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A/N: So this is chappie three! Apart from funny moments, I guess it goes a little serious from here on.

The Marauders, everyone, are coming soon! So stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who reviews, you guys rock! And I'd like to thank my beta Mrs J Potter who rocks too! (You dooo!)

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to J.K!

Claimer: My OC's!


The fabulous chapter image is by .MementoMori @ TDA! Absolutely love it!

Since we had no idea where we were going, we discreetly tried to follow students, which led us to parts of the castle we had never been to before, resulting in us getting lost. Deciding to ditch the idea of following the students, we tried to find our own way, which again resulted in us being even more lost.

“Great,” I huffed, leaning against a wall, “I can't remember where the Great Hall is.” 

“And since my phone doesn't work, I don't know the time, but I'm guessing it's around five.” Dom muttered, looking out a window where the sun was slowly setting. 

“Dinner has probably already started.” I sighed, “And we're going to miss it.” 

At that moment a boy came striding around the corner. He was a Ravenclaw, and he was decent looking, he looked to around our age, his chestnut brown hair was careless and had slight curls, he was strong build and it made me wonder if he were on the Quidditch team. As soon his honey brown eyes landed on us, a smirk ran across his mouth. 

“So you must be the two strangely dressed girls everyone is talking about.” 

Now I definitely wished we had put on our robes, “Um, yeah and we're kind of lost.” 

“Temporarily misplaced actually, but we want to eat.” Dom added, “Ya know, with everyone down in the Great Hall. Think you could help us out dude?”

“Sure, follow me.” The boy said smiling. 

Finally some progress! 

“By the way my name is Sophie Adams.” I introduced kindly, while walking beside him.

“And I'm Dominique Austin.” Dom introduced also. 

“Matthew Corner, nice to meet you both.” 

He continued to lead us and I tried to take in all my surroundings, just in case we had to take ourselves back to our room. 

“He's pretty hot,” Dom whispered to me, “I wonder if there's going to be anymore hotties?” 

“I'm sure there will be.” I whispered back, giggling. 

“So how old are you two?” 

“We're sixteen, I'm the oldest by like three months.” I replied, Dom let out a 'humph' while folding her arms. I poked my tongue out at her. 

“So, where are you two from? You're not from Great Britain..” Matthew asked, “Hogwarts hasn't accepted anyone outside of Great Britain before.” 

“We're from Melbourne, Australia, and if they haven't accepted anyone outside of Great Britain before, then I guess Yomee and I are special.” Dom said. “Which is totally 'effing awesome isn't it yo!” 

I clapped my hands, “It so is! Even though we haven't got any sort of magical ablities.” 

Matthew raised an eyebrow, “So you're both Muggles, strange...” 

“I agree, but we can see past the Muggle repelling charms, and we're in a fictional world so that's weird too.” Dom said shrugging. My eyes widened and I elbowed Dom in the side, she bit her lip, as if just she just realized what she had blurted, luckily, Matthew didn't seem to notice. 

“You both have an odd way of talking,” Matthew said, “but, I think it's rather refreshing.” 

“Hmm, yeah...” Dom trailed on awkwardly. 

Turning around the last corner, we desended the stairs leading to the the entrance hall, and finally reaching big wooden doors leading into the Great Hall. 

“Well girls, this is it.” Matthew said. 

Dom and I clapped happily in excitement. The doors opened magically to reveal happy chattering students and the delicious aroma of food, I was about to follow Matthew in, when Dom grabbed my arm and dragged me aside, Matthew just went in without us. 

“Wait, Yo, I'm really nervous ay.” Dom whispered. 

“I am too, but we'll be ok,” I assured, “Dumbledore and McGonagall will look out for us.” 

Dom took a deep breath, “You're right, plus I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff! Aww man I'm so glad we can make Harry Potter references and actually have people get them.” 

I laughed and took her hand, “Me too, let's go.” 

Peeking past the door, we marveled at the floating candles and the magical ceiling that looked like the night sky, it was beauitful. Voices filled our ears as masses of students happily ate their meals and chatted. I had always wished I could be here and now it was finally happening. Before we even stood out from behind the door, Dumbledore's voice boomed through our ears. 

“Come in girls!” 

I looked at Dom, with shock, was he talking to us? 

“Go, yo!” Dom hissed, pushing me out into the open. 

"What!? No!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her beside me, "You go first!" 

"Ladies first!" Dom pushed me a little ahead of her. 

I stood there awkwardly, as students stares bore into us. We had made a great first impression. 

Dumbledore was smiling from his seat at the staff table outlooking the Great Hall, McGonagall was looking appalled beside him, I guess because we broke her rule by leaving our confinements. 

“Erm...are we allowed to join?” I asked nervously, my voice echoing throughout the now silent Great Hall. 

Dumbledore nodded, “Of course, come in girls, take a seat at whatever table you wish.” 

I beamed up at Dom, who was smiling too, and linking arms we walked in. A few whispers swirled around us and I did everything possible to stop the laughter that was threatening my lips. Dom and I loved awkward situations like this. 

“OMG, Soph, this is like the coolest thing ever!” Dom squeaked in excitement. 

“I know! Who knew we'd be walking in to have dinner in Hogwarts' Great Hall?!” I said, my voice trill. 

I looked around wondering where to sit, when Matthew stood to his feet. 

“Come sit with me!” he said, waving us over. 

“No, they will be sitting with us!” a familiar voice said, I looked over to see Kelly also standing and waving us over. 

Soon whispers grew louder and I looked at Dom worriedly. 

“I guess we should go sit at the Ravenclaw table,” she murmured, “but I really wanted to sit at the Slytherin table...there's something about it...” 

My eyes flickered around, and landed on the Gryffindor table, and looking at it longingly, I sighed and soon was taking a seat at the Ravenclaw table beside Kelly and her friends, soon Matthew and his mates joined our side too. 

“Who are they?” I heard people ask over and over. 

“I don't know, but they're freaks, just look at them.” 

“I don't know, they kind of look different, but in a trippy way...” 

“They are just trying to get attention...” 

“Make love not war, pfft, they're into the hippie style...” 

“Doesn't look hippie to me.” 

I looked at Dom, who was serving herself a plate and smiling I decided to ignore the whispering and serve myself something to eat also, we were eating happily and talking to Kelly and Matthew. 

“So, those things on your nose and lip, is that an earring?” Matthew asked, “Strange place to wear them.” 

I nodded, “Yeah it is, and where we come from they aren't.” 

“We have others too, look!” 

Dom beckoned me up and lifting our tops, we showed them our bellybutton piercing's, everyone gaped in awe. 

“Cool, huh, I chose a butterfly because they are light and pretty, and Dom chose the scorpion because-” 

“They are quick and deadly.” she finished, we sat back down. 

“Dom also has another piercing, but … where that is, is another story.” 

Dom looked at me mouth open in shock, I laughed when everyone's face looked disturbed. 

“Yomee!” Dom cried, “You suck!” 

I laughed, “Just kidding Yo!” 

Dom shook her head smiling, “So Matthew, can I like, look at your wand?” 

I looked at Matthew hopefully, he looked confused for a moment before taking out his wand and holding it up for us to see. 

“Wow! What I would do to get one of those.” I murmured in awe. 

Matthew laughed and held it out to me, “Here, give it a swish.” 

“Really?” I took hold of the lightweight beauitfully carved wand, and rolling it around in my fingers, I gripped it and pointed to my goblet, and with a swish and flick I said. “Wingardiam Leviosa!” 

Nothing big happened, but I swore my goblet vibrated, but I brushed it off as being way to hopeful that something would happen 

"Didn't you say you were Muggle? How'd you know that spell?” Matthew asked, as I handed his wand back. 

I shrugged, “Heard some student saying it when I got here...” I lied. 

One of Matthew's friends named Christy Saunders began asking questions after that, and by the sound of her voice, I knew she immediately disliked us. 

“So, where are you two from?” 

“Australia.” Dom and I answered both at the same time. 

“I see, and you're not in a house at all?” 

“Not yet.” Dom replied, scooping some chicken into her mouth. 

“Actually, we don't have any magical powers...” I said truthfully, pulling a slightly disgusted face at the pitcher of pumpkin juice in front of me, “...maybe I'll just have water." 

Christy pulled a face, “Well, if you can see Hogwarts, then that must make you two Squibs, right?” 

I looked over at Dom who rolled her eyes, “We're not Muggle-born, and we're not Squibs, we're just here, and we can see past the anti Muggle charms, ok?” 

“Come on Christy don't call them Squibs, that's not right.” Matthew said, “They're probably tired of the same questions being asked, just let them eat.” 

However, Christy didn't stop, “But Hogwarts doesn't even allow Squibs, apart from the Caretaker, to be here, only those who possess magical talents.” 

“Well, if they see past the anti barriers, then they obviously do possess something...” Kelly said, everyone nodded in agreement. 

“But,” Christy continued, “it is said that Squibs can sense magic.” 

So ok, I was becoming pissed at this Christy girl, who did she think she was dissing Squibs and being this stupid know-it-all, anyway!

“But, we don't have any magical history in our family.” Dom said, her face was looking flushed, and her eyes had darkened, that meant she was getting pissed too, and when she got pissed, oh man...

“You must have though, your ancestors perhaps?” Christy pressed, “Squibs are not expected, nor accepted...sad really.” 

Ouch. Stupid seventies bitch! I saw my plate move, did it just vibrate again

“That's it, seriously, if you don't shut up I'm gonna kick your ass!” Dom said threatingly, she held onto her fork with so much force, she could probably bend it. “Whats wrong with being a Squib or a Muggleborn? At least you can brag about being related or in a family of wizards and witches, instead of having no magic or magical relatives at all.” 

“Dom, calm down, we shouldn't make a scene.” I placed a hand on her shoulder, and looked up to see Dumbledore and McGonagall watching us intensely, I gave them a small smile and went back to Christy. “Let's just eat in peace.” 

“Just face it, you're both Squibs.” 

The table shook, as Dom jumped to her feet, I stood too, everyone began gasping, and I noticed why, the candles were flickering. 

“Right that's it!” 

“D-Dom cal-” 

“WE'RE NOT SQUIBS!” Dom bellowed, “And even if we were why is that so bad?! Where we come from just being a Squib or Muggle-born is a hell of a lot more cooler than what we really are! I don't understand why you people are so prejudice to others just because they're a little bit different! My whole life I've had to deal with that and I'm SICK of it!” 

Right as she said that, everyone's goblet on the Ravenclaw table exploded into a million pieces, students screamed with fright. I stared in shock … what just happened? 

“SILENCE!” Dumbledore boomed from the podium. Everyone fell silent, I panicked when McGonagall came rushing towards us. 

“Girls, to your room now! You're in big trouble!” 

“Did I just do that?” Dom said in disbelief, as we were hurried out of the Great Hall. “OMG! I'm magic! Sophie we're tots magic!”

I was excited, but I hadn't done anything to see if I was. “Wait, let me see if it's true!” I turned back, “Lend me your wand!” 

A confused boy quickly gave me his wand, and pointing it at the broken glasses, I yelled. “Reparo!” 

A ball of light flew out of the wand, and to my shock and amazement, about half a dozen of the goblets repaired themselves. So I wasn't imagining my plate or goblet vibrating! I squealed in delight, and Dom hugged me jumping with joy. 

The confused and surprised students watched, as an angry McGonagall dragged us away. 

We were practically dragged until we were both again, sitting in Dumbledore's office, where Dumbledore soon met us. He sat at his desk deep in thought, Professor McGonagall was standing behind him, she seemed unbothered at Dumbledore being like this, he probably did it a lot. We sat in an awkward silence for a while, Dom and I kept exchanging looks, some worried, some with us trying not to laugh, some looks included shrugs, but finally after a couple of minutes Dumbledore's eyes flickered to us. 

“Minerva, leave us please.”

Professor McGonagall hesitated, it looked as though she wanted to stay in the loop, did she actually want to watch out for us? She opened her mouth, but then quickly closed it and without arguing she made her way to the door. 

“Cya Professor Mc-to-the-G.” I said in a rap-song voice, Dom laughed. 

McGonagall gave us her famous not-very-impressed stare, but I saw the corner's of her mouth twitch, when she left, we turned back to Dumbledore. 

“We are totally magic.” Dom said happily, “So whats going down now Professor D?” 

“Do we get to join classes?!” I asked, jumping up and down excitedly in my seat. 

“This is serious girls.” Dumbledore said, his voice held something in which made Dom and I both freeze in our seats, I felt a chill go down my spine. 

“We-we know Prof-” 

“Then stop acting like it's all a big game to you and face the real situation.” Dumbledore said cutting Dom off, holding the same tone in his voice. My eyes flickered over to Dom who had sunk back in her seat in fear. 

“Professor, we're sorry...” I murmured, trying to swollow the lump in my throat, being told off by Dumbledore somehow hurt more than it should. 

“This is not all fun and games girls,” Dumbledore continued, the tone had died down to its normal softness, “you're in the wizarding world now, it is nothing like the Muggle world. Magic you should know, is just as dangerous as it is exciting … in the hands of the wrong person and it can do serious damage.” 

“We understand...” Dom whispered. 

“Do you really?” Dumbledore asked, rehtorically. He stood to his feet and made his way over to vial cabinet, where all his memories were stored safely inside. I realised that beside it was exactly where his Peniseve was kept, hidden behind a wall. We were going to become one of Dumbledore's important memories? This must be serious. 

“For now I think it would be better to include you into Hogwarts' school life.” Dumbledore said, “To prevent any suspicion arising from the Ministry.” 

I felt my face light up and looking at Dom, she was now sitting at the end of her chair her face excited. 

“Just try and ignore prejudice comments...” Dumbledore looked at Dom, who blushed. “We don't want parents sending me owl's about their children being in danger.” 

“Sorry, I don't know what came over me, I'll try to control my anger...” Dom replied. 

“Right we now need to organise your school supplies.” Dumbledore said nodding to himself. 

“But how are we to pay for all our books? Unless Diagon Alley accepts credit card.” I said with a shrug. 

“Hogwarts will provide for your books, wands and other school necessities.” 

Turning back to us, Dumbledore gave a soft smile, “I do not expect you girl's to change a hair on your head, just be more aware that this is a different century - as I've already warned you, however I do not expect you not to have fun.” 

I nodded smiling brightly, “We'll be extra careful.” 

“So who's going to come with us to get all our supplies?” Dom asked. 

“Hagrid?” I asked hopefully. 

“I will organize something, however yes, Hagrid will probably be the best choice.” 

“Sweet!” Dom and I said in unison. 

“Put on your robes and meet back here in ten minutes, my password is Butterscotch.” 

Nodding we left to get ready. As we exited, Professor McGonagall was waiting paitently, she smiled at us and we followed her discussing how exciting this was back to our room behind the trophy case. 

A/N: There you have it, chappie three! I hoped you liked it! More coming asap!
XOXO WildFlower!

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