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Why on earth must awkward things inevitably happen to me?

Honestly, I’ve had animals urinate on me, gum stuck in my hair, and have even broken my butt before (I fell on my ass during practice one time—it was mortifying). But really, getting caught secretly making out with your supposed enemy truly takes the cake.

“I can’t believe that actually happened.” I repeated, still shocked and disturbed. It was the beginning of practice, thus starting with the “position-swaps” portion. Everyone was scattered around field, miraculously leaving me alone at my post. I was Keeper, hovering in front of the hoops on my temporarily borrowed broomstick (mine was mutilated during the night of the storm), while Samuels played Seeker.

I know, one would think that after that embarrassing little scene we would avoid each other like the other had diarrheal diseases. But in actuality, when two people have suffered the same humiliation together, it strangely creates a bond. In our case—most likely—it wouldn’t last long.

“Get over it Dobbs, what’s done is done.” he said without looking at me, keeping an eye out for the Snitch instead. I could only see the back of his head, but also the strong line of his jaw whenever he’d turn his head to the side. “Besides, if you weren’t positioned near the door, it probably wouldn’t have happened.”

Wow, the nerve of him. I scoffed, and made a flurry of obscene hand gestures to the back of his head with small satisfaction that he would never know. “Well if you didn’t pounce on me like an animal…”

This time, he turned his head around with a slight curl to his lips. “Come on Dobbs,” he drawled, his tone smoldering. “You like it.”

I remained silent, which was neither a bad nor a good thing. It was the neutral way of saying ‘Piss off loser’, but apparently Samuels couldn’t take the hint.

“As a matter of fact, you love it.” his grinned widened, his eyes darkening, sending heat through my body.

“Ready to shut up?” I lamely added. Wasn’t I a pro at comebacks?

“Ready to deny it?” Samuels countered, his dark hair played by the breezy wind. I was hushed in confusion again, and he answered that silence with an arrogant, heated tone. “Didn’t think so.”

Oh no, he was doing that Captivation thing again. My insides nearly melted. The way his eyes looked at me was seriously doing things to my racing pulse. I didn’t need another repeat of what happened earlier. It would be even more embarrassing considering we were actually in public. On broomsticks. In public. In the air. In public.

People would start thinking we were horny nutters who couldn’t controls ourselves.

“Oh look, it’s the Snitch.” I exclaimed quite extravagantly, widening my eyes for the effect. “All the way…at the end…of the field.”

His stare remained on me, watching with satisfaction as the horrifying blush took on.

“In Quidditch, that means go, Samuels.” I fumed, willing his broom to speed away. Far away.

“Fine, I’m leaving.” Samuel remarked in a careless voice, gripping his broom while flying away. “But once you have another sexual urge, don’t come crawling to me.”

“Crawling? I’ll be walking on two feet, kicking your ass!” I screeched at him, which must’ve been an awkward statement to hear for any bystander lingering around.

Briefly he took a glance at me while journeying across the field, and threw his head back in laughter. I must’ve looked ten shades of appalled right there. Hence, my pain equals his unending entertainment.

Dirty prick. Now I really needed to punch something.

Instead, I focused myself on the scrimmage up ahead. Ben and Brad were Beaters, loving every opportunity to whack the rampant Bludgers and then high fiving each other afterwards. Jeremy remained Chaser, coaching Jill in the position as well.

After what Jeremy saw in the locker room today, he probably found it best to take on a more professional image, so he did not look the least bit pervy towards Jill at all. Shocking. No, really.

But still, it seemed to be affecting her game. Every time he’d pass her the Quaffle, she’d stumble a bit. Jill Billings, finally rendered hopelessly distracted by young love.

If only Jeremy wasn’t Temporary Captain, he’d be singing his victory by the sonnets.

“Emma, it’s coming at you!” Jeremy yelled, which was surprisingly close. I realized that the two were actually in front of me, with Jill angling the Quaffle aim toward the goal hoops.

I gripped my broom, anticipating whatever direction she’d throw the hoop in. My determination was to stop the score at all costs. I’d almost forgotten how vicious and powerful being Keeper was. Maybe that was why Davies was such a control whore.

“You don’t have the time to aim, Jill!” Jeremy shouted above the breezing wind, looking towards the girl narrowing her targeted gaze on the hoops I was guarding. “You have one chance to throw, that’s it.”

“Sorry I spend more time catching balls then throwing them!” Jill fought defensively back with, but then quickly blushed as she met Jeremy’s eyes. I gagged at whatever could be going through both of their minds.

I didn’t even want to know.

Suddenly, I heard a fluttering—but could see nothing. The sun was shining oh so helpfully in my eyes, impairing my vision. If Jill ever had the prime moment to throw the Quaffle, she should act now.

Something hit my shoulder from behind, which caused me to turn around. Nothing. I was starting to get pissed.

“Come on Jill, throw it!” I ordered, so that I could finally leave my Keeper station. Was it haunted or something? Or maybe someone was just messing with me. Who’s the fiend? “Jill I swear, if you—AHH!”

Sharp wings started hitting my face, attacking me from all over. It was tiny, and it was lethal. Oh, and it was also annoying the hell out of me. Not a good combination.

I resulted in screaming, “GET THIS DEVIL INSECT OFF ME!!”

“Dobbs, that’s not an insect,” I heard Jeremy say from afar. “That’s the Snitch.”

Oh, well, that makes me feel so much better. Could you stop observing and…possibly help me out?!

“Stop irritating it.” Jill’s voice said distantly. I couldn’t really hear well, on account of the Snitch’s vicious wing-beating. “It looks angry.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” I replied grouchily, swatting in all directions. Hopefully I wouldn’t fall off my broom in attempts of saving myself from a rampant Snitch. Wow, that would be quite embarrassing. I’d probably even break my ass again. “Get the frickin’ thing off me!!”

Of course no one came to my rescue. No, that would be just too laborious for them, anyway.

“Would someone help me?!” I yelled, spinning around haphazardly in attempts to escape the Snitch’s gaze. I didn’t even know it had eyes. Ridiculous. How in the world had I managed to piss off an inanimate (well, not anymore) object.

“Stop yelling at us!”

Right, because me yelling is just so uncalled for. Don’t mind me while I get harassed to death by a malicious flying golden ball!

Then suddenly, like a flash of lightening, everything stood still.

There was no more crazy fluttering. No more evil buzzing. No more spinning around my broomstick like a dumb ogre.

“Good job, Samuels!” someone cried from across the field. It sounded suspiciously like Jeremy. “You and Dobbs always work well together.”

I opened my eyes (why they were closed in the first place, I do not know) to see my teammates in front of me, hovering on their brooms and clapping. What were they clapping for again? I was still a bit traumatized from the Snitch incident—it was a rather scarring experience, I must say.

Then, my anger flared most irrationally. “Where’s that’s Snitch?! I’m going to stuff it down—”

“Look behind you, genius.”

And of course, he had to be right there. Even though it sounded cold, I couldn’t help but detect an edge of amusement. Of course he would find it amusing—who wouldn’t want to see poor Emma get attacked by the Snitch.

Reluctantly I turned around, and nearly whacked my broom into Samuels’. In his hand was the glittering Snitch—something I used to think was beautiful until this very day. And on his face was a most annoying lopsided grin, accompanied by eyes staring at me in an unnecessary way. As though he were considering something.

“So that’s twice in a row I’ve saved your life.” he remarked, pushing back the dark hair that was being tousled by the wind. If he thought he looked incredibly good looking at that moment…well…he was wrong. So very, incredibly, amazingly wrong.

“I wouldn’t call this time saving my life.” I snorted, shaking my head. “I’d call it you watching a Snitch attack me for fun as it raped me in the air, and then you decide to finally pluck it off when I was about to tear it to shreds. So basically, you saved the Snitch, really.”

“But I’m a savior nonetheless.” Samuels responded with a wordless grin, causing me to grip my broom tighter. “Does the hero get a kiss?”

“I don’t think you’re going to want to plant your lips on that germ-infested golden ball of fun.” I retorted, and I swore, it hissed at me from under Samuels’ hand. Stupid little Quidditch sphere.

I looked up from the Snitch and saw his eyes, boring into me while saying, “I’m not talking about the Snitch.”

I could feel my heart race progressively picking up its pace. Did he always have to render me into such a state, especially since my teammates were still surrounding me? Then I remembered, oh crap. They’re all still behind me.

My eyes darted back to my teammates, who were throwing each other sheepish grins while examining the private conversation between Samuels and I. Marvelous. I couldn’t wait to hear the first thing that came out of their little sex-craved mouths.

“Is this the part where we leave?” Ben asked in a wondering tone, trying to suppress the amused smile curling at his lips.

“Leave? Why—why would you guys want to leave?!” I asked a little bit too desperately. They noticed, and that caused their grins to widen ever more.

“So you two can bloody snog the socks off each other without our scrutiny.” Brad rakishly supplied.

“Thanks Brad, you’re not awkward at all.”

I didn’t have time to hear Brad’s response, because something in the moment caught me in his arms, and drew my face onto his. It happened all so quickly that it took me a long, blessed five seconds to realize that I was kissing Samuels. In public.

In front of my team.

In public.

In public.

Of course I heard the natural chorus of whoos, but still I wasn’t pulling away. My face grew hotter when Samuels brought one of his powerful hands onto my cheeks, stabilizing me when I was close to falling off into blissful oblivion.

“Come on guys, let’s go.” Jill ordered the rest of the guys, rounding up everyone to the opposite side of the field. I was relieved that she and I shared the best friend instinct, which was nothing like telepathy at all. If it were, she’d probably be hearing the echoes of me screaming “GOD THIS KISS IS BRILLIANT!”, which would most likely be torture for her.

I was surprised the team followed Jill so quickly. But when I heard their brooms fly out of ear shot, I began to withdraw myself from him. Right as he was about to slip his fingers enticingly into my hair, I pushed him slightly away.

We looked at each other, for what seemed to be ten seconds but I’m not counting. I hated the silence. It was like a contest that no one wanted. Whoever spoke first lost, but if neither chose to speak, no one would speak at all.

So I slapped him.

“What the hell!?” he yelled in surprise pain.

Haha! I win!

Wow, really not the time to rejoice.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I gritted my teeth, because there was no other action to put my anger into. Fighting him with two hands would only throw off my balance. I really wasn’t in the mood to die yet. At least not until Samuels got his just reward. “Ever heard of a little thing called restraint?”

“What? I needed a jump start,” Samuels explained, ridiculously casual. His eyes then lingered on me. “And what better way to energize than to snog you senseless in front of our team?”

My mouth was left wide open when he flew away. I must’ve looked like a fish thrown out of water, slapped in the belly, and then thrown back into a vat of gasoline. Was he seriously being so nonchalant about everything, or was I imagining it?

“By the way,” The hoarse yell of Samuels sounded, meant for me to hear (yet everyone would most likely tune in as well). “We need to talk. Meet you at the library after dinner.”

Nonchalant. Right…

This was not non-frickin’-chalant in the least bit.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Walking down to the Great Hall after practice was such a dilemma. For starters, I was sore. But for once, it was a ‘job-well-done’ sore, rather than a ‘worked-to-the-bloody-bone’ sore. Jeremy’s practice had actually gone well…for the most part.

Davies was glaring daggers at us as we practiced. Of course he would be one of those creepy people who observed our practices on their own accord. Honestly Davies, you’re suspended—enjoy the freedom while it lasts.

The entire practice, the team was acting fairly aloof about everything, which—in my world—meant something bad would happen. They were never quiet; and when they were, it was usually because they were saving the ‘loud’ for something else.

As my loud steps blended in harmony with the multitude of other steps on the way to our destination, I was filled with sudden dread. I really should just runaway back to my comfy bed and sleep in starvation.

Hmm, sounds quite promising actually…

“Where are you going, Dobbs?” A voice said from behind.

Oh no, that voice.

“Don’t you have an appointment with my brother?”

I scrunched my nose. Okayyyy.

“Emma, listen—”

“Look Samuels, why don’t you bring your ass back to—” I turned around to give him my full wrath, but found myself flabbergasted at a new realization. “Oh—wrong Samuels.”

“Are you normally this ferocious to Jason?” questioned the curious tone of Samuels’ brother, Jacob I think was his name. The smoothly, tan plane of his forehead was crinkled in confusion at my behavior. It was darn right adorable to see such a good looking kid perplexed by my vicious tendencies.

Well, this was embarrassing.

“It’s become habit, really,” I explained, trying not to look at his face. The similarities of his face and Samuels’ were uncanny. Brothers, I kept telling myself. Damn those repetitive, attractive genes passed down to them.

“Well, he’s certainly found quite a catch, then,” he added with a bit of a conspiring grin. “Someone who beats him at crabbiness. Refreshing.”

“I’m not his catch.” I shuddered, crossing my arms around my body in a defensive manner. The meaning of that phrase was a bit too mushy for my taste. “And I’m not crabby.”


“Says you,” Jacob remarked in a dismissive voice, looking ahead at the students walking into the Great Hall. We stopped walking, standing just beside the entrance while the others filed in. “Look, go to the Library right now.”


“Because my brother said he wanted to ask you something.” Jacob’s brown eyes looked taken aback at my questioning. I couldn’t help noticing how plain his eyes looked in comparison to his brother’s. “He didn’t tell you?”

I gave him a slow shake of the head. “I must’ve forgotten.”


In fact, I had been thinking about it since he first asked during practice. He wanted to talk. But did he really want to ask me something, or just entice me into another heavy snog session?

Snogging. Although I wasn’t totally opposed to it (all for it actually—ignore my sluttish comments), but I didn’t appreciate being used. For some reason, I couldn’t tell if that was Samuels’ intention. Use me, then discard. Was that his motive? Was mine? I didn’t even know. Why was this always passing through my mind?

I ask myself way too many questions. I’ve gone completely, and internally nuts.

“Well, he told me to tell you to meet him,” Jacob urged, an encouraging light in his eyes. “Or, in his words, ‘Get her over here now’,”

Just imagining him saying that gave me shivers all over. This was so not beneficial for my health. “What if I don’t want to go?”


He raised an incredulous brow at me. “Why wouldn’t you?”

“Why would I?” I asked sharply, feeling my stomach rebel in hunger. If I could get this boy off my back, maybe then I could appease the belly once and for all.

“Because you like him,” he said in a certain voice, so self-assured. I could only gawk. He added, “Or at least, some semblance of it. I’ve never seen two people flirt so unusually in my entire life.”

Really? Take a gander at Jill and Jeremy at work.

“But hey, I’m just the messenger. You can go there, or not. But he sounded like he wanted to tell you something really badly.” Jacob said, hoping to inspire a curiosity beast within me.

It was working. Slightly. “I’ll think about it.”

“Good.” Jacob smooth voice spoke in a naturally persuasive tone. Slowly, his eyes caught onto mine, looking straight at them. “Don’t break my brother’s heart, Dobbs.”


Me breaking Samuels' heart (if it even existed) would then conclude that we would be in a relationship together. Why was Jacob thinking of abominations at this hour? And with a threatening tone, at that.

The threat inspired me to step up to his towering figure, challenging him back with the same determination. “What heart?”

That probably wasn’t the wisest thing to say at the moment, but hey, who said I was wise? Oh right, my House. But then again, even my House wasn’t exactly accurate—observe my fellow Ravenclaws.

I expected Jacob to throw a flurry of accusations and insults in my face, but he didn’t. His face had an expression of amusement as he left, adding before finally entering the Great Hall, “That’s more like it. Keep that fighting with him, it’ll lead to great make up shagging.”

Did the last name Samuels instantly brand one as a brazen asshole, or was it just purely coincidence? I was left with my mouth gaping open in shock, watching his figure depart into the Great Hall.

And so there I was, hungry, crabby, and confused. The usual.

But now, I was left with options of elimination. I could go to the Great Hall, sate my hunger, yet still be crabby and confused. Or, I could go to the Library, attempt to be un-confused, yet still be hungry and crabby.

Hm, it was a decision to end all decisions. I was sort of leaning towards the former. At least my meal wouldn’t attempt to shove its tongue down my throat…

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

I entered in silent caution, padding my feet across the stony floor of the Library. The lamps were dim, yet illuminated the tables in the back I was walking towards. All were deserted, of course, except for one.

“You’re late.” observed the figure who was seated at the desk, the back of his head to me. How he knew I was approaching, I did not know. Maybe just as I had an internal radar for him, he had the same for me. That did not appease me in any way whatsoever.

“And you’re satanic.” I threw in, delightfully snarky today. “That makes us even.”

“Satanic? Me?” Samuels asked without facing me, but I could tell he already had a sarcastic smirk on. He innocently added, “Oh stop it.”

“Stop with such convincing naïveté.” I pleaded wryly, tightening my ponytail. “You didn’t have to send your stooge to come fetch me.”

Finally, he turned his head around, raising an eyebrow at me. “Stooge?”

“The other Samuels.” I clarified, plopping down into the seat right next to him. He closed the book he was reading (I know—he can read?), and settled his stare on me. Oh no, those eyes. My palms were beginning to sweat. Not now!

“While this whole ‘staring-me-down’ is great and all,” I nonchalantly began with, stretching my fingers before me with a new determination. “What was it that you wanted from me?”

I had been trying to think of what he was just dying to tell me in private; so private that he requested to chat in the Library. I couldn’t think of anything he’d want from me, other than a good snog here and there. But then again, he takes those freely. No need to ask my permission. I turn right into jelly upon skin contact.

“You remember practice today, right?” Samuels started with, his dark eyes glinting with their peculiar gold. They were quite the weapons of mass destruction.

“How could I forget? It was only an hour ago.” I stated flatly, then flared up in anger. “And also, you kissed me in front of everyone. Why in the bloody hell—”

“Before you let yourself go on your Controlling Bitch tirade, let me explain myself.” he demanded in a defensive manner. Me a “controlling bitch”? Look who’s talking?!

I raised a challenging brow at him, glowering at him, and fluttered my hand in a dismissive fashion. “Explain away, then.” Before I eat my own hand.

My stomach was crying in hunger, and I awkwardly shifted in my seat to conceal the noise. It didn’t help. Belly was still cross at me for missing dinner.

“Are you hungry or something?” Samuels asked as he pushed away from the table and stood up over me. What was it with guys and towering over girls?

Almost defensively, I crossed my arms across my stomach, protecting Belly. “Who told you?!”

“Anyone can tell from that sad, cow-like look across your face.” He snorted to himself, his eyes lingering on my face. I’ve never seen two people flirt so unusually in my entire life, his brother had said to me earlier.

This wasn’t flirting, this was verbal warfare.

I threw him a cranky glare. I should’ve just gone to dinner…

“C’mon.” Samuels sighed, walking to the back of the Library, expecting me to follow. Like a dunce, I did. When he saw that I was actually following, he then said, “I came prepared.”

“Prepared as in—” I spoke, interrupted as we turned into a space shielded by tall bookcases. There was something boxy hidden in the bookcase alley. “Oh.”

There was a square basket sitting in the middle. Hopefully, filled with food.

“Judging by your boyish mannerisms, I didn’t think you’d mind sitting on the floor,” he remarked, leading me inside the tight space.

“Um, thanks.” Jerk.

“Take it as a compliment.” Samuels defended himself with, sitting against a bookcase with his legs stretched out in front of him. I decided to sit against the bookcase across from him, extending my legs so that our knees were almost touching. “You’re not like most girls.”

“Oh. Thanks.” He sounded genuine, and surprisingly, so did my thanks.

He started unloading the basket of the blessed food. Sure it was just a humongous amount of sandwiches, but that was enough for me. My stomach needed sustenance. Fast.

Even though my hunger was overriding my thoughts, it still didn’t cloud how strange this whole set up was. The privacy. The basket. The closeness. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was Samuels twisted way of manipulating me into a date.

And that comment he told me earlier, about me not being like most girls. Sure, I did have a few “boyish mannerisms”, but that didn’t make me any different. I was basically alike in similarities with Jill. And of course, no one sees Samuels giving her a Library picnic.

I grabbed a sandwich and took a bite, chewing thoughtfully to myself. And suddenly, I realized what I was doing. I was dissecting and analyzing too much. Oh Merlin, that usually happens to girls who…

“What do you want from me?” I finally asked, breaking the silence that fell over us. Steadily, I held his gaze. “Come on, out with it.”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t give me that. The secrecy? The picnic? The food?” I listed accusingly, leading to my one conclusion of this whole situation. “You’re bribing me. What’s your motive?”

Samuels paused to himself, which made me doubt my words. But then, he suddenly looked at me with teasing eyes. “Can’t a guy just enjoy a pleasant dinner with a girl he snogs on a daily basis?”

“Ew no.” I started blushing. Crap. “Do not put it in that context, please.”

“Then you do it,” His gaze suddenly turned demanding. Strangely, his voice sounded cold. “Because frankly, I’d like to hear how you’d phrase it.”

I hated it when he put me in the spot. He knew just as much as I did that I had no clue what anything was anymore. He just liked to humiliate me for sport. “Phrase it yourself asshole, because I don’t even know.”

Irritated, I began pushing myself up from my seat to leave. I didn’t know how he did it. Sometimes, he just made me irrationally angry. Even with the shortest of words, they worked like evil magic on me.

Secretly, I knew he would stop me. So it was no surprise when I felt his hand grapple strongly around my arm. But what did surprise me was when he next said, “Just stay, Emma.”

I must’ve looked pathetically thunderstruck. An even stranger observation at how magically his words worked on me, transforming me from livid to confused. In just a matter of three words.

“Wipe that shock off your face and sit back down,” he ordered as though his use of my first name was habitual. It was immature of me to be so disturbed by it, but I always thought we had some unbroken agreement on the use of names (last, being preferable). This year we’d finally broken the pattern—and it just kept on breaking. “You’ll have to be getting used to it if you agree to my proposal.”

Warily, I slid back down against the bookcase, my eyes never leaving his face. “What proposal?”

I tried thinking of a multitude of possibilities in my head—but only one seemed to fit it. I didn’t want to think that was it. So I looked at him, expectantly. Waiting for him to drop the bomb on me.

Samuels bit his lip, looking down for a second. Quickly, his hand slid through his soft hair, and then landed on the back of his neck, remaining there. “I don’t really know how to word this for you. And I don’t really think you’d even consider it.”

“Shocking how you’d even factor my consideration into the picture.” The words slipped out of my mouth, causing him to send me a glare. I took the glare with a relaxed sigh, “Just say it, already. Can’t be anymore shocking than the recent events that have taken place.”

Something about his next facial expression told me that my statement might not be true. Oh great. I was found wondering if I even wanted to know what was going to come out of his mouth. Was this anticipation, or dread?

“I think we should…” Samuels started off heartily with, and then coughed at the end. I caught onto a word that sounded faintly like ‘cripple’, though I doubt it had any relevance to the proposal whatsoever.

“Pardon?” I asked, sounding a bit nagging. “I couldn’t hear. Apparently boys lose the ability to enunciate when on the spot.”

Finally, and unblinkingly, he glowered intensely at me. As if to prove me wrong, he said in a clear and audible voice, “I think we should be a couple.”

I nearly had a heart attack at the manner he said those words in. I mean, the intense staring nearly did me in. Honestly, did he rehearse this material or something?

“Um,” my eyes narrowed suspiciously at him. I didn’t like the sound of this at all. “Come again?”

“Your exuberant joy matches mine wholly, believe me,” Samuels commented in his usual manner of sarcasm. His gaze found the floor, sticking there. “You just have to see the advantages of this.”

“What, the nonexistent kind?” I asked, accidentally smacking myself in the head. Smoothly, I ran my fingers in my hair to make it seem like I meant to do it. Yeah. Right. “No. Seriously, what do you want?”

“I’m not joking, Dobbs,” Samuels looked me dead in the eye, intimidating me with its darkening effect. “What I’m about to tell you will certainly persuade you to see reason.”

“Oh really?” I countered in a defensive tone. He thought he knew me that well.

“Yeah, really,” he mimicked, and it made me want to smash a book into his pretty little face. “I’m going to tell you how everything is going to happen. After tonight, we’re going to date. You and I will be a couple, and everyone will know.”

I honestly didn’t know what to make of his frankness and certainty. My body couldn’t tell if it was feeling extreme anger or severe shock. Was I seriously going to take this? Never.

“What makes your controlling self think that I would even for a second be your…” I shuddered, not even able to complete the sentence. It was still irking me.

He looked at his fingers with a sly smile, and then slowly met my eyes in a manner that would make any girl swoon. Suddenly, he began explaining himself, and I found my eyes widening at such an explanation. When he finished, there was a self-satisfied smirk on his face at my thunderstuck expression.

“So, what do you say,” Samuels continued with, a hint of mockery in his voice. “Will you be my girlfriend, Emma Dobbs?”

Immediately, the shock wiped from my face. Instead, my lips curled deceptively upward, looking straight into the golden dark eyes of his. “Of course, I would love to…Jason.”

Dear Excellent Readers,

So, what did you think? So many things are amiss…especially the fact that Emma sort of agreed to be Samuels’ girlfriend! But why? Sorry to all the Samuels fan girls who are disappointed by his unavailability :P Thank you so much for reading! Any favorite quotes, characters, etc? Review ;)

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

PS: I have a new blog (link is on my author’s page)! If you want the link to Lily Evans and news concerning my stories, please come visit! Ask me questions, request what you want to know, anything!

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