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((I hope you like. I made this Hermione after my own heart so I hope you all like her.))

Chapter 4:: Slytherin Names

‘Ok, this isn’t going well.’ Hermione thought as she looked at the list of pathetic names that were scribbled onto the parchment.

At first she thought making her own name would be a blast. Practically everyone went through a phase of wanting a new name. However, now that she was actually sitting there doing it, it was harder then she anticipated. It wasn’t just having a name that would sit with her for the rest of her life, it was also about having a name that would pass as a pureblooded, Voldemort-following, Slytherin name—one that would grab the attention of the two princes of Slytherin.

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

It was established that she would start to get in with Zabini first. If she tried with Malfoy first off, then some suspicion would arise. So, Blaise was the way it was to go. She just needed to come up with a name that would not only suit her, but attract his attention as well. Oh yea, and it needed to be a name that one wouldn’t find anywhere else. To say the least, this name searching was hard work for the little bookworm.

Finally growling with frustration, Hermione began to just use ideas of things she didn’t like very much. Instead of having another list of useless names, she got out a new parchment and began a totally new list. She figured that everything she hated would be good for a slytherin. So, her new list was hates—one that would make any Slytherin happy, along with her likes—so she’d have at list some parts of herself present.

Hermione Jane Granger’s Dislikes, Hates, and Likes

Most hated song :: Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie ((Seriously, come on!))
Most Loved song :: Undead by Hollywood Undead ((What? Can I not have layers?))
Most hated movie :: Cabin Fever ((Ewwy))
Most loved movie :: The Notebook ((So romantic))
Most hated bird :: Buzzard ((They’re scavengers of death à what’s to like?))
Most loved bird :: Raven ((They’re just beautiful))
Most hated color :: Orange
Most Loved color :: Purple/Lavender/Lilac ((I love purple))
Most hated scent :: Musk or sweet pea ((overrated and overused))
Most loved scent :: Lavender and Vanilla ((enough said))
Most hated disliked jewel :: Ruby ((I love all jewels but that is the one I don’t care much for))
Most loved jewel :: Diamond, Onyx, Sapphire, Topaz

Stopping there, she tried to think of a way to get this name to work. Taking out certain things, she began a new list of options. These she actually thought were good and might have a shot of working.

First Names/Last Names
Diamond, Lavender, Ruby, Raven, Sapphire, Lilac, Onyx, Ally, Vanilla, Sweetie,…

The list went one for what felt like forever. Nothing just seemed to fit. Then, with sudden inspiration, she looked at the parchment. The name practically jumped out at her. It was so perfect she almost started to cry. How could she not see it before? She must really be blind today. Writing the name on a new sheet of parchment, she began to find new ways to write her signature with her new name. Trying cursive, block, print, and fancy, she eventually settled on a fancy cursive. Now, all she needed to do was have McGonagall cast a locking spell on her hands so that she can always write that way. (She wouldn’t want anyone to recognize her handwriting.)

Since she officially has a name, she’ll just have to get McGonagall to take her to a salon/spa for a witchy make-over—one that’ll be permanent. Not only did she need one for the way she dressed, she needed one for makeup, hair, and to make her facial bones more defined. Hermione refused to change how she looked, so she decided to just define certain parts of her face to make her indistinguishable. Her body would be fine. Being overly shy, she never showed any form of skin to everyone.

Suddenly, Albus Dumbledore ascended the stairs and smiled at her. Since he had just come back from residing over her burial, he looked depressed. However, when his eyes fell onto her face, his behavior seemed to be more relaxed. No doubt, he probably got a little worried that her death was real and was happy to see her still alive and well sitting in his office.

“Miss Granger, how is the name seeking going? Think of one that would be appropriate yet, my dear?” His voice was full of emotion he tried to suppress. Was it relief or joy? Hermione didn’t know.

“Yes, I found the perfect one.” That was all she said.


Hermione’s smiled reached her eyes. “You can now call me a pureblood with a name that will strike fear and be memorable from this day forward.”

McGonagall frowned but nodded as she walked into the room, “Good. Now, what is this name?”

Looking back and forth between Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore, Hermione switched her voice to sound wicked and smiled darkly…

“Hello,” evil practically seemed to ooze from her words, “I’d like to introduce myself.”

McGonagall looked shocked as Dumbledore looked proud, so he played along. “Hello, I’m Albus Dumbledore. And you are?”

“Onyx Raven.”

“I’m not exactly sure this is the best idea, Miss Granger.” Ever since they stepped into the store, she has been repeating this sentence over and over.

Hermione knew that the old Professor would be a little uncomfortable, but this was a whole new level. Granted, this isn’t a store that either of them would have shopped at before now. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad place. Or maybe Minerva is edgy because this is her first time in Muggle London, in muggle clothes—which looked strange on her by the way.

“Professor, I understand how you feel, believe me. It’s just that the point of this whole thing is that I be someone else, right? What could be better than buying clothes I’d never wear and looking like I never would?”

McGonagall looked over over her glasses at her favorite pupil, "I'm not contesting that. But, clothes like these? It's down-right barbaric. I cannot believe you'd even conceive such an idea to wear these... these... nettings!"

Hermione couldn't help the laugh that followed as she watched the elder lady hold up the material with such distaste. "Professor, they're called fishnet stockings. Besides, I'm trying to be a Slytherin, right? And even though you and Professor Dumbledore think it would be a good idea for me to blend in, I can't help but disagree. I believe that I'm going to need to stand out a little bit. What better way to hide who I truly am, by doing the unexpected and be the center of attention?"

Moving onto another rack of clothes, Hermione pondered over what she had said. It was true, no doubt about that, but not the real reason she was doing what she was. She had a role to play and without clothes like these, she wouldn't be able to pull it off. After all, Onyx Raven was a woman who wanted to revenge. Evil killed her old life, so her new one will destroy any evil that gets in her way on her path to resurrecting her old life once again.

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