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Thank, frigging, goodness. Earlier today I had called Megan, and we talked for a couple hours, like usual. I had told her I had something important to tell her, in person, and she said to come on over.

So as of now I am on my way. My extremely cold, slow way. The roads were snowed in since the county wasn’t clearing them. There was no point because most people were off for Easter Break and those who weren’t had tractors. But it was extremely slow going.

My dad was having me explain what I knew about the wizarding world. I think he’ll reading the Harry Potter books pretty soon. I think my mom ordered a set over the internet this morning. I think he wants me to say yes. I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

I’ve been thinking about my choice. This is what I’ve always wanted, but I can’t leave Megan. We’re all each other have, other than family, of course.

The other girls in our high school don’t like us to much. We don’t know why. We aren’t slutty, they are; we aren’t mean, they are; we aren’t ugly, they are; and we aren’t popular, they are. It was probably because we are beautiful, at least in Megan’s case (even though she contends its vise-versa); we are nice, usually; and we’re liked by guys for who we are, not by what we’d do for them. But we decided long ago not to care what others think, because we’ll always have each other to fall back on. That’s probably another reason why they hate us, the confidence in ourselves, that is.

But I just can’t leave her. She would have the guys at the lunch table, but that’s only 1/9th of the day.

Our guys at lunch are great. We have Megan’s boyfriend, Trey. He’s a football player, just not the best. We have Kevin. He can kinda set off your gad-dar, but he really isn’t gay. He does play with Megan. I’m not one for getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of people, but they love it. We have Joe, he’s a little weird, well really weird, but amazingly funny. And finally we have Matt. He plays football with Trey, but he’s actually good. He’s just not popular, because the popular guys are like the popular girls, except for the ugly, unconfident part.

And I am here. It may look a little silly to be getting out of a tractor in the middle of town, but someone down the street was doing the same. It’s a small town.

“Bye Daddy, I’ll call you when we’re ready to go home!” I said, jumping out of the tractor. Megan was going to spend the night at my house.

I ran into the house, put my coat and shoes in my spot at the door, waved to Shirley, Megan’s mom, and ran into Megan’s room.


“Megs!” I shouted back as I hopped onto her bed with her.

We laid on our backs staring at the Aaron Carter poster we had glued to the ceiling when we were eleven. We had never told her parents.

“I can tell something is itching in your mind, so out with it.” She knew me so well.

“Well . . . .” I started. I hadn’t yet figured how to go on.

“Well . . . .” Megan prompted.

“Wemightbemoving.” I said in a rush.

“Moving! Where?” Megan sat up as she said this.

“England” I whispered.

She tackled me.

“What do you mean, might?” she asked from down by my feet.

“We have to decide, or more importantly, me.” I was mumbling now.

“Why you? What are the circumstances?”

“The reason pertains to me, that’s why me.” I paused and looked at her, “let me explain.”

We moved so we were lying on our backs, going opposite ways so our heads were side by side. I took a deep breath.

“I’ll tell you the reason for the madness last. If we move, the house and vehicles here would get paid for, not by us. The house there is big, beautiful, on the coast, and free. It has a nice barn and pasture for the horses. Mom would have a job talking to farmers about technology, and we both know how much she loves to talk.” We smiled at each other. “Dad would work at a beautiful dairy. Following?”

“Yes, it sounds awesome, now about you” she asked the dreaded question.

“Well you know how I’m obsessed with magic?”

“Of course, you never shut up about it.” She said, rolling her eyes and giggling.

“Well Hermione Granger visited us, and apparently I’m a witch.”

She burst out laughing and had to sit up to breathe.

“You’re full of shit. Was this all a joke?”

She stopped laughing when she saw my face.

“Why are you so blue, this is your dream?”

“Think, Megan, England!” At her blank look, I went on, sitting up as well. “Across an ocean? What about you?”

“Me? Pshh, this is a great opportunity for you! You’d be able to go to Hogwarts, right?”

“Hogwarts, yes, but – “

“No! This is what you’ve always dreamed of! My dreams come and go with the light but yours has always been this. My dream that will never leave is to see an owl on a regular basis.” She finished with a deep huff.

“Oh, Megs, I love you!” I said sobbing and hugging her.

“I love you to, in a sisterly way.” She said, giggling.

We both started laughing and crying at the same time, both hysterically. We fell on our backs again once we settled down.

“So tell me about the wizarding world.” Megan said.

It was 7:50 at night. Hermione was due at my house at 8:00. And my dad wasn’t here yet!
Megan was coming with me. We needed to talk about her. We had talked about me for awhile, now it was her turn, whether she liked it or not. But that wasn’t going to happen if my dad didn’t get here soon!

“Quite squirming, he’ll get here soon.” Megan said, giggling from beside me on the couch. I was staring at the window and she at the television.

“Yeah, Catie, you’d think you didn’t like this house.” Shirley said.

For some reason Megan’s family always called me Catie. It never stuck with my family. They called me by my given name, Caroline, but my dad also called me muscles, to be ironic, Alexis called me sissy, and my mom called me tootsie because I couldn’t stand tootsie rolls but everyone else loves them.

“Oh, Shirley, you know I love this house. We just have a guest coming over at 8:00, and it takes fifteen minutes to drive five miles in the tractor, and its 7:51” I said, looking at my cell phone.

Shirley just laughed and went into her lair. Megan and I could never figure out what she was doing in there. Now we never would. I started crying.

“What’s wrong?” Megan asked sadly.

“We won’t ever find out what your mom is always doing!” Megan hugged me as we both cried.

Phil, Megan’s dad, walked up the stairs from his man-cave, saw us crying, and quickly jogged down the stairs back into his cave. Megan and I saw this and we burst out laughing.

“There’s Joe! Bye Mom, bye Dad, see you tomorrow!”

“Phil, Shirley, au revoir*!”

We ran outside and Megan jumped into the tractor.

“Hey, Joe” Megan greeted my dad.

“Megan, Caroline.” My dad said as I jumped into the tractor.

It was 8:07 when we pulled up to the house. Megan and I jumped out of the tractor and ran towards the house, praying her bag wouldn’t fly open. It had a tendency to do that.

We burst into the house and threw our coats on too full hooks and put our shoes on the pile. We didn’t have places for anyone like Megan’s house, and when we tried it never worked for more than five minutes.

My mom was talking to Hermione about agriculture, of course.

Did you know wizards farm? Well good, because they don’t.

Megan and I sat on the end of the couch as my mom looked at me.

“Daddy will be in here in a minute, he’s putting the tractor in the shed.” I said to my mom’s un-voiced question. She nodded

“Hi Megan, how are you doing?” my mom said to Megan.

“I’m good, how about you, Venessa?” Megan answered.

My mom went on a whirlwind talking to Megan about the job in England.

“Does she know?” Hermione asked me.

“Everything, she’s my best friend and the reason surrounding my choice.” That I hadn’t made quite yet.

My dad walked in and Hermione collected herself. My mom stopped talking as my dad sat in his chair.

“So, have you made your decision, Caroline?” Hermione asked.

Everyone looked at me. I looked at Megan and made the mistake of saying the first thing that popped into my head.

“I do – “

“She hasn’t been more enthused in her life.” Megan voiced my true want for me.

We grabbed each other and started crying. Lex threw in a few tears for good measure. 

“So is that a yes?” Hermione checked.

“Yes.” I said smiling.

“Welcome to the wizarding world, Caroline.” Hermione said with a genuine smile. “Now we have many things to discuss. Tomorrow I will arrive here at ten o’ clock to take you to Diagon Alley to buy books and other supplies. You will be doing the necessary lessons for terms first, second, and third with your professors by owl. You will, of course, finish school here. Your parents and I will worry about the move. And because of your well timed hesitation, the American ministry granted you anything you want from three companies for the rest of your life. And do not worry about the money;” she said the look on my face, “the American Ministry is extremely rich. And one more thing.” She said, searching through her notes.

“And?” I said.

“This is a rule, so not as fun. You will be aloud to practice magic while at home before the new term starts. But only in front of your immediate family, or authoritive measures will be taken.”

“And make sure my family includes Megan.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Hermione asked.

“Who am I going to tell?” Megan said a little fiercely.

“Okay, I will notify the right people of that.” Hermione said in defeat as she wrote a little note. “That’s all for tonight. I will be here at ten o’ clock tomorrow to take you to Diagon Alley. Until Then.” She said, and then disapperated. We all jumped at the sudden disappearance.

“Your father and I are going to bed.” My mom said to me. “Goodnight girls. Don’t try to hide, Poodle, you’re going to bed as well.” My mom said the last bit to Alexis.

“So what companies are you going to choose?” Megan asked once everyone had gone upstairs.

“Uh-ah, no shying away from the required subject. Now we talk about you.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be just fine. I have the guys and Brett. You have no need to worry.”

“I believe I do. Lunch is only 1/9th of our day. What about all the classes we’ll be in together next year?”

“The teachers will be happy for the minimizing of distractions.” She said with a giggle.

“We are so lucky we’re so charming, or else we’d be in detention everyday.” I said, giggling as well.

We looked at each other and started laughing hysterically. We spent the rest of the night reminiscing and planning how my new room was going to look even though we have no idea what it looks like. We finally crashed at five in the morning when we heard my dad wake up to go to work.

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