk about not behaving the way I did in Paris. Which generally means I need to start being nice to people.”

He shrugged, “That’s Dumbledore. He is all for inter house unity. Even though we all keep trying to tell him it won’t work.”

Hermione scoffed in a very Onyx Raven way, “Yeah, well. Good luck with that one. Who are you anyway?”

The poor boy nervously tucked his hair behind his ear, “Neville. Neville Longbottom. I’m in Gryffindor. You’re Onyx Raven, right?”

“Raven.” Hermione nodded her head. She hated making Neville nervous but it was what had to be done.

“Well, nice to meet you, Neville, but according to my housemates, I’m not to associate with Gryffindors. Besides. I’m not into making any new friends while I’m here. There’s no point. Not planning on seeing any of you dimwits later on in life.”

He looked embarrassed and Hermione almost excepted the urge to hug her old friend. It took all of her energy to keep her arms where they were and to say, “Later.”

Walking away as fast as she could, she wanted to cry. Never did she think it would be so painful to treat her old friends that way. She knew it would hurt but she didn’t think she would feel physical pain when she did so. Soon enough, she was running. Her feet flying over the stone flooring, pushing her to he dungeons. As she neared the portrait of Salazar Slytherin, Mrs. Norris stopped her. After nearly kicking the cat in the side, Hermione calmed her breathing and waited for Mrs. Norris to spot her. However, the portrait suddenly opened, revealing a serious looking Draco.

“Hurry up.”

Hermione looked at him confused. What was he doing? They were both going to get caught if Filch appeared. She mouthed ‘What?’

He groaned, “Get in here before Filch shows up you stupid girl!”

She jumped over the red-eyed cat and helped Draco to shut the protrait. Once inside, she leaned against the door, gasping for breath. She hadn’t run that much since third year. Maybe it was time for her to start jogging around the school every so often. Heck, it might make her lose a little anxiety. She turned her face to Draco. Who stood looking at her, his face still serious. Raising her eyebrow, she pushed off the door and started to through the common room and up the stairs leading to the girls’ dormitory. His voice stopped her halfway up.

“Just thought I’d warn you. Blaise wants to get in your knickers. So, from now I, suggest loosening up the clothes a little bit.” Surprisingly, his voice wasn’t condescending or filled with lust. Instead he actually sounded like he cared.

Hermione turned into Onyx for a moment, “Why, Mr. Malfoy. I didn’t know you cared.”

Turning around, she hopped down the steps and came to a stop directly in front of the platinum haired boy. Wearing the flat boots that she was, she had to look up at his handsome face, clear of any abrasions. Feeling a little daring, she pulled the ultimate surprise. Grabbing the back of his neck, she pulled his face down, giving him a gentle peck on the lips. At first it was soft, tender. However, as she lifted her lips from his, she felt his hands slide across her lower back and pull her in for more. Their kiss wasn’t hard or violent, but sweet and slow. It was almost as if he was scared to break or. Or perhaps scared to break himself.

Feeling a little dizzy from lack of breath, Onyx Raven slid her hands to his on her back and unlatched his hold, stopping their kiss. He looked down at her with confusion. She looked up at him with success. She pecked him quickly one last time before starting back up the stairs again. Once halfway up, she turned around to find that he hasn’t moved.

“I’ll loosen my clothes, when you boys tighten yours.” Her smile was evil as she licked her lips and climbed the stairs.

Reaching the large wooden door, she opened it quietly to find all the girls asleep. Apparently, there were only four girls in her year including herself, so there was a lot of space between each bed. With a sigh, she found hers, the one closest to the door. Probably Dumbledore’s idea so that she can sneak in and out a lot easier then the others. Falling backwards onto it, Hermione only moved enough to pull her wand out of her boot and slid her boots off. She laid back down, on top of the blankets, in her robes. She didn’t care anyway. She was so perplexed, it didn’t matter. Kissing Draco was a tactic to get him to lower his defenses. And it worked. However, she didn’t expect just how low. She never expected him to kiss back. Luckily though, she was prepared enough that she didn’t fall victim to his charm. Her head stayed leveled and pure. Now, as she laid in the dark thinking over the days events, she felt guilty about it all and fell asleep thinking of the old days.

((I hope you all enjoyed!! I’m really excited about all of the reviews I’ve been getting! I know this story is off to a somewhat slow start. But don’t worry, it will pick up. Review review review!!!))

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