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Beautiful image by laylacitababy @ tda
Ginny Weasley



Lily Potter



I took one glance at Rose’s advent calendar and let out a squeal; three days before Christmas. Tripping through the front door, Rosie on my heels, I screamed.


“People actually have to sit there,” I pointed out to my brother as he chewed off the front of his girlfriend’s face. Not that she seemed to mind.


James pulled away from her for only a moment to mutter ‘shut it’ before sticking his mouth back to hers. I watched in disgust as she bit his top lip and kissed it better.


“Nice,” Rose acknowledged before taking hold of my arm and pulling me in to the kitchen.


Due to James’ pathetic excuse for an attitude at the moment, I had been spending most of my time at Rose’s. I had tried to persuade Wolfy to come too, but she wouldn’t. The moon is tomorrow night, and she hasn’t been the easiest person to deal with – not that James seemed to notice. She didn’t want to ‘inflict herself’ (her words not mine) on to Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron.


This month the run-up to the moon seemed to have affected her more than usual; she wouldn’t speak, and if she did it was curt. Not that she knew she was doing it; if she did I was sure she would be embarrassed – Wolfy was never a handful.


Yesterday she and I were sat on the bottom step of the stairs. I had been telling her about Uncle George’s new product for the family shop when she began to get a nosebleed. I had given her a box of tissues and taken her out of the kitchen.


Evie had wandered doen the stairs and wanted past. After taking the piss out of the blood that was on Charisma’s shirt and putting it down to her clumsiness, she tried to step through the middle of us, the most awkward way of getting past before shrugging and whining.


I had told her to go back upstairs – like the polite young woman that I am - in a vain hope that she would somehow disappear and not come back.


She had settled this by climbing over Chic and stepping on her hand. Wolfy held her fingers to her chest with a light cry and asked why she had done it. I insinuated that Lewis was stupid – which, let’s face it, isn’t hard to figure out – and Wolfy had replied with ‘calling her stupid is an insult to stupid people’.


Despite being, at first a little taken back, I was proud; Charisma may be difficult to be around when it comes to the full moon, but she was most definitely entertaining. James had ruined the moment by turning up, sticking up for Evie, kissing her in front of us and leaving us sat on the stairs.


It was as if he were testing what Charisma’s reaction would be.


Rosie shut the kitchen door behind us and hopped up on to the counter, helping herself to a tea mug and boiling the kettle. This kitchen had recently become the place of secrets – I am honoured to have it here, in my house.


“You’ve been using my house as the escape lately, Lil. I’m not sure if you can do that anymore.”


I narrowed my eyes. “If you leave me here, alone with that bitch, I will murder you.”


“That may be a better fate that what I’m probably going to face,” she said dramatically. I knew that I shoulder ask her wht’s wrong, but I knew she was going to tell me anyway. “Can I stay here, with you and Wolfy, or can we pack up and stay at Auntie Angelina’s?”


“Their power is out again; George did something. They’re all staying with Percy – Freddy ducked out and I think he’s bunking with his friend Dixie.” I told her. “But if you’re willing to stay in that mad-house, you must be in deep shit. Are you willing to go to Uncle Percy’s?”


“No,” she answered quickly. “Lily, I told Dad about Scorpius this morning, just before I came to meet you.”


I waited for a moment, watching as she took the kettle off of the hob and then placed it back again, a slight shake to her movements. I walked over and threw my arms around her. “Ro, you can move in if you’d like.”


She giggled – it’s rare to come across a person who can make the sweet sound without sounding like an airhead. “I may take you up on that offer. He overturned the coffee table and broke the lawnmower.”


I wanted to ask why the coffee table and the lawn mower were in the same place, but I bit my tongue. Uncle Ron hates the Malfoy’s. He has been trying to pin Rose and Scorpius for as long as I can remember. When my first year rolled around and Hugo and I were stood on the platform with our trunks, Ron gave us a speech on how anyone under the name of ‘Malfoy’ shouldn’t be allowed an education.


He’s such a fecking drama queen – I worry to think about what he said to Rose on her first day.


“Can I ask you something?” she questioned, taking a spoon from the drawer and a teabag from the pot by the stove. “What’s up with James?”


“I’ll tell you when I find out,” I said truthfully.


“You mean you don’t know?” she questioned. At my look she carried on, “What about Wolfy? She’s got to know.”


I shrugged and focused my gaze on to the stove. “He’s blanking her the most; it’s really hurting her. She smiles and tried to laugh, but especially with the moon, I think it’s all too much for her.”


“After tomorrow night, we’re taking her away on a girls weekend – we’ll invite Dom and Vic too, she loves Victoire, and that way the parents can’t complain about not having adult supervision.”


“You want to invite Dom?” I questioned. I was hardly sure that they would let us go in the first place, let alone if we took Dommie – her presence would certainly stamp a big ‘NO’ on the case file. Dominique Weasley is worse than I am.


Rosie shrugged. “She’d been fun. Back to the point – where did he go? I think that Freddy said something about seeing him, but you know how secretive they all are.”


“It would make sense if he went to Freddy’s. He won’t tell anyone here. Mum and Dad hit the fucking roof.”


“Why is he such an idiot?”


I jumped on to the counter next to her and shrugged. “Because he’s a boy – one that I refuse to class as my own flesh and blood at this moment. Do you want to go and cheer up Chic? She’s a bit down though, and a little difficult at the moment, I have to pre-warn.”


“I don’t mind,” Rosie dismissed. “I would love to see her.”


I tried to walk back through the living room with my eyes closed, as to avoid seeing the ghastly sight on the sofa, but I walked in to almost everything. Giving in, I climbed the stairs with my eyes open to see a slightly remorseful expression on Rose’s face – I’m guessing she kept her eyes open.


Pushing open the door to my bedroom, I stood like a superhero, half expecting to find her crying once again, covered by a mish-mash of duvets. But she was nowhere to be seen.


“Where is she?” I asked Rose. “She was here an hour ago.”


Rosie shrugged. “I’ve only been here ten minutes. She might have gone for a walk, you know to clear her hea-“


She was cut off by the sound of the toilet flushing in the bathroom next door. Wolfy’s pulled open the bathroom door and stepped out, wearing James’s old dress shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as she stopped in her tracks; a deer caught in head lights.


Her hair was piled on top of her head, the large curls sticking in where they could and her nails were bitten down to the point where they had bled. “Lil-“


“What the fuck?” I asked loudly. “Sort yourself out!”


She rubbed at her nose nervously; it was red and a little swollen. It was obvious that she had, had another nose bleed – something that had been occurring a little too often for my liking this month.


“Lily!” Rose gasped. Despite the obviousness of a nose bleed, she had flushed the evidence down the toilet, I was sure that she’s probably been sick too – but Chic doesn’t want people to worry. Until now, she never gave in to weakness.


I raced back in to my small room and grabbed a bottle green jumper from my chair. “Put this on, we’re going out.”


“Like this?!” Charisma looked down at herself while Rose seemed to do the same.



“Yes, ‘like this’,” I mimicked her voice. “Suck it up, woman! My brother, the massive prick, has escaped again, so we’re taking you out … shopping.”


Rose’s shockingly thin brows furrowed together. “Shopping, you’re going to take her shopping, at a time like this?!”


Charisma pushed her hair back from her face, her pale skin slightly alarming against her flushed cheeks. “Let me find some shoes.”


Leaving the two of them to fumble around in the mess that was my room, I charged down in to the small country conservatory. “Mother!”


By passing the living room and running straight in to a hanging plant pot, I found my mother reading in the basket chair, her legs pulled up to her chest.




“We’re taking Wolfy out for the day, just us girls.” I said with pride. “She’s in a bad place, so for the love of Circe do not mention her appearance.”


As only the best mother could, Mum dropped her book on to the tiled floor and ducked under the over-grown hanging plant and raced to grab a jacket. “James,” she called. “Have you seen my sho – oh shit, sorry, carry on.”


I tried to hide behind my mother in only a fashion that the purest Gryffindor could handle but caught sight of my brother, Evie straddling his lap – very forward behaviour, especially on the family couch.


“We’re burning the sofa, right?” I whispered to Mum.


She told me off for being rude in front of my brother and his guest, but then proceeded to agree with me as we left the room.


Minutes later, after I had helped mother dearest hunt through the shoe cupboard to find her winter boots, Rose pushed Wolfy down the stairs – her jumper surpassed her hands and was pushed up to her elbows. She was wearing knee socks that had already slipped a little and a pair of worn fold-down boots that I knew to be her favourite.


Rose had obviously thrown a make-up selection at our friend to make her complexion a little less startling, but she still looked sick.


It caught James attention as I threw the tissue box at Charisma. I’m not having her bleed over my favourite jumper if she gets another nosebleed. He stared at his best friend for a moment before he was pulled back to the undivided attention of his girlfriend. But that moment of worry was real.


He still cared.


After taking a moment to come to his senses he pushed Evie away from him. “Charisma-“


“I’m fine,” she dismissed, walking over to Mum and accepting the woolly scarf she offered. “Where are we going today?”


Mum took a moment to get over the vulnerable expression on Chic’s face before shaking it off and shrugging. “Hogsmeade.”


“I’m coming too,” James announced protectively, finally seeing Charisma for the first time in possibly what was a long time.


Charisma shook her head. “No thank you; you’ve done enough.”


James’ reaction was almost hurt … almost. It was as if he hadn’t realised that way he had been acting was wrong, and as if everything would be forgotten instantly – like Wolfy would take him back.


She has never stood up to him before like this - that I knew of. Being honest, I admire her for lasting this long. He’s treating her like she isn’t worth anything; I wouldn’t still be here.


I took the floor powder offered to me and shared a look of apprehension with my cousin as I stepped in to the fireplace. 




Charisma Price.



Sucking up my pride, and trying to keep my wits about me, I hugged the jumper to me and wished for tights. My pockets were stuffed with tissues and my wand was shoved roughly in to my boot.


James is an unforgettable person, no matter how much I try, every second thought is about him, every second thought is about his movement, his words or his laugh – his stupid hair.


I held on tighter to Ginny’s arm as we got to the centre of town. I was sure that she had said this town in a moment of panic; Diagon Alley would have been much more suitable; all the shops seem out of place when they’re not full of bustling school children, but I knew for a fact that Ginny loved it here.


“Lily and Rose, why don’t you go look around at clothes.” Ginny suggested.


“We’ll take Charisma then,” Lily said with a smirk. She knew that her mother’s request was a way of saying ‘I want to talk to Charisma alone’.


Ginny sighed. “If I give you twenty galleons will you go?”


“Thirty galleons and not a knut less.” Lily settled for stroppily.


Her mother obliged and got out her purse, Rose accepted it awkwardly. “Thank you Aunt Ginny.”


We watched as they ran down the snow covered lane to a nearby dress shop, one that I was sure where we bought our Halloween costumes from. Ginny wasted no time in pulling me towards The Three Broomsticks.


Pushing open the door, I inhaled the scent of beer and wood – it stung my nose.


Ginny took a seat in a table by the corner, away from the windows and away from the bar. For a while she flirtily toyed with a wizard that was probably twice her age and sat four tables away from us, all, I’m sure, in what was a feat to make me smile.


When our tea’s arrived she handed me a packet of sugar. “Tell me everything.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologised quietly, whining slightly.


“Darling, don’t apologise; it’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to have a teenage gossip – when you pass thirty, married couples tend to stop being so interesting.”


“You and Harry could never be un-interesting.”


She snorted. “I’m not talking about me, if we ever stop being interesting, kill me. I’m talking about the likes of Percy and Aubrey, Bill and Fleur – Circe, their lives are repetitive. However I happened to give birth to a son who finds evil attractive.”


“Did you check for the mark of the devil when he was born?” I asked.


“It wasn’t the first thing that I did no,” she replied with a slight smile. “Charisma, what has he done now?”


I took a sip of my tea and held the warm mug between my hands. “He’s just been a bit off lately.”


“Don’t be nice about it,” she said. “From what I’ve heard from Lily, he’s been awful to you – and don’t get upset at Lily for telling me; she only did what she thought was right ... and would possibly cause a fight.”


I choked a little on my tea as I laughed lightly – my first non-ironic laugh in days. “It’s just that he doesn’t need me anymore, he’s got Evie now.”


“Honestly, you couldn’t be more wrong, Chic.” Ginny tried to calm me down; she placed a light hand on to mine. “He needs you more than he needs me and Harry; he’s just being a sulky teenage boy.”


Attempting to give her a slight convinced smile I nodded, but she could see right through me. “I just miss him, is all.”


“Of course you do; I don’t know what is going on in his mind, but you need to tell him how horrid he’s being.” She told me, stirring her hot tea with a small spoon. “I know that you don’t want to upset him, and that you only want to see him happy, but that girl is driving me insane.”


“Go on,” I said; it was her time to complain. I am sure that she hasn’t had the chance to; Harry wouldn’t want to hear someone speak ill of the guests they had in the house.


She dropped the spoon in to her tea and looked at me in despair. “I keep walking in on them; I mean, they could at least be a little more discreet. It’s like he doesn’t even like kissing her; he doesn’t smile, he doesn’t laugh – I can’t tell you what it’s like to kiss the one that you love, but it certainly doesn’t leave you with an expression like his. I’ve heard the way that she speaks to you, it’s horrid. But it upsets me more to know that he lets her do it. And don’t think that we missed that argument between her, Lily and Teddy.”


“He deserves so much better.” I said quietly.


Ginny drank a little more of her tea. “You deserve so much better.”


For a while we sat there in complete silence, the only sound was the people around us and as we placed our mugs back on to the table. It was at that moment when I admitted something, something that I was yet to tell myself.


“I think I’m falling in love with him.”



An; Duh, Duh, Duh … what do you all think? How will Ginny react? Good? Bad? Ugly?

So, totally off topic, but I’m just totally wondering and incredibly curious. How do you all imagine Charisma, like if you could give her a make over – taller, shorter, different hair, different style? Or how you imagine her now, is it different to how I’ve described or the same, cause I imagine her a little different to how I originally wrote. She just grew as a character in my head.

There will be a quick update as I’m desperate to show you what happens next, so, here’s a little preview. (They seem to get such a rise). XD

She sobbed. “HELP ME PLEASE!” her eyes were not black, but her usual shocking shade of blue.

That wasn’t the wolf. That was Charisma.

I ran to her, taking her hands. “Charisma, I’m here, love it’s alright, I’m here. I love you, I do love you.”

Then it came again, the laughter, the sound only fit for horror movies, only suitable for people who have no heart. For I had a heart, and it had broken.

Yes, that’s right. You finally get to see what happens on the full moon. So it's your last chances to get your say in what happens. XD

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