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Beautiful Chapter Image by SwissMiss @ tda.
James Potter :)

Only a week or so in to the new term and I have managed to set records for being dim.
~Got lost twice
~Become an object of interest to a certain Slytherin Quidditch beater of who I don’t know the name
~Walked in to a wall once (don’t ask)
~managed to befriend a poltergeist names Peeves with my intellect and bubblegum.
~And finally thrown one of my books at Russell from across the common room and he has failed to return it to me, resulting in a detention.

From first impressions Hogwarts isn’t actually that bad. It may not be anywhere within the league of Beaubaxtons in the looks department, but it’s always warm and a lot friendlier too. I somehow feel at home here. It took months too feel like that in France.

I love the common room; it’s decorated with our house colours, red and gold, and always has a roaring and scolding fire that is tended to by house elves. My first night, Molly and I sat infront of it as she told me stories of the Wizarding World War that took place in Hogwarts. But my favourite place is the girl’s dormitories, red and gold curtains that drape over the four posters. I have a four poster … squee.

“Georgie, wake up love.” Hollie said, throwing a cushion at me the next morning from her bed next to mine.

Hollie Knowles is my room mate, along side Molly and another girl named Trinny, or Tranny or something, I didn’t get to know her so well. But she seemed pleasant.

“I wake up when Molly wakes up.” I reasoned like a child holding my teddy tighter, my friend back in France Kevin bought it for me before I left.

“Molly is up; she’s already in the great hall.” Hollie said to me kindly.

“What?” I asked shocked, rolling over and falling out of the bed. Hollie laughed unintentionally before retrieving her pillow and skipping off to the bathroom. How she can be happy at this time in the morning I will never know. I sat up and noticed Molly still tucked up nice and warm in her bed.

“Liar, you lie.” I accused half heartedly as Hollie shut the bathroom door behind her. I pulled the covers off of the bed and over me, yanked a pillow down too and curled in to a ball on the floor.

I practically crawled out of Potions first period, the fumes were overpowering and there was a too much knowledge intake alert alarm ringing in my mind. Thank you roommates for waking me up excruciatingly early, I sat there for half an hour doing absolutely nothing while Hollie played with her hair. Honestly, I could have had an extra half hours sleep. But alas.

I had just created a half decent healing potion. Being told to create them this early in the year is new to me. But all in all, everything went ok, for me at least.

“George.” Molly groaned, stumbling out of the classroom beside me and grabbing my arm. Hers hadn’t gone so well. She was taking advanced potions as a Newt, but only because her dad made her. She makes it known to the world that she hates it.

“Well that sucked.” Molly announced laughing in addition to the lesson, loud enough for the group of potion loving Ravenclaw’s to overhear. They looked annoyed, but chose to ignore it before turning around and walking away. “Jeeze.”

“What was that all about?” I asked quietly.

“Ahh, nothing, just a little inter-house toying.” She admitted grinning. I turned to inconspicuously glance at the Ravenclaw’s, they rolled their eyes and one girl even went as far as to swear at Molly. She stuck her tongue out as retaliation.

“Are you sure that they didn’t take it too harshly?” I asked her, feeling a little remorseful.

“Naah, you should see them during a practical, you’ll see why we hate them.”

“Hate is a strong word.”

“Merlin G, don’t turn hippy on me.” She joked as we opened the door and took our seats. I laughed and accidentally bumped in to Hollie had joined us from another lesson.

“If those Ravenclaws were any closer to Professor Shaw, I swear they would have been kissing his buttox.” I giggled unintentionally as the two girls grabbed my hands and yanked me in to a chair between them.

I walked in to the great hall with Hollie by my side.

“So Molly told me about your morning fun in Potions.” She said grinning.

“Oh yeah, real fun.” I said laughing with her.

“Its ok, everybody hates first period potions, the fumes go straight to your head.”

She said shaking her long brown locks in every direction. She was always happy this one. “In my second year, Molly spilt this mind reading potion over Russell’s hands, if he touched you, he could hear what you’re thinking. It was really funny.”

“Merlin, that’s hilarious, did he catch anything that he shouldn’t?”

“Nahh, but he did get in a lot of trouble when the professors found out, it only lasted 12 hours.” We both laughed and I took a seat infront of a pile of mint humbugs.

“What does everybody have against the Raven-thingy Potions lovers?” I asked
twiddling my fingers, attempting to find the right words.

“Ravenclaw.” She corrected me. “They just suck up.” Hollie explained, sitting down next to me at the Gryffindor table. “Besides they’ve always hated the Potters.”

“How come, did they do something wrong?”

“Nope, they just have this thing against Al’s older brother, he’s the Gryffindor Captain, on the pitch, they consider him pure-evil.”

Hollie answered, exaggerating the last words in a high pitched voice. “They’ve just never got along really.” I smirked, I could tell that already.

I smiled as she did and helped myself to a spoonful of mashed potatoes. “What’s the Potters captain of?” I asked completely confuzzled.

“You’ll understand soon enough. It will make better sense soon.” She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Do they even have Quidditch in France?” I nodded.

“They do, but I don’t follow it, not many people do.”

Her jaw dropped. “Well that will be changing.” Oh lord. “Hey, I was just wondering,” Hollie asked kindly. “It’s ok if you say no, but could I please borrow a bit of your bubblegum, I want to attract a little attention sixth period.”

“Hollie, don’t ask just help yourself.” I answered smiling. “They’re like drugs.” I added laughing.

“I know. Damn colourful bubbles.”

I slammed my quill down on to the desk in the common room later that evening.
“Seriously, Professor Binns is trying to kill me, and I haven’t even been here a month.” I admitted to who ever would listen.

“Oh G, your on his list, just not at the top.” Molly said sighing. I sent her a sarcastic glare. “That would be my place.” She added pouting after a pause.

I had just finished a two feet essay on the Goblin revolt in the 16th century, pointless right. I don’t think that in my life time I am ever going to need to recite why the Goblins wanted more freedom.

“George, are you done?” Molly asked me with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Yep, just completed. And now I am FREE!” I exclaimed shoving the chair back from the desk and standing up with joy.

“That’s what you think love.” Russell said embracing me in a tight hug. “Georgie, you’re all warm.”

“That’s because I’ve been working infront of the fire for the past hour and half.” I answered, gesturing to the roaring fire to my left.

“And depriving the freezing Quidditch players of their fire, I am shocked.” I looked around and noticed that the entire Quidditch team had just stumbled through the portrait hole. Lately they have been practicing until late evening and then coming in, freezing and muddy. This is probably to the upcoming match against Huffelpuff.

He buried his head in my neck and Molly shook her head and returned to her essay, he obviously did this a lot. I was stood on my tip-toes and trying to push him away.

“No.” He exclaimed, holding me tighter like a little boy, holding on to his candyfloss.

“Russell, let me go.” I asked quietly, he was being immature.

“Never in a million years.”

“Merlin Russell, at least let me breathe.” I asked gesturing to the tight grip he was holding me in.

“No, think of it this way, when I have taken you prisoner, Nott wont be able to stalk you anymore.”

Nott, that was his name. Theodore Nott the Sixth. He’s the Slytherin beater and taken to having a slight infatuation with me, to Molly and Russell’s amusement. I couldn’t help but remember the beaters remarks about my appearance. He was obviously not good at talking to girls. He told me that I was ‘do-able’ the other day. If he thinks that that is flattering, then he is mentally wrong.

“Russell, I am able to deal with a stalking beater, now please let go. People are staring.” I replied, attempting to block out the stares from odd people around the room.

“Never, you are warm.” He replied childishly.

“You know the best way to warm a person up is through body heat.” A voice said from behind me. “So what do you say?”

Russell released me and I turned around to come face to face with a sixth year, obviously a bold one. “And which dwarf are you?” I asked smiling.

“I don’t think that we introduced ourselves, I’m Dan Moore.” He said ignoring my comment, sticking out a hand for me to shake. “I’m Hogwarts current ladies man and hot-stuff.” He said with a wink. Sixth year, sixth year!

“Yeah in his head.” Russell said grinning. “Ignore him George. I’ll protect you from the crazed child.”

“I’m no child.” He argued. “But I would go to the end of the earth to prove my mon amour that!”

I giggled. “Yeah, but would you stay there?”

“What’s mon amour?” Russell asked rather loudly.

“He called me his love.” I whispered back.

Russell picked the kid up and walked him over to the portrait opening. “Child … off of my planet!” Dan was thrown out of the Common Room.

Merlin. “Russell did he just fall down the stairs?” The shrug that I received wasn’t the answer I was hoping for.

Russell gestured me over to the sofas where he was sitting half an hour later, still having not taken a shower. Smelly boy. I shook my head and gestured that I was helping Molly with her essay, when really all that I was probably doing was distracting her.

He waved me over again and once again I refused politely. I really didn’t want to join him and three of his Quidditch friends. They were all musically and … well … huge.

“BLYTHE.” He shouted incredibly loudly, getting the attention of everybody in the common room. I flushed a shade of red before he shouted his reply, attracting more attention. “SORRY, DIDN’T MEAN TO EMBARRASS YOU.” He shouted again.

I shook my head in disbelief before standing up, everyone returned to what they were originally doing as I approached.

“Don’t take any notice of his childish behaviour, that’s just who he is.” Molly said grinning; she loved every second of her friend’s antics.

I walked over and sat down on the sofa next to him. Russell pinged my hippie headband.

“Hey I’m Rory.” A brunette boy with blue eyes stated who was sitting across from Russell. “Did he just call you Blythe?” He asked. His head Boy badge practically screaming ‘I’m shiny’.

“Second name, I’m Georgie.” I said smiling sweetly.

“You are yet to tell me your real name?” Russell interrupted teasingly.

“You will never find out Russell Finnigan. It is embarrassing beyond hell. My parents were on crack when they wrote it down on the birth certificate.” Rory laughed and was joined in by another boy, this time with red hair.

“Hey I’m Fred Weasley.” I shook his hand. “One of Molly’s cousins.”

“And that’s James Potter, Albus’s brother.”

Unlike the others James wasn’t really paying attention, he was staring down at a snitch that he had in his hands. From what I could see he was gorgeous.
A unique and handsome face with black shaggy hair, he looked like a hotter version of Albus, but without the glasses. His shaggy hair fell in to his emerald green eyes. He turned and looked at me; an involuntary shiver went up my spine.

“Hi, I’m James.” He said in a deep and mind-shattering voice. Those three words made my day complete. I could listen to him for the rest of my life.

I somehow managed to uphold a decent conversation while Rory pointed out that I had a ‘really awesome’ accent.

“Thanks Rory.” I said smiling. “So how did practice go?” I asked, attempting not to stare at James for more than necessary.

“It’s getting there, still a bit rough around the edges.” Rory answered.

“Nothing that a little practice can’t fix.” Fred finished. I smiled politely and leaned forward a little interested.

“My seeking sucked.” James admitted annoyed with himself. “If only I could have intercepted the underhand pass from the bludger quicker then the Quaffle wouldn’t have gone through the hoop. I can’t catch this term and it’s driving me insane.”

“Don’t worry about it mate, it will come with practice.” Russell said comfortingly.

“You’re our captain, you’ll be fine.” Oh, so he was the captain of the team, Hollie actually makes sense now. Quidditch wasn’t really a big thing in France, so I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about.

“You have no idea what were talking about do you?” Fred asked half laughing at my expression.

“You lost me at underhand pass.” I admitted smiling. Rory rolled his eyes while the other three laughed.

“It’s so funny, you’re like a Martian.” Russell said, resulting in a punch on the arm from me.

“Ow, geez G, you hit hard.” He added rubbing hit arm.

“Désolé.” I apologized truthfully.

“I love it when you talk French.” Creepy Dan growled from behind me, obviously having recently blessing us with his presence in the Common Room once more. I sat there unable to move or speak, he was really creeping me out.

“Sod off Stalker.” Russell defended, sending Dan quickly on his way.

“Stalker?” Rory asked smiling.

“It’s nothing he’s just being polite.” I admitted shyly.

“Polite?” Russell asked laughing. “I just shoved him down a flight of stairs to get him away from you.”

Ignore Russell I announced that I was headed to bed. I snuck one last look of James Potter and come to one conclusion…

…Merlin’s panties that boy is something else. 

It all goes to JK Rowling. She’s so amazing; if I owned Harry Potter, Oliver Wood would be mine.

Ok, I’m done perving over a fictional character. What did you all think? I attempted to develop Georgie a little more; I think her character is really interesting. She’s so fun to write. All her little antics and such.

What do you all think of Russell, Molly, Hollie?
How about James? How does he sound to you?
Or Dan, the lovely and polite strapping young lad?

The next chapter is called Of Lists and Defence – make of it what you will! XD

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