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Extra Warning: I’ve already said that this story contains sexual references but I’m just warning there is a sexual joke in this chapter. Some people may take offense. I don’t know, just giving you a heads up.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor will I ever be JK Rowling no matter how many dandelion clocks I blow.


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Leafy Classrooms & Citrus Fruits

Nothing much happened during the next week or so, Rayne continued going extra dreamy whenever anyone mentioned Pete, oh and there was an amusing incident where a hysterical Sirius Groupie broke down in tears in the middle of the entrance hall when he kissed his girlfriend of the week in front of her.

The rest of the fan-club swarmed around her throwing dirty looks (and a few hexes) at the unfortunate girl.

The next day Marlene performed a re-enactment of the scene where she fell to her knees and screamed, tearing at her hair. The fourth year who she was parodying sat in the corner watching with a distinctly sour look on her face.

For the next few days Marlene and I charmed various citrus fruits; lemons, limes, a few grapefruits; to follow her along with a bunch of off grapes.

Also every time she said ‘Sirius’ they squirted their juice all over her. Needless to say she was ridiculed even further and we received a weeks detention from McGonagall.

Totally worth it!

I only mention it because said fourth year just passed by me and Marlene, as we stood waiting to enter Muggle Studies, and she gave us her best death glare and then stomped off with her little group of friends; leaving a distinct smell of Citrus.

“Today class we will be learning about Muggle methods of long-distance communication.” Exclaimed Professor Frankson.

Yawn! Sometimes I wondered why I took this class. But I needed to learn all I could to stay up to date with my father’s world. With a supreme effort I forced myself to listened to the boring old wizard talk about telephones and the postal service.

“I’m borrreeedddddd!” drawled Marlene in my ear. I grimaced back and she grinned, a mischievous light in her pale green eyes. She shook her dark auburn hair off her face and pointed her wand towards the ceiling.

Creeping vines and climing plants began to grow across the stone. Flowers burst into life and fruit ripened. Trees spread down the walls and grass shot up underfoot. The professor spluttered incoherently.

Marlene swiftly lowered her wand and put on her innocent face. It was better than anyone’s, having sprung from years of practice.

Students laughed as the vines continued to grow. Curling around the legs of their desks and obscuring the diagrams of brick-like ‘mobile phones’.

I surreptitiously pointed my wand at a cluster of pineapples that had fallen from their trees. I grinned slightly as I remembered the transfiguration lesson and silently waved my wand. A whole herd of squirrels trampled through the room. I pocketed my wand and watched as our classroom became more and more like a jungle.

“I…um…class, I… I mean… WILL SOMEONE GET PROFESSOR SPROUT!” the professor was now encased in creeping vines.

“Venomous Tentacular?” I asked Marlene. She grinned impishly.

“Only the best for old Frankfurter.” She whispered back. The man was now wrapped in Tentacular vines up to his waist and none of the class had seen fit to help.

They were too busy stroking the transfigured pineapples. I laughed at them as I climbed over leaf covered desks to reach the marauders, where they sat a couple of rows away happily munching on watermelon.

“Enjoying a little munching are we boys?” Marlene asked a little smirk curling her lips.

“Well you’d know all about that wouldn’t you Marlene?” retorted James, through a mouthful of pink fruit.

“Yeah,” joined in Sirius, spitting out a couple of pips, “we know exactly what you girls get up to.” He winked and I hit him upside the head. The boys laughed as he rubbed his head.

“So what do you think of my little experiment?” asked Marlene.

“It was you?” choked James.

“Yes, I’m smarter than I look.” She replied sniffily, inspecting her nails. She smiled as we all laughed. Because she was right. She didn’t look particularly smart, a bit ditzy if anything.

A bright flash of light caused us to turn for a second; the professor was now shooting fire, at the plant, from his wand.

“It’s not gonna kill him is it?” I asked Marlene.

I was getting a little worried, the plant had now reached his chest and the supposedly adept wizard was having a hard time fighting it.

“Uh, idiot.” Marlene muttered before hopping of the desk she was perched on and easily unravelling the teacher, who watched, shocked, as the vines looped happily around her arms.

There is a reason that girl is top in the year for herbology. She carried it away and set it free on a Slytherine. The greasy haired girl screamed as the plant constricted around her, we turned away as a couple of her friends rushed to her aid.

15 minutes later we emerged from the classroom covered in various twigs and leaves and (in the case of many Slytherines and other people I disliked) squirrel bites. The cute fluffy creatures had suddenly turned savage and attacked with no interference from me or whispered encouragements of my friends.

Needless to say by the end of next period the entire muggle studies class had been tracked down and given a week’s detention.

Marlene was thrilled!

Later that night Rayne was moaning at us that Peter was disappearing off somewhere with the other marauders.

“Well you can’t become all clingy.” Marlene warned as she siphoned off her makeup.

“It’s not that I want to go along or anything.” Rayne clarified.

“He just won’t tell me what there doing, he usually does but this time he wouldn’t. He kept glancing at Remus all night as well I wonder what’s up with that.”

“Perhaps he was looking for moral support, you are quite intimidating Ray and no offence or anything but Peter isn’t the ballsiest boy around is he?” replied Marlene climbing into bed.

I saw Lily glance out of the window and nod her head slightly, as though in understanding.

Surreptitiously, under cover of getting water from the jug on the window sill, I glanced out of the window but saw nothing but the moon glancing off the lake to alleviate the darkness of the grounds.

A couple of days later I was sitting at the table for dinner vaguely listening to the conversation going on over my head which included something to do with toast and pencils (don’t ask) when a seventh year sat beside me.

I turned to him.

He seemed rather nervous, I had no idea why, maybe it was because he was a Ravenclaw and he appeared to have forgotten where he sat.

“Hi?” I said uncertainly but giving him a smile any way. What can I say, I’m a generous person.

“Hi, um, Katrina Baines right? Also known as KitKat?” I heard a sharp intake of breath from the girls who sat across from me and sniggering from Sirius beside me. I whacked him, hard.

“It’s Kitty.” I tried to keep the edge out of my voice.

“Oh sorry, I’m Josh, Josh Harrison.”

“Nice to meet you. How come you’re at the Gryffindor table?” I asked. He glanced towards his own table and I saw him make eye-contact with a group of boys. One of them gave him a thumbs-up.

“I, um, doyouwannagotohogsmeadewithmeonsaturday?” he looked down at his hands.

“Sorry what was that?” I, in fact, knew exactly what he said but I’m slightly evil. Mwhahaha!

“Do you want to go to Hogmeade with me on Saturday?” He asked, still avoiding my eye. I glanced over at his friends who were laughing at their mates’ timidness. It took a lot of my control not to join them. Instead I leant forward and whispered in his ear.

“Sure.” I leant back out and saw a big grin stretch across his face.

“Really?” he asked.

“No, I was joking.” I said with obvious sarcasm.

“Oh,” his face fell. OK maybe not so obvious.

“Sarcasm!” I said quickly, “God I thought you Ravenclaw’s were meant to be smart!” I shook my head smiling. He grinned at me again.

“So I’ll meet you in the Entrance Hall at like, 9-ish then.”

“Sure,” I said, “and we can work on your understanding of sarcasm. Yours is abysmal and without it you’ll never last a whole day with me.” I joked.

“Now get back to your friends, their dying to make fun of you.” I raised my eyebrows at his, still, laughing friends.

“See you.” He stood and walked away. I caught up a lock of my hair and pulled out my wand.

Murmuring a spell under my breath I dragged the tip along the length of my hair. Turning it a bright, sunny yellow.

“Awwwww.” Was the collective response from my girl friends.

The next day I was accosted by a small figure with bleached hair and stupid glasses. She dragged me into the girls’ bathroom and cornered me by the sinks.

Now before you go thinking dirty things this girl was third year Belinda Strazinger. The biggest gossip in school. I was surprised it had taken her all of 18 hours to find me.

“Are you going out with Josh Harrison?” OK no beating about the bush (again with no naughty connotations).

“Yes?” I’m not sure why I’m afraid of this little third year but I was pissing myself under her scrutiny. Good job we were already in the loo. Maybe that’s why she brought me here.

Oh for Godric sake Kitty, Focus!

The little scary third year was saying something.

“Huh?” I asked when she looked at me expectantly.

Aren’t I such a genius?

“I said,” replied Belinda with the air of someone having to repeat themselves repeatedly. If that makes sense.

“How long for?”

“Um, ‘bout 17, 18? Yeah 18 hours.” I replied wondering why in the name of Merlin’s big ol’ bushy beard that could matter in any way, shape or form. I do not understand gossipers.

I then decided that the annoying little girl before me (who was jabbering away again) did not, in fact, need to know anything.

Having come to this conclusion I walked out of the bathroom, the angry little Belinda shouting after me.

Unfortunately for him Remus Lupin happened to be passing at that moment. He was rewarded for this by being forced to give me a piggy-back ride to my class.

I don’t think he really minded.

Under all that complaining and cursing I’m sure he was loving it.

Well fairly sure.

A/N: Hey so whaddaya think? Did you like the return of that transfiguration spell? Want to see more Peter/Rayne. First thoughts on Josh?
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