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Flying Hearts by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Falling For You.
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I am Lily Evans. I am Head Girl at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I am perfect at every class except maybe trans figurations. James Potter and Sirius Black have taken that Head Role in that class. I after years of hate am friends with James Potter because his head deflated some. That doesn’t stop him from teasing me. I let slip I couldn’t fly a broom a couple weeks ago. James Hasn’t let up since on teaching me. He thinks I have a fear of heights. That is wrong the heights don’t bother me. The falling from those heights is. We just started school. It obviously a few weeks in. I am standing in the Quidditch pitch with a school broom in my hand. It is way past curfew and it shocks me that I am breaking the Rules just to prove Potter I can fly.

“Come on , Lily you can do this,” I say to herself.

“Geez, I got to look crazy talking to myself. I need to win the bet.” I say, “I only have today.”

I went into a flash back of two weeks before.


I came into Transfigurations with a good feeling about today. I walk in early like usual and little did I expect James was there too. I walk to were he is sitting and sit next to him why I did that I didn’t know.

“Hey Lily,” says James with a cocky grin on his face.

“Hey James, why are you here so early?” I say knowing that smirk wasn’t good.

“To see you of course,” says James. He moves his hands from on the desk to his lap. I realize that he has a page or a copy of a page of my journal. I snatch it up from the desk.

“Where did you get this , Potter?” I demand.

“Well, isn’t it obvious. What does it mean that you don’t know how to fly on a broom?” says James “It isn’t True, is it?”

I wish I didn’t blush for that but I did.

“It’s True, then. I can teach you. We could make it a date,” says James

“I said Nothing of the sort,” I stammer.

“Then why Lily did you blush at the question?” says James.

“You caught me by surprise,” I say and my mistake was raising both hands over my head. Sirius glides past and grabs it out of my hands.
“What’s this, a love note?” says Sirius.

I walk over to him and stared right in his Grey eyes.

“Give it here, Black,” I snarl.

He looks like he thought about it but then his eyes glint with another thought. He Ran for his Life with note in hand. I pull out my wand and chased after him. He has a desk between us at all times. I curse his Quidditch skills. I try to curse him but potter is here as his backup and shield charm in the space between me and Sirius. I let out a screech of fury as he read the page.

“Black, You breath a word and I will hex you when James isn’t a round,” I growl

“He already knows, and you…seriously, miss perfect…can’t …Fly,” Sirius laughs.

“James, Will you please let me hex him to next year?” I say adding my pout face. To my disbelief he let the shield down. I launch my self at black who was frozen by his friends reaction. I tackle him to the ground and pin his arms with my legs and grab the paper. I shoved it in my vest. I thought about using my wand but I didn’t. I threw a punch and hit him square in the nose. It was broken. I only got away with it because he is in shock how I launched myself at him. He is only used to Stefani Michaels doing it. I got up and walk over to were James stood in Shock at what I just did. I thought I was in the clear but boy was I wrong.

“Miss Evan, is there a reason for attacking Mr. Black?” Asks a young Professor McGonagall.

“Um…He stole this page of notes from me,” I say.

“Never the less, you will receive two detention and five points from Gryffindor.” says Professor McGonagall, “Are you okay, Mr. Black?”

“No, poorfedor,” says Sirius clutching his nose which was bleeding.

“Straight to the hospital wing,” says Professor McGonagall.

“No need Professor, I can fix it.” I say feeling a little guilty.

“You sure Lily?” asks James.

“Yes. Come here Sirius,” I say.

“Howd an supood do trud doo?” asks Sirius

“Just have faith,” I say.
He came closer to Me. I point my wand at his nose.

“Episkey,” I say. I cringe at the crush of the nose getting reset.

“Ow, that hurt,” says Sirius

*Flashback faded into a scene after school that day in the head commons*

“Potter, For the umpteenth time no,” I say. I sigh and sat down on the couch in front of the fire. I just got back from my first Detention. He looks at me.

“How did you know what I was going to say?” James asks.

“All day long, Can I teach you how to fly? Does that sound familiar?” I say.

“Well, then. Will you let me?” says James

“How about a bet instead?” I say, Really I was doing it for his reaction. I start to laugh as he looked at me which clearly says ‘who-are-you-and-what-did-you-do-to-Lily.’

“Sure, why not,” says James.

“Okay lets say you give me three weeks to fly or I have to let you teach me,” I suggest.

“Deal,” says James and he spit in his hand and extends it to me.

“Ew, I will not shake your hand with spit. That is Disgusting,” I said with Repulse.

“Just to seal to deal,” Says James.

“Fine,” I grumble and I spit in my own hand and shake his.

“Gross, I going to take a shower.” I say, “That was the grossest thing I ever did.”
*Flashback Ended*

“gosh, why did I wait this Long ? What do I tell James?” I say .

“Tell him, I was wrong and you were right,” says a voice from behind me.

I spin around and my heart is pounding fast. I see James standing a foot behind me.

“You could have Gave me some warning,” I say Clutching the broom.

“It was more fun this way,” says James with a smirk.

“Of course, It would Since today is….” I say

“Was,” says James

“So It past midnight. So now teach me wise master of the broom,” I say.

“Okay first, I will let you use my broom and not a crappy school broom,” says James.

“Oh I couldn’t possibly. I would rather use the schools so you can fly with me,” I say.

“We will fly together,” Says James.

“Okay,” I say cautiously.

He mounts the broom. “okay, hop on in front of me,” says James

“You want me to ride with you. You’re Crazy,” I say.

“That’s okay I brought you Sirius’s Broom,” Says James.

He hands her, the broom.

“Thanks, So what do you do?” I say.

“mount it,” says James.

“Like horse back riding,” I Replies. I swing my leg over.

“Now, push off of the ground hard. Watch me,” says James. He bends his knees and pushs with his Legs.

‘He is so hot and muscular,’ I thought. ’gosh, maybe I do want to be more than just friends.’

“Lily, are you coming?” asks James.

“Yes,” I replies. I mimic his movements. I am hovering like he is.

‘His hair looks so cute with the wind blowing through it.’ I thought, ’oh my god am I in love with James?’

“Impossible.” I thought

“What is impossible?” Says James.

“Great, I said that out loud,” I say blushing.

Then I did a Dumb thing I look down. I am terrified. We are about 60 feet off the ground.

“Oh my,” I whisper.

“Lily, what is the matter?” James asks. He is like a foot from me.

“I think you were right about two things.“ I whisper, “Help me.”

“Lily, Come closer,” says James.

“Okay, I’ll try,” I Whisper.

I leans forward that was a wrong move. I shot forward like a rocket. I let out a scream. James is flying with me.

“JAMES!!! HELP ME!!!” I yell.

We were over the forbidden forest. We could barely see the Castle.

“SIT UP, LILY!” James yells at me.

It is yet a wrong move. I fell off of the broom.

“JAAAAAMMMMEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” I yell . I land in his arms.

“Lily, are you okay?” asks James.

“Now, yes.” I reply, “Tell me I don’t ever have to do this again.”

“No I won’t let that happen unless we are on the same broom.” says James, “Would you like to go for a ride with me?”

“I’d go anywhere with you,” I say.

I shift so I was like him. We head back toward the castle. We flew down by the lake. Our toes touch the surface a little. We circle the lake a while. We look to the east and saw the sun was rising. We flew back to the pitch and we land awkwardly. We fall backward. I land on top of him. We start laughing.
I flip over so we are face to face. My Emerald green eyes melt into his hazel ones.

“James, Even though I nearly died it was the most fun I ever had,” I say

“Really?” asks James.

I didn’t respond verbally. I let my lips find his. I feel a current run through my body it was like I never felt before. James broke the kiss.

“Okay, I should have given you a near death experience sooner,” says James.

“I hate to shake ya, I wanted to kiss you since the bet started,” I say.

He kisses me passionately. We didn’t stop for a long time. When we broke apart. We were both were panting. We stand up.

“I suppose I owe Sirius a broom,” I say with a grin.

We start laughing. We kiss a little more.

“Well, My Fly girl…” he pause at the look on my face.

“Aren’t you going to ask me properly?” I say Raising my eyebrow.

“How Silly of me. Will you, Lily Evans, be my Girlfriend?” says James

“Why James I thought you would never ask,” I say With a devilish grin.

He just kisses me as we head to the castle.

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