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I saw the mirror staring back at me,
And it told me I'm a self machine,

It said I gave you these scars,
And I gave you these wounds.
Self Machine - I Blame Coco

Teapot Therapy and Rayne’s Sight

A few weeks went by and I was still enjoying my time with Josh immensely I sometimes sat with him at lunch or dinner and I met his friends. They were a good set, laughing and joking and good-naturedly teasing.


They all seemed to like me as well which was a definite plus.


Sirius and I had taken our war for Gerald, the armchair, to a greater level planting booby traps around it and engaging in sneaky warfare such as moving Gerald in the dead of night so that the other could not find it the next day and transfiguring another chair to look just like Gerald.


Really, Lily pointed out to me, this chair was in every respect the same now as Gerald but nothing could compare to Gerald. The other chair had no soul and so I set it on fire and laughed madly as it burned.


Lily had immediately jumped in before the whole castle had gone up in smoke but I still received a month’s detention. When I complained saying that the chair was causing me emotional pain (as it was) I was placed in a course of therapy in which the psychiatric healer repeatedly asked.


“And how does that make you feel?” my answer was invariably a loud chorus of I’m a little teapot in the voice of a meerkat (Alexander from compare the, anybody?); don’t even ask!


I am not in fact truly insane it was just funny to see the poor healer get more and more worried about my mental state, plus it kept me out of detention which was much more like hard work.


 In the last session I went out of my way by turning up dressed as a teapot, screamed and pointed at the armchair for precisely seven minutes and then I sat on the coach, folding my hands demurely in my lap.


He looked positively terrified, especially when I demonstrated my new ability to converse in French. I think he thought I was speaking in tongues.


He was clearly very British and had obviously never had anything to do with ‘those cheese eating surrender monkeys’.


 I was eventually allowed to leave St. Mungo’s psychiatric ward when I had demonstrated that I was, fairly, in my right mind.


I was then awarded my months detention.


But this time round I took this to be recognition of all my hard work pretending to be insane.


James had really picked up the quidditch practices and our first quidditch match of the year was drawing very close. I had started to fall massively behind on my homework thanks to Hitl- I mean James’ fascist dictatorsh- I mean quidditch practices and evil Minnie’s detentions.


If it weren’t for Lily’s help with charms and potions, Marlene’s help with Herbology and Rayne’s help with Divination I probably would have actually failed hugely and been deemed ‘TROLL’ for all of eternity. I was doing fine in transfiguration it was, after all, my forte.


The day of our quidditch match dawned in a big burst of bright sunshine. Sirius had flown up to my dorm-room on his broom to make sure I got down to the pitch. He would not leave without me so I had to lock him in Marlene’s wardrobe whilst I got dressed.


When we left Sirius placed one foot on the stairs so that we were able to slide down the stairs accompanied by a lovely klaxon noise which really did the job of waking me up like nothing else could.


He chivvied me along to the hall, dancing and prancing along whilst I yawned and stumbled in his wake.


James all but shoved food down my throat at breakfast.


I don’t know why, I was perfectly content to devour most of the food on the table with no outside help.


He did not seem to understand this.


He then shepherded the whole team down to the changing rooms as though we were little lost sheep that needed him to show us the way. Before the match James had a panic attack in the changing rooms.


Sirius and I were forced to rub his back as he sat with his head between his knees. Then it was time. We strode out onto the pitch and James crushed the poor Ravenclaw captain’s fingers.


I saw her shaking out her hand once he let go.


We rose into the air on the whistle and immediately I was searching for bludgers. I could hear Remus on the magical megaphone.


James had possession and he was speeding up the pitch. The chasers formed a line and passed the quaffel between them. I could see that one of the Ravenclaw beaters was aiming a passing bludger towards James and I sent my own straight at him.


It hit him in the arm and his shattered bat fell 40 feet to the ground. The boy glared over at me cradling his probably broken arm as he flew to the ground for a replacement bat.


“Good one Kitty!” yelled Jack McKinnon as he sped past, eyes peeled for a flash of gold.


15 minutes passed and we had scored 9 goals to Ravenclaws 1.


I flew past the Ravenclaw stand and stuck my tongue out when I spotted Josh, he flicked me the V, laughing.


Me and Sirius circled the pitch occasionally whacking a bludger across the pitch, Sirius had managed to take out the Ravenclaw keeper whilst James was taking a shot. The play was totally legal but it heralded screams of protest from the Birdie-Brigade.


I silenced them by hitting a bludger into the stands by “accident”. I was just rounding the goalposts when- Jack went into an abrupt vertical dive. I pelted towards him and Sirius and I met at the middle of the pitch directly above where Jack was now chasing the Ravenclaw seeker.


“You ready?” asked Sirius. I just nodded and raised my bat.


We timed it perfectly.


I whacked the cannon like ball as hard as I could, and that is pretty hard. Sirius then added his own power and a touch more precision with a second blow to the speeding ball. And it flew towards the seekers. And it was gaining on them. And they were neck and neck. And-


“Yessssssss!” I screamed in triumph. Mine and Sirius’ bludger hit the Ravenclaw seeker straight in the head. As he slipped sideways off the broom to fall the last two feet to the ground, Jack pulled up in a perfectly timed manoeuvre, tiny silver wings protruding from either side of his fist.


I flew straight at him and reached him the same time as Sirius. We both engulfed him in hugs. I felt a series of heavy thuds as each of the rest of the team joined us. I could hear James sobbing uncontrollably in my ear (the total nut) as we drifted to the ground in a tight scrum.


We were through to the next round and Ravenclaw, already having played both Hufflepuff and Slytherine were out of the running. 1 down 2 to go. We were going to win this cup.


I found Josh after the match and skipped in a circle round him singing “We beat you, we beat you!” he laughed good naturedly and threw his arm around me lifting me over his shoulder claiming that he wouldn’t let me down until I shut up. I didn’t and allowed him to carry me all the way the castle then broke free and ran cackling madly, turning only to see him shaking his head at me and chuckling.


The following Monday we had a highly eventful Divination lesson. Most people think Divination is a dud lesson but I love it, I posses very minor seer powers and therefore can interpret tea-leaves and the swirling mist within a crystal ball with ease but have never made a real prediction.


Rayne on the other hand has all the makings of a true seer, she is descended from famous seer Cassandra Trelawney.


Well in this Monday’s lesson Rayne had one of her scary visions, they’re always exciting when they happen as she goes all stiff and then has a huge fit like thing.


For some reason I’m always closest so it ends up being me who’s attacked by her flying limbs, however once I’ve got a hold of her I (or possibly one of the stronger boys) am the only one able to hold her down.


And so as she becames as rigid as a board I glanced around to make sure no jealous girl was shooting a body-bind curse at her, and then I leapt at her.


I literally jumped right across the table but I wasn’t quite quick enough, her arm flew out and (with surprising strength) hit the crystal ball from its stand, it hit a nearby Hufflepuff Sirius Fan-Girl in the head.


I vaguely registered the boys cheering as the girl received a face full of crystal. However my full attention was upon Rayne.


Her tiny form appeared to grow beneath my very fingers and she shook and tossed her head. Her eyelids flickered as if she was in the deepest of nightmares and her lips trembled as whispered words slipped from between them.


The class around me had quietened down. Some had never seen a Rayne prediction before and were terrified as she appeared to be having some sort of epileptic fit. The rest watched in awe as she writhed through what was clearly one of her worst visions yet.


After minutes which could easily have been hours, days even, Rayne’s eyes flew open and I could see myself reflected in her great, blue orbs. I was so close that I could read the fear written in them as clearly as a children’s picture book.


It was bad.


She was still shaking and tears were pooling just below the sill of her eyelid. Her lip quivered. I jumped off her and pulled her gently into my arms.


I carried her like a child and she clung desperately to my shirt and I felt her terrified tears blossom over my shirt as she racked great shuddering breaths. I ran from the room, sliding down the ridiculous ladder and through the castle I could hear footsteps behind me but they did not matter, people called my name but all I cared for was the girl in my arms who desperately needed me.


I shouted the password (blithering idiots; referring to James and Sirius who had turned up after curfew hit with a blabbering hex) at the Fat Lady who appeared quite startled as I hurtled through her doorway and sprinted across the common room ignoring the shouts of the people on their frees.


When we finally reached the dormitory I sat Rayne on her bed and knelt before her. Her tiny hands shook as she passed them in front of her eyes.


“What was it Rayne, can you remember?” I asked trying to be as calming as Rayne herself would be.


“Bits.” She replied her head bowed. I didn’t press her, she would tell me. Rayne was more powerful than most seers and so could vaguely remember what she had seen.


Lily and Marlene burst through the door at that moment. They paused dumbstruck at the sight before them.


“James said...” murmured Lily before they leapt towards us. Lily sat behind Rayne running a calming hand through her unusually knotted hair.


Marlene conjured a pot of tea with 4 cups and a jug of milk. We sat and stirred our tea. Together as if we timed it we drank and I was so glad I did. The shock of Rayne reacting so very badly to what she had seen had scared me even more than I had thought. I had definitely needed that cuppa.


“Darkness,” Rayne whispered at length, her tiny voice sending shivers down my spine, “coming closer, ever closer. Well it’s not hard to guess what that’s from.” Rayne continued and we all shared significant looks.




“And it’s going to affect us all. Marls, Lil-” she broke off with a horrified gasp and tears poured from her eyes as she looked up at the two girls.


“Oh, oh no. And, and Kitty.” Now she looked at me and there was such heartbreak in her eyes that my heart contracted and froze.


“What? What is it?” I whispered hurriedly.


“Death, betrayal and such loss!” she broke off again and fell backwards against Lily and tears poured sideways from her blood-shot eyes. My heart had yet to unfreeze as I stared at the two pairs of terrified eyes staring back at me, asking the same question I asked myself:


What had she seen?

A/N: Dun dun duhhhhh! So what did you think? Who got the meerkat reference? By the way the line “He was clearly very British and had obviously never had anything to do with ‘those cheese eating surrender monkeys’.” Must be said in a strong Brit accent. By the way you might find it helpful to know that Kitty, like me, speaks BBC English so everything should be read with that accent in mind. It may help. Also I wanted to get this chapter to you so it's probably chocka bock with typos sorry. Oh well please review and tell me what you think! 
A/N2: Cacophony don't shoot me, I know I didn't add in some jealousy but it just didn't work. Also sorry to anyone who wanted a bit more Josh. I haven't written the next chapter but I'm on it now so I will add in anything you guys come up with on the reviews (within reason)
A/N3: I know AN longer than story but no one has visited my MTA and it feels very lonely, stop by to say hi, please? Chapter image of Kitty and Rayne
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