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“This is where the Infamous Four live,” said the stocky redhead who was their guide. Inside, they could hear loud, pounding music. Harry was nervous. His own sister. He wondered if she would look like James, or Lily, or both. Would she look more like their child than he did? Less? Would she want to stay here? That was the question he dreaded asking her.

All his life, Harry had wanted the family he was deprived of. Now, in this boarding school in the United States of America, he was just a door away from meeting someone who shared the same parents as he did. He wanted to be able to have access to that for the rest of his life. He wanted her to move to Hogwarts, to go to school with him and his friends.

But would that be what she wanted? Dumbledore knocked and the music quieted, but didn’t turn off. A tall, blond boy opened the door.

“Um, yes?”

“Hello, is Casper here?” Dumbledore asked cheerfully.

“Casper!” The boy yelled over his shoulder. But just at that moment, music engulfed his voice. He shrugged and threw the door open wide, allowing the small party to walk in. At that moment, the lyrics of the song involved the female singer screaming the word break. Harry’s eyes scanned over the three others in the room. A tall brunette boy, and two girls laying on beds. One was blond, the other was black haired. Harry looked over at the laughing pair. The one with black hair turned down her music.

“Yah?” she asked, looking up. A communal gasp traveled through the group. She looked just like Harry, but without the glasses and she had distinctly longer hair. It was held against the back of her head messily, and a large amount of bangs covered her face. She scanned the faces until she came to Harry’s and she stopped dead.

“Uh,” she stuttered.

“I am Professor Dumbledore. When you were a baby and your parents died, I was the one who sent you to your orphanage. And now I am here to introduce you to your brother, Harry Potter.”

“Holy shit!” yelled the other girl loudly.

“Shut it Shanaynay,” Casper yelled back, causing the other girl to pout and the two boys and Casper herself to burst out laughing. Harry stood there awkwardly, looking towards Sirius and Lupin to see their reactions. They were chuckling a bit.

“Like James. Like Harry,” Sirius said softly.

“I think that we should go find somewhere to talk,” Dumbledore prompted. Casper cast a glance at the other girl and nodded, shutting the white laptop in front of her. She walked past the cluster of wizards and stepped out into the hallway, looking down both sides.

“Sorry, I got in some trouble with some guys on the football team, so I have to be careful where I go,” she said with a smirk. She sauntered down corridors and hallways, leading them to a small, empty courtyard.

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