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A/N: Hey guys, i updated WAY quicker than i did before!! I'm on holidays!! WOOO! Well R&R love all my readers out there! (: Yours, Nicki.



Realization Gone Wrong




Draco was sleeping… the kind of sleep where you desperately need it, but don’t want it. He hated sleeping; he tended to have weird, deranged dreams… Harry, Hermione… Tamika… The worst one’s he had were definitely of Tamika. He avoided sleep as often as possible, staying up all hours of the night in front of the Slytherin fire when everyone else had gone to bed so they wouldn’t stare, he thought they would of gotten over the fact he was scarred for life by now… obviously he was wrong. When Draco awoke he noticed something different about his surroundings. He sat up and looked around.


‘Where the hell am I?’ He quietly said as he noticed he wasn’t in the Slytherin dorms. He got out of the large bed; it was exactly like the one at his own house…


‘Father?’ he called out. He then realized how stupid he must sound.


‘Draco?’ Draco stopped in his tracks… horrified. He had to think fast, somewhere he could hide. He thought of the most childish place, and headed for under the bed; but when he turned around it was gone.


‘What the…’ He stood there dumbstruck.


‘Draco, where are you?’ the voice said again. This time Draco realized it wasn’t his father’s voice. It was distorted and distant; he stood there for a moment bringing his courage to the point where he was brave enough to walk towards it.


He took a deep breath and stepped forward cautiously and peered around the corner of the room. A dark figure stood at the end of the hall blurred and out of shape.


‘Who’s that?’ Draco called unintentionally.


‘MALFOY!’ a loud voice called and Draco snapped his head up and looked around… he had fallen asleep in class…


‘Sorry sir.’ He said quietly as all the Slytherins laughed at him and Harry patted his back.


‘Mate, you were having a bad dream… you started sleep talking…’ Harry whispered into Draco's ear. Harry’s breath on Draco’s neck made shivers go down his spine… good shivers of course. After class Draco and Harry walked out into the yards for a walk by the lake, it was lunch time. Draco had thought crazily about his realization the other day when Tamika had kissed him, he had to tell someone, but he couldn’t really tell any of his friends, Harry and Hermione and Ron would think he was deranged… well probably only Ron will have that thought… not like he would actually say it, but he’d be thinking it.


‘Harry, can I tell you something?’ Draco said barely audible for human ears.


‘Of course Draco, you know you can tell me anything.’ Harry replied.


Draco could hear the curiosity in Harry’s voice.


‘You might want to sit down,’ Draco then sat down under the tree he had sat under so many times, and pulled Harry down to sit too.


‘What is it, mate?’ Harry said to tell Draco he was listening intently.


‘Well… I’ve been thinking a lot lately… about… well, my sexuality…’ Draco peered at Harry through his thick eyelashes to see his expression, it didn’t change.


‘And…?’ Harry said casually.


‘Well… I think, I may be… gay.’ Draco whispered the last word.


He peered at Harry again. He seemed to have shifted a little but other than that, no other obvious signs of running for the castle to get away… a good sign on Draco’s thought.


‘So…’ Draco pushed for a reply.


‘Well, it doesn’t matter to me Draco. You’re my friend, and I’ll take you for who you are.’ Harry said pulling Draco in for a hug.


‘Oh… that’s a lot better than what I was expecting.’ Draco said relieved. He hugged Harry back, and felt the warmth of his body on his chest, he wanted to kiss Harry right there and then, but knew that he couldn’t.


That night after everyone had finished dinner Headmaster Dumbledore stood up to speak.


‘That feast was lovely… Students! As you all know, holidays are at the end of this week, but please, don’t let it distract you from learning, they will be here soon enough. Now, everyone is full, tired and would like to snuggle up in bed and have a good night’s rest, so… scoot! Goodnight and sleep well.’


The students all stood and walked to their dorms sleepily. Except Draco.


‘Harry! Come here for a minute.’ Draco called across the hall. He saw Harry say something to Ron and Hermione then kiss Hermione on the cheek and quickly squeezed through the crowd.


Once Harry reached Draco, Draco didn’t say a word but grabbed Harry by the arm and walked out of the hall and into the first empty room he saw.


‘Whoa, what’s up Draco?’ Harry said pulling Draco off his arm.


‘I was wrong.’ Draco stated.


Harry looked at him confused. Draco thought Harry looked so cute when he was confused, but he had to do this.


‘About what?’


‘I’m not gay, I lied… I’m not.’


‘What… why?’ Harry looked at Draco like he was going insane.


‘I dunno, okay? I’m just… crazy right now.’ With that Draco walked out of the room leaving Harry to think. Draco ran down the hallway and when he was almost into the Great Hall he ran straight into Hermione.


‘Oh, Hermione… I’m sorry, are you alright?’ Draco helped Hermione up off the floor.


‘Yes Draco. I’m fine… where’s Harry? I was coming to make sure everything was fine, you looked really worried, is everything okay?’ Hermione put her hand on Draco’s face to examine his expression.


Draco felt shivers run up and down his spine when she touched him; he wanted to kiss her right there and then.


“What are you thinking Draco? You’re not attracted to girls!” Draco thought.


That didn’t stop his next actions though he leant down and placed his lips on Hermione’s he felt like everything was instantly right, that he had no hideous scars on his face, that he wasn’t hated by everyone in the school besides a select few… it was perfect.


‘What the fuck!’ Draco looked up and the entire colour had drained from his already pale face…. Harry was right in front of him.


‘Harry, it isn’t what you think-’


‘Then what is it Draco? I don’t think there is any other explanation for this situation do you?’ Harry bellowed


‘Well no not particularly but if you let me-’


‘Let you what Draco? Explain? Apologize? Beg for forgiveness? Well you fucking better start doing all three!’ Harry snarled at Draco.


‘Harry look, I’m sure there is a more civil way to explain all this, I didn’t expect him to kiss me so suddenly and I wasn’t about to kiss back! You know I would never do anything to hurt you!’ Hermione pleaded as tears welled up in her beautiful honey brown eyes.


‘Shut the fuck up Hermione!’ both boys snapped at her.


Both boys glared at her for a moment before turning back to face each other. They were inches away from each other’s face, but it wasn’t in the way Draco was really hoping.


‘Fine, I’m not talking to either of you stupid boys!’ Hermione stalked off towards the common rooms shaking her head.


‘I’m counting to 10, if you haven’t given me a reason why… well… I’m going to kick your arse so you’ll be in the hospital wing for weeks!’ Harry whispered for emphasis.




‘After I told you I wasn’t gay, I ran out here, bumped into Hermione… she was trying to comfort me, and I got carried away and kissed her, I never meant for it to happen, I’m truly sorry Harry…’ Draco blurted out before Harry had even said “2”


Silence… They stood there for what seemed hours just staring at each other… Draco’s eyes were pleading; Harry’s were burning with the fire of a thousand suns…


‘I don’t believe you.’ Harry gritted his teeth and the next thing Draco knew he was shoved back against a wall.


‘Get the fuck off me Harry!’ Draco grabbed Harry’s robe and pulled his face closer to his own ‘You have no idea who you’re fucking with Potter… I will kill you if you ever touch me like that again.’ Draco let go of Harry’s robes and pushed him away so he wasn’t against the wall.


‘Thank you Draco.’ Harry said looking down.


‘What the fuck for?’ Draco spat


‘For showing me that best friends can not be trusted, and thank you for lying to me, the friendships… the good times we had Draco… you can have them back!’ Harry then ran at Draco with all his force and knocked him to the ground.


Draco rolled over Harry and started hitting him with all his strength, he could hear Harry holding back the tears but didn’t care. Draco was then rolled back onto the floor and the next thing he felt was the back of his head hit the floor with too much force and an instant headache… then everything went silent, he could feel Harry’s body on top of his own… Draco was scared to open his eyes… to see the damage he had given his best friend. When Draco plucked up the courage to open his eyes Harry slammed his fist right into Draco’s nose, making him cry out in agony.


‘Now you’ve done it Potter!’ Draco screamed as he pushed Harry off, stood up as quick as a cheetah and started kicking Harry in the stomach repeatedly. Harry grabbed Draco’s foot and held on with all his might. Draco shook his leg trying to get this insignificant boy off. To a passer-by this scene would look quite hilarious, but for the two boys it was the complete opposite.


Harry then pulled on Draco’s leg, sending Draco crashing to the floor with a loud and most likely painful “thud” Draco curled into a ball holding his chest in pain when Harry crawled over and started hitting him, with not much strength due to getting beaten and bruised, but it still hurt. Draco then rolled onto his stomach and kicked his legs around like a baby learning to crawl; hoping at least one of his failed kicks will hit Harry and hurt.


Harry stood up slowly and grabbed Draco by the back of his robe, pulling him to his feet, and then slamming him against the wall.


Draco opened his eyes… Harry was staring at him. Draco looked at Harry trying to ignore the pounding pain in the back of his head where Harry had smashed his head at some point in their brawl.


Harry leant down to Draco’s face… his lips were millimeters away from Draco’s. Harry looked at Draco for a moment then crushed his lips against Draco’s soft pale ones. Draco was in shock… one moment they were fighting, the next Harry was kissing him. Draco didn’t respond Harry just pushed himself harder against Draco hoping he wasn’t going to make a fool of himself.


Draco then grabbed Harry by the shoulders and switched them around so he was one pinning Harry to the wall; Draco ran his tongue along Harry lips and was in heaven. Harry slowly wrapped one hand through Draco’s soft, blonde hair and grabbed the bottom of his shirt with the other. Draco slid one hand down to Harry’s belt and slowly undid it skillfully.


Draco then ripped his shirt off, popping off all the buttons to reveal his glowing white skin every body seemed to envy. Harry did the same but with less strength and not quite getting all the buttons off, Draco giggled at Harry’s failed attempt then kissed him deeply as he undid the rest of the buttons for him. Draco then slid Harry’s pants down with his hand and ran his other hand down Harry’s stomach to his belly button forcing Harry to let out a soft moan.


‘Are you sure Harry?’ Draco whispered.


‘Yes.’ Harry moaned


Draco went on but then realized they are in the middle of the hallway, anyone could walk past and see them.


‘Wait…’ Draco moaned gently.


‘What?’ Harry stopped what he was doing. Draco then grabbed Harry by the arm, picked up their clothing and ran into an empty classroom, once inside Draco didn’t wait a second before he pushed Harry onto a table and slid on top of him. Harry wrapped his legs around Draco once he was close enough and pulled Draco harder against himself. Harry then slid Draco’s underwear off skillfully with his feet and rolled Draco over.


Harry kissed Draco’s neck, nibbling carefully on the bone making Draco moan loudly.


‘Shut up you sexy thing.’ Harry whispered as his lips slowly moved down Draco’s neck to his stomach.


Draco was trying to moan softly, but Harry seemed to have magic lips and know exactly what to do with them. As Harry moved slowly down Draco’s stomach, Draco felt like he was about to scream out in pleasure, the anticipation was excruciatingly pleasurable.


Draco was moaning so loud he was surprised someone hadn’t walked in and found them. Harry was enjoying himself, he had never done anything with another boy before this, but he was surprised at how much he actually enjoyed it.


Draco sat up, grabbed Harry by the face and kissed him deeply before jumping of the table and pushing Harry against a wall.


Both boys were moaning so loud that they could have woken up the whole of Hogwarts.


After Harry and Draco had had their way with each other the slowly put their clothing back on, avoiding eye contact as much as possible. Draco was hoping that this wouldn’t make things awkward between them… but now… only time will tell.



A/N: lots of credit to Simple Plan for the song Thank you. Also sorry guys if this is too detailed, i tried to make it as less detailed as possible. (:
Yours Truely
Nicki. xxx

P.S Don't forget to review!!! Tell me what you think, and idea's are very welcome, i have a bit of writers block.

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