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Chapter 2: New and Improved?

Hogwarts was a very different place.

Students lived their own lives, tended to their own family and kept to themselves. Houses didn’t mix, Gryffindors stuck to Gryffindor and Ravenclaws stuck to Ravenclaw. To them it was as if there were four different types of people: Slytherins, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. Long ago the student body used to be united but now it was divided into four fractions. Each house was a little school of its own, a little world created by its prejudiced students.

Whatever Harry Potter wanted to achieve by beating Voldemort had definitely not affected Hogwarts. If anything, it had made it worse. The war only seemed to have highlighted the true differences between the four houses in students’ eyes. It was something that Harry had never thought could happen but it had.

Hogwarts was once considered one of the best wizarding schools of all time.

Now it was rotting into demise because of its prejudiced students.

New and Improved?

No, definitely not.

For example, each house had its group of popular students.

There was Li-Hua Charleston and her group of girls in Ravenclaw. Her Asian looks and regal aspect gave her a sort of superiority air to the other students and she knew it very well. She boasted about any claim to fame she could get her hands on. The fact that her mother, Cho Chang, had been Harry Potter’s former girlfriend was one of her favourite topics. Her love for fame was as deep as her love for herself. Self-cantered was an understatement.

Li-Hua Charleston was pretty and she knew it.

Her rivalry with Lucy Weasley was known to everyone. Lucy was a shy and reserved girl, intent on abiding by the school rules and helping out anyone who needed it. But, behind her book-worm appearance, hid a fiery temper that was definitely not to be tested. If there was something that her father, Percy Weasley, had taught her was to never go against family. He knew from personal experience the pain it could bring. So it was no surprise that Lucy would tell Li to shut the hell up whenever Li talked about her mother and Harry Potter.
The two girls fought over rule of Ravenclaw and would never give up until their personal war was won.

Hufflepuffs had Oliver Macmillan and Colin Creevey II. The two cousins weren’t popular because of their stunning looks or Quidditch abilities; they were popular due to their parents. The famous Colin Creevey was Colin’s late uncle, one of the brave men that had fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. Oliver’s mum Megan MacMillan was the respected Daily Prophet columnist. Her column ‘Ask Megan’ was a huge success with witches and wizards of all ages. Being cousins, Oliver and Colin looked out of each other. Together with the sixteen year old twins Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, the sons of the famous Luna Lovegood-Scamander, they created their own friendship group and kept to themselves.

On polar opposites, there was Slytherin house.

Scorpius Malfoy was the little prince of Slytherin. Charming when he needed and aggressive when he had to, him and his friends were both looked at and feared in the school. With his childhood friend Susanne Zabini and his best friend Grant Goyle, they were the three leaders of their group. Even though their outward look was intimidating and frightening, they were far from it. Being overshadowed by their fathers’ mistakes, they did all they could to prove they were different, that people’s perceptions of their families was wrong.

Surprisingly, the young Lily Potter had been sorted into Slytherin herself and was part of Scorpius’ group. Though neither never declared it, Scorpius had come to consider Lily as his little sister. He looked after her in a way that her family never could. Lily was different, much different. It might have been because of the fact that she was forever compared to her grandmother, Lily Evans-Potter, even though she hated it more than anything else in the world. Lily was a Slytherin at heart and Scorpius had been able to see that from the very start.

Finally there were the Gryffindors

Now that the eldest Potter, James, had left, the house had fallen in the hands of the two cousins Rose and Albus. Rose and Albus were close, as close as two cousins could be without being brother and sister. Sometimes people considered them twins, they were so alike. Not physically, but mentally. They thought the same things, had the same ideas and acted the same way. After the two cousins, there was the fifteen year old playboy Hugo Weasley who had learned a few tricks from his trusted uncle George Weasley and the sixteen year old, part veela, Dominique Weasley. Lastly there was Dom’s younger brother, Louis Weasley who was already a well known third year trouble-maker.

They were the cream and top of Gryffindor house, the popular of the popular.

The rivalry and competitiveness between the four houses had blown out of control for the teachers. There was nothing they could do now, the students refused to get along as soon as they were sorted. Friendships that started on the Hogwarts Express were broken apart as soon as the words Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw collided with their attentive ears. The teachers dreamt of the day that this social ranking system would be broken and when students realised that their prejudiced thoughts had no real importance to real life.

It was most likely for this reason that Headmistress McGonagall had made arch enemies Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy Head Girl and Boy. Students predicted that they wouldn’t have lasted through the week, so it was a wonder that they had made it through to January without a serious accident occurring to one of them.

It was a wonder to everyone...

It was a normal Thursday morning when Rose Weasley woke up abruptly as the sun hit the side of her face, something that never occurred to her when she was in her bedroom. Her brown eyes opened slowly aching at the sight of the blinding light. She yawned deeply and stretched her arms out only to end up hitting someone in the face.

“Ow, what the hell?”

Rose froze in an instant.

That voice, she knew who it was, she knew it well. The voice that taunted her and made her angry was now just inches away from her ear. He was close, so close. Too close. With her stomach ready to pump out of her throat she turned around to find a confused Scorpius Malfoy sleeping next to her, his hand over his eye.  

The red-head sat up immediately, holding the covers close to her naked body. She wanted to scream, scream like she never had before but for some odd reason her throat felt dry and unable to utter a single sound. He was lying there with absolutely no clothes on, a confused expression covering his face. Her eyes involuntarily travelled over his chest, his sculpted muscles and back to his dreamy eyes. She bit her lip, trying to control the sudden rush of feelings that seemed to come out of no where.

Scorpius looked at her intently. Her long dark red hair was hanging loosely over her bare back, the white sheets of his bed barely covering the front of her body. Her cheeks were flustered and rosy red lips had formed a small ‘o’. His mind seemed blank as if he had a sudden memory loss. Why was she in his bedroom and in his bed? All he had to do was look at her carefully to realise exactly what had happened. His face suddenly paled considerably as he sat up too, looked around the room and at the various items of clothing discarded all over the floor and then back at Rose reflecting her shocked expression.

Holy mother of-”

“Please tell me we didn’t!” Rose whispered quickly, dreading the answer.

“I don’t need to tell you myself, you know we did,” Scorpius replied his head in his hands.

Rose’s face lost any sort of colour. “But... how?”

Scorpius looked at her with an amused face. He couldn’t deny that she looked cute, even after everything that had obviously happened, she still looked somewhat beautiful. “Weasley, do I really have to go through that?” he asked her, his eyes looking at her up and down.

“No, I know how it happened! I mean...” she tugged at the sheets, wrapping them tightly around herself as she noticed the direction of his eyes. “How could this happen? We never... I would never... you wouldn’t even...”

“Trust me,” Scorpius assured her as flashbacks of the previous night came flooding back into his mind like a river in full flow. A strange gut feeling was tugging inside of him, almost craving for more memories. “This isn’t the highlight of my life.”

Somehow the words seemed more difficult to say than he imagined.

Rose scoffed. “Well I doubt you had any to begin with.”

Scorpius resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She never lost her sense of humour, no matter what situation she was in. “What are we going to do?”

Rose shrugged. “Forget about it and carry on as normal?” she suggested looking away from him. The words felt like venom as they came out of her mouth. What she was saying didn’t feel right.

Scorpius nodded. “It’s not as if it meant anything did it?” he asked, trying to laugh it off. He tried to divert his mind and think of something else, anything else. But all these thoughts seemed to connect back to Rose and the previous night.

“Yeah of course,” she replied trying to mimic his tone of voice. “We just both had a lapse of judgement that turned out for the worse. It will never happen again.”

“And no one’s going to know,” Scorpius added, feeling the need to emphasize just how wrong the whole situation was for their social status.

“Of course no one will know,” Rose replied. “Imagine what would happen if people found out. Dom would never speak to me again; she hates you more than me.”

Scorpius snorted. “Well you can tell Dominique Weasley that I didn’t say she was fat and that Victoire was prettier.”

“Of course Malfoy,” Rose stated standing up from the bed, the sheets still tightly wrapped around her as she picked up all her various item of clothing.

“Nothing’s changing right?” Scorpius asked. The image of his friends finding out what had happened last night flashed in front of his eyes making goosebumps appear on his skin. He didn’t even want to think about it.

“No, nothing’s changing,” Rose answered. “We just have to forget it ever happened and I can go back to hating you.”

“Same here,” Scorpius said stretching his arms in the air. “Not as if it was anything to remember anyway,” he told her, but it seemed like he was trying to convince himself more than her.

Rose’s head turned around sharply. She looked at him, to see any sign that he was joking but he looked serious, dead serious. He was trying to start another argument and after having seen how the last one ended, Rose wanted nothing more than to leave the room as soon as possible. There he was, sitting on his bed with no care at all; passing comments just to make her angry.

“Excuse me?” she asked her eyes narrowed.

Scorpius leaned against the frame of his bed, the quilt covering his lower body, looking at her with a cheeky smirk. He loved infuriating her. “I’ve had better,” he stated simply and with a smug look on his face.

Rose scoffed as she made her way to his bedroom door. “I highly doubt that,” she shot back with spite in her voice. She could already feel the anger build inside of her stomach, bubbling and waiting to come out in all its might. “You weren’t so great yourself Malfoy.”

The smirk on his face vanished immediately and was replaced with a hateful glare. He looked at her up and down. The proud red-haired Gryffindor wasn’t backing down; she was challenging him once again to another fight. She always wanted to have the last word, something they both had in common. Feeling the need to start another argument with her, he replied with another nasty comment.

“Bit full of yourself, aren’t you?” he asked her sarcastically.

“You can talk.”

Scorpius stood up from his bed and made his way over to Rose purposely knowing he was going to make her ever angrier. Her face blushed crimson in an instant. She cursed her Weasley genes for giving her the most noticeable blush ever. She looked away from him, trying to focus her eyes elsewhere.

“What are you doing?” she asked him her face resembling her hair. She picked up everything she could get her hands on and threw it at him. “Cover yourself up!”

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” Scorpius told her, smirking.

Rose wanted nothing more than to wipe that smirk off of his face.

He stopped her just in time before she opened the bedroom door and left the room. She was backed up against the wooden door, Scorpius leaning against her and holding the door shut with his hand. His face was inches from her, a serious expression etched on his features. Rose’s hands dropped to her sides, making all her clothes fall to her feet. She was clinging on tightly to the white sheet wrapped around her. Her eyes were staring at his lips and it didn’t matter how much she willed herself to look elsewhere, she couldn’t look anywhere else. Her stare was fixed on him.

“You said you wouldn’t regret.”

His voice was small, barely a whisper. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. He was questioning her state of judgement, questioning the words that had come out of her mouth hours ago.

“I say a lot of things I don’t mean,” she replied in a small voice avoiding his intense gaze.

“So you didn’t mean it?” he asked.

Rose looked straight into his eyes, determination in hers. He was being selfish, trying to get what he wanted without understanding the consequences. She was smarter than that; she wasn’t going to give in again like he expected her to. “We wouldn’t last a week.”

“You’re not even giving it a try, how can you know?” he shot back, his voice having a stronger tone to it.

Rose managed to grab her clothes and open the door before he could stop her. She walked half way through the room before stopping. Something inside of her wanted to turn around, to tell him that maybe; just maybe, she actually meant what she had said yesterday.

But a bigger force was stopping her from doing so.

“Forget it ever happened, Malfoy,” she told him without turning around. “It’s for the best.”

And with that she was gone.

Dominique Weasley waited patiently outside the Heads Dorm for her cousin Rose. Rose was never late, she hated being late, she hated people being late, she even hated the word late. So why was she late today? The bubbly blonde rested her back against the wall, tapping her foot impatiently to the sound of a song that was stuck in her head, humming it quietly.

It had become daily routine for the past months. Dom would always walk up to the Heads Dorm and as soon as she got there Rose would be waiting for her, ready to walk to breakfast and meet Albus along the way. Dom was very close to Rose, almost as close as her and Albus. The two cousins were more like sisters, both overshadowed by the other members of their family. For Rose it was the forever comparison to her mum and dad. Everyone expected her to be the greatest of great, to be intelligent and loyal, brave and beautiful at the same time. For Dom it was her sister Victoire. Everyone always compared her to the beautiful Victoire. No one really wanted to know the real Dominique; they just wanted to see how much she was like her sister.

“Hi Dom,”

The part vela turned around to find her other cousin, Lily Potter, standing in front of her in her Slytherin uniform.

“Oh, hi Lily,” Dom replied politely for once.

It was common knowledge that many of the Potter and Weasley kids refused to talk to young Lily.

“What are you doing here?” Lily asked.

“Waiting for Rose,” Dom replied. “You?”

“I’m here for Scorpius,” the red-head replied with a small smile. Dom resisted the urge the scoff and gag, at the mention of the said Slytherin boy’s name.

“Haven’t you got the password?” Lily asked again. Dom shook her head. “Scorpius gave it to me back at the beginning of the year. How comes Rose didn’t give it to you?”

“Against school rules,” Dom replied.

Lily bit back a smile as she walked to the door and muttered ‘Phoenix’ under her breath allowing her and Dom to enter the dorms. It was so typical Rose not to do anything against school rules. Just like it was typical of Scorpius to make sure he would break each and every one of them before the end of his time at Hogwarts.



The two heads came out of their bedrooms at the same time answering the calls. Avoiding each other completely they made their way towards their friends trying in every way to stay as far apart from each other as possible.

“Hi Lily,” Scorpius said hugging his ‘little sister’ “Rose, Dom.”

Dom’s eyebrow rose as she crossed her arms and looked at Scorpius as if he was mad. “I never knew Slytherin pigs could be polite. It must be a new acquired skill of yours Malfoy.” She turned to Rose, expecting her to snigger or add a comment herself but instead found a quiet and tired looking Head Girl, who was clumsily putting books in her bag.

“Shut up Dom,” Lily retorted, her arms on her hips.

“I wasn’t talking to you Lily,” Dom replied icily.

“I don’t care,” Lily spat back angrily. She was very protective of Scorpius. He was like the big brother she never really had. He was the one that accepted her for who she was, a Slytherin Potter. “You, like the rest of my family, think you’re so high and mighty just because you can’t see past that snobby little nose of yours, prejudiced the lot of you.”

“Dom, let’s go.” Rose’s small voice startled Dom. Why wasn’t she sticking up for her against Lily? The normal Rose would never let anyone talk bad about her.


Rose grabbed Dom by her arm and dragged her out of the Dorm before an argument could start. No matter what Lily thought of her, Rose still considered her one of her cousins, and she loved her no matter what. If James and Albus preferred to be prejudiced against her no matter how many times Harry and Ginny told them to leave her alone, it was their own problem.

“Rose, what are you doing?” Dom asked her as they walked to breakfast. “Lily deserves a big slap! How dare she call us prejudiced? We’re not slimy little Slytherins like her!”

 “Leave it Dom,” Rose told her. “You know Lily, she’ll never change. And you can’t blame her. Al and James won’t talk to her unless they really have to. You remember what I told you about the first time Al and I came to Hogwarts. James specifically bullied us about being in Slytherin.  Even my dad pointed out that he would prefer me not being in Slytherin. Poor Lily, she didn’t know what to do when she was sorted in Slytherin, her brothers turned against her just because of some stupid old prejudice that started way before any of us were born.”

“Fine,” Dom replied. “Think what you want. I still don’t like her.”

Rose was about to reply when something, or better, someone distracted her eye. Well known play-boy Hugo Weasley was at it again. Hugo and his two best friends, Dwayne Fawcett and Kevin Hopkins were ‘swaggering’ to breakfast, a huge group of girls surrounding them like lost puppies.

Hugo and his friends were hot, and boy did they know it. Hugo’s slick combed hair and high cheekbones gave him a seductive kind of look, making his eyes look a smoky brown colour. He liked to call himself ‘Hugo Boss’ like the famous designer and he refused to wear any clothes that weren’t from that brand. Some people would call him materialist and snobby, but he was far from it. He was protective of Rose, more protective than anyone in the world which was strange since he was the younger brother.0

Similarly to Hugo, his friends Dwayne and Kevin were both well known play-boys. Dwayne’s tanned skin, mixed with his big blue eyes made him somewhat dreamy. He had a strong jaw-bone which made his huge smile and even more drool worthy than it already was. On a complete different aspect was Kevin, your typical surfer boy. Messy and careless light brown hair and friendly brown eyes, he was the boy you expected to see at the beach, surfing over crazy waves and partying all night long.

Rose was one of those girls who thought they were just a bunch of pigs with egos too big for their boots.

The red-head walked straight up to her brother and grabbed him by his collar before he had a chance to lock lips with one of the blonde twits in the crowd.

“Ow, what are you doing?” Hugo asked her, tugging her hand away from his collar.

“Saving you from possible STDs,” she replied smiling.

Hugo smirked. “Aww is big Rosie looking after little Hugo,” he cooed. Rose rolled her eyes as he grinned. He straightened his collar and turned around, winking at one of the girls who swooned and squealed pathetically.

Rose put on a disgusted face. “If you weren’t my brother, I would be so disgusted by you.”

Dwayne and Kevin soon joined their best friend, their hair messed up and what looked like red lipstick on their cheeks. They grinned at Rose with one of their famous ‘charming grins’ that normally made girls fall at their feet. Rose resisted the urge to puke.

Her brother’s friends could be really disgusting sometimes.

“Rose, my darling sister, how can I assist you today?” Hugo asked, his voice lowering to a husky tone as a couple of girls walked past. Their giggles resounded in Rose’s ears like sickening noises.

“You can stop making out with every pair of legs that you see,” Rose suggested.

Dom caught up with her and the boys. “Leave him alone, Rose,” she said hugging Hugo in a protective way. She made a face at Rose. “He’s hot and he knows it. Let the boy live.”

Hugo pouted at Rose and nodded, hugging Dom tightly. “Yeah, you tell her Dom.”

Dwayne stretched out his arms. “Feel like spreading the love Rose?” he asked her.

The Head Girl hit him round the head. “No, not with you,” she said as he pretended to cry. “Or you for that matter.”

Kevin’s mouth shut immediately.

“Aww but how could you possibly resist this face?” Dwayne asked her smiling.

Rose scoffed. “Easy,” She turned around, grabbing Dom’s arm and walking away. “Like this!” she yelled back, leaving the boy with his mouth hanging open. The three fifth years weren’t really used to rejection, especially Dwayne.

They met Albus by the Great Hall entrance. He was standing there, earphones stuck in his ears, leaning against the wall. Girls walked past, hoping to catch any sign of attention from him but he ignored them all, he always did. Albus kept to himself, he was reserved and quiet. Unlike the rest of his family, he didn’t like the popularity that had been thrust upon him. If it was up to him he would gladly take a sideline and let someone else take his limelight.

“Al dear, if you don’t cheer up a bit people might think you’re considering suicide,” Dom joked as they approached him.

Albus laughed. “No, that’s just you Dom. It’s not my fault you have a negative view on life.”

The blonde scoffed. “Well with a sister like Victoire who wouldn’t?” She put on a fake smile. “Oh Victoire you eez soo pwetty. Don’t you tink so Dominique? Your sister eez so pwetty.”

Albus and Rose laughed. Dom loved to laugh about her mum’s accent.

The three walked into the Hall and sat down at their usual place ready to have breakfast. Rose knew she just had to forget about last night’s events. There was nothing else that they could do. He was just another mistake, another thorn in her path. All she had to do was ignore him and everything would be alright.

Or so she thought.

I'm so sorry I took so long to update with the next chapter! I really have no excuses. I just couldn't get this chapter finished and then school started so I had no time to even think about it. But now that I'm on my half term I have more time in my hands and I managed to finish this chapter! I hope you like it. Tell me what you think of it! And thank you to everyone who reviewed. I didn't think I would get that much feedback form everyone! Thank you so much!

Elisa x

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