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Questions, Answers and Chimeras?Questions are asked by Hermione.
Answers are given by Draco.
And the Chimeras, well read and find out!

I watched as she came storming into my room a terrified house elf following in her wake. “Was it really that bad?” I asked her as she sat down on the window seat of my room.


“How so?” I asked trying to keep the amusement from my voice and failing because she glared at me.

“Your mother is nice enough, but the fact that Ginny turned up, and as did Pansy followed by my dear sister. Ginny was there to help me and obviously your mother was to help me find a perfect dress for the ball. But my sister and Pansy were practically competing against me.” she huffed I smiled.

“Girls.” She gave me that look which said- don’t even go there. “Did you manage to get a dress in the end?”

“Yes once Pansy and Daphne had gone it left me a limited selection of things which the owner wouldn’t have brought out if they were still there.”

“May I see it?” I asked her not thinking for one moment I would, but she proved me wrong as she took it from the box which the house elf had placed beside her. The dress was pale cream, which looking at it would hug her curves becoming a flowing skirt as it reached her hips.

“What do you think?” she asked sounding and looking slightly apprehensive.

“I think you’re going to look stunning.” She smiled back at me a small blush reaching her cheeks.

“Can I ask you something?”


“What exactly is the pureblood council?” I was thrown completely off-guard by her question.

“How did you hear about that?”

“Last night, just before I fell asleep I heard your father mentioning it.” She admitted a guilty look written on her face.

“We thought you were asleep.” I started she shrugged and I walked over to her sitting down with her. “The pureblood council is well as you can guess a council made up from just pureblooded wizards and witches. If there is a dispute between two families then they will be the ones to sort it out. If another pureblood injures, or kills another pureblood then the council will look into the matter and decide what the punishment should be.”

“Kind of like the ministry.” She muttered.

“Yeah, I suppose apart from we deal with things internally.”

“So what if one pureblood is killed by another but in self defence?” she asked me I smiled as she thought about different possibilities.

“Then the council will look at it and decide whether or not it was actually in self defence. If found not then they pretty much hand them over to the ministry and they then usually get slung in Azkaban.” She tilted her head to the side.

“Makes sense, but I take it the ministry don’t know about this.”

“Well members of the ministry do but that’s because they’re pureblood.”

“Ah, so who’s on the council?”

“That I don’t know.”

“How come?”

“Because no one knows apart from those on the council. They don’t talk about it, but I have a feeling both of our father’s are on the council.” I told her, her eyebrows shot upwards .

“That would make sense. All I can assume that whoever is on the council is somewhat influential within the ministry which narrows it down.” She smiled back at me as we realised that between the two of us we could probably work out who each member of the pureblood council were .

“Most likely.” Both of us were distracted by our thoughts as my mother knocked on the door.

“Dinner will be ready shortly, I take it Hermione you will be staying?” I glanced at Hermione who raised one of her eyebrows questioningly in my direction.

“Please stay.” I whispered to her she smiled.

“Thank you Narcissa. We’ll be down shortly.” My mother smiled and gave me a knowing look I glanced back over to Hermione who was watching me.

“Whose owl is that?” I asked noticing the speck zooming straight for my window.

“I think it’s Harry's- well his work owl.” Hermione said opening the window, the owl flew in before dropping the letter and shooting back off in the other direction. She tore open the auror seal on the back of it. “Bugger.” She cursed handing me the letter.

“You’re right as ever.” I muttered as she went across to the wardrobe in my room chucking me my auror robes, she waved her wand over a second set before pulling them on.

“Why can’t I avapparate from here?” She asked frustrated.

“Because you’re not a Malfoy.” I told her, taking her hand and dragging her through the manor.

“Draco, Hermione?” I heard my mother call as we ran through the entrance hall.

“Narcissa, we’ve been called away urgently on auror business. Sorry!” Hermione told her hurriedly as I yanked open the door. Without saying goodbyes we ran from the manor and to the boundary point.

“I take it you know where we’re going.” I asked her.

“Yes, but I take you don’t otherwise we’d have apparated from the manor.”

“Your powers of deduction are truly marvellous Miss Greengrass.” I muttered as we apparated.

“Just remember softly tread.” She whispered into my ear her hot breath tickling my neck. “Chimera’s are one of the most dangerous, but rare, magical creatures.”

“I do remember some things from Hogwarts you know.” I whispered back into her ear. She smirked as we slowly made our way around the forest. Our wands illuminated our paths but only just, we couldn’t give the chimeras a hint that they were about to be stalked back into their protected area. A twig cracked beneath her foot, I saw her tense for a second not moving I continued paying a lot of attention to where I was placing my foot. “So much for our day off.” I muttered under my breath as I saw Hermione begin to move again.

“Draco!” Hermione screamed as just in front of me a column of fire lit up the pathway, I dropped to the ground feeling the pure heat pass over me. “Congelo flamma!” Above my head the fire streaming from the chimera was frozen, the flames tickling me instead of burning me. I jumped up as the chimera took in another breath to let the flames stream from its mouth.

“Run?” I asked her.

“Run.” She nodded as we began to sprint through the trees knowing full well that the chimera’s weren’t far behind. Branches threatened to catch us both, roots tried to trip us but we held onto each other keeping ourselves steady when one of us might’ve fallen. “We need to set up a perimeter.” She gasped as we began to slow hoping we were out of danger.

“Agreed, what’s the matter ‘Mione out of shape?” I asked slightly out of breath as she leaned over breathing heavily.

“So would you if you’d been stuck behind a desk for the last two years.” She told me irritated. “Can you do the honours?” She asked me I smirked and said the incantations needed to set up the large perimeter which would encircle all of the chimera’s no matter how far back they were in this forest.  “Thanks. But you’re hurt.” She said tenderly, I followed her gaze to my arm, I hadn’t even realised I’d been hit by some of the chimera’s fire before she’d had a chance to freeze it.

“Let’s get to the ministry fill out the paperwork and I’ll let you heal me.”

“Deal.” She said with a small smile. I took hold of her as we apparated to the ministry, and the auror headquarters.

“’Mione, Merlin Malfoy what happened to you?” Weasley said hugging Hermione in way of greeting, neither of them looked massively comfortable around each other.

“We’ve just done battle with some Chimera’s we’ve got to fill out the paperwork see you at some point?”  She called after him as he nodded at the explanation and walked off.

“Sure.” Came his reply as he turned walking backwards for a moment looking at her.

“Come on ‘Mione.” I tugged at her arm pulling her back into reality.

“That was a miracle.”

“What was?”

“The fact you two didn’t try and kill each other.” She said with a wicked little grin I laughed at it as we went into the joint office we now shared. All of her things had been transferred over the previous couple of days. “Sit down Draco.” She said I raised my eyebrow. “Please.” I did as I was asked and took off my shirt. The wound was ugly and I could see that she was focusing on that rather than my chest which was amusing me no end.

“Hermione, we’re both adults.” I whispered to her causing a blush rise into her cheeks.  I enjoyed watching her reactions to me at times, unfortunately for her, it was one of those times.

“Shut up Draco.” She murmured as she flicked through a book.

“Hermione don’t you know something?” I asked with mock surprise.

“I know, but I want to be sure, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you Draco.” She told me a smirk playing on her lips. “There it is.” She announced having presumably finding the spell she wanted she muttered it quietly under her breath. The burn on my arm chilled and then began to heal leaving no scaring at all.

“Thanks.” I said in amazement as the skin began to meld together, almost knitting itself back together. Some people were repulsed by it but it always seemed to fascinate me.

“You’re welcome. Now we need to get this paper work done or we’ll never get dinner.”

“Alright what’s puzzling you this time?” I asked her we’d just finished the paperwork and it was now about nine at night. A small frown was on her face as she put away the last form from the paperwork placing it into the outbox.

“Nothing... alright you caught me.” She said putting her hands up as I raised my eyebrow knowing that something was troubling her. “I know your father, well he didn’t get much of a choice, but why do you think he tortured me those years ago? I mean, he knew I wasn’t a mudblood, and he’s good friends with my father. So why?” I looked into her face then her eyes, her voice was weak but confused, her eyes were threatening to tear up, she turned her head and furiously wiped away a fallen tear.

“You’re right he didn’t have much of a choice about his actions. He wanted to keep you safe, if the Dark Lord had discovered you were a pureblood then he may well have forced you into the ranks. If you wouldn’t join then, without a second thought, he’d have killed you.” I explained she nodded listening to me.

“Sorry.” She whispered I smiled pulling her into a hug.

“Nothing to be sorry about, but it is said curiosity killed the cat.” She smiled burying her head deeper into my chest.

“I know I ask a lot of questions.” I smiled and nodded. “I think I love you for it.” She whispered.

“I think I might love you as well.” She looked up and smiled at me I smiled back at her pressing our lips together.

“For what asking too many questions?”

“Shut up Draco.”

So what did you think? Was it awful, or was it alright? Thanks again to everyone who's reviewed, I have answered them all and also to all of you who have made this a favourite story. I assume that everyone who's read this far likes the story so thank you for sticking with me this long.
Ruth, icecrystal xxxx

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