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*I do not own ANYTHING except for my own made up characters and the plot. Anything you recognize is property of J.K. Rowling. Lyra Virxinia Malfoy and Ashlynn Lestrange for example, are my own characters that i have made for this story.*
(Chapter Image by weasleys_rule @ TDA)
                                                                    Catch a falling star,
                                                                and put it in your pocket,
                                                                 Never let it fade away...*

Lyra Virxinia Malfoy. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I was born on December 27, 1982 in St. Mungo's hospital, around four am. I was brought into this world (against my will of course) a bit more than 2 years after my older brother Draco.

My mother, Narcissa named me after a constellation. That was to be expected; it was a tradition held in the Black family, and being the dutiful pureblood wife she is, she wouldn't dare break her family's customs. My father, Lucius gave me my middle name, Virxinia, which means pure in Latin. He chose this name for me to show the Wizarding World of our family's blood status; that the Malfoy family was untainted by blood traitors and mudbloods.

When it comes to appearance, I look just like my mother. We both have long, blonde hair, extremely pale skin, and delicate facial features. The only trait that makes me different from my mother, are my eyes, which are grey like my father's.  

I know that my parents wanted another heir. I'm sure of it. Or at least Lucius did anyway. When he found out my mother was pregnant with me, he had hoped I would be another heir to the Malfoy name. When I was born, I know that Lucius had  reassured my mother that it was fine that I had not turned out to be a son. In my opinion, that was a complete lie.

In the first year of my life, Lucius never paid much attention to me, preferring to spend time with Draco. This left Narcissa to take care of me most of the time. Throughout those year, my mother and I created a strong bond.

It wasn't until I was 4 years old, that father began to interact with me, teaching me about the importance of pureblood supremacy and blood purity.

By age 9, I was speaking fluently in many languages, and tried to please my parents at any given oppurtunity. I knew I was a pureblood, and relished in the fact I was above anyone who was not of my blood status. I'll admit it; I am vain. I love wearing fancy dresses and having my hair done up to perfection. Since my family is one of the wealthiest and most ancient names in the Wizarding World, I grew up living a luxurious lifestyle, and got the best clothing and jewellery a Pureblood girl could wish for. 

That year, on August 27, 1991, Draco recieved his acceptance letter to hogwarts, and left home soon afterwards, leaving me on my own with my parents. I remember being extremely jealous that he got to go to school, and mad that he left me alone with nobody to play with. I wasn't used to being the "only child" at first. It wasn't like I got any more attention. (Unless you count more negativity from my father AS MORE ).

I continued my life as usual, studying with private tutors and attending fancy dinner parties with my parents. I spent lots of time with my friends and cousin, Ashlynn Lestrange. She would always try to get me in trouble; she was like the sister I never had.

But during the time that Draco was at Hogwarts, father became even more unpleasant towards me. He wouldn't talk to me or acknowledge my prescence unless he had something to critiscize. He would yell at me if I did anything wrong, and if I resisted and refused to follow his orders, he would threaten and scare me into doing whatever it is he wanted.

My mother didn't do much when Lucius did these things to me. Narcissa didn't want a conflic to occur between herself and her husband, so she just went along with what Lucius said, whether she agreed with it or not. But I knew she still loved me.

I was always happy when my brother came home from school for the holidays. I loved how when Draco returned, everything was back to normal, and father stopped paying attention to me. When I was a small girl, I used to long for my father's attention. But I was glad to fade into the background of my father's mind. 

When I finally recieved my Hogwarts letter, I was so excited. I was relieved at the prospect of being away from my father and go to school with Draco at last. 

Finally, I knew I could escape all the problems I had at home. The nagging, the constant abuse, critiscism, frustration - all that would be gone while I attended Hogwarts for the next 7 years.

Well, that's what I thought - at the time. I imagined my school years to be successful and happy and without unnecessary drama.  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. But then again, what eleven year old knows exactly what will happen to them in the future?

Unitl it happens of course.

And this is where my story begins.

- - 
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The lyrics in bold at the beginning of this story are from the song "Catch a Falling Star" by Perry Como.

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