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The shower was still running. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. It was taunting me and I knew that I couldn't hold out for much longer. Come away with us, the rivulets of water whispered as they washed down the walls. Wash away with us, they cried sinfully and the temptation was too great.

Let us wash away your sins, they purred. Let us make you whole, they bargained. I stepped in the shower and instantly the guilt inside of my body quelled. As the tiny droplets hit my skin, I felt every thought eek out of me as if they were a stain on a shirt. I heard the water’s squeals of delight as it realized I had finally joined them once again. The droplets began to caress my skin in hopes that I would never leave.

Before the shower, the guilt radiated throughout my entire body. The match was lit in my heart and the fire spread to the edges of my fingers, the tips of my toes and jagged ends of my hair. What I felt was so beyond guilt, so beyond any emotion that my body, my mind, shut down. I barely moved. I barely slept. I barely ate. I barely lived. Until, one day, the shower turned on. As if by magic water started pouring and with it my salvation. The shower, the delicious droplets of water, promised something everyone else could not. They promised me freedom. They promised a chance to forget, to be forgiven and to never have to feel the Guilt again.

The seduction I feel opens my mind and as I stand there in that stream of water, I become awake. Someone without guilt. The waters become a stream of consciousness and I fall prey the wonders of a life without guilt.

Forget him, they urge. Forget her, they urge. And I do. My body collapses in the shower and a sharp, shooting pain enters my nervous system. It reminds me of my guilt before the droplets begin to sing me lullabies that speak of sirens and the sea and I go down a hole that my guilt cannot follow.

By the time I wake up, the shower is off. My magic is spent and my guilt returns. There are no more soothing whispers, no more peace, no more me.

They entered my flat without my permission and found me lying comfortably in the shower. They look happy to see me, I see their own guilt lying beneath the surface. I wonder if the droplets call to them as well. But even if they did, they would be able to resist them because they have each other and I don't have them anymore.

They leave after a bit and my heart begins to speed up. My magic is back. The shower is on. I wasn't good enough for her or for him or me, but the droplets don't care. They just want to be wanted.

Let us wash away your sins, they beg and I let them.

AN:: I don't even know what this is. Grammatically, it's horrible. Tense, anyone? Lengthwise, it's the shortest thing I've ever written. But other than all of it's flaws, I think this is rather wonderful. It may not make much sense, but it brought me a sense of peace. So, I tip my hat off to you, Shelby, I may call you that, this was a wonderful challenge! (Challenge: I got a word (Guilt) and I had write non-stop with no edits)

Disclaimer:I own not the universe. That belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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