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This final installment in Of Weasleys and Potions is dedicated to the amazing pinks and sinwillys822! You guys rock!



The year had seemed to go by so fast. Here I was, hanging out with Charlie, Ron, and Ryder all out on the porch of the Burrow.


Even Tyler and the twins, Seth and Sean, where over, hanging out with the twins as they played a game of Quidditch.


Ms. Coles always came over to check on me during the breaks – she had become somewhat of a mother to me over the years and it was nice to have both her and the boys come over, it just made the Burrow even more like a home to me.


‘Here, Gray, your turn.’ Charlie handed me the dice. Somehow the Twins had gotten there hands on the Muggle game Clue, and Charlie just couldn’t seem to stop playing it, nor Ron. I even had a hard time pulling Ryder away from it a couple times this summer.


I took the dice from Charlie and rolled, ‘Seven. I bet it was Ms. White, in the Ballroom, with the Candlestick.’


I looked around at everyone, they all had that disappointed look. With a smirk I reached down to the envelope in the middle and pulled out the three cards.


‘Ms. White, Ballroom, and the Candlestick.’ I said, flipping through each card.


‘Every time!’ Charlie mumbled, tossing his cards onto the table and leaning back.


I smiled, ‘It must just be something I’m good at.’


‘Well,your good at a lot of things Thorne, you’re the best Keeper Ravenclaw has seen in years!’ Ryder said, leaning forward and winked at me with his curious blue eyes, ‘It must be in your blood.’


I just smiled and nodded, he was the only one to still refer to me as Thorne, everyone else had taken quite quickly to calling me Gracen Weasley.


‘Yeah, now since you’ve joined, Gryffindor barley got the Cup last year!’ Ron said playfully.


I smiled and looked down at my hands, ‘Next year though.’


‘Yeah, next year.’


Charlie looked over to me, ‘How is your summer job going this year though Gray?’


I smiled, remembering the other day when I was in Diagon working for Edmund Grey, the shop owner that had helped me out so much last winter.


‘It’s going great, I love working there.’ It was the middle of July and already Edmund and I had helped clean up the shop and make it look more presentable to the public-eye. He had about five-hundred customers a day now, and each one always took time to come say hi to Bella who was always at the register, waiting for me, or up in the rafters looking down at everything.


‘It’s the best job in the world.’ I smiled once more, memories coming back to me from the past few months.


Ryder clapped his hand on my shoulder, ‘So the brilliant Ravenclaw, who could give both Snape and the great Arithmacy teacher – what ever her name is – a run for their money in both there positions is going to become a shop keeper?’ He smirked playfully, with mischievous eyes.


I shrugged off his hands and smiled, ‘I don’t know what I want to do yet.’


‘Yeah, right.’ Ryder rolled his eyes, ‘With the world at your feet, how could you know?’


That got a round of laughs.


‘Oh look,’ Charlie said through his laughter, ‘Her comes the Queen.’


Bella, just like her usual self, came prancing into the room gracefully and very high-on-her-horse and jumped up on the table, proceeding to take a seat right in the middle of our game.


I quickly rubbed her head, ‘You better be glad we were done. Ryder here might have thrown you across the room.’


She just looked at me with her large azure eyes and meowed, before turning and glaring at Ryder.


Ryder sighed, ‘She really is the Queen of the house.’


‘I beg to differ Mr. Hale!’ Molly came out, her hands on her hips, a spoon in one of them, and smiled.


‘Well, besides you of course.’ Ryder looked away awkwardly, causing a few of us to laugh, and then looked back up again, ‘My you are looking lovely today Mrs. Weasley!’


Molly smirked, ‘Nice try Ryder.’


All of us started to laugh, everyone knew that Ryder was just as much of the family as I was now, it was the same with Tyler and the twins, who spent most of there summer over here either watching Quidditch or playing in the back with the infamous Weasley twins. Sean and Seth were becoming the mini Weasley-Twins for the next generation.

‘Oh, Ronald, Luna’s here to see you.’ Before Molly could even finish Ron was up and in the hallway to meet Luna.


Molly smiled to herself, ‘Young love.’ And turned back towards the kitchen to start lunch.


I smiled and then turned back to Charlie and Ryder, ‘Well, do you guys want to play again?’ I smirked.


Ryder and Charlie turned to look at each other and then back at me with a smirk. Before I knew it they had picked up the cards and where throwing them at me.


I laughed, as Bella tried to hid behind me, my hands were up, trying to block their target.


This was what home was about.



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