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OOOK everyone :D here is the sequel to the End of Illusions!!

It will be Angsty, Romantic, Family, Smutty, Action and Dark with surprises and further display of Harmony. The Story is taking place ten years after the End Of Illusions and almost 4 months after its epilogue.

The rating will change in THE NEXT CHAPTER!! IT WILL BE M!

Full Summary: The Sequel of my story "Harry Potter and the End of Illusions".

Ten years after peace and happiness for Harry and Hermione Potter a new threat strikes to send the Potters and their friends along with the European Wizarding Communities in chaos. How "new" this threat is and what hides behind it? Who is the one who seeks desperate revenge after a decade of peace? How Harry and Hermione Potter will save their world once more with no severe losses like in the first two wars? What their Ultimate Love has to do with all the danger they're in again?

Sooo please read and review my work :) End of Illusions was my masterpiece but this is a new chalenge for me and I'm enjoying every single moment of writing the fic.

Huge thanks to my new beta Harry's My Boy's for her great help :)



- Hermione Potter's Birthday –

Harry Potter, age twenty eight was grinning madly as he made his wife's breakfast, a tradition they had had for the past ten years. Hermione's birthdays always started with Harry bringing her breakfast in the bed. Only in his boxers, Harry was sure his children wouldn't wake up till a few more good hours later. He finished Hermione's breakfast half-naked and sneaked in the backyard to cut a red rose for his beautiful wife. He made sure nobody saw the respectful Auror Potter in his black boxers with a snitch on the left side sneaking around in a garden and then moved back inside the kitchen. He slithered up the stairs with the tray of breakfast for two in his hands and entered the master bedroom in silence. He left the tray on the bedside table and climbed on the bed, he kneeled next to his wife and started nuzzling her neck softly, kissing and licking it. He hoped he and Hermione would repeat the previous night's activities since they had time while their three children were still asleep.

Hermione responded after awhile and started kissing his cheek sleepily. Harry moved further and started caressing Hermione's body the best he could as his lips kept playing on Hermione's neck. Hermione moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around her husband. She took his face in her hands and captured his lips with hers in a loving passionate kiss.

Happy Birthday, beautiful. Harry sent through the Bond and Hermione smiled against his lips. Their bond allowed the two to feel all the love and the memories of the previous night's activities.

Thank you, love. She responded through their connection, and Harry broke the kiss and winked at her as he brought the tray between them. Hermione looked at him surprised but smiled at Harry and moved closer for another kiss.

You really shouldn't, love. Hermione sent. Harry smiled and caressed her back with both his hands.

Of course I should. It's our tradition and I love you. Harry sent and Hermione smiled at him.

'I love you too, baby.' Hermione said out loud and Harry grinned and offered to feed her cereal, Hermione grinned and opened her mouth to the small spoon Harry had in front of her, she took the bite and let the spoon slip from her lips slowly with her eyes pinned on her husband. Harry looked at her with mischief in his eyes, he knew what she wanted, he wanted the same. He kept feeding her and she kept teasing him, letting small drops of milk run down her jaw. Harry tried to fight the urge to grip and shag her but not for long as he finally stopped feeding her and moved the tray aside. Hermione grinned and let herself fall on her pillows, Harry moved above her and started kissing and licking the skin of her neck. He started moving down but a loud crack was heard and then Kreacher's footsteps came running up the stairs. Harry groaned as both he and Hermione stopped their love game and sat up on the bed waiting for the elf.

Kreacher opened the door and made a bow to both his masters. 'Master Harry, Mistress Hermione, the Weasley mother has arrived.' Kreacher said and Harry and Hermione looked at each other disappointed. They had forgotten that Molly, Luna and Fleur Weasley would come to help them set up a birthday party for Hermione's special day.

'Make our guest feel comfortable, Kreacher. We'll be downstairs shortly.' Hermione said and the elf made another bow and left with a pop. Hermione smiled sympathetically at her husband and moved to stand up but Harry took her hand to hold her back. Hermione looked at him wonderingly but grinned when she saw her husband taking a velvet box out of the top drawer of his bedside table. He opened the box in front of her. There was a beautiful platinum bracelet inside and it had five charms around it: a heart, a wand, a cauldron, two intertwined H's and a cat. Hermione smiled sweetly at her husband and threw her arms around him.

'I can't believe you actually bought it,' Hermione said as this exact bracelet was one of the most expensive Hermione had seen and adored in a jewelry shop in Venice, where she and Harry had spent a glorious weekend two months before to celebrate their seventh anniversary.

'Of course I did, it's the least I could do for you, baby.' Harry said and Hermione smiled at him as a tear ran down her cheek.

'Now, now, I don't want to see my beautiful wife in tears. I can throw it away anytime if it makes you cry.' Harry joked and Hermione chuckled, wiping her tears from her eyes.

'If you want a slow, painful death, go ahead and toss it.' Hermione said jokingly as she held up her arm so Harry could put it around her wrist. It matched wonderfully and Hermione smiled as she moved her hand, making the charms jingle.

The couple moved down to the living room after a few minutes. Molly Weasley stood up and smiled at the two before she hugged Hermione tightly and wished her the best for the day. Harry followed in Molly's hug and the three sat down and talked about what the day would bring. After a while, Luna and Fleur Weasley flooed into Number 12 Grimauld Place, and they greeted the Potters as well.

'Ron will be coming by later, he is in the shop with George getting some fireworks ready for the party.' Luna said and Hermione gave a suspicious glare at Harry. He just smiled and blocked Hermione immediately with their bond as his wife mentally reached to see what the two Weasley brothers were up to.

Hermione didn't have more time to try to break through Harry's shield because their children came running down the stairs and threw themselves into their mother's arms.

'Mummy! Hoppy buwthday!' Lilly exclaimed and gave her mother a loving kiss on her cheek.

'Buwthday Mama!' James said giggling and placed a kiss on her other cheek. Both Lilly and James were holding drawings in their hands and gave them to their mom with huge grins dominating their faces. Hermione took the drawings and smiled as she looked at them. James' drawing was one of his parents hugged under a funny looking tree and a smiling sun. Hermione smiled at her son and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Lilly's drawing was showing Hermione, Harry, herself, James, and little Jane but the fact that made Hermione surprised was that her drawing was showing her with a large round belly. Lilly giggled at her mom's quizzical gaze and spoke.

'My birthday is soon and I want another baby sister as a gift, mummy.' Lilly said and both Fleur and Molly beamed at the little one with "awwws" escaping their lips. Hermione grinned and glanced at Harry who was grinning back at his wife and children.

'That's a nice idea of a gift, honey, mummy and daddy will think about it.' Hermione said and both Lilly and James hugged their mom as she straightened her body and pulled both of her eldest children into a hug. Harry moved closer and hugged Lilly so Hermione could move back in the couch with him. The children greeted Luna, Molly and Fleur, and after a quick breakfast they all stood up and decided to start the preparations. Molly and Fleur walked (or in Fleur's case glided) into the kitchen to start cooking while Hermione and Luna were casting cleaning and decorating spells in the neat house. Harry helped Lilly and James dress and bathed little Jane when she awoke. He went downstairs with his children and let James and Lilly play in the backyard. He handed Jane to Hermione when he found her with the rest of the women in the kitchen.

'Let Molly cook, baby, you can do the rest…' Harry murmured into Hermione's ear after a small peck and he handed their seven-month-old daughter to his wife. Hermione pinched his ribs, and he frowned playfully and bit her earlobe gently.

'I'm not a bad cook anymore, Mr. Potter…' Hermione retorted and Harry nodded mockingly; he loved teasing her.

'Will you be late?' Hermione asked and Harry shook his head.

'I will be back as soon as possible, I will just check if everything is fine in the office and then I will be back. Stay here with the ladies and I'll bring Ron with me.' Harry said and Hermione nodded. Harry hadn't managed to take the day off. The Aurors' Department's head William Lindon didn't allow both Hermione and Harry being away from the office for a day so Harry had to go to work, even for a while, sometimes he hoped he could be the head of the department just to have a little more time with Hermione and their children.

'OK,' Hermione said and gave him a smile and a kiss on the lips. 'If anything happens in the case, please do tell me, OK?' Hermione asked and Harry nodded and kissed her lips, lingering on her soft skin for a moment longer. He smiled at her again and left after saying his goodbyes for now to the Weasley women. He moved to his and Hermione's bedroom and got ready in a few minutes. When he made sure everything was done, he flooed to the Ministry of Magic's atrium. Many people were around and rushing in random directions. Some of them stopped him and wished the best for his wife's birthday. Harry thanked everyone politely and moved to the lifts to be faced with even more wishes for Hermione. Harry knew many people even tried to pass his and Hermione's birthdays as official holidays in the magical community, just as the second of May was already. If Harry wanted to be true to himself, he would be OK with that since he and his family could escape in small trips of a day or just stay at home and relax.

He left the lift with these thoughts soothing the fact that he was stuck walking in the Ministry corridors on September 19 and entered his and Hermione's office. There, he found many magical cards on Hermione's desk, some singing Happy Birthday, others bursting colorful confetti and still more transforming from folders to smiles who spoke with the voices of their senders, wishing her the best for the day. Harry smiled and collected all the cards and letters in his cloak's pocket, making a mental note not to forget to give them to Hermione when he got back home.

He looked at his desk and frowned as he found nothing. He hoped he would find something regarding the case he, Hermione and their team were working on for the last few months. He hoped to find something about the dark activity that had been noticed in the Balkan countries in the summer. As an experienced Auror, Harry knew that a lot of Dark Magic was in these countries for entire decades if not for centuries, and the presence of new dark activities in countries like Greece, Albania and Bulgaria worried his department greatly. At least the Aurors recognized the threat of it. As the Head of the department, Lindon acted as though everything was alright, copying the ways of Minister Anderson himself. Harry felt his blood boiling at the thought.

Kingsley Shacklebolt became Minister of Magic in 1998 but the changes he started soon displeased people in and out of the ministry, and his period lasted only four years. Taking the Dementors from Azkaban, accepting races, such as the centaurs and the werewolves, as parts of the community and giving them well worthy advantages other ministries had refused to give, made few but powerful people dislike him and his methods. So when the next elections took place, Clive Anderson became Minister of Magic in spite of many people's murmurs of cheating in the election and being supported by powerful families of Europe. Kingsley Shacklebolt didn't manage to change the status of European establishment to something more creative but remained active in the Ministry, even if the position of the Head of the Aurors' Department was refused to him, he remained as an office Auror, helping the Potters with information under the desk for cases the ministry didn't want to take too far.

The Wizarding Community in Europe, and especially in Britain was tired after the Wars and wasn't ready for another one. The ways of the Ministry kept everyone in mute mode and pretending that everything was fine in a way that satisfied the people and kept them in a fake, yet fragile, bubble of security. Balls and celebrations, along with speeches by the minister, calmed the people down and made them sure of their security. Harry and Hermione many times were blamed as overreacting and overanalyzing freaks by the ministry or the Prophet -which was once again the minister's main mouthpiece. It kept claiming they were still haunted by the second War or that they wanted more fame. Harry also knew that some people in the ministry believed that he wanted to be the next minister. Harry snorted at the thought.

The Ministry was corrupt; he wasn't sure how corrupted it was, but he was certain of one thing and that made him smile. No matter what, Anderson would never kick him and Hermione from the ministry. They were still dear beloved to the Wizarding World. They weren't only heroes anymore; they were symbols. Harry knew such an action as his and Hermione's expulsion from their duties would cause great displeasure of the wizard kind around Britain and that was something Anderson didn't want. That same fact made the relations between Anderson and the Potters being in the edge for years now. Harry always hoped something great would come up and people could see the true minister and his malicious ways.

All Harry's thoughts were interrupted when the door of his office opened slowly. Harry turned around to look who it was, since the wards of the door allowed only a limited amount of people to enter for security. Harry gave a small smile as a tall man, slightly taller than Harry, entered the room and closed the door behind him. Grey eyes mixed with green, and the two men shook hands politely.

"Wishing the best for Bookie," Draco Malfoy said and smiled at Harry, who nodded and smiled back at the nickname. Hermione and Draco had forgiven each other's tortures in school time, but the nicknames remained…

'Thanks. You'll be able to wish her tonight in person, your mother-in-law and your sisters-in-law are already in my house…' Harry said and Draco smiled.

'Which sisters-in-law? They're so many…' Draco said with a smirk, referring the Weasley family's amount of members.

'The French and the Lunatic,' Harry responded, playing the game of the nicknames. Draco nodded but stopped smiling as he looked back at Harry. 'And I guess you're not here just to wish for Hermione.' Harry said and Draco this time looked around him and cast a silencing spell on the office's door.

'No, I'm not. Look, there are whispers in the Department of Mysteries about movements of objects. I can't say a lot but I feel Anderson's eyes on my back all the time, and I'm certain my colleagues keep things from me, knowing my friendship with you and Hermione, but a few of those things I have managed to learn have to do with your and Hermione's case in the Balkan countries.' Draco said. Harry frowned; he hadn't thought of the Department of Mysteries' contests complicating the Balkan Case, but he knew now that things would get worst. The last time a civilian wanted something from the Department of Mysteries had caused death and had made his life turn upside down after the revelation of the prophesy in his name.

'Can you learn more about it? Kingsley is trying to find more but Anderson himself is probably blocking the information.' Harry said, and Draco shook his head.

'The charms that bound me as an Unspeakable can kill me if I say too much, and you know it. I'm trying; I even thought of quitting but the charms will erase the things I know the moment I release my magical contact.' Draco said, and Harry nodded. The two men didn't have more time to speak as the door opened with force and Minister Anderson showed up with a fake smile on his face. Draco was with his back on the door and rolled his eyes but took a casual look and turned around.

'Potter, Malfoy…' the Minister said, and both Harry and Draco made a small bow to him. They straightened up and Harry noticed Anderson's eyes scanning him, Draco, and the office as he looked for evidence of treason.

'Minister Anderson, to what do I owe this pleasure?' Harry asked, and the Minister moved inside the office and finally looked at Harry.. He seemed to be thinking of a good enough excuse of why he had entered the office like that, interrupting Draco and Harry if not spying on them. After a few seconds the same fake smile moved back on his face.

'But of course to wish happy birthday to your wife, Potter. I know she has the day off but I wanted to wish to her so I'm sure you will pass my best wishes.' Anderson said and Harry cursed mentally for all the lies his ears were filled with that moment. Harry wore the same fake smile and thanked the Minister. Anderson looked at Draco this time with a frown on his face.

'Malfoy, your department is floors beneath this… what are you doing here?' Anderson asked and Draco gave a smile, fake as the one he was receiving from the older blonde man.

'Well, Minister, Potter's son is my and my wife's godchild, so I wanted to wish happy birthday to my friend and maid of honor in my wedding. I had forgotten she has the day off, so I guess I can go now.' Draco said, and Harry mentally smiled at the ease with Draco Malfoy could lie and slip from trouble. Anderson eyed both men for a second and then moved to the door of the office, he opened it but didn't exit before gesturing to Draco to do the same. Both Harry and Draco knew they wouldn't be able to talk anymore until the birthday party, so Draco looked at Harry with his back to the Minister.

'So, I'll see you later, Potter.' Draco said.

'Malfoy,' Harry only said back and Draco frowned and made a mocking face at the Minister's fake cough, signaling to them to be even quicker with their goodbye. When the door closed and Harry was left alone he let out a sight and looked at a photograph of him and Hermione with Lilly on Hermione's desk, taken by a random wizard during the couple's holidays in Morgana's, a Greek magical town on an island of the Aegean sea. He smiled at the thought of Hermione pregnant and Lilly's request for another baby sister and gathered all his files and documents relating to the Balkan Case. He exited his office and locked the door behind him with a strong spell. He hurried to the lifts and then went to the atrium. He rushed to the first fireplace available, and in a burst of green flames he was gone from the Ministry.

And that was the first chapter :)

Please tell me what you think of Harry and Hermione grown up and in love after a decade. I decided to have them married in July since it's the 7th month the year and we all know that number 7 is the most powerful in magic...

what you think of James and Lilly? i think they're really cute :)

what you think of Draco helping harry and hermione? he is an unspeakable like i had revealed in the epilogue of the Illusions.

From the next chap the true angst begins so be ready :P ;) Please tell me what you'd like to see in this new story that you haven't see in the Illusions or that you want to see again, I'm not sure how long this story will be but i need to know your ideas :)

please review my first chapter (i'm always nervous with the beginnings of my stories)



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