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A/N: I'd like to thank everyone who left reviews and is giving this story a chance! I truly, truly appreciate it! :)

Also I'd like to thank my beta Mrs J Potter for all her help, I can't stop thanking her!

Disclaimer: Everything Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling of course! And Narnia and That 70's Show don't belong to me, they belong to their respectful owners.

Claimer: Sophie and Dominique and all other OC's!


Stunning chapter image by KATmalfoy! @ TDA, you rule!


“This is hella-friggen awesome!” Dom cried. 

Fo shizzle!” I agreed taking everything in. 

As we followed the girls down many corridors, words couldn't begin to explain how beautiful Hogwarts really was, the scenery was stunning! Hogwarts used to be a fictional world where people like us only dreamed to be in, and now the unexplainable had brought Dom and I here, we were in it, and it was the real thing! 

“Wow, now we know why Harry never wanted to leave.” Dom whispered. 

“I know, speaking of which, we still need to search for him, after our visit with Dumbledore.” 

Dom nodded, “Yup, and then we need to search for Draco.” 

We finally reached Dumbledore's office, which was on the second floor, and the girls turned to us. 

“Well, this is it.” Kelly said, gesturing towards a large stone statue of a Hippogriff. 

“Crap, Yo we tot's don't know the password!” Dom exclaimed. 

“Shiz, I didn't think about that.” 

“What is a 'Yo', 'tot's' and 'shiz'?” one of Kelly's friends asked in confusion. I didn't have a chance to answer before Dom interupted.

“Ooo, wait I think I know!” she said, “Move aside!” We all cleared her path, and Dom cleared her throat. “Sherbert Lemon!” 

Nothing happened. Awkward. I stifled a giggle. 

“Well, that was the password in Harry's second year.” Dom whispered in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“Do you know anyone who knows the password?” I asked. 

Kelly nodded, “All the staff, but they're probably teaching.” 

Dom shook her head, “Tut, tut, wagging class are we?” 

Kelly shook her head, “It's supposed to be a study period for us second years now, but...yeah.” 

Dom shook her head again, although she was smiling, “That's not good, but eh, you're Ravenclaw, you're smart regardless.” 

“So what are we to do then girls, hmm?” I asked, “This is really important.” 

Dom, who had spied a notice board went over to check it out. 

“We can go fetch a teacher for you.” Kelly said. 

“Cool, alright we'll wait here.” 

The girls then set off to find a teacher, leaving Dom and I alone. 

“Sophie, um...I don't think we'd be able to meet Harry, Hermione or Draco.” Dom said as she turned to face me from the notice board. 

“Erm, why not Yo?” 

“Come and take a look for yourself.” 

Narrowing my brow in confusion I went over to the notice board, there were the typical bulletins and announcements were displayed. 

“I don't see any-” I cut off as soon as it caught my eye and my mouth fell open in shock, Dom was right, we weren't going to meet Harry and all them, because they weren't even born yet. 

Underneath a Quidditch adverisment was the date: September 10th, 


“No way!” I cried. 

“I know right,” Dom sighed, “It's as if we're stuck in a Harry Potter themed episode of That 70's Show.” 

“Is there a problem girls?” A soft croaky voice said from behind us. 

We spun around to see the one we came for, a semi-younger version of Professor Albus Dumbledore stood before us, and it took all my strength not to ask for an autograph. 

“Professor Dumbledore, we need your help!” Dom said rushing over, “We came here and-” 



Dumbledore smiled, “Miss Austin, remain calm, could you and Miss...” 

“Adams.” I replied. 

“...Miss Adams please follow me.” 

He muttered the password and the Hippogriff jumped aside revealing a staircase, stepping aside, Dumbledore allowed us to go first. Making our way up the stairs, we were soon in a cluttered, magical office. Fawkes was snoozing, and so were the many portraits of previous headmasters. 

“Please take a seat.” 

Two comfy recliners appeared and we sat down, and Dumbledore took a seat behind his cluttered desk. 

“Now, could you please explain everything.” Dumbledore said, resting forward on his desk. "Make sure you don't tell me too much about the future." 

I took a deep breath, “Well, we were back in Australia, it was a normal day, Dom and I were on our way to a friend's sleepover, and while crossing the road … we nearly got hit by a car and then we ended up here.” 

Dumbledore nodded, “I see, it appears that you may have fallen through a portal doorway of space and time continuum.” 

“Those things exist?!” Dom cried. 

“Well, yeah.” I said, “The Bermuda triangle, Dom..” 

Dom nodded, “Oh, yeah … cool.” 

Dumbledore smiled and continued, “It seems odd though why it would lead you here. Usually it would lead you straight to another Muggle time and place, not to a Wizard one-" 

"Nor a fictional one...” I muttered. 

Dumbledore continued apparently not hearing me, “Hogwarts has protective barriers preventing these things from happening.” 

“So would there be any way of getting us back?” Dom asked, she didn't sound like she wanted a way of getting back just yet… and deep down I couldn't blame her. 

"There seems to be a very slim chance, from what I know of gaps in the space and time continuum, is that they don't stay in one place for a long period. They move to other places, and who knows when the portal will return, or if will at all.” Dumbledore looked thoughtful before asking, “What is the date and year back in Australia?" 

"September 10th, 2009.” Dom replied. 

“Then, we could not send you back into the Muggle world, since you are from a completely different time era, one that does not exist yet.” Dumbledore said. 

“What about a Time-Turner, would that help?” Dom inquired. 

Dumbledore surprisingly didn't look shocked at how Dom could have possibly known of a Time-Turner, yet he would have guessed we knew more than we should, this was the great Albus Dumbledore. 

“Unfortunately not Miss Austin, for obvious reasons.” Dumbledore replied gravely. 

It dawned on me now, we had no way of getting back home, and although I was excited to be at Hogwarts to experiance real magic, the thought of me possibly never being able to see my parents and brother again crushed me. Tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks, and I looked over at Dom who looked just as devestated. 

“What are we to do now?” I choked out, “It could be twenty years before I ever see my family again!” 

“Great...” Dom sobbed, “and the last thing I said to my parents was that I hate them, and it was over something stupid.” 

“I'm sure they knew that you didn't mean it, Miss Austin. But I deeply sympathize for you both,” Dumbledore said, his voice sincere. 

I sniffed and reaching out for Dom's hand, she took mine and squeezed tightly. “Since we're Muggles we can't really do anything, right?” I mumbled, wiping my eyes. 

“Although we do not accept Muggles at Hogwarts, you seem to possess an unknown gift to allow you to see pass the anti-Muggle barriers, and for that reason, among others, I want you to be kept on grounds and under my supervision. I'll get Professor McGonagall to organise a room for you until further notice.” 

We nodded and Professor Dumbledore left us with a plateful of conjured sandwitches, drinks and some tissues, while he went to retrieve Professor McGonagall. I was hungry, but I wouldn't touch anything, afraid that I'd heave it all up. 

“Well Yo, this has really sqaushed the excitement huh?” Dom said sadly. 

I bit my lip, “What if we're stuck here forever? I'll really miss my parents and Freddie.” 

Freddie was my older brother, he and I were very close, if anyone was going to be affected the most by my disappearance, it would be him. I knew my parents would be the stronger ones, they always believed if I went out, I'd always come home. I couldn't imagine how they'd be like once they discovered both Dom and I were gone without a trace. And Dom's close knit family would be also devestated to lose their only daughter out of five boys. 

“Be strong Sophie, we have to be strong, remember there is a reason for everything.” Dom said, “And we are here together, if it were me and Toni here right now, I would be even more broken...” 

I looked over at Dom meeting her gaze, that was soft and caring, I'd never heard her speak like that before. “Dom...” 

“But since it is you Sophie, I'm willing to make this an adventure for us both, knowing everything would be ok in the end, we always sort things out. I love you Sophie.” 

I smiled, my heart bouncing, “Dominique I feel the same way, I would be in hysterics if I was with Soo-Yin, I wouldn't want to be here with anyone else and I love you too!” 

I got up and threw myself onto her lap and hugged her tightly, smiling widely and taking a deep breath, I picked up sandwitch and took a bite, Dom laughed when I shoved the rest into her mouth. We also took a sip of the pumpkin juice, and I swore it contained something, because I felt immediately relaxed, like there was not a worry in the world and by Dom's face, it looked as if it worked on her too. 

“And picture this, what if it's like Narnia, and in this world four days equals one minute in our world!” Dom said, her voice holding hope. 

“I hope so!” 

“They are right this way Minerva.” Dumbledore's voice was heard, breaking us into silence, I heard them come slowly up the stairs. 

“I've organised their beds to be on the seventh floor, in the tower, just behind a trophy case.” I heard McGonagall's voice. 

“That's good.” 

“How could this possibly be Albus? I mean they're Muggles, surely the anti-Muggle barriers are still working.” 

“Minerva, all will be well, there is always a reason.” 

Soon they arrived, and McGonagall looked exactly how she was described in the book. Tight bun, pointed hat, stern looks, everything. 

“Uh, you must be Miss Austin and Miss Adams, right this way please.” 

We stood to our feet and McGonagall lead us to the door, before we left, Dumbledore stopped us. 

“Just a warning, do not speak about what you may know, this is still the nineteenth century, many things still don't exist, not here in the wizarding world, nor the Muggle world.” 

Dom and I chuckled when Dumbledore winked at us, we both knew what he meant. 

“We will try sir, and thank you so much, for everything.” I replied, smiling weakly, Dom and I walked out. 

Professor McGonagall was very nice to us, and I couldn't help but to think Dumbledore told her to cut us some slack. She was telling us where everything was if we needed help and even had spare robes provided to help us not stand out so much. We continued to walk and talk with Professor McGonagall and I was growing to admire her, she was very understanding under that stern exterior of her's. 

“Here is a small map, just showing where some of the facilities are, such as Professor Dumbledore's office, my office the main toilets.” 

She handed Dom and I a map each, and I scanned it, it looked pretty easy as everything seemed to be on the same floor or a floor below. Pity it didn't tell us where the Great Hall was. 

“However, I'd prefer if you didn't go sneaking around, just until everything is sorted out.” She glared at us warningly over her glasses. “Until it's sorted out, you should stay in here, there is to be no exploring, understand?” 

“Yes Professor.” Dom and I answered together. 


Stopping at the moving staircases, we waited and I marveled as they moved, it was amazing! 

“This is better than seeing it in the movies!” Dom said to me.

“I agree!” 

Finally the stair landed and we followed Professor McGonagall up, until we came to the top landing and turning the corner we arrived at our destination. 

“Right ladies, your password is Dragons Blood, do not forget.” 

As soon as she said that, the trophy case slid to one side, revealing a staircase. 

“We won't forget.” I said, grimly. 

Professor McGonagall rested a hand upon both of our shoulders and gave us a reassuring smile. 

“Now girls, remember just like home, family is where the heart is.” She said gently, “They will always be there.” 

Dom looked as if she were about to cry, “Professor...” 

“And remember you've got each other.” 

I smiled gratefully, “We know, thank you Professor.” 

McGonagall gave a nod and clasped her hands. “Right, off with you.” 

Dom moved towards the case, but taking my bag off my back, I unzipped it and dug through until I found my packet of Starburst lollies, that were going to be apart of the snacks at Toni's sleepover. Taking out my fluffy pen and pad paper, I wrote:

Kelly, thanks for your help
These are for you and your friends
Cya around!
Sophie and Dominique 

Ripping off the paper, I handed McGonagall the lollies and the note, she stared at them with a raised eyebrow, probably because Starbursts didn't exist. 

“Could you please give that to Kelly Hilson in Ravenclaw, she's a second year.” 

Professor McGonagall smiled, “Of course, now rest up I'll check on you two very soon.”

As soon as I stepped into the room, the case closed. The room was very big and comfortable, dark purple drapes hung on the walls and the window was open allowing the late afternoon sunlight to seep through. In the middle of the room was large king sized four-post bed, two beside tables were on either side, with candles unpon them. A mahogany wardrobe stood tall in the corner and we had our own adjoined bathroom and toilet, and there was a bookcase filled with books near the exit. It was so kind for them to do this for us. We sat down on the bed, and were silent. A few more tears fell down my cheeks as I tried to accept the fact that I may never see my family again. I could hear my mothers voice in my head as clear as day, telling me I'd be ok.

Sophie, why are you sitting there drowning in your sorrows! Get up off your ass, and live this adventure! Your father and I would always be here.
Yeah sis! Freddie's voice joined. You've wanted an adventure, and now you've got one, grab Dom and have fun! 

I smiled, my heart growing warm, McGonagall was right, they would be in my heart. I got to my feet.

"Dom! Let's live it up!" I said. "If there is a reason for us to be here, then we must get on with this adventure and see what it is!"

Dom, whose eyes were bloodshot, looked up. "Your right Soph!"

"Now!" I said, clapping my hands, " This is so cool!"

I looked around, Dom threw her bag and sleeping bag onto the bed and went to open the wardrobe, hanging there, were our roes. I went over and took one off the hanger, it was obviously the robe you wore before you were sorted into your house, because it had the Hogwarts school emblem on it. 

“It's funny how they know your exact size, huh?” Dom said placing the grey pleated skirt against her. 

“It is.” I replied, doing the same, before folding it up and placing it back on the hanger. “Hmm, I might unpack.” 

Dom folded her skirt and shoving it back in the wardrobe, she dove onto the bed and unzipped her bag and began pulling everything out. 

“OMG Dom, how many clothes did you pack?” I asked, as I took out my shoes. “The plan was only two sets, remember?” 

“Well, I was confused on what outfit I wanted to wear, so I packed four lots so I could mix and match until I found the right one, smart huh? Seriously what if were on our way to the shops and not Toni's sleepover when this happened, we wouldn't have anything!” 

I was grateful for that, I smiled and pulled out a little yellow tank top. “Pity we only have summer clothes though.” Dom nodded, as she pulled out two pairs of skinny legs, bright pink pair and black pair. “These are the only wintery thing I have.” 

“Ooo can I wear those?” I asked, pointing to the pink ones. 

“Sure, only if I can wear your 'Make Love, Not War' tee.” 

We swapped clothes and taking off my skimpy ripped dress, and kicking off my sandals, I slipped the skinnies on and started jumping up and down to get them up to my hips properly, I matched the pink jeans with a plain black T-shirt. I took my hair out of it's ponytail and ruffled it, then I continued unpacking, while Dom changed her top and into the black skinnies. 

“Shiz! My iPod, oh please let it work!” I switched on my ipod, only to have the screen flicker and then switch off again, “Damn too much magic interference! Aww I can't sleep without listening to music.” 

“Damn, that means mine won't work, great I'm going to go insane.” Dom said, throwing her's back into the bag, “They don't even have eletricity here either, so we can't straighten our hair.” 

I let out a groan, my hair was seriously like afro in the morning! Uh, well at least we'd fit right in I guess. However,  complaining about this, made me realize how much modern day girls rely on beauty products besides take electricty for granted. 

“Oh no!” Dom fell back onto the bed dramatically, “Life's not worth living if I cant listen to music and be beautiful!” 

I laughed. "Well, we're in Hogwarts!” I said growing excited again. 

“And I suppose the boys are still pretty cute around here....” Dom trailed on giving me a cheeky grin. 

I smiled and rolling off the bed we squealed with excitement. 

“Lets go and explore!” Dom said. 

I didn't need to be asked twice, putting on my Converse shoes, we rushed towards the exit and out into the now semi crowded halls. We received a lot of looks and people began whispering and pointing … maybe we should have changed into our robes, just to save from getting too noticed. But since it was after classes, we were allowed in normal clothes right? 

“I guess the way we are dressed isn't normal Yo.” I whispered to Dom, linking my arm with hers. 

“That's because we don't high ride, nor dress hippie.” Dom whispered back. 

I chuckled. “Once we make friends, if we do, we should throw a partay!” 

“We tot's should, good idea Yomee.” Dom agreed, "We could have a magical version of Woodstock. Maybe the ancestors of the Weird Sisters will play!" 

We turned the corner, and I accidently knocked shoulders with someone, causing them to drop all the books they were holding and causing me to push Dom into a wall, she swore in pain. 

“OMG, sorry!” I knelt down and helped gather the books and standing to my feet I met the dark eyes of... 

“Professor Snape!” 

He looked at me weirdly, and I realized I was talking to sixteen-year-old Snape, I quickly fixed my mistake. 

“Er, I mean, Severus S-Snape.” 

“Do I know you?” He snapped coldly. 

“Er, no but...” 

“Doesn't matter, I don't care, just watch where you are going next time freak.” He pushed past me and I stood there star struck, knowing he really didn't mean what he said. 

“Wow, was that Professor Snape?!” Dom asked, also star struck. 

“Severus Snape Yomee, try not to call him Professor...he's sixteen remember.” 

“Oh, yeah true dat.” Dom looked as she was making a mental note, "Wow, he is as greasy as the books say..." 

We continued walking, taking everything in with awe. 

“So that means we are tot's sixth years,” Dom said thoughtfully, “right?” 

I nodded, “Right, we're both sixteen and yeah, your birthday is in June and mine's in March, it makes sense...” I felt rather dumb going on to the months of our birthdays, but meh. 

“True...” Dom tralied on, “So hey, that means the Hufflepuff guy we saw is like, Dean's father right?” 

I stopped and gasped, I had completely forgot! “Yes! We're back when Harry's parents atten-” 

“Stop right there you two!” We heard a voice bellow, we turned around to see a beautiful red-haired girl storming towards us, she'd be just the sort of girl, boys would swarm around for attention. Biting my lip I subconciously ran a hand through my hair, already feeling like a troll compared to her. “Where are your uniforms?!” 

Dom stepped forward, and spat, “It's after classes, so that means we don't have to wear them!” 

“You have to wear your uniform during meal times, you should know that, points would be taken from your houses!” The girl spat back. 

“We're not even in a house so it doesn't matter!” said Dom, putting her hands on her hips. 

“What do you mean you're not in a house?” The girl asked confused, thats when she noticed the clothes we were wearing, she cocked an eyebrow, her mouth dropping. Her emerald green eyes were full of confusion … wait, red hair, green eyes... 

“You're Lily Pot - I mean, Evans aren't you?” Dom asked slowly. 

Lily's eyes immediately flickered to me and then back to Dom, “Yes, do I know you?” 

“Well ...” 

“Whoever you two are, you are both dressed inapropriately, especially that top you are wearing.” she gestured to Dom in disgust, I had to stiffle a laugh at my shirt; 'Make Love Not War' that was a classic, right there. 

“Would you rather make war and not love then?” Dom asked, her expression was dark, but her voice faltered with hints of laughter. 

Lily shot us an evil glare. That was just going to get Dom going more. 

"Or perhaps you'd prefer to listen to music and not nagging, purple not pink." 

Lily's face started turning red. 

Dom's voice went higher as she forced back a laugh, "Crumpets and not toast?" 

“Your clothes and piercings are not school uniform, take them off and get into your robes! Stop playing games!” With a huff, Lily pushed past us and stormed away, her head held high. 

Dom and I burst into laughter, we had to lean on each other for support. After calming down, I noticed a small crowd had gathered, all looking rather interested, had they standing there when Lily had told us off? 

My stomach rumbled, “Come on Yo, let's go get some food into us.” 

“Sounds like a plan, Stan!” 

Linking arms and dancing down the hallway, we began our quest to find the Great Hall.

A/N: Right there you have it! Chapter two :) I hope you liked it! I know it seems they have gotten over the fact they may never see their families again, but they haven't, more on that will be mentioned ... seriously, what would you do in a situation like this? lol! I dunno...So I made it what Sophie and Dom would do, since they are the characters :)
Don't forget to review, and more coming asap!
XOXO WildFlower!

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