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Chapter Seven:


Prongs-This summer is becoming a bit of a time warp. I feel like I am in the past, only there is way more booze and nudity. The trouble I used to get myself into then is starting to pale in comparison. –Padds

Speechlessness was an alien feeling for Solene. Her mind was desperately trying to classify the situation, and was coming up with nothing. She had just discovered that Sirius, the muggle-loving idiot, was far worse than anyone in his family could imagine. He obviously spent each night gallivanting around town, making best friends with the locals and shamelessly dry humping pretty French girls against club walls, most likely worse when public locations transformed into their private bedrooms. Solene was nauseated by his brazenness, ashamed that she’d been enjoying herself all evening, and even further sick for noticing he looked more handsome than she could stand.

And to add to her confusion, there stood Charlotte, her old best friend from another world, no longer in pigtails and silly t-shirts but looking strikingly beautiful and unexpectedly fashionable. Charlotte and Sirius looked friendly enough, Solene couldn’t judge if they were friends or, worryingly, something more. Charlotte’s arm was wrapped around Sirius’ broad shoulders, his hand held firmly to her tiny waist.

Solene was overwhelmed. Her first instinct was to run back to the Chateau and pretend the evening had never happened. To fly back to Paris where she would be bored, yes, but at least in control once again and not have to put up with feeling inferior to Sirius. She couldn’t deal with the ups and downs: they were friends, they were enemies, they were cousins, they were quarreling lovers. Solene ignored that she was the cause of the constant mood swings of their non-relationship.

Her second instinct was fleeting, but there was a moment in which she thought it would be simplest to throw her arms around her old best friend and push aside all prejudice. It was her third option, however, that seemed the most appropriate.

“Vaguely,” she shrugged nonchalantly and brushed the hair out of her eyes, her glance passing over Charlotte for only a moment without making eye contact and returning to glare at Sirius.

“Solene!” Charlotte’s drunken exclamation showed no indication of picking up on Solene’s tension and the muggle hugged Solene excitedly.


Solene edged backwards, trying desperately to remain as far away from Charlotte and her friends as possible. Sirius laughed, thankful that Charlotte was far too intoxicated to pay attention to Solene’s disposition.

“Oh god! It has been so long! Where have you been,cherie? Sirius and I have been having all the fun!” Charlotte rambled without waiting for answers, stumbling over her English. Solene considered reminding Charlotte that she could speak French, but she didn’t wish to encourage conversation.

“She locks herself up at home, mostly,” Sirius interjected and Charlotte giggled.

“Why? Oh, I’m so glad you are here! We’re going to the beach! Come you two!” Charlotte’s laughter was infectious and in Solene’s mind, irritating.

She introduced Solene to the crowd she had been traveling with- Salut Salut- Marie, Lydia, Julien, Audrey, Elias, Gilles…Hello again Nate- each of them in their inebriation mislabeling Solene’s hostility and aloofness for shyness.

After an hour on the beach, Solene wished that she was a bit less drunk and tucked in bed. All the girls had taken off their heels, the boys their jackets, and were running though the sand shrieking. A bonfire had been built; a bottle of rum had been passed around. Solene wasn’t quite in the mood to speak and so she drank herself to senselessness in the hopes of seeming occupied by her date, the bottle, when clothes began stripping off and everyone began rushing to the sea, splashing each other and yelling obscenities.

Solene wanted to go home. She didn’t know how to behave with all of these muggles; she didn’t know how to stand Sirius completely ignoring her while having the time of his life. She could see the outline of his body in the water, carrying a half-naked Charlotte on his shoulders, as the sky turned the light purple of dawn. It wasn’t fair that Sirius could be one of them and Solene could barely make eye contact with them. She had never felt so uninteresting, but was too frightened to walk back alone in a muggle town. Everyone was laughing and smiling and barely noticed Solene, who gathered a few men’s dress jackets as blankets and finally fell asleep in the sand.

Sirius eventually did notice that his “cousin” was missing and found her curled up by the fire. He bid his goodnight to his friends and pulled his clothes over his damp body before gently lifting Solene and carrying her back to the road. She woke briefly, but was so sick with a hangover and lack of sleep that she didn’t even argue for him to put her down. She wanted to yell at him for leaving her all alone, for taking her out and then abandoning her as her family had, as Regulus had, as Narcissa had, but she couldn’t find the voice and decided it could wait. She held securely to his neck.

Sirius reached the Chateau exhausted but carried Solene to her bedroom, her new room, separate from Regulus’, in the west of the house. He brushed the sand off her legs and tucked her in bed. She turned her back to him and fell sound asleep immediately and without a thank you, but Sirius remained for a few moments. He stared at the curve in her back under the blankets, her tanned shoulders, her thick blond hair falling off the side of the bed. He smiled to himself as he shut the door behind himself quietly and made his way back to his own room.

If only Solene was always asleep, she made much better company that way.


Solene woke late in the afternoon feeling refreshed and confused. She had vague memories of Sirius carrying her exhausted and drunken body into bed all the way from the beach and smiled softly to herself and pressed her face into the white cotton pillow. Her hair smelled like ashes and seawater and she stretched in bed, kicking her sheets to the foot of the bed and pulling her dirty clothes off.

She thought back to the night. The last thing she remembered was being incredibly irritated with her situation and wanting to bludgeon Sirius with the rum bottle she had spent most of the night drinking. Sirius had left her alone on the shore while having the time of his life leaping through the warm Mediterranean waves and throwing screaming girls over his broad, tanned shoulders in the beautiful light of dawn. She couldn’t stand him. How dare he invite her out (ok, more like agree to tolerate her for a night) and then leave her stranded with the options of stumbling home and getting attacked by muggles or making nice with a bunch of muggles. He was insufferable.

She slipped on a robe and strolled through the house searching for him, finally knocking on his bedroom door. He didn’t answer. She knocked again and when she received no response she pushed open the heavy wood and peered inside.

Sirius was passed out facedown in his bed, over his covers, and stark naked. His arm hung loosely over the side of his large bed, deep red sheets lay perfectly made beneath him. Clothes lay scattered around the floor, his balcony doors were open and a breeze blew through the curtains. The sun illuminated a path across his floor and up his back. Solene made a disgusted face but couldn’t draw her eyes away. 

She didn’t have a reason to be in his room, to be seeking him out at all. It had become second nature for her to wonder what Sirius was up to; Solene no longer let it bother her that she was curious. She convinced herself it was out of her absolute boredom and left it at that. No sense trying to uncover motives she was forbidden to think about let alone act upon.

“Sirius,” she said and seated herself in a plush chair located at his bedside and donning his previous nights clothing.

“Sirius,” she repeated when he did not wake and threw a pair of balled up socks at his face. He groaned and pealed one eye open wide enough to see Solene sitting crossed legged in his bedroom, wearing nothing but a lose-fitting robe hanging off her shoulders and providing a generous outline of her body. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and she was free of make up, but the light caught her face flatteringly and she shone as she always did. Sirius shut his eye and weighed the situation. He was definitely naked. She was practically naked. They were alone.

Too early, he decided, and tried to fall back asleep.

“SIRIUS!” she snapped and stood up, smacking him across the top of the head.

Sirius pealed the same eye open once again, this time finding himself half conscious and right beside the silk, royal blue hem of Solene’s night robe ending mid-way up her thigh, her smooth legs inches away from his fingers, her hips and thin waist in perfect view. He wondered if the scene would improve each time he opened his eyes and decided to test his luck.

Perhaps Sirius was still drunk, perhaps he was still dreaming, but he shut his eye again and reached the hand that way hanging off the bed in Solene’s direction and curled his fingers gently around her calf. Solene felt chills run through her whole body and was absolutely frozen.

His fingers held her gently and didn’t move, Solene felt a rush, she could sense the blood moving through her veins, could feel her heart beating throughout her whole body. His hand finally moved, and trailed painstakingly slowly up her leg, reaching the backside of her knee and causing vibrating sensations to her fingertips.

Solene’s mind was desperately trying to break through the cloud that was covering it; she knew that Sirius was probably pushing her as he had multiple times before. He wanted to test her boundaries, see if he could put her under his control, win her over and humiliate her. She knew she had to stop him, but could not ignore the fact that his simplest touch had made her completely aroused.

His hand was tracing its way again; a whisper up her thigh as his fingers were slipping under her robe and coming to a resting point in-between her legs, far up her thigh and dangerously close to forbidden territory. Solene had never felt so breathless. She wanted to stop him and couldn’t find her voice, she knew that the taunting would come soon and could not pull away. It was as if Sirius snaking hand had petrified her body and her reason; she couldn’t step back.

“Sirius,” she repeated for the fourth time since she entered the room and felt her heart fall at the lack of disguise in her voice. Her tone was nervous and needy; he would know he had won. But the mocking didn’t come.

He squeezed her leg and pulled her body close. Solene felt her knees give in and Sirius cheek and lips were now pressed into her skin at the same level as his hands. She could barely keep from whimpering and Sirius moaned softly, his hot breath searing her skin through the robe.

“Get ready at sunset, we’re going for a drive,” Sirius mumbled into Solene’s leg. She had no idea what he was talking about, but was thankful for anything that wasn’t an acknowledgement of how she was allowing him to feel her up. “And wear something sexy.”

She pulled away, seizing the opportunity of the broken silence and backing up against the door. She slipped out and had to hold back from running back to her own room.

What the hell had just happened? It was as if Sirius had placed a spell on her. She knew he hadn’t, she knew she could blame her behavior on nothing but a burning attraction to the bloodtraitor, but why? Why had he done that to her? Pulled her so close to him and then let go. Did he not understand what had just happened to her? That she was still shaking from the feeling of his hand on her, that she had never felt such a powerful reaction to something so small.


Sirius knew what Solene was up to. He could see past the skimpy nightgowns, revealing blouses and pouting lips. Solene used her sex appeal to win over everyone in her path. He couldn’t even imagine the casualties of her batting eyelashes, innocent freckles and golden hair. She was as deceitful as a Veela: enchantingly beautiful on the outside, but dangerous within. Sirius, however, would not be a victim. He had discovered a way to triumph. Everything with Solene was a game, and he had uncovered how to take down the boss.

Solene fed off those under her influence. She wanted to be the puppet master, the one in control. Whether or not Sirius was itching to give in, every moment that he defied her brought him closer to defeating her.

From the moment he had first seen her again he had had a hard time pushing aside his interest in her. Recently he found himself finding it easier to give into his attractions. He found that rather than torturing himself, pushing Solene sexually did not, as he would have suspected, give her control. In fact, it did the opposite. As long as Sirius was inconsistent, teasing and emotionally distant, he was free to pursue her physically. Sirius was free to make his intentions clear and Solene was left with the responsibility of driving him away. It was only if his physical attraction crossed into something deeper that he would find himself in trouble—but that would never happen.

He had nothing to lose. If she fell for his advances she would be left to face Regulus and Sirius would win. Snatch the pretty pure-blood princess from under the nose of her pretty pure-blood boyfriend and then leave her to pick up the pieces if they were uncovered. It wouldn’t be hard to tempt Solene into faltering, he could already see the goosebumps rise on her skin when he stood too close, hear the shortening of her breath when their skin came into contact, sense the tension rise when their eyes made contact. He could tell some part of her wanted it too. He just had to test her little by little, until she could no longer hold back.


Solene was sitting on the edge of her bed, a black, shimmering and strapless tight dress clinging to her body, a pair of deep metallic purple heels on her feet, when she heard the pounding on her door. Her hair was smooth and cascading down her back, her eyes were smoking and her favorite ring of ebony and sapphire was secure upon her middle finger.

She was certainly ready- and looking sexy as Sirius had requested- but couldn’t bring herself to go open the door that Sirius was undoubtedly hammering on. She had a bad feeling about tonight; she knew she was now swimming in dangerous waters. Her leg had burnt all day where Sirius’ hot breath had marred her skin, all day she had been reliving the chills that had raced up and down her body when she stood beside him.

She had never denied he was eye-catching…appealing… ok, gorgeous—but she couldn’t understand how she had allowed that to transform into a physical attraction. He was Sirius Black! An embarrassment to his family, to purebloods, and to the wizarding race. He was an outcast; he was a traitor, he was the worst person to even speak to, let alone want to …want to… ugh. Solene couldn’t let herself finish that train of thought.

He called her name once more and pushed open the door.

“So you’re coming with me?” he asked her.

Solene looked up at him. Sirius was wearing a gray button-down shirt and black dress pants. His eyes seemed to shine an even deeper gray than usual, his hair was messy and his lips were pulled into a smile.

“What did you mean by ‘We’re going for a drive?’” she asked him nervously and he smiled.

“You’ll see.”


The sky was blood red. The sun was hanging low on the horizon. Solene’s heels clicked against the worn pavement, her shawl hanging loosely off her body. Charlotte and “the crew” were circled around a red convertible and shiny black BMW. Solene stopped dead.

“We’re going in that?” she hissed through clenched teeth.

“We’re going to Monte Carlo!” Charlotte cheered and hugged Solene excitedly. Solene tensed even further, shooting glares at Sirius.

“I can’t go in that thing. I’ve never been in one of those!” Solene snapped at Sirius, pointing towards the car. The group started laughing.

“She means a convertible, of course,” Sirius interjected smoothly, “She’s obviously been in a car.”

Solene pursed her lips and remained silent.

“We’ll then you must try it,” Nate said cheekily, “It’s mine.”

“The day I get into that thing!” Solene replied sharply and crossed her arms. Sirius approached her and placed a hand on the small of her back. Solene relaxed instantly to his touch and felt goosebumps arise on her skin as he leaned in towards her ear.

“Muggles use cars all the time, Solene, you’ll be fine,” he whispered and she clenched her eyes shut, “I’ll ride with you.”

Excitedly, everyone piled into the two cars. Solene sat bitterly in the crowded back seat, pressed against Sirius and the door. The engine started and Solene jumped in her seat. Sirius hushed her.

“Sometimes you just have to trust me,” he said softly and for a moment Solene heard the way the water roared as she jumped off the cliff, felt as invincible as she had when airborne. Then, Sirius took her hand in his and squeezed hard. Solene knew he was just trying to be nice; she tried desperately to ignore what felt like a dangerously strong electrical current running between their fingers.

And the car began moving. Not just moving, it may as well have been flying. Solene felt her hair soaring in all directions, air whipping her cheeks, the sound of the wind overpowering everything. They drove along the sea; birds flew beside them, she could see the edge of the road quickly transforming into rocks and the water. It was unlike anything she had felt. Apparating and the Floo Network felt terrible, this car ride was…. Fantastic. She doubted their destination would be anything closed to as wonderful as the trip. She felt as if she was weightless, and could feel the setting sun on her face, the soft leather of the seats against her legs.

Solene looked over at Sirius and he was smirking down at her. The wind made his hair even more ridiculous.

“Not so bad?” he leaned over and practically had to scream directly into her ear.

Solene shrugged. She knew he wouldn’t hear her response, and didn’t want him to think she was enjoying herself. Partially because she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her enjoying Muggle rendezvous, partially because she worried that if he knew she was no longer scared, he would release her hand. He still held her tightly, tucking both their hands under his leg as if to keep them warm.

The ride took almost two hours and Sirius never let go. Not even for a minute.



A/N: I suck at updates :( I'm so sorry! I'll really really try to keep them coming. I have later chapters written already. Thanks for putting up with me! Please remember to review! They really motivate me. I love you all.

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