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I think it would only make sense to begin our story on a rather life-changing day. Yes, I said “our” for, though it is my memory, this side of the story will show the changes throughout my friends, and maybe even some enemies, for the war affected everybody. What you are about to witness is the transition from being care-free teenagers to wary young adults…

The smell of the light autumn breeze wafted in through the open window with the thin curtains slightly parted in the middle, the garish light of dawn complimenting the crisp smell. I was the first one up, as usual, and was in a particularly delightful mood despite it being a Monday.

Today was Halloween, my favorite holiday. Admittedly, Hogwarts did disappointingly little in the way of Halloween. Of course there was a great feast every year and the ghosts did awesome enactments of whatever they felt like doing that year, but no dressing up was allowed. Well, people got dressed obviously, but no awesome costumes or anything. Being brought up a muggle, this disappointed me. It was understandable though, after the magical world did contain some of the myths muggles tended to dress up as. Such as vampires, werewolves and hell, I’m sure I saw a siren once in a small Egyptian magic village.

And let’s not forget the obvious, witches and wizards.

I stretched my lanky arms and bounded off my bed, eager to start the new (and spooooooooky) day. I ripped the curtains open wide only to receive curses and life-threatening threats from my fellow Hufflepuffs (who enjoyed sleeping too much in my opinion) and a couple of pillows lazily flung my way.

I bounced on Viper Besic’s bed, a dark skinned girl with honey brown eyes. “Good morning!” I sang happily, amused by the angry expression on the poor lass’s face. “I’m going to go get some delicious food!”

Viper growled in return and rolled back over. I glanced at the other girls and realized that they, too, went back to sleep. Expecting this reaction, I simply went to the Great Hall by myself.

The girls in Hufflepuff were great, really, but we were never the closest friends. We all got along, with the exception of Rose Embers (who was quite the snob) and would sometimes stay up late coming up with weird ideas but never went out of our ways to spend time with each other. Or at least, that’s how it is with me and them. I didn’t mind, actually. I had some friends in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor and usually spent my time with some of them.

Glancing around the Great Hall, I spotted Lily Evans, one of my Gryffindor friends, already eating an early breakfast and joined her. She seemed to be eyeing a group further down the ridiculously long table, which consisted of four guys. Some people might think she was looking that way because she was absolutely smitten with a certain raven-haired bespectacled young man or her Head Girl senses were sensing chaos and mischief.

Anyone who knew her well would realize it was a bit of both. She was, indeed, infatuated with James Potter even if it took her a while to figure out. I was always very amused by the bickering of the two of them, usually started by James making a cheeky comment (thankfully, the whole trying to get Lily to go on a date with him ended last year (his genitalia were on the line, or wand point if one wants to be specific)) and Lily throwing a tantrum, bless her redhead trait.

“That lot is up to something,” she muttered looking at her food and prodding it with her spoon.

The four guys were looking quite suspicious with two on each side of the table and their head put together as close as possible and butts off the bench. Really, one would think they were about to start a guy on guy orgy in the middle of their breakfast.

“Actually, that wouldn’t be so bad,” I muttered to myself.

Lily blinked at me, confusion swirling all around in her eyes. Not literally of course, metaphorically. “What wouldn’t be so bad?”

“Oh…” I trailed off, trying to think of an excuse to what I just accidently said. “You really don’t want to know what’s floating in my mind.” I went with the vague truth, unable to think of something else to say. It was true; she probably didn’t want to know what I just thought. I was protecting her virtue damn it!

Really though, the Marauders weren’t at all too shabby. I’d describe them to you, but since they’re so infamous, you’ve probably heard of them before.

“What do you think their plotting this year?” Lily asked, returning the topic to the plotting boys.

I rolled my eyes at her. “It’s Halloween, let ‘em have at it.”

She poked angrily at her hash browns, “I bet it has something to do with the Slytherins…”

“And the Slytherins generally have it coming to them,” I said, glaring at a third year Slytherin who just threw pineapple at my back as if on cue. “Oy, watch ya’self!” I shouted across the Hall as the third year’s eyes grew thrice his original size.

Snickering, I returned to my own breakfast as the Marauders slithered over to where we were happily feasting upon dead flesh. Lily made a weird noise of disgust in her throat as James sat next to her with a grin on his face. Sirius sat on her other side and tried to steal a piece of toast from Lily’s plate, who whacked him with her spoon.

Remus sat on my left and Peter took my right. Remus gave me a sideways smile as we exchanged pleasantries.

“So,” I whispered to him, “James trying to woo Lily?”

He chuckled, “More like trying to make civil conversation with her, without getting things thrown at him.”

“Brave of him, attempting so in the Great Hall…” I glanced around the table, spotting a pie cutter. Looking at Lily I made sure she was distracted before snatching it and placing it safely on the floor before she decided to wield it as a weapon on James Potter…again.

After a while of small talk, I frowned in concern, “Are you feeling well, Rem?”

Remus had a habit of becoming sick at the weirdest times. I figured it had something to do with genetics, for it seemed that almost every month he was visiting a sick relative. It was passing strange, since I’ve never heard him talk about family other than them being sick. He was looking rather pale this time and had bags under his eyes like he hadn’t been sleeping well.

“I’ve just got a bit of a cold. It’ll probably clear up soon.”

I put my hand on his forehead, “Perhaps…you feel a bit on the clammy side.”

“Did someone say clammy?” Sirius dangled a clam in front of my face, making it wriggle. I grabbed it from him and slapped his face with it.

“Ha ha ha, pun boy,” I said sarcastically as he scowled while cradling his beloved cheek.

“No need to get snippy,” he complained.

“Wow,” Peter mumbled. “It’s been over five minutes and Lily hasn’t tried to do James in yet.”

The four of us pondered the amazement of it for a moment.

“Miss Meadowes!” Professor Slughorn snapped at me. “If you don’t like my class, the door is open.” Potions class was a rather tedious subject to me and often bored me to sleepiness. It was understandable that Slughorn would get irritated with students falling asleep in his class if we were brewing, but today we were just getting lectured about….something or other.

“Night, Captain!” I saluted the class as I slung my bag over my shoulder and slinked out of the classroom, heading towards my common room.

Halfway on my humble path to a nice, leisurely nap (it was double Potions and right after that it was lunch) a rather raspy and demanding voice intruded my comforting thoughts of a nice sofa with pillows and fluffy blankets.

“Filthy Mudblood!”

I sighed and glared at the Slytherin. “At least I don’t have a filthy vag-”

Bethany Cross’s face turned several shades of purple, her anger looking quite ugly. Bethany had quite the reputation as a ugly as her face. She was a female built almost like a fridge and a wee little moustache was forming on her upper lip. She was mostly known for hexing anyone who merely glanced at her and physically beating Quidditch players on the opposing team with her bat. Pureblood maniac to the core, that was good old Beth. Most definitely not the best person to bump into in the corridor. Of course, I have the best luck in the world.

Before I could finish the sentence, right when she pulled out her wand, another voice intruded.

“Five points from Slytherin for trying to duel in the hallways.” It was almost authoritive sounding, but there was humor in it. Behind me was Remus Lupin who looked extremely amused but at the same time slightly tense, like a he was about to jump in the middle if need be.

“You don’t have the authority to do that!” Beth sputtered.

“Oh really?” Remus straightened up from his casual, slightly slouchy stance making them eye level. The seemed to have a glare-off before Remus stated, “Nice moustache.”

Right before she did a Bat-Bogey Hex, Remus casually muttered the disarming spell and then sent her wand all the way down the corridor.

Remus grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from Beth’s right hook and we ran, laughing all the while. That left Beth with two options: fight two Gryffindors who were both armed, or go get her wand before someone tampered with it. She went with the obvious choice and sprinted the other way, toward her wand.

We ended up running up three floors before collapsing on the floor, slightly out of breath from both from running up all those stairs and laughing ridiculously loud.

“That,” I managed to sputter while clutching my stomach, still laughing “was pure genius!”

Remus looked slyly at me, his eyes glinting with mischief, “If you think that’s genius, wait until tonight.”

“I better not be disappointed.”

Turns out, I most definitely was not disappointed.

For all the chaos they manage to inflict upon the school, the Marauders were very bright (if lazy in most cases) students. Some of the spells they tended to prank people with rather hard spells that I thought even some of the teachers were unable to cast. In their third year, they made a polyjuice potion and Sirius had a piece of Dumbledore’s hair that was on Dumbledore’s desk and while he was on a piss break from watching Sirius in his “detention.” The only thing that gave them away was Sirius turning into Dumbledore right as Dumbledore turned the corner a week later, heading toward McGonagall’s office. They never did reveal their whole “Turn into Dumbledore” plot to anyone, and I prodded them about it for ages afterwards.

Their final Halloween prank was a rather enthralling one, what with them wanting to make their last Halloween at Hogwarts a memorable one. They started off with simple charm work, making the floating candles all harmonize in creepy Halloween opera voices singing a silly old tune I scarce remembered after.

“With the werewolves howling and panthers prowling, we bring to you this night a goody bag full of fright” were the two lines sung before dungbombs appeared on the Slytherin table in place of the plates. As the dungbombs went off, a rainbow of colors started filling the Great Hall.

It was the strangest thing upon exiting the Great Hall with the rest of the crowd. Before managing to slip away to the Gryffindor Tower, Remus grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the side and put his finger to his lips. He cocked his head toward the door and I saw the Slytherins exiting too, more than a little distinctive. Their skin was different colored, some green, some red, and different colors of the rainbow.

“How-??” I begun to ask him but we were running once again, this time toward the Tower and away from McGonagall, who was probably trying to spot the Marauders for questioning.

We met the rest of the Marauders, who had acquired firewhiskey and elven-made mead, in the Tower.

“Might I interest you in toxic fluids?” Remus asked, bowing as he offered me the alcohol.

I took it and opened it, “Bottoms up!” I said and the five of us started drinking.

We were all trashed within the hour. Remus and I were attempting leap frog and failing miserable while James, Sirius and Peter were playing a game called Fool’s Hair, a game they made up quite a while ago. One person was the “fool” and the other two people would magic hair on the blindfolded “fool” and that person had to guess where they put the hair on their body.

“Liiiiiiillllllllllyyyyy!” I called out after tripping over Remus for the thousandth time and running toward her.

“Hello,” Lily said, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

“I saved ya botter,” I stumbled over my words, offering her a bottle.

She just rolled her eyes at me. I’d only managed to get her drunk once. It was fun! That night was not a drunken Lily night apparently.

“Remmar!” I pouted to Remus, “Lily won’t take! Won’t take!”

“We’ll get her next time!!” He raised his fist in the air. My fist joined his and we drunkenly fell down to the floor with a great THUMP.

James and Sirius helped us up, finished with their game (Peter lost, revealing his nether regions to part of the common room claiming that they clearly put the hair…there, forgetting he had…well, you know). They had more tolerance than me and Remus had.

“Thank you, good chalk,” I spluttered to Sirius, giving Remus a high-five and stumbling some more. “I think I won leap frog!”

“No you didn’t,” Remus swayed, pointing at me, “you fell on me more than I did you!”

In the middle of our disagreement an owl had brought a letter, addressed to Lily who ran out of the common room after reading it.

The only who noticed was James.

A/N: What did you think? Too much? Too little? More of something, less of something?
Plague my brains.

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